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#rockbox log for 2016-04-16

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06:24:13bp0does rockbox read and use the replaygain tags in m4a/aac files tagged by foobar2000s replaygain scanner?
06:25:44[Saint]Only ID3/Vorbis tags.
06:26:29bp0I see
06:28:45[Saint]Though the latter isn't a given, by my understanding, as AFAIK there's no real standard for Vorbis tags.
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06:33:08bp0flac has been writing replaygain tags for a long time, and I thought vorbis just used the same tags
06:33:58bp0the tags that foobar2000 writes to mp4 are also the same name and format as those written by flac
06:34:38bp0they can be read by deadbeef in linux, but I don't find much else that uses them
06:34:43bp0was hoping rockbox did
06:34:48[Saint]well, as it stands, as the manual states, only ID3 or Vorbia replaygain tags are expected to function.
06:35:02[Saint]What any other project may or may not do is of little consequence I'm afraid.
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10:48:16bp0[Saint], it appears that replaygain is already supported in rockbox for mp4 :)
10:48:26bp0just from looking at the code
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16:15:31pamauryhum, this is weird, I tried to install rockbox on my new Fuze+ and for some reason it took three bootloader installs to finally make it work... There are still unsovled mysteries...
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16:46:24Mihailpamaury: It freeze with botloader from 3.13?
16:46:40pamauryI don't understand your sentence :)
16:47:32pamauryI just tried the RBUtil install, since I usually do it from commandline, and the first two twice, the Fuze+ went into upgrade mode but Rockbox wasn't installed, the third time it finally worked. Weird
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16:52:20pamauryMihail: ^
16:52:34MihailI never use RBUtil, so I just not understand which problem you have :)
16:54:10MihailI mean RBUtil install.
16:56:29pamauryYeah I don't use it either but I want to add support for Sony NWZ E370/380 so I did a little test with the Fuze+
16:56:56pamauryanyway, the upgrade process of those players has always been flaky, the OF does weird things
17:09:49MihailRBUtil should patch OF and write it to player?
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17:13:12pamauryMihail: yes that's what it does
17:14:11pamaurybut some people have reported failure to upgrade even when no using rbutil
17:14:41MihailSo whats wrong? It don't write it to player or write but unpatched?
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17:17:20pamauryI think neither, OF rejects updates for some reason
17:17:44pamauryyou can put the exact same upgrade file twice on the player and sometimes it will upgrade, sometimes not
17:18:00pamauryI still haven't found what is the magic explanation
17:19:30MihailAfter rebooting player, player ignore firmware file?
17:19:44pamauryeither ignore it, or begins upgrade but does not actually upgrade
17:20:11pamauryI suspect the OF has some flags in OTP to remember things over boots
17:21:09MihailWhat is OTP?
17:21:19pamaurynon volatile memory
17:21:35pamaurythe SoC has a few words that it can remember over boots
17:22:37Mihailyes, 128 bit.
17:24:45pamaurysome of them are used to remember the time setting for example, but I know for the fact the OF uses others for other things
17:28:38Mihailclip zip also create some strange files after firmware upgrade.
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17:32:31MihailOF should have good reason to reject firmware update.
17:34:26pamaurythe only check I know is downgrade
17:37:34MihailMaybe it try prevent upgrade if it too often?
17:38:02pamauryperhaps, or maybe you need to reboot to the OF between updates
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18:50:31pamauryI am getting very frequent buflib crc error when rockbox switches to USB mode, did anyone got those recently ? Or is something fishy with the E380 ?
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18:57:10pamauryIt's also constently reproducible, that's bad
19:06:38pamauryor maybe it's a compiler different ? since I use an unsupported one
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19:14:29pamauryf*** the arm toolchain built by doesn't build anymore :'(
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19:23:51pamaurycan someone else try it on his machine ? gevaerts ? Mihail ?
19:26:43pamauryyes, try to build the arm toolchain
19:29:11Mihailonly for arm?
19:29:49pamaury(that's the one failing for me)
19:31:11Mihailok, I try
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19:32:22pamauryApparently it is a known issue: gcc/toplev.h defines floor_log2 if GCC_VERSION >= 3004, but then gcc/toplev.c redefines if GCC_VERSION < 3004 || !defined (__cplusplus), and since we are not building with a c++ compiler, it gets defined twice...
19:39:31pamauryah I understand, newer versions of gcc (>=5.1) default to gnuc11 which forbids redefinition and my system uses a version recent gcc
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19:40:11gevaertsSame here
19:42:05pamauryso we need to add this patch: to the list of patches I guess
19:50:27MihailWhy we can have problem with latest gcc for building rockbox? Rockbox code use some undefined behaviors or gcc have regressions?
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19:51:57pamauryboth I guess, miscompilation are not uncommon unfortunately, for example we still can't compile rockbox with clang, it crashes on device, we suspect a miscompilation
19:54:11pamauryin the past we also had problem with compilers being too smart at optimizations
19:54:36pamaurygcc is quite aggressive in removing code that relies on undefined behavior
19:56:36pamaurygevaerts: this patch fixes it for me:
19:56:53pamauryI will ask the swedes to upload to it so I can add it to
19:58:10MihailMaybe we should try pass code through some static code analyzer and try fix all UB?
19:59:48pamaurywe did, some people regularly do, but 1) it has a lot of false positive 2) it probably misses some errors
20:00:15pamaurytracking down miscompilation is very hard :(
20:00:35pamaurybut feel free to try your favorite static analyzer on rockbox :)
20:05:50MihailBefore I always use gcc-4.9.x, now gcc-5.3. And both work for me :) But was one case when I try do build for clipv1 and user report about freeze on start.
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20:35:16pamauryanyone around with a fuze+ and willing to test something on it ? It mostly requires leaving the player alone for a few hours
20:39:44lebelliumpamaury: if you didn't find anyone I'll have time for it tomorrow
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22:02:36ep0chMihail: yesterday you said "and we still can improve it for 15-30% ;)" re AMSv2, were you being serious? :)
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22:36:35Mihailep0ch: Yes.,51184.0.html Also I have some more idea which I want check.
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