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#rockbox log for 2016-04-18

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00:01:07lebelliumit works properly
00:01:14lebelliumbut it also works properly without charger now
00:01:21lebelliumthe issue has gone
00:01:48Mihailtry boost again ;)
00:04:01lebelliumboosted again and turned it off then on again
00:04:10lebelliumso far so good, no ata error
00:06:24MihailTry discharge it to 20-30% and check again.
00:07:37lebelliumwell, no "reading blabla failed", "plug USB cable"
00:07:46lebelliumI'm sick of it
00:10:27lebelliumnow I need to reset it (hold power for 30 seconds) after every shutdown to be able to power it on again
00:10:41[Saint]reason why I don't use ipod4g/color/photo anymore summed up by lebellium, pretty much.
00:10:57[Saint]not smart/capable enough to find and fix it myself, so, ...yeah.
00:11:32lebellium[Saint]: I admit it's pretty annoying when it occurs randomly and you don't know why
00:11:51lebelliumI still don't understand if it's due to the frequency boost or not
00:12:03[Saint]it can't be - can it?
00:12:14[Saint]we're boosted during boot.
00:12:28[Saint]so the times when it works, it is also boosted.
00:12:38lebelliumthen it's a coincidence that all my problems now started just after I played with the debug menu frequency boost
00:12:44lebelliumit worked all fine for 1 year before :)
00:13:50Mihaillebellium: what you have when press power: black screen or it freeze with some message?
00:13:55[Saint]I should rephrase that.
00:13:58lebelliumblack screen
00:14:06[Saint]I'm not saying it isn;t, I'm saying I don't see how it could be.
00:14:39[Saint]we're boosted during boot here (aren't we? Mihail?), so, when it works we're boosted too - which nullifies the cause/effect you're seeing.
00:15:28Mihailand we boost on every click
00:16:25lebelliumtonight I got 3 problems at startup: 1) ATA errors (which I no longer get now), 2) black screen-> need reset 3) "failed to load Rockbox blabla" then "plug USB cable"
00:17:03lebelliumbut most of time (I guess) it also power on properly
00:17:28Mihailprobably next will be brick with 30mb drive :(
00:19:29Mihailcan you try install version before frequency scaling?
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00:21:02lebelliumI'll try that tomorrow night
00:21:11lebelliumnow I'd better go to bed I guess
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00:25:09Mihaillebellium: if it not help, don't use it at all. I want add boot from sd card in near future.
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00:43:52sulfasalwow, just watched a youtube vid Fixed my brick in 10secs!
00:44:48*sulfasal outtahere!
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00:55:56saratoga_if you can reboot the device with the power button, its not bricked...
00:56:26[Saint]"bricked" means "does something unexpected" or "does something I don't want it to" these days.
00:56:36[Saint]see also "ROM" and 'flash".
00:56:48[Saint]similarly fucked terms with bullshit modern meanings.
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11:52:33funmanmihail: did you see;a=blobdiff;f=rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/dualboot.S;h=670f44750d411fdddd251d55c44298c8b9f95da4;hp=4cbbc372e8e6e10a56208abc3432ccfbbc88ed84;hb=470be759e666cee0011e7da0a4405318897aaef8;hpb=fc1fab477608379531ae0c1f09f9b375561d704f ?
11:54:22funmanmihail: nevermind I see you mention it in the patch set
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13:20:26Mihailfunman: Is g#1293 correct and left button should work? Or it can be read only through DBOP?
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14:48:27pamauryMihail: my understanding of DBOP is that it is only a smart engine to poll/write data on gpio ports, it does not give you access to any more i/o, so anything you can read/write with dbop, you can read/write it with usual gpio
15:12:28Mihailpamaury: What you think about it:,14064.msg141058.html#msg141058 ?
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15:20:25MihailIn any case we can try, but I think we should change "beq boot_of" to "bne boot_of". In this case it will boot to OF by default and user can revert firmware. Is my plan ok?
15:21:50pamauryMihail: sounds ok.
15:22:16pamauryI thought again about the DBOP thing: the current code in dualboot is quite brutal about selecting AFSEL, maybe that explains the problem with SD
15:31:15 Nick Marex_ is now known as Marex (~Marex@
15:32:02MihailIn lcd-e200v2.c and lcd-fuzev1.c we do same.
15:40:25MihailI update g#1293. Waiting saratoga with good compiler :)
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17:06:15funmanMihail: no idea, the c200v2 I had is on its way to you ;)
17:07:11funmanI think it was sent to me by bertrik
17:07:40funmanI am not sure why we had to use DBOP at the time
17:07:41 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
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17:46:48Mihailfunman: :) Ok, I think we just should try.
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19:03:49CoupHello, I have a question for my Ipod 6G 160gb, I can install rockbox and emcore fine, but I can't copy anything to it
19:04:32CoupKeeps giving the error Can't read from source file or disk
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19:37:51CoupNo one for the moving files problem?
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19:50:04pamauryCoup: a lot of people are busy or not on the channel right one, be patient :)
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19:57:14CoupAlright ^^
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21:42:04saratogaI used the 2010 bootloader file from teh rockbox website, our current bootloader build is actually too large to patch the OF with
21:42:13 Quit saratoga_ (Client Quit)
21:42:39saratogathis is the latest (v2) patch so it should be (relatively) safe to try
21:51:36MihailIs player will update with this file name or user should rename it?
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22:38:13saratogaMihail: rename to C200PA.BIN
22:42:28Mihailok, thanks!
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23:46:11CoupHello, I'll ask again before I go to sleep, in case new people joined and haven't seen it. I have rockbox installed on a iPod 6g 160gb, and can copy some files, but now most of the files, no matter what, says that it can't read from the source file or disk, even though those work fine
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