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#rockbox log for 2016-04-19

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00:27:00saratogaCoup: I don't know about that device, but its usually a good idea to mention which build you are running in case it matters
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03:32:31Bray90820OFF TOPIC Anyone here have an iPod video?
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09:39:54edhelasBray90820: what generation ?
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13:05:20Mihailpamaury: I have strange problem: if I try boot rockbox through rolo from file placed on sd card - I have ATA error -2 (timeout on ACMD41). Can you reproduce this on your fuze+? And what wrong? It try set big timeout - no success. Try ignore it - and have ATA error -4.
13:05:59pamauryI don't have my fuze+ at hand right now, but I'll try it. I never use rolo to be honest
13:06:48pamauryusually ACMD41 timeouts are bad, it means the card is in a bad state, increasing the timeout won't fix it, the problem is elsewhere
13:10:05MihailProblem not in rolo by it self - new rockbox startup but freeze on disk init. Probably you right and we should do some kind of reset for sd card before start new rockbox. What should I try?
13:11:42CoupI have Rockbox r29832M-110508 on my Ipod Classig (160gb) and can't copy any more files to the ipod, as it gives the error Can't read from source file or disk..
13:12:12CoupI read that this is a problem with rockbox, and I should try dualboot, but does someone know how to get started with that on the classic?
13:13:23MihailIt should be in manual:
13:14:32pamauryMihail: what do you mean it's not rolo ? Rockbox already reset the card
13:14:43Coupyeah, but the ipod that I have isn't in there, it's the 6th gen
13:16:13pamauryMihail: but rolo is weird anyway, it is possible that I missed some detail and that rockbox does not properly shut down all the hardware before roloing, and then on init rockbox will "kill" some IP block
13:16:37pixelmaCoup: is this with the emcore bootloader? I don't know much about it but TheSeven should or [Saint_] (which isn't around currently it seems)
13:17:20Coupyeah, emcore
13:17:46pixelmahmm, and I seem to remember that this project has an own IRC channel but don't know if there's activity still, ( #freemyipod or so)
13:17:58Coupbeen screwing around with it for about 5 days now, but no success
13:18:37Mihailpamaury: you right - probably I should try add shutdown for sd card to rolo.
13:18:45CoupI'll check for the freemyipod irc too, thanks
13:19:23pixelmaCoup: sorry, I can't help you more than trying to ping the right people
13:20:01CoupNo problem, I found a IRC for freemyipod-support, hopefully someone knows what to do there
13:20:05CoupThanks for the help anyway :D
13:20:56TheSevenCoup: prof_wolfff is probably the right person to ask here
13:21:45TheSevenhe's currently working on both USB fixes/improvements, and has an experimental dualboot bootloader for the classic
13:21:53CoupAlright, thanks :D
13:22:55TheSeven[Saint] probably has some information about those projects as well - I've been out of the loop for quite a while now
13:23:47CoupYeah, I see they are also both on the freemyipod-support irc, so I'll ask there, hopefully they can help me further
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13:25:19TheSevenalso note that especially if this started all of a sudden without any changes that you're aware of it might be physical hdd issues, a clicking noise (about once to twice a second) while trying to access the hdd might be an indication of that
13:25:24pamauryMihail: honestly I am not sure the problem really lies with the card feel free to try. You cannot really "shutdown" a card and a reset should well, reset the card
13:26:08TheSevenipod classic hdds sadly fail rather often
13:26:51Coupyeah, it does that sometimes
13:27:24CoupI've seen some people replacing the hdd with a sd card, or even a ssd, but a bit scared to open it and break it or something
13:28:25Mihailpamaury: Probably I have something similar like we try fix in case c240v2.
13:28:43TheSevenreplacing the hdd isn't too bad - but opening the case is really tricky and will most certainly damage the back to some degree
13:29:56Coupah alright, I might also look into that
13:30:15CoupThanks for the help again :D
13:31:09TheSevendoes someone know if current rockbox builds include a smart tool?
13:31:26TheSevenI vaguely remember seeing a patch for that a while ago
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13:33:52TheSevenCoup: if you don't care about the data on the ipod, you could also try restoring the ipod to the apple firmware
13:34:17TheSeventhat would likely be a prerequisite to a dualboot installation anyway
13:34:23CoupI've done that also quite some times, but the syncing seems to go fine, but then the music isn't on the ipod
13:34:32Coup\Which is why I wanted to try rockbox ^^
13:35:06TheSevenyou could then have a look for the SMART data in apple's diagnostic mode
13:35:25TheSeventhat would give you an indication whether the HDD is bad
13:35:49Coupah alright, let me check
13:36:42TheSevengo to manual test, i/o, disk, smart or something like that, don't remember the exact menu entries right now
13:37:27TheSevenentering diagmode works like diskmode, with the left instead of the bottom button
13:37:42CoupAlrightm I'm restoring it now
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14:09:03CoupHmm, now I got an ipod has been detected but it could not be identified properly
14:09:06Coupdidn't get that before
14:14:22Mihailpamaury: AMSv2 have MCI_PWREN (AMSv1 different and have MCI_POWER). It should shutdown cards, but still no success :(
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14:35:30pamauryMihail: which device are we talking about ? You said fuze+ but mention amsv2...
14:40:42Mihail–°onfuse fuze+ and fuzev2. I have problem on AMSv2 (clip zip). But still interested is it also on AMSv1.
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14:42:28pamauryah, the sd code is soc specific, and I think amsv2 sd controller is partially undocumented (and different from amsv1)
14:42:33pamaurylet me have a quick look at the driver
14:43:12pamaurywodz and I had a plan to make the sd driver partly generic but it's not finished
14:50:12pamauryMihail: maybe try to replace mci_delay() with a longer delay, like sleep(HZ / 10); just to see
14:53:09Mihailstill ATA error -2
14:53:45pamauryand you said this is only when RoLoing ? Then some hardware block must be in a bad state
14:54:03pamaurybut I don't know amsv2 that well
14:55:33Mihailyes, only after rolo and only if I try boot from sd card
14:59:12Mihailbut problems occurs on initialization first (internal) drive
15:00:17Mihailmaybe I should switch card in rolo before it start new rockbox?
15:00:34pamaurywait, are you saying the timeout occurs on the internal drive and on the sd ?
15:00:47pamaury*not on sd
15:07:35pamaurymaybe funman could help, I think he is the one who developed the driver and know amsv2 best
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15:36:21MihailI try skip internal drive initialization - same ATA error -2 but on sd card.
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15:55:29pamauryMihail: it really looks like a problem with the controller/dma/gpio/power for me, not the cards
15:57:34pamauryif you have a logic analyzer, I would suggest skipping the first drive and looking at the sd bus of the card, see what happens
15:58:13pamauryotherwise I have a clip+ lying around at my house, I might try to reproduce the problem and use my logic analyzer on it
16:06:53MihailI don't have logic analyzer, so I wait your result
16:09:57pamauryOk, you'll have to wait until tonight :-p
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17:54:47Mihailpamaury: I catch it - looks like compilation problem: when I add some minor changes to rolo - rockbox have error at startup but this rolo code cannot be used at startup.
17:59:18pamauryMihail: I'm not sure I understand what you said :)
17:59:41pamauryWhen you have this effect (small changes in code => works/stop working), it might be related to cache
17:59:53pamauryand dma
18:00:27pamauryand/or alignment
18:01:13MihailProbably alignment. I try do dump and compare.
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18:23:03GofidLetterkerlGreetings, I am trying to build a libXmp-based codec for amiga tracker module files for rockbox.
18:23:42GofidLetterkerlThe makefiles are giving me some trouble, though.
18:24:53Mihailpamaury: I have no experience with this thing. I upload both builds and patch which cause this problem: Can you look at this?
18:29:06GofidLetterkerlIn lib/rbcodec, I have files codecs/xmp.c, metadata/xmp.c and parts of libxmp under codecs/libxmp. However, the files in codecs/libxmp are not compiled, so when linking, I get errors about missing undefined references.
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18:35:12MihailGofidLetterkerl: which patch you use?
18:36:54GofidLetterkerl@mihail: Just plain Rockbox (from the github repo), which compiles with no problem, and then I started adding code to interface with libXmp.
18:37:44MihailIf you upload your changes I can try fix make files.
18:47:30GofidLetterkerl@Mihail: you can find my changes here: . Probably won't do much for now, just set some basic metadata for the song.
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19:05:56MihailGofidLetterkerl: I think you just should run ../tools/configure again to update makefile dependency.
19:08:38GofidLetterkerl@Mihail: Tried that already, from an empty directory. The "undefined reference" errors persist.
19:11:21Mihailstrange - I have "make: *** [/-rock/xmp/rockbox/build/lib/rbcodec/metadata/xmp.o] Error 1" so it try compile but can't.
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19:20:51MihailGofidLetterkerl: try again run configure in empty dir and than make -j1
19:21:52MihailGofidLetterkerl: for which target (player) you try do build?
19:22:15GofidLetterkerlFor now, I build for SDL (target 200).
19:25:27GofidLetterkerlconfigure in empty dir and make -j1 did not help. The "make.dep" in the build dir does not list the .c files it would need to compile to fix the errors.
19:25:27Mihailok, I have your problem for target 200.
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19:30:02saratogafor testing it might be easier to compile the codeclib separately (configure a build with "warble codec tool"
19:30:16saratogathis lets you run the lib separately from the rest of rockbox
19:31:46MihailI am not familiar with codec structure (probably saratoga can help), but I think you can't use directly libXmp from rbcodec/metadata as it plugin and shouldn't be directly linked to main rockbox binary.
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19:34:54GofidLetterkerlThanks, using "warble codec tool" greatly speeds up the process (errors persist, though).
19:35:31GofidLetterkerlI am aware this is not an easy task ... I will have to make adaptions in libXmp to make it run with rockbox.
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19:37:45MihailI thin you should separate some part (related to metadata) from libXmp and move/copy it to rbcodec/metadata/xmp.c
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19:40:59GofidLetterkerlYes, that would work ... but it would make the xmp.c rather large and unwieldy (libxmp has over 80 loaders for different formats), so I tried to keep the basic structure of libXmp intact.
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21:10:18 Part GofidLetterkerl
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