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#rockbox log for 2016-04-20

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06:56:21bp0does rockbox aac decoder support he-aac v2?
06:56:31bp0there is some conflicting information
06:57:22bp0if course, he-aacv2 will play as mono he-aac without the parametric stereo of v2, but I mean does it actually decode and use the PS information
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14:39:31funmanbp0: to be sure you can test with a simulator
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15:02:44MihailWe need very simple patch to boot from sd card: g#1294. For next step I want add booting from sd card by default if it have .rockbox folder. It can be useful when internal storage can be mounted but FS broken. Also it can be useful if someone want update rockbox on player with broken usb.
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15:17:47funmanMihail: bootloader looks for .rockbox/ in internal storage and then SD if it's not found?
15:17:47funmanah only if it can't be mounted
15:29:20pamauryMihail: did you find the problem with the sd card ?
15:31:12MihailNo. Are you see my yesterday message: I have no experience with this thing. I upload both builds and patch which cause this problem: Can you look at this?
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15:53:59pamauryyeah I saw the diff but it's completely unrelated, so it will be really hard to debug
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15:56:27Mihailhow can I help or what should I try? It not alignment problem?
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16:09:18pamauryI don't know, since it is in rolo load, maybe this extra guys time to some code somewhere to properly finish something. And maybe without the delay, rockbox starts in a weird hardware state.
16:09:38pamaurymaybe you should check if indeed all subsystems properly shutdown when roloing
16:09:43pamauryespecially the storage one
16:09:45pamauryand sd
16:09:52pamauryand dma
16:16:07MihailI try boot bad rockbox build from rolo without this patch (from good build) and still have same problem.
16:17:08pamaurybut with the delay it works ?
16:20:46MihailNo. Good build have no delay. It don't work only if new (which I try load through rolo) build have delay.
16:21:24Mihailand only if it on sd card
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16:24:44pamaurywait but it does not make sense: you say the build fails to load only if has a delay. But this code is never run (since it's the rolo code and you said it fails when the build you are loading has the delay)
16:26:12Mihailyes! And I have this mad case!
16:28:03pamaurycan you try it when you replace the sleep with something else. For example another lcd_putsf
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16:39:56MihailI comment line with sleep and uncomment with lcd_puts and have same problem. If I uncomment both lines - I still have same problem.
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16:46:46autofsckkhi everybody, i have a little problem with my ipod 160G classic, i cant write or read the disk when i connect with usb, i tried to fix it with windows and it says it has to be formatted, and i also tried to fix it with linux but i couldnt :/ so what can i do? if theres a fix with linux i would prefer that because i dont have windows around jaja
16:49:09Mihailpamaury: If I add four lines "lcd_puts(0, 2, filename);" - it work again!
16:50:02Mihailautofsckk: Can you mount it in linux?
16:52:27pamauryMihail: ok, for it confirms that the problem is related to cache/alignment/dma, I had a very similar problem on imx
16:52:53pamauryOr buffer overflow
16:56:15MihailBut I still can't understand - why it work if I load it from internal storage?
16:59:04pamaurythat's a good point, I don't know :(
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17:02:03autofsckkMihail -> no i cant
17:03:01autofsckkMihail -> it works right to use it and hear music, but i cant read the disc from usb
17:03:25Mihailpamaury: Maybe rolo load it to memory bit different (corrupted)? It possible to add simple checksum to rolo or at early rockbox initialization?
17:04:35Mihailautofsckk: What you have in dmesg when player connected?
17:05:17pamaurywe already have a checksum
17:06:57pamaurythe only way the memory could be corrupted is something modifies the memory after the checksum, for example a dma engine still working, or some dirty cache
17:07:07pamauryat least I don't see anything else
17:08:03autofsckkit seems my disc is almost dead :( jajajaja <−−- Mihail
17:09:58Mihailautofsckk: You have same problem in OF?
17:10:40autofsckksorry whats of?
17:12:38Mihailoriginal firmware
17:13:09autofsckki dont know, i dont think so it was working all
17:13:24autofsckk but i have been using rockbox for a long time so i really dont remember
17:15:13Mihailyesterday we have report about mostly same problem:
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17:26:49Mihailpamaury: if I understand correct we don't check sum if CPU_ARM.
17:27:16pamauryare ou kidding me ?!
17:27:23*pamaury checks
17:27:38MihailLook again to rolo source ;)
17:28:49Mihailwe have to many #ifdef ...
17:30:20pamauryMihail: we do a checksum
17:30:37pamaurywe call LOAD_FIRMWARE that calls the correspond descrambling function
17:30:59pamaurythe standard one is load_firmware in firmware/common/rb-loader.c and it checks for checksum
17:31:53Mihailyou right
17:37:35autofsckkMihail -> any idea on how i can fix that error on my ipod?
17:39:59Mihailautofsckk: no, as I know about ipod mostly nothing.
17:41:25autofsckkah ok, thanks anyway Mihail :D
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17:55:21Mihailpamaury: I move LOAD_FIRMWARE() before rolo_restart(). It load firmware but I still have same problem. Can you check is rolo_restart() and commit_discard_idcache() correct?
17:56:20pamauryMihail: what do you mean "before rolo_restart()" ? It is always before rolo_restart()
17:56:54MihailI mean one line above.
17:58:22Mihailso we do only rolo_restart() and commit_discard_idcache() after LOAD_FIRMWARE()
18:01:04pamauryI think the problem is elsewhere. I just realise now that rolo does not even ensure proper shutdown of rockbox
18:01:57pamauryit calls audio_stop() then storage_flush() then adc_close(), then ascodec_write_pmu(..) on amsv2, then disable irq
18:02:32pamauryso if you have any pending dma/timer/watchdog/lcd operation pending, who knows what can happen
18:05:56pamauryfor me the code should look like what we do in bootloaders: calling system_prepare_fw_start()
18:13:01Mihailbut we don't have system_prepare_fw_start() for AMS
18:17:36pamaurymaybe it is not needed, I don't know, I just find it a suspicious
18:17:41pamaury*a bit
18:25:39pamauryFor example, it seems entirely possible to me, with the current code that:
18:25:39pamaurya) main thread starts doing rolo_load()...
18:25:39pamauryb) but is preempted in some function (lots of functions indirectly call yield()) and another thread does a read/write operation and yield() on a wait
18:25:39DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
18:25:39pamauryc) rolo_load() finally disable IRQ, so it cannot be interrupted anymore and jump to the new image. But now there is a pending I/O operation
18:25:57pamauryI am taking the example of I/O but really it could be anything
18:26:06pamaurysome target use threads to handle inputs and buttons
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18:28:40pamauryFor example, on imx233, there is a long standing bug that triggers when bootloader usb mode is used: around 1/3 of the time, the boot fails when loading the image
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18:29:44Mihailok, I agree with your point. I should try disable all hardware which possible.
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18:36:22pamauryyes, even on imx it's broken. We need something like system_prepare_fw_start() that properly shuts down the relevant hardware, it needs to be fixed on bootloaders and implement for rolo, or at least investigated
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23:13:42Mihaillebellium: Did you try install version before frequency scaling to your clip zip?
23:14:52lebelliumMihail: nope, didn't have time (or didn't want it to get on my nerves again :D )
23:14:59lebelliummaybe this weekend
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23:17:05Mihailok, now we can boot from sd card if you update firmware on it (bootloader should be updated).
23:22:22lebelliumdoes that mean that if I get an ATA error, it will try to boot from SD card instead?
23:24:12MihailYes. But only if your player still live enough for one firmware update.
23:25:00lebelliumIt's still recognized by the computer so it shoudn't be an issue
23:26:39lebelliumI don't see any change in RButil in your commit
23:26:50lebelliumso I assume I can't use it to patch the firmware?
23:29:27MihailIt not for RButil directly but for bootloader which RButil should use.
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23:30:58lebelliumso I can use the current RBUtil 1.4.0
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23:32:06lebelliumI'll try it out in the next days and will give you a feedback
23:33:28lebelliumIf it works well and is totally transparent for the user, that means that every Sansa user should install this bootloader just in case... one day... :)
23:34:16MihailI not sure about RBUtil. Can clarify what we need to update bootloader trough RBUtil?
23:34:35Mihail*Can someone
23:35:45lebelliummaybe you can have a look at the previous bootloader releases here;a=summary
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23:38:52MihailIt just source code. But I can't understand is we build bootloader automatically?
23:41:53lebelliumI just know that the user only provides the firmware file and Rbutil patches it automatically
23:42:00lebelliumbut I don't know the magic behind
23:42:10lebelliumhope someone around can explain it
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