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#rockbox log for 2016-04-21

00:03:10Mihailnew version was builded:;type=sansaclipzipboot
00:03:29Mihailbut I can't find it on site
00:07:22pamauryMihail: we update new version manually
00:07:45pamauryyou don't want to distribute nightly builds for bootloader
00:07:52saratogabootloaders usually are tested and then uploaded to the website once people are sure they're safe
00:08:37saratogaalthough on AMS they're pretty safe since they don't do very much with most of the dangerous stuff in mkamsboot
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00:12:27Mihailsaratoga: Can you update bootloaders for AMS? I think booting from sd card important update.
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00:13:37saratogai'm ok with updating it, we should just get a few people to test it, make sure there are no problems, and then i think it just gets uploaded to by an admin
00:13:50saratogaFWIW, some of the AMSv1 bootloaders don't currently work (too big to patch)
00:14:43MihailI check this later, when will have AMSv1.
00:16:47MihailI think my changes should be safe as it already works for years in rockbox. Only drawback - bigger size.
00:23:05Mihailsaratoga: You can try it in action by cleaning begging of internal storage: "if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1024 count=1024" (but first do backup "if=/dev/sdb of=backup_sdb bs=1024 count=1024")
00:29:13Mihail"dif=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1024 count=1024" and "dd if=/dev/sdb of=backup_sdb bs=1024 count=1024"
00:32:17Mihailpamaury: Bootloader have same problem as rolo - it stops wit ATA error when try boot "bad" build from sd card.
00:32:50pamaurywhen it's very similar code so it's not entirely surprising
00:33:31Mihailbut in bootloader we use less hardware
00:33:58pamaurysure but testing bootloader is not particularly easy
00:34:13pamauryok, depends on target, but at least on ams
00:34:40Mihailyes, better try fix rolo :)
00:34:46pamauryand still, it uses all the storage subsystem and lcd, probably buttons, that's a lot
00:35:23Mihailand partially USB
00:36:41pamaurydoes ams has bootloader usb ?
00:36:55pamauryI guess it does, so yeah usb is a big beast too
00:37:51pamaurybut it only init usb if needed
00:38:19pamauryso if it fails when usb is not even used, that rules out usb
00:39:58Mihailno, it run usb_init(); in any case - probably it bad behavior
00:43:49pamaurysure but usb_init(), only most target does not do a full init, it does (is supposed to at least) the minimum required to do usb detect and one time init
00:44:46Mihailyes, so I say "partially USB"
00:45:12pamaurythat includes (a) creating a thread (b) setup usb detect (that depends on target, either by interrupt or init) (c) one-time init (for example queue and semaphores). On AMS I'm not even sure it touches a single usb register
00:58:05MihailCan't understand: why we call usb_enable(false); in usb_init()?
01:07:40pamauryI guess in case the usb hardware was initialised
01:07:47pamauryit's a waste of power
01:10:02pamauryjust so you know, calling usb_enable() will call usb_core_exit() which is almost a nop if usb core is not initialised
01:10:16pamauryso the net effect of usb_enable() will be to shutdown the usb hardware
01:10:31pamauryassuming the target does it of course
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01:14:08Mihailnot shure about all target but on AMS it just call usb_core_exit(void), it check if(initialized) and call usb_drv_exit(); if it is. So it useless as we have initialized==0 when we call usb_init()
01:15:52pamauryI'm prettys
01:15:57pamaury sure the problem is not usb
01:16:37pamaurybut if you don't trust my judgement, just don't call usb_init() ;)
01:17:00pamauryyou could try to disable other non-essential stuff, see if you can narrow it down
01:20:50Mihailyes, it not related. Just curious. And probably we (I and saratoga) not considered this thing: we call cpu_boost(0); at usb_enable(false) so it probably slow down boot process :(
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01:24:37pamauryyes this is possible
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01:25:02pamauryalthough I admit I am surprised, I am not sure targets are supposed to boost in usb_enable()
01:26:03pamauryI thought usb.c was already taking care of it
01:26:45pamauryin usb_slave_mode(), it calls trigger_cpu_boost() before calling usb_attach()
01:26:59pamauryso in theory, boosting in usb_enable is unecessary
01:27:20pamauryBut that needs to be checked carefully
01:28:53MihailIIRC it don't boost on usb connection before on AMS, so yes, I should check this behavior again.
01:30:59pamaurythe generic code always boost on usb connection
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13:45:34[Saint]my build environment is too new to build rockbox for android without diddling the source quite a bit.
13:46:08[Saint]unless I go out of my way to dig up API 16 build-tools
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13:46:59*[Saint] should actually get around to submitting the patch to bring everything up to API 19 target
13:49:23[Saint]there's apparently no problems building against openjdk-9, which I find odd.
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13:53:18[Saint]a task for tomorrow, methinks. a few little workarounds for current gcc, some android environment changes, and some fairly sweeping changes to all the hosted android platforms to bring their build target up to API 19
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13:55:56[Saint]then look at finishing standardizing the android build environment requirements somewhat and being able to set up the android build environment from
13:56:36[Saint]I think a lot of people's android build environments only work because they haven't been touched in years.
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14:44:50wodz__[Saint]: maybe bacause newer androids are no go
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17:11:53Horrorcatconsidering how awesome the rockbox dynamic range compressor is and how bad the mplayer/mpv/vlc compressors are, I’m looking into the implementation.
17:12:23Horrorcatwhich is of course heavily embedded C. does anyone have a reference, like a paper or something, how the compressor works?
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17:34:40gevaertssaratoga might know
17:35:48gevaertsOr if all else fails you could try contacting the author himself. git knows his email address, but I don't know if that's still valid
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