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#rockbox log for 2016-04-24

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00:50:47[Saint]saratoga: if we wanted dynamic sampling rate, we would have to stop playback upon change, wouldn't we?
00:51:13[Saint]triggering a rebuffer, ruining gapless(?), and generally making an all-round horrible experience.
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01:00:21pamaury[Saint]: depends on the hardware
01:00:55pamauryon the imx233, in theory (at least the manual claims) that you can tweak the frequency on the fly
01:01:16[Saint]How the...
01:01:32[Saint]I wonder what that would sound like.
01:01:42[Saint]Whether it would be free of artifacts or not.
01:02:46pamauryI don't see any reason why it would sound horrible, but you have to it at the right time
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18:26:00sansaiAhoy. It's really cool, that you implemented booting from SD for sansas. If I don't already have the newest rockbox on my dead clip+ and e2x0 (showing as 4mb and 0,5mb drives) I cannot write it to them, I guess?
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19:04:09saratoga_sansai: the bootloader is stored on the internal flash, so it has to at least work well enough to get the bootloader running
19:04:20saratoga_if the flash is totally dead it won't help
19:05:39sansaiThey did come on with normal working flash before, but no luck with this for a while now. I wonder what happens with these players, as the problem is cannot be uncommon
19:06:27saratoga_they use very cheap flash and simple SD controllers, i think eventually either the flash wears out or the internal controller gets screwed up badly enough that it stops working
19:07:30saratoga_maybe there is some way to recover them, but the players don't have a real recovery mode which makes troubleshooting bad flash very hard
19:07:49saratoga_whereas on other devices you can often run code over USB
19:11:23sansaiyes, I contemplated using the flash from the e200 in the clip+, but that might not even be the problem (and I dont have the soldering skills)
19:12:53sansaiI'm thinking of using a hot air gun to warm them up, possibly having a kind of reflow?
19:13:12saratoga_yes that would probably work
19:13:30saratoga_would also be interesting to dump the contents of one and see what is on it after it fails to boot
19:14:07saratoga_although if the device wouldn't boot, there would be no obvious way to repair it even if you knew the problem
19:14:55saratoga_some of the sansas have jtag pins, although i don't know if they actually work on newer models, but in theory that might be used to repair one
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19:19:01sansaiI think they both have JTAG pins. By that would probably work, you did mean swapping the flash, not using hot air, right?
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19:20:37saratoga_i don't know if swapping the flash would work (have to check the datasheets to see if the pinouts match), but hot air is a common way to desolder small chips and BGA
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19:23:50saratoga_by the way, tests of our old gcc vs. newer gcc:
19:25:20saratoga_ape gets slower but everything else gets a bit faster
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19:33:29Mihailsaratoga_: But I think we can have problems with new gcc. Are you have clip v1? Can you try my builds I think it fails on boot and problem related to new gcc.
19:34:19saratoga_i still haven't found my clipv1, but i'll look or test on fuze/e200v1
19:34:33saratoga_but i don't think upgrading gcc is really worthwhile anyway
19:34:55saratoga_speed up is a few percent on average, and we'd waste a lot of time tracking down new bugs
19:35:09saratoga_with that time we could just optimize more code :)
19:35:46MihailYou already send clipv1 with bad battery to me?
19:36:15saratoga_crap, no i'm sorry
19:36:16saratoga_i forgot
19:36:33saratoga_i'll really try to do it on monday, just very busy these days
19:36:33MihailCan you try on it?
19:36:49saratoga_yes i think so
19:37:02saratoga_ok when i get back to my desk i'll try it
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20:06:22sansaiBtw. on my working clip+ with the variable frequency build (8a0360d) some frequencies go higher than the "set" value (for example DBOP shows set 48, runs at 19 and spikes to 96). Is that safe?
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22:18:46hadessMihail: I have installed your build for the clip v1. It boots fine but the USB doesn't connect with my computer.
22:20:47MihailIs latest dev builds don't have this problem?
22:21:41hadessWith the last build USB works fine
22:25:43Mihailok, thanks for test! It still strange as it have same USB code and mostly same for all other.
22:30:28hadessWith the last build (18fecd9) usb works fine. I will try in another computer.
22:31:24Mihailsansai: we don't use DBOP on clip+ and cllip zip so we just should ignore it for this players
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