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#rockbox log for 2016-05-01

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02:07:24__builtinLink8: no
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12:44:39Mihailfunman: I got your AMSv1 development kit :) Great thanks!
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13:12:17pamauryMihail: that's a nice kit ;)
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13:25:51Mihail:) It looks like C200V2 just have bad (or drained) battery. So hope I can try check fix for dualboot bug ( g#1293).
13:25:52fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1293 at : C2X0v2: use GPIO to check button state in dualboot by Mihail Zenkov
13:26:33MihailIRC bot live again :)
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13:36:34pamauryMy goal for the (long) week-end: a bit of imx233 maintenance, it deserves it... Maybe even fix some longstanding bugs/annoyances !
13:41:17Mihailpamaury: BTW about UB: what you think about gcc -fsanitize=undefined? Is it should work on rockbox? Or we need some special code to get PANIC on UB?
13:42:22pamauryyou probably need some code, I guess gcc emits some call to some panic/logging function
13:42:59pamauryI am not sure how many UB it would catch, we have lots of code that probably do bad things like buffer overflow but where the size of buffer is not obvious for example, or accessed by the dma, or use after free
13:43:04pamaurythose bugs are hard to catch
13:43:27pamaurymaybe try to compile with sanitizer and see how it goes when you link ?
13:45:37pamauryI think I mentioned to you already I would really like to use the MMU for buflib
13:46:03MihailI try but got some strange errors on compile time - it looks like it try also detect some UB at compile time
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17:15:45andiatorHi, I've looked at the *Panic* problem on the Cowon D2 with the latest RB version. It happens because there is a write to the NAND, which on D2 is read only (nand_write_sectors() in ata-nand-telechips.c always returns -1)
17:18:27andiatorStrange thing is, this happens only on empty files, so if RB running the first time, it creates an empty nvram.bin and than crashes. If I copy this file and settings.cfg from the old version, I can ran the RB, play files etc., but it crashes later.
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17:19:27andiatorHave anyone an idea, why?
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19:49:49funmanmihail: great! hope you can make something of it :)
19:54:36funmanmihail: the 2nd fuze with yellow cardboard "screen" used to have a piece of broomstick as a scrollwheel ;)
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20:44:49Mihailfunman: I hope too :) C200v2 have problem with few buttons but hope I can fix this.
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22:13:51Bray90820What would be a good way to submit a bug report for the DX90
22:13:57Bray90820The controls have been completely off since I started using Rockbox on it about a year ago
22:14:35pamaurywith have flyspray but no one uses it, so I guess the forum are probably better
22:14:54pamauryideally you want to find a developer who has the dev and him/her an email or message
22:15:13Bray90820pamaury: Would there be an easy way to edit the controls myself?
22:15:39Bray90820Basically the only issue is the back button goes to the next song inside of previous song
22:15:45pamauryyou need to edit the source code and recompile. What do you mean by off ? If it's simple enough I can have a look
22:15:59pamauryha weird
22:16:12Bray90820But it's slightly weirder then that
22:16:25Bray90820If it is before 3 seconds then it just starts the song over
22:17:32pamaurydoes the problem only manifest itself in the While Playing Screen ?
22:19:19pamauryand if you hit the next button, does it correctly go to the next song ?
22:20:37Bray90820Well it happens on any screen that would trigger a song change which right now I can only find it being the now playing screen and yes if I hit next it goes to the next song
22:21:09 Join Strife89|laptop [0] (
22:21:20pamauryand in the menu, when you hit left, does it correctly go to the previous screen ?
22:21:36 Join andiator [0] (5492f19c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:21:53Bray90820And also if I hold the previous button down it doesn't rewind or fast forward if I hold the next button down it does fit forward
22:22:29Bray90820And the previous button is used for scrolling up the next button is used for scrolling down which both function correctly
22:22:47Bray90820Tapping the power button goes back
22:23:31pamaurythis is strange, as far as can see, the keymap looks correct:;a=blob;f=apps/keymaps/keymap-dx50.c;h=c6bb814469acbe026aad9dd91b00898551566d33;hb=18fecd9
22:24:30pamaurywhich version of rockbox are you using ?
22:25:28 Join PusherBot [0] (ae192f9e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:25:37PusherBotHi, I'm not actually a bot.
22:26:08Bray90820PusherBot: Well it's been happening ever since I started using rockbox like a year ago but I am currently using 7ba50cf-160327
22:26:34Bray90820Sorry wrong ping
22:26:53Bray90820pamaury: I just realized your looking at the wrong device
22:27:49Bray90820pamaury: Is there a way i can find the device name within rockbox
22:28:09pamauryBray90820: what do you mean ?
22:28:35pamaury(the keymap is the same for DX50 and DX90 because they have the same physical layout)
22:29:24PusherBotHey I was wondering if I could get wiki access so I could delete all the spam.
22:29:28pamaurylet me just try to build a simulator for the DX90, see if I can reproduce the problem by any chance
22:29:41pamauryPusherBot: which spam ?
22:29:57Bray90820pamaury: It's actually labels as "Crown D2" I believe
22:30:10Bray90820*"Cowon D2"
22:30:23pamauryHuh, I'm super confused, what is labelled Cowon D2 ??
22:31:36Bray90820pamaury: you know that git page you sent me?
22:32:07PusherBotpamaury: I just realized the spam is actually in user accounts. So only a wiki admin would be able to delete it.
22:32:27PusherBotIt looks like a lot of new users are bots that use their comment section to post spam links.
22:32:43pamauryBray90820: are we seeing the page ? it displays a file called keymap-dx50.c right ?
22:33:22Bray90820Yes it does say keymap-dx50.c but it should be saying Cowon D2
22:33:28Bray90820Or DX90
22:34:09pamaurywhy should it say Cowon D2 ? You said your device was a DX90. And the keymap is the same for DX50 and DX90 and is in this file
22:34:42pamauryline 36 it says "Button Code Definitions for iBasso DX50 & DX90."
22:36:31pamauryPusherBot: try to ask gevaerts, I don't know how the wiki works, as you said it probably requires more rights than usual
22:36:59Bray90820pamaury: My mistake then I thought it was Cowon D2 because the themes for the Cowon D2 are the same for the DX90
22:37:22pamauryah no :) themes are group by screen size but that's pretty much it
22:38:01Bray90820pamaury: I agree with you now we are on the same page :P
22:38:35*gevaerts knows nothing about the wiki
22:38:52Bray90820pamaury: But my question still stands why is it not giving me the previous song?
22:40:19pamauryBray90820: I have no idea :( The keymap looks correct and you said the button was working properly in the other screen so it's not a hardware problem
22:40:50Bray90820So have you gone as far as you can?
22:40:58pamauryah wait
22:41:06 Quit Strife89|laptop (Quit: Leaving)
22:41:14pamaurythere is some weird code in the DX90 button driver, let me have a look
22:41:48Bray90820I am gonna be putting this in q waterproof bag when I go camping so I can't use the touch screen
22:42:46pamauryhum apparently there is a well-known "issue" that when you press left, it will sometimes give wrong feedback and generate a right button event. The driver tries to work around it but many it's not enough
22:42:57pamaurythat does not explain why it works in other screens though
22:44:35Bray90820I have never actually seen it work correctly at the now playing screen
22:45:53Bray90820pamaury: So where are we at this point?
22:48:10pamauryBray90820: I am thinking, I think there is something promising here but without the device it's hard to debug. I can imagine way of logging the buttons, for analysis but that requires a custom build and I don't have the necessary tools to build it (it requires the NDK). If you can stay here for the next couple hours, I can have a try at it
22:48:44Bray90820I can stay
22:48:50 Quit Mihail (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
22:48:55Bray90820And I can give you any info you want
22:49:55pamauryOk, let me first understand how to install this NDK, I don't usually do any android development ^^
22:50:53Bray90820pamaury: Thanks
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23:14:28pamaurygevaerts: who knows about the android port ?
23:20:45pamaurydamn it, the newest version of the android NDK do not support "−−system" anymore and only support GCC 4.9 *sight*
23:25:40 Quit PusherBot (Quit: Page closed)
23:29:11[Saint]pamaury: what'cha wanna know?
23:29:41pamauryI figured it out, I had a problem with ndk r11c, our configure script uses options that are not supported anymore
23:29:43 Quit alucryd (Remote host closed the connection)
23:29:48[Saint]there's a fair bit of work to be done across the sources for everything to build nicely with a modern environment.
23:29:59[Saint]I need to get the pathches sourted out and pushed finally.
23:30:10[Saint]also my band-aid for modern GCC needs to go in.
23:30:23pamauryok, just so you know, I had to remove "−−system=..." for make-toolchain
23:30:37pamauryand I switch from gcc 4.6 to 4.9 (both gccchoice and toolchain option)
23:30:55[Saint]have you actually tested a build? Or did you just get satisfied by convincing make-toolchain to run?
23:31:07[Saint]as I really really really doubt that's a functional environemnt.
23:31:34[Saint]we look in the wrong places for a few things now.
23:32:06 Join alucryd [0] (~quassel@archlinux/developer/alucryd)
23:32:34pamauryyes I was able to compile for the DX90
23:32:48[Saint]though shit'll probably just work if the new SDK was copied overtop of an old one.
23:33:00[Saint]accidental work.
23:33:24 Nick suYin`OFF is now known as suYin (
23:33:26pamauryI just installed android-ask from the debian repo and manually downloaded the NDK, which contains prebuilt toolchains
23:34:39pamauryI mean essentially the the new make-toolchain script detects the system automatically, so −−system becomes useless
23:34:42[Saint]yeah there's something wrong there with what we're exporting and I've been needing to ensure the NDK prebuilt toolchain for gcc 4.9 is in the path explicitly.
23:34:47[Saint]the whole thing is a mess.
23:35:06pamauryandroid dev is a mess...
23:35:10[Saint]there's several targets that still want gcc 4.6 and android platform 16.
23:35:19[Saint]and we just can't satisfy that.
23:35:36[Saint]I fixed it up a while ago, but, I'm unreasonably lazy apparently.
23:36:12pamauryideally, we would need a way to detect what is available from the NDK, I have no idea how you can do that
23:36:22[Saint]We can make it so the build-tools version isn't coupled to the platform target and the newset available build-tools is always used.
23:36:52[Saint]that's a lot better than having a hard requirement on build-tools that will be deprecated fairly soon, as platform 16 build-tools were.
23:38:06 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0/20160421124000])
23:38:24[Saint]for the record, did you find that exporting the ANDROID_SDK_PATH env var alone was not enough and the NDK toolchain dir needed to be added to the path specifically?
23:39:01[Saint]that never used to be the case, but I haven't delved into the why of it too deeply.
23:39:13pamaury[Saint]: I only exported ANDROID_NDK_PATH
23:39:19pamauryit's not in my path
23:39:41 Quit Strife89 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:39:49pamauryI remember the old versions required something to be in path but not anymore apparently, at least no the NDK
23:40:12pamauryfor the SDK I don't know, it was automagically installed by my package manager
23:40:19[Saint]Hmmmm. That's interesting. WHat is the environment?
23:40:39pamaurydebian unstable
23:40:43[Saint]I wonder if it is some functional difference in Ubuntu Server, as I definitely didn't recall it being a thing either.
23:40:46pamauryI installed andoid-ask
23:41:19[Saint]But I _could not_ satisfy the build target with just ANDORID_{SDK}NDK}_PATH exported alone.
23:41:46pamaurykeep in mind that the DX90 only use the NDK though
23:42:09pamauryit doesn't use any single line of java
23:42:12[Saint]ahhhhh...the SDK isn't touched _at all_ for this target?
23:42:20pamauryI don't think so
23:42:33pamaurysee androidndkcc() in configure
23:42:47[Saint]Right. That makes a bit more sense for why things might be working. I still can't explain the NDK toolchain path thing though.
23:42:51 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:43:14*[Saint] digs up his big bucket of patches and wonders how out-of-stream everything is.
23:43:45[Saint]I'll need to stick this up on gerrit and then put out a mail on the build-client ML.
23:43:59[Saint]breaking people's build environments silently likely isn't a good thing.
23:44:34[Saint]I really want to nuke that android toolchain build script and finish wrapping it into
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23:52:18[Saint]CFLAGS="-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fgnu89-inline" ../$toolname-$version/configure −−target=$target −−prefix=$prefix −−enable-languages=c −−disable-libssp −−disable-docs $configure_params
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