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#rockbox log for 2016-05-05

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02:43:04idonobBray90820: it's around four hours later, I don't know if you still need it, but I used the googles for you - describes a lot of useful things for album art
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05:12:02Bray90820idonob: My issue is I use many different devices not just Rockbox and I want my album art to be compatible with every device
05:12:06Bray90820Idk if that's possible
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05:16:12[Saint]Of course it is.
05:17:05[Saint]There's a section in the manual that details pretty clearly the limitations of album art.
05:18:07Bray90820Isn't that Rockbox specific tho
05:19:12[Saint]"embedded non-progresses jpeg album art" is definitely not a Rockbox-specific concept, no.
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05:23:09[Saint]nor is ./cover.* or ./folder.* actually.
05:23:40saratogaBray90820: jpeg is the only widely supported format for album art, particularly on embedded devices
05:26:13[Saint]just don't go crazy and put really really massive images in there.
05:27:57[Saint]I do my batch tagging with picard and there's an option to limit the image source size to something sane if I remember correctly.
05:29:09[Saint]I usually go with embedded jpeg art and a separate cover.jpg for the album/disk folder.
05:29:42[Saint]with my collection arranged like that I tend to find art 'just works' for a wide variety of applications.
05:30:10Bray90820With my collection sometimes it's very hard to find album art for some things
05:31:31[Saint]I've submitted probably a thousand or so scans to the cover art archive I think.
05:31:57[Saint]I'm also pretty anal about correcting metadata from
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16:49:19lnxvForums seem down.
16:54:52gevaertsYes. I hope the people who can fix it will wake up soon
16:58:13lnxvBy the way. How's making Rockbox a PC/smartphone app going?
16:59:47lnxvI just managed to buy a Clip+ after I stupidly broke my last one, but I understand how difficult that's going to get, and like everyone, I'd hate to see the project disappear.
17:00:06lnxv*getting hold of supported players
17:13:28ZincAlloyworking pretty well on my phone, but my android is seriously outdated. ^^
17:14:06lnxvYou mean 'even though'. :) Good to hear it's usable.
17:34:51*scorche` is awake
17:35:31scorche`unfortunately, i have to head out at the moment... I expect to be able to have a look at it in around an hour and a half
17:50:34ZincAlloylnxv, no, I'm not sure if it works on current Android version :D
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18:09:24moonsunHi, quick question, does Rockbox support .mka (Matroska) playback?
18:12:10pamauryI don't think we do but I might be wrong
18:15:27moonsunok, it doesn't mention that codec on or wikipedia, but was checking to make sure nothing went wrong on my end
18:15:58moonsunbut it turns out i don't need it to be able to play .mka files anyway :)
18:18:30moonsunI downloaded a 10hour long/525mb audio track from youtube, but it downloaded in webm, and i couldn't use the 'copy' audio codec with ffmpeg to .mp4, but it turns out i can if I convert it to .ogg which Rockbox supports (i thought it could only copy-convert to Matroska since wikipedia says "The WebM container is based on a profile of Matroska.")
18:18:46moonsunanyways thanks
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19:32:42scorche|shwell, i am not sure what caused the issue (and likely wont have time to do a full investigation), but bouncing apache brought the forums back
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