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#rockbox log for 2016-05-09

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08:15:41duo8pamaury font rendering is broken
08:16:02duo8also it looks very different from other qt programs, there's no theme for one
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08:33:53duo8is the genlang script deprecated?
08:33:56duo8can't find it
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08:42:56duo8nvm, it just moved, the wiki should be updated
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09:40:38rasheris raaa broken on Android 5+ or is it just my builds?
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10:03:38pixelmaIt's broken with ART. There's a gerrit task about it with a hacky fix (according to wodz)
10:04:33pixelmarasher ^
10:05:38wodzWell, its hacky but nowhere a fix.
10:06:16pixelmaAh, then I misunderstood
10:09:21wodzI was playing around to understand where is the problem. The gerrit task was simply to document it. My understanding is that it is not feasible to workaround ART restrictions with rockbox thread model
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11:58:24pamauryduo8: this is weird, you must be the only one to have this problem with RBUtil, I wonder why it's like this on your machine
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12:04:31pamauryduo8: are you running it as root ?
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13:21:51rasherwodz: well that's sad news
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14:24:38ZincAlloywhenever I turn rockbox on my phone, other apps will crank the volume randomly.. really funny..
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15:41:07ParkerRSo has there been any word of when the Android port will work on Lollipop/Marshmallow?
15:44:17gevaertsPresumably as soon as the issues are fixed
15:51:16ParkerR:P I understand that. Is there a bug report for it? I know soon after Lollipop hit it was discovered and that has been quite a while
15:52:30ParkerRHmm doesnt seem to be
15:52:40ParkerRHoly long URL, Bataman
16:00:24gevaerts has some information
16:01:06ParkerRAhh thanks. I knew I had seen something posted but wasn't sure where.
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16:13:53duo8pamaury no
16:14:44duo8what's the most complete font at size 13?
16:15:40duo8*that isn't included, since every one I've tried misses characters
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19:04:45pamauryduo8: if you run RBUtil from command line, does it print any error message ?
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21:16:34JT923Hello there! So I have an NWZ-E385 and I am trying to install rockbox. This is the first time I have tried to install rockbox and after following the instructions I don't think it worked and I am not sure what to do or what I did wrong. If someone could help me figure out what I need to do that would be great!
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21:45:30saratogado we have a wiki page on all these ipod hard disk mods that everyone seems to be trying?
21:45:35saratogaand why they don't seem to work
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23:04:32pamaurydamn, why poeple can't just wait after they ask a question :'(
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23:19:41[Saint]saratoga: No. I don't believe so.
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23:30:56vedhello, anyone here knowledgable with arm
23:31:11vedsry, arm sansa fuze+ recovery procedures?
23:32:16[Saint]What do you mean, precisely?
23:32:46[Saint]There is no known lowlevel recovery method for the Fuze+.
23:33:09vedI am able to use the recovery mode to use code to work (i get status output on the display), but dd'ing OF on the sdb2 seems not to work, that is, after unplugging i get an info about
23:33:13ved*PANIC* at specific pc/sp (and mount0), and despite the apparent correct flashing (i can hexdump sdb2 to see the content of OF) it still does not boot
23:34:00[Saint]Oh. Shit. hasn;t set in yet. That's iMX based isn;t it.
23:34:14gevaertsYou want pamaury I think
23:34:35vedprobably, what is his (?) timezone?
23:35:09[Saint]I'm guessing "The recovery mode of the fuze+ (of the imx233 to be precise) is HID based but has a quirk: if doesn't like being send a GET_REPORT. On linux kernel versions up to somwhere between 3.2 and 3.7, a change was made to the usbhid driver which sends a GET_REPORT by default. A quirk was added for this particular device somewhere between 3.7 and 3.8. Consequently, if you a running a recent kernel but not the trunk, it will break your device.
23:35:09[Saint]There are several ways to fix this problem. In all cases, unplug the device, apply the fix and replug your device." is relevant here.
23:35:16gevaertsWell, he was still awake half an hour ago
23:36:13pamauryI'm here
23:36:23ved[Saint]: thanks, I tried to google enough before bothering You, thanks anyway, I have kernel 4.2 from relatively new ubuntu version, should be ok
23:37:26pamauryved: I can imagine several reasons why it's not working, maybe the MBR is corrupted
23:37:59pamaurylet's go back to the basics: if you start from a power down state and plug the device, what is output of lsusb ?
23:38:34vedpamaury: sorry to bother, after doing 'sbloader' i get a nice response from my fuze+, it displays charging stats and such, but after dd'ing to the second partition (ssb2 as
23:38:38vedwell) whenever i unplug the device i get information about some crash(?) '*PANIC* *PANIC* mount: 0 pc: 601018c8 sp:6011e0f0 bt end. Have you maybe encountered something like that? (i tried using
23:38:42ved'sync' command after dd, but the effect seems the same)
23:38:59vedpamaury: lsusb shows recovery mode
23:39:15pamauryved: ok so recovery mode even if you don't press the recovery button ?
23:39:49vedyes, exactly, volume down, volume up, no keypress, plugging it in on USB gives me only recovery mode
23:40:06pamauryby the way the panic is normal, the is not able to mount any usable partition, that's expected
23:40:09vedit gets 'unlocked' after i sbload it with, but on first plugin it is always recovery
23:40:17vedah, good to know
23:40:36pamauryok, so now upload
23:40:59pamaurycan you use fdisk to get the partition table of the device ? (use to copy and paste)
23:41:06pamaury(you know how to use fdisk ?)
23:41:25vedyup, status passed, the device is alive showing stats, kde even tries to mound sdb3 without success, but yea, i have the 4 partitions
23:41:51vedshall we do it here, or priv?
23:42:30pamauryhere, paste the output on and put the link here
23:42:42pamaurythat may be useful for future reference
23:44:14vedlooks quite ok, over 40MB on the 2nd partition (OF file is ~35MB)
23:46:59veda little backstory, i got back to this device after a few (like 3-4 years) after i was testing some experimental rockbox version for this device, afair it died out of battery and i left it alone.
23:47:03vedAfter this time i thought it was the charger issue, i tried using charging code, it apparently worked but it is not the main issue. Status screen after shows 75% of battery right now, so
23:47:07vedthe battery should be ok.
23:49:05vedfunfact, now it says 'power up source: 20', it used to say '1', whatever it means
23:50:01pamaury20 means powerup from usb, basically
23:50:25pamaurythe partition looks normal, let me double check with mine
23:51:05vedwell, it is really reassuring the PANIC at the end is to be expected, so i may at least try to use other OF versions
23:51:24pamauryin the mean time, you can try something: reset the device and use sbloader to upload the OF directly
23:51:31pamauryie sbloader
23:51:47pamaurywere is the fuze+ firmware (unpacked from zip of course)
23:54:33 Quit girafe (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:54:48vedreset after unplug? After unplugging there is PANIC, and after reset the device shows as recovery, so uploading needs sending first
23:55:12pamauryno, just use sbloader to upload instead of
23:55:29pamaurytrust me, it works (usually)
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