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#rockbox log for 2016-05-11

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08:03:18kuba-orlik_Hi! I have trouble understanding the Playlist Catalogue on my Sansa Clip+. When playing a song, I go to context menu > playlist catalogue > Add to New Playlist; then I enter the desired playlist name and press&hold the "Select button". It takes me back to the "now playing" screen and the supposedly newly created playlist is nowhere to be found... what am I missing?
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08:19:01kuba-orlik_Ok, I got it - I wasn't saving the playlist inside the `Playlists` directory
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11:17:48TheSevenjust to make you aware of the reason of the outage: I'll be upgrading and restructuring the server that the rockbox nightly, sim and android builds are running on
11:18:17TheSevenI hope they'll be back up in a couple of days, but if anything seems to be wrong with them, please speak up
11:18:43TheSeventhis would also be a good opportunity to do any toolchain updates on the server (if there are any)
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15:03:54ausovHi there! I want to edit wiki. Can I get access?
15:04:43gevaertsausov: sure. What's your wiki username?
15:05:44gevaertsOK. I'm working on it
15:05:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:05:54*gevaerts wishes the wiki were faster at adding people...
15:06:53ausovThank you! Also, for some reason, it's failed to send verification email.
15:09:07gevaertsausov: if I did everything properly, you should now have access
15:09:24gevaertsI can't say much about the email, on the wiki I'm just a regular user
15:10:58ausovYes, now I can edit the wiki. Thank you
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15:59:14duo8no one with a wiki account around?
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16:08:00funmanduo8: you can create an account but need validation to edit the wiki
16:08:44duo8i was just asking to see if anyone is willing to help me edit one line
16:08:45duo8to add my battery benchmark result
16:08:45funmanyou need to create an account yourself first
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17:28:55Link8anyone here?
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17:40:41amayerLink8: Someone is always here.
17:40:53amayerThe question is, is the person you need to talk to here.
17:41:02Link8i have a question yes
17:41:07Link8i created some folders
17:41:18Link8but in this one folder it says Dirbuffer is full!
17:41:31Link8i have read that i could change it to more maximum
17:41:33Link8so i did
17:41:41Link8but it still says dirbuffer is full
17:42:14amayerI dont have any experience with this, but if you wait around someone might be able to help.
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17:49:52gevaertsHow many files do you have in that directory, and what do you have "Max Entries in File Browser" set to?
17:50:11gevaertsAnd what device is this?
17:53:21Link8how can i count the files?
17:53:44Link8alot of files
17:54:03Link8i set it to the most
17:54:03Link8but that still doesnt make a difference
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17:55:02gevaertsI bet the file manager you used to copy the files has a way to show how many files there are
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18:07:28duo8did you put all your music in one fiolder?
18:12:33Link8i got folders for different genres
18:12:41Link8so not all music
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22:48:48TheSevenso... does anyone have a handy list of xenial packages that I need to install on my build box?
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23:13:22paulk-collinshey there
23:13:37paulk-collinsgetting some interest for the pono here
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23:14:18paulk-collinsdoes anyone have a dump of its partitions around?
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23:24:58saratogapaulk-collins: its android right? can you access it over adb?
23:25:15paulk-collinsI suppose you can
23:27:40saratogathere was someone who did some basic hacking a year and a half ago, but as far as I know he never wrote up what he did
23:27:49paulk-collinstoo bad
23:27:53saratogayou can check the IRC logs though
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23:28:14paulk-collinsmaybe porting rockbox to it would be overkill though
23:28:26paulk-collinsis there some SDL backend for rockbox?
23:28:31paulk-collinsI recall some emulator back in the days
23:29:40gevaertssaratoga: I believe he bricked the thing and gave up before he knew very much
23:30:00paulk-collinsif the brick's still around, I'm interested
23:30:09paulk-collinsI'm way used to unbricking omap devices
23:30:18paulk-collinsthen porting mainline linux to it
23:30:36paulk-collinsan running a nice debian rootfs with rockbox as app
23:31:15saratogayou could email that person and ask
23:31:28paulk-collinssure thing
23:31:34paulk-collinsif I can trace back who that was
23:32:16paulk-collinsI'll look into that at some point
23:33:41gevaertsThere are a few non-android linux devices with rockbox ports, so there's something to look at
23:33:50*[7] wonders if he should have a go at setting up his build box again right now
23:35:07paulk-collinsgevaerts, by the way, I recall seeing you around years ago, so I'll assume you're fairly involved with the project
23:35:37[7]he definitely is
23:35:51gevaertspaulk-collins: I've been around for a while, but I've never really worked on a port
23:35:58*gevaerts mostly talks :)
23:37:25paulk-collinsI was wondering whether rockbox is fully free software or if some ports require blobs
23:38:09saratogaall open source
23:38:43paulk-collinspretty cool
23:38:49paulk-collinsI should investigate the sansa bootloader situation
23:38:59paulk-collinsI recall me e250 still shows the sansa logo at bootup
23:43:18saratogaif you mean the e200v1, you can already remove the OF using the normal sansapatcher app
23:43:49paulk-collinsright, that would be e200
23:43:52paulk-collinsIIRC it was v1
23:43:58paulk-collinsv2 had missing USB for a while, right?
23:44:07saratogaon the e200v2 you wouldn't want to do that since the OF bootloader provides the only recovery mode on the device, so you'd be unable to recover if anything went wrong
23:44:26paulk-collinswell I'm not that much interested in recovering
23:44:36paulk-collinsI'd rather run the device with free software
23:45:07saratogayou could modify the mkamsboot program to not write the OF to device when patching
23:45:25paulk-collinsI'll look into that
23:45:26saratogai don't think you'd have to edit rockbox, since our bootloader runs first
23:45:43paulk-collinstime to go
23:45:48saratogayou'd only get one chance to get it right though since the device would be bricked if you screw up
23:46:12saratogaprobably want to experiment very carefully
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