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#rockbox log for 2016-05-14

00:01:06pamauryyou can commit stuff to bootloaders since we do not distribute nightly builds for those
00:01:34pamauryso it's "okay" for them to be broken/untested (although you should avoid it as much as possible of course)
00:02:14TheSevenso... what do we do about android nightlies?
00:02:49prof_wolfffpamaury: i think the bootloader is tested, there are some patches for 'preparation' for bootloader but not bootloader itself, i was thinking on commiting these patches before tagging and then tag the bootloader itself, right?
00:03:41pamauryyes that's fine
00:03:47TheSeven[Saint]: around?
00:04:01pamauryas long as you only tag a well-known working and tested bootloader
00:06:04prof_wolfffwell.. i think the bootloader is tested as much of possible at this point, if there are no complains i am going to commit it...
00:08:06prof_wolfffmaybe we need some info on web, there are README files on bootloader, i will appreciate if someone could post this info on web, my english is a bit limited...
00:08:33pamaurywhat do you mean ?
00:09:09pamauryabout README files on bootloader ? I don't know what you are referring to
00:09:28prof_wolfffthat maybe we need to publish some info on how to install the bootloader on Rockbox web, as other target are doing...
00:10:55pamauryah, well, we usually advise to use RBUtil
00:11:11pamaurybut some targest (many targets) also document the manuel procedure on the wiki
00:11:59pamauryit's very device specific so if you know how it works, you are probably the best one to do it. If you want you can write down something on the wiki and I will cleanup the english after you ;)
00:12:11prof_wolfffthere are patches that add install for Classic on RBUTIL, but i think that bluebrother should revise them
00:12:47pamauryok, so how do you install it currently then ?
00:14:41prof_wolfffpamaury: i write instructions on mk6gboot/README, to use mk6gboot.exe utility, if you need more info please ask me
00:15:04pamauryah, this is a bit unusual
00:15:23prof_wolfffsorry, please tell me another procedure
00:15:50pamaurywe usually write it on the wiki as I said
00:16:46pamauryfor example: in the Building the bootloader section,
00:17:34prof_wolfffwell... i think that the info in README is the info needed on the wiki, but i would appreciate if some one could publish it and tell me if more info is needed
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00:18:03prof_wolfffi will send all the needed info
00:18:15pamaurywhat we tend to do is to have for each target (say it's called MyTarget) two wiki pages: MyTarget that documents the device, PCB, etc and MyTargetPort that documents port status, any useful dev information, install instruction for bootloader, troubleshooting, etc
00:18:30pamauryok, where is the README file ?
00:19:23pamauryis it the one in g#1266
00:19:24fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1266 at : iPod Classic: dualboot-installer for bootloader (mk6gboot) by Cástor Muñoz
00:23:11pamauryI see, you can keep the README file, that's a good idea. I can/copy/reformat part of this README and put it on the page if you want, I'll add something that says the code is commited yet
00:23:51prof_wolfffnice, actually mk6gboot runs on Windows and Linux, i will try to borrow a Mac to implement it on Apple
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00:30:14prof_wolfffthe idea on near future is to start a new target Nano3G that should be very similar to Classic, AFAIK the 'only' needed things are the PMU driver and the FLT, the later might be a bit complicated (7 knowns more about this), but once it is done, other 3G HW is like Classic
00:34:22 Quit MasterplasterPL (Client Quit)
00:41:37TheSevenIIUC the PMU and codec chips are different, and probably also the LCD
00:41:52TheSeven(although the command set will likely be similar, the init sequence likely won't)
00:42:11TheSevenalso the SDRAM config
00:42:26TheSevenPMU and flash stuff are the biggest problems I'd say
00:42:52TheSevenI vaguely remember the nano3g PMU being more similar to nano4g than classic
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00:47:54TheSeven[Saint], pamaury, gevaerts, whoever else might be concerned... any objections vs. switching to statically linked libsdl for crosscompiled windows sims?
00:48:22pamauryno, tat sounds like a good idea
00:48:39pamauryI don't even know why we were no doing it before
00:48:46prof_wolfffTheSeven: probably the hard thing on Nano3G will be the NAND, but the other HW seems very similar to Classic, the Classicbootloader was written thinking on other s5l8702 targets, do you think this NAND could be similar to Nano2G?
00:49:02TheSevenpamaury: can you just commit that then? ;)
00:49:14pamauryTheSeven: sure
00:50:30TheSevenprof_wolfff: I failed to even find the relevant code in the (messy) OF disassembly
00:51:09prof_wolfffBTW, i am testing the Designware USB driver on Nano2G, i think that it need a couple of functions, but if the HW behaves as it should then it will work!!!
00:52:25prof_wolfffi also did a small probe of designware USB driver on Sansa and it also works
00:53:46prof_wolfffwith a small probe i am referring to storage+usb_debug+usb_hid concurrently
00:55:23 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042])
00:56:36pamauryTheSeven: am I right that this patch is statically link everything ? not just sdl
00:57:28pamaurylike libgcc
00:58:03TheSevenlibgcc would be statically linked anyway
00:58:36TheSevenbut dynamic libsdl also linked dynamic libgcc, which was a problem because that was missing from the zip (and figuring out where to pull that from is non-trivial)
00:59:58TheSevenso just making one self-contained .exe file seems easiest and best for everything IMO
01:02:51TheSevenhm, where do I get
01:03:34prof_wolfffThe Seven: about the BBT code on Classic HDD, really i am surprised about it, discovered it a bit time ago, it is necessary or can be wiped?
01:03:37pamauryTheSeven: g#1317 looks fine ?
01:03:38fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1317 at : configure: statically link sdl on win32 cross compile by Amaury Pouly
01:04:01pamauryTheSeven: I think it's on another repository
01:04:45pamauryin www repo:;a=summary
01:07:26TheSevenprof_wolfff: that can be wiped, it's something that we invented to work around some semi-broken disks
01:07:35TheSevenonly present on a handful of ipods
01:08:07prof_wolfffyes, i saw it on emCore nano code, so supposed i was intended for NAND, righ?
01:09:06TheSevenno, that's ipod classic hdd stuff
01:09:28TheSevennand BBT is handled deeply buried in the FTL, completely different technique
01:09:44TheSeven2016-05-14 01:08:35 Error: You specified arch mipsel but the output of 'mipsel-elf-gcc −−version' did not include '4.1.2'.
01:09:51prof_wolfffoh!, but... it is not supposed that HDD firmware will deal with bad HDD sector???
01:10:05TheSeventhis is for disks where that ran out of spares
01:10:11TheSevenbecause it has just 4095 spares
01:10:27TheSevenand we were using some devices with ~300k bad sectors for development
01:11:01prof_wolfffah!, really 4095 sector are not so much for devices that are used for running...
01:11:25TheSevenpamaury: looks fine
01:11:38TheSevenmy build client should also be back up now, so we can see if it joins the round
01:11:52TheSeven(still lacking mipsel due to version check, and android)
01:12:42 Quit smoke_fumus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
01:13:47 Quit ender` (Quit: I just found out what Alt+F4 does.)
01:14:25prof_wolfffdo anyone have documentation for the Designware driver, i am using s3c6400 and other old docs found on the web, ATM i think i know all functionally, but always is good to have official docs
01:15:13TheSeventhe stm32f2 reference manual has some reasoably useful docs
01:15:28TheSevenprobably for a slightly newer core version
01:16:44pamaurythe stm32 is the best one, but double check/triple the config registers, there are many variations in the cores
01:17:18pamauryit's also not very clear to me what are the differences between the versions
01:17:49prof_wolfffnice!, i was using the Linux driver, RT3050 and xmd4500, realized that Nano2G uses NO shared fifos, but i think in a couple of days it should be solved
01:18:09TheSevenmostly different TX fifo handling, slight variations in the transfer queueing
01:18:32prof_wolfffsorry, Nano2G uses shared Tx fifos, it is causing headache for me
01:19:04TheSevenyup, and IIUC that has some nasty hardware race conditions
01:20:07prof_wolfffyes, and the periodic queue is also broken, i need to reset it everytime a packed is sent for it to work correctly, ATM i need a couple of functions to deal with flush
01:20:56prof_wolfffbut i think it will work on RB
01:21:57fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 60fb707, 255 builds, 12 clients.
01:37:27TheSevenwhat's going on with the build?
01:37:51TheSevenmy client isn't doing anything anymore since 2 minutes, yet the round isn't done
01:40:03TheSevenhmmmm... have we broken something?
01:45:56pamauryI don't know, I know sometimes the build server gets stuck but I don't manage it so I don't really know how it works
01:47:07TheSevenI'm the one to blame :P
01:47:13TheSevenI was the only remaining build client that could do android
01:47:24TheSevenand I haven't set that up yet on the new system
01:49:04pamauryah, good point
01:49:19pamaurythat ought to be fixed
01:49:52*TheSeven waits for instructions from [Saint]
01:56:16TheSevenpamaury: what should we do about the mips version thing?
01:56:43pamauryfix configure I guess, why ?
01:57:06TheSeventhe build client complains that it's a wrong version
01:57:18TheSevenso I guess we need to patch that as well
01:57:42pamauryhum, I didn't know the build clients was making checks like this
01:57:43TheSevenwhich raises the question whether we want to force build clients to use the new one or use a mix
01:58:47pamauryyeah, that's a good question, I think the idea is that we have a somewhat reproducible setup by using the same version everywhere
01:59:12pamaurybut you could just change the version in
01:59:21pamaury(the build server won't know :-p)
01:59:23TheSeventhat script self-updates
01:59:55pamaurywell, then I think we should commit a change to configure and rbclient
01:59:59TheSevenso we might do something like with m86k-gcc452
02:00:12TheSevenor just tolerate both versions
02:00:38pamauryyes that's a good idea, who has a mips toolchain on the build bots these days ? is anyone still using 4.1.2
02:00:46TheSevenchanging just the version check without changing the compiler name will kill all clients that have the old one, and prevent them from building any other targets as well
02:01:22pamauryyes, that's why I was wondering who still has the old one
02:01:33TheSevenwhich targets does that build?
02:02:28pamaurysome ondas
02:02:36pamaurywodz uses it for atj
02:02:45pamauryand I will use it for fiio x1 and xduoo x3
02:03:03pamaurythough at the moment only ondas are built
02:03:13pamauryand probably no one has them anymore
02:03:15TheSevenok, I'll flick through some logs, which clients appear there
02:03:27TheSevensomeone must still have them besides me
02:03:30TheSeventhese didn't fail
02:05:19pamaurythen we should commit a new line to rblient to support two versions
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02:09:42 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
02:13:57[7]lillebror1-zagor n07-roolku b0hoon-vm1-b0hoon homepc-petur Type-R-ej0rge n16-roolku n17-roolku just to name a few
02:14:04[7]seems to be part of the "standard setup"
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02:41:24[Saint][7]: sorry - shits been pretty hectic here, ummm...
02:42:23[Saint]that's just a big inelegant lump of all things Android.
02:44:09[7]what kind of stuff do I need to set up for that to work?
02:44:24[7]I assume that I'll at least need some NDK?
02:45:07[Saint]Just the NDK and the SDK as they come.
02:45:12pamaury[7]: you'll need sdk and ndk
02:45:25[Saint]Then you just need to grab SDK platform 19.
02:45:27pamaurydebian has the sdk packaged, maybe also ubuntu
02:45:34[Saint]and build-tools 19.1
02:45:49pamaurysearch for android-tools and android-sdk in aptitude
02:46:13pamauryyou'll need to download the ndk though
02:46:33[Saint]this creates a chicken/egg problem with the build system.
02:48:08[Saint]you also need openjdk 7 or 8.
02:48:34[Saint](honestly I'm surprised we can build under openjdk8 without it bitching)
02:49:18[Saint]then just make sure that the ANDROID_SDK_PATH and ANDROID_NDK_PATH env variables are set.
02:52:51[Saint]can anyone think of a clean way to do "always use the most modern android build tools present"?
02:53:47[Saint]there's no real reason why we prefer to use $(BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION)/*
02:54:25[Saint]It really doesn't need to be tied to the platform target.
02:54:59[Saint]it can't be lesser than the platform target, but backwards compat ensures it can be greater than.
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03:44:59TheSeven[Saint]: looks like the ubuntu android-sdk package doesn't contain an sdk manager, it just pulls in build-tools etc.
03:45:09TheSevenso how do I get the SDK platform installed then?
03:46:27[Saint]then run 'android' from the tools directory.
03:46:45TheSevenok so what does the android-sdk ubuntu package even do then?
03:46:56[Saint]exist pointlessly.
03:48:12[Saint]I can't really think of any situation where you'd want to just blindly pull in all the platforms and build tools.
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06:35:21duo8is it absolutely not possible to do anything on atj players?
06:39:05[Saint]Not as far as what you know Rockbox today to be is concerned, not really, no.
06:39:54duo8so rockbox would be able to do as much as on the old archos player/recorder?
06:40:27[Saint]I am shortening the scope of the conversation as I assume you're talking about this in relation to the Clip Jam/Sport.
06:41:16[Saint]and, less, believe it or not.
06:42:23duo8new mips atj, doesn't seem too different from 2006 z80 atj
06:43:19[Saint]from what I understand of the Sport/Jam, the theme engine alone, without any other core code, would overflow the available resources.
06:43:53duo8how'd sandisk get the fw on there? doesn't look like standard atj provided stuff
06:44:56[Saint]it looks like someone chewed up a generic s1mp3 firmware and threw it up.
06:47:08[Saint]Basically, if Rockbox ever were to happen for those devices, it would be completely and totally unrecognizable as the Rockbox we know today. I would think.
06:47:29[Saint]You would need to make so many sacrifices you wouldn't even recognize it.
06:48:23duo8wasn't there debate on how they got album art working?
06:50:05[Saint]Yeah. From what I know of the available resources it doesn't make a lot of sense at all.
06:50:23[Saint]I would guess the LCD has its own cache.
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10:44:27TheSevenI can't really believe that this thing has only 96k of RAM
10:44:56TheSeventhat just seems prohibitive if that needs to contain both code and data of an FTL, audio decoder and LCD UI
10:48:39 Join paulk-collins_ [0] (
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11:02:33duo8audio is probably h/w?
11:15:36TheSevennot according to the datasheet that I found
11:19:28 Join freenoodle [0] (
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11:55:54TheSeven/home/rockbox/dailybuilds/rockbox/apps/action.c:26:18: fatal error: lang.h: No such file or directory
11:56:02TheSevenwhat's the matter with that?
12:04:40 Join smoke_fumus [0] (~smoke_fum@
12:06:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 38700 seconds.
12:06:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 60fb707 result: 170 errors 1 warnings
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12:15:02TheSevenshould I make an image of that box available?
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13:27:16pamauryduo8: TheSeven: re atj: first the atj seems to have a huge ROM with many functions like all the libc, then my guess is that they do like on s1mp3: split the binary in many smalls sections and load them when needed. It's just super super slow
13:27:59pamauryas for the lcd and album art, you just need to store it in the lcd controller, you don't even need to put it in RAM
13:32:02pamauryfor example if you look at which is the best leaked source of information about ATJ2127, you can clearly see that the drivers are manually "banked"
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14:39:57TheSevenI still think that something like an FTL would need tens of KB of RAM structures though
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15:38:48TheSevenso could anyone make use of a prebuilt build bot VM image?
15:38:53TheSeven(i.e. rootfs tarball)
15:39:58 Quit xorly (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:40:26TheSevenor could any of the other build client owners please add the android19 toolchain?
15:40:26 Join xorly [0] (
15:40:37TheSeventhat would reduce the reliance of the build system on my server quite a bit
15:55:22TheSevenI'm having some issues with the android builds
15:55:39TheSevenlooks like they're failing intermittently with lang.h missing
15:55:49TheSevenwondering if that's related to MAKEFLAGS=-j4"> shows that only roughly half of them built
16:09:02 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
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16:22:34 Join andiator [0] (5492fc99@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:24:51andiatorHi, how do I enable the debug log file on the RB? I managed to get the logf on the screen, but I can only see few short lines.
16:25:20andiatorI'm trying to figure out, why the Cowon D2 does crash
16:30:51 Join kuba-orlik_ [0] (
16:36:42pamauryandiator: first enable logf when you configure the build
16:37:09pamaurythen in a given file, to enable logf, first #define LOGF_ENABLE before #include "logf.h" and then use logf() normally
16:37:19pamauryyou can see the log file in System > Debug > Show Log file
16:38:42andiatorpamaury: thanks, do you know where this file is created and how is it named?
16:38:53pamauryit is not stored in a file
16:38:57pamauryunless you use logfdisk
16:39:05andiatorMy problem is, the D2 crashes on writing empty files
16:39:10pamaurybut you can dump if to a file using Debug > Debug > Dump log file
16:39:25pamaurycrash as in panic ?
16:39:33andiatoryes, panic
16:39:48pamaurypanic screen displays the last lines of logf
16:40:31pamaurythere is no solution to this problem, if the system crash you cannot dump the log
16:40:48pamaurythe only way I see would be to make the log buffer scrollable in the panic screen
16:41:33TheSevenwhat's the panic message
16:42:23andiatorwell with logf on the screen I know that it panics trying to write the cash to NAND, which on D2 is RO.
16:42:57andiatorStrange thing is, it works if the the file is not empty. RB on D2 is running on the SD card
16:43:34andiatorcash is cache
16:43:55TheSevenwhat kind of cache?
16:44:25andiatordisk cache I suppose?
16:44:36TheSevenso some kind of cache flush call?
16:44:43TheSeventhat should be a no-op on readonly nand...
16:45:15 Quit PurlingNayuki (Remote host closed the connection)
16:45:38andiatorIn the storage.c in the function storage_write_sectors() this piece of code is called:
16:45:39andiator#if (CONFIG_STORAGE & STORAGE_NAND) case STORAGE_NAND: return nand_write_sectors(IF_MD(ldrive,)start,count,buf); #endif
16:45:59andiatorand this one returns -1, which RB doesn't like and panic
16:46:11TheSevenhm, do you know who's calling that?
16:46:19pamaurywhich function calls it ? the panic screen shows a backtrace
16:47:31andiatorOn the very first start, without an existing file:
16:47:32andiatorfat_create_file("nvram.bin",200F01E4,200F0234) cache_commit() dc_commit_all() dc_write_callback() −−-> *PANIC*
16:48:47andiatoron the next start the file does exists, but is empty
16:48:51andiatordc_cach_probe() dc_write_callback() −−-> *PANIC*
16:49:21andiatorI don't see more calls, because the screen is too small
16:50:34TheSevenhm, do files without a disk number refer to nand or sd on cowond2?
16:51:04pamaurythey refer to the main storage, I think on cowond2 it's supposed to be SD...
16:51:31andiatorIRC the SD card is the main storage
16:52:03andiatorIf I copy this file(s) from the old version, there is no panic even if they are written, so settings are working, for example
16:52:13pamaurybut probably the problem is the cache flush, not the file itself ?
16:52:38TheSevenI can't seem to see any check for readonly storage when opening a file... that might cause the error to be reported rather late (and hard to track down)
16:53:13andiatorstrange thing it happens only on empty files (size = 0)
16:53:37TheSevenyou mean if nvram.bin is empty, or are you testing with some other particular file?
16:54:06andiatorThis files are even created on SD, but the next write crashes
16:54:13andiatornot only nvram.bin
16:54:41andiatorbut settings.cfg too and now playing position or so
16:55:03 Join T-rack [0] (4d638c8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:55:39andiatorIf I copy this files, RB is running for some minutes, I can change the settings etc, but it crashes later
16:56:06 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
16:57:13TheSevenI'm a bit puzzled that the various calls in your backtrace don't mention a volume ID, which suggests that this is not a multivolume build
16:57:35pamauryactually in config/cowond2.h I can't fine any mention of sd being the main storage, or maybe I am missing something
16:57:35TheSevenin which case I don't get why it would *ever* try to write to nand
16:57:59pamauryT-rack: ask your question if you have one
16:58:58TheSeventhen again the dc_writeback_callback will always have args
16:59:02TheSevenso maybe that's just a backtrace thing
16:59:04pamauryTheSeven: cowond2 has HAVE_MULTIDRIVE which implies multi volume
16:59:10andiatorTheSeven: I think it was 0, but my problem is I can only see a few lines on the screen
16:59:25andiatorand the NAND is readable
17:00:04pamauryandiator: maybe you could try, as an ugly hack, to make nand_write_sectors print a warning to logf but return 0, see if that helps debugging
17:00:19TheSevenI'd probably try to add another panic here for debugging:;a=blob;f=firmware/common/disk_cache.c;h=0e842e77963bc5895732427684759e9d4fa6e678;hb=HEAD#l235
17:00:31*pamaury does not remember if he still has the D2
17:01:09TheSevenin an if (cache_entry[index].volume == whatever) of course
17:01:20TheSevento catch the source of any attempt to dirty nand cache
17:01:37andiatorOK, I will try this
17:02:04andiatormy idea was to do alot of logf to a file, to see which path is taken
17:02:10TheSevennot sure which volume ID nand is
17:02:29TheSevenit will 99% certainly go through there, and point you to the culprit in the backtrace
17:02:52TheSevenwriting to a file might not be the best tool if you're debugging storage-related crashes
17:11:26 Join freenoodle [0] (
17:12:05 Quit duo8 (Quit: ZNC 1.6.3 -
17:14:27 Quit T-rack (Quit: Page closed)
17:17:46 Quit freenoodle (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:23:50 Quit kuba-orlik_ (Remote host closed the connection)
17:26:32 Quit ender` (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:32:38 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
17:32:41andiatorpamaury: with returning a 0 there is no panic
17:33:07andiatorand the RB seems to working normally
17:33:24pamauryandiator: yeah but the point is to find why rockbox tries to write to read-only storage
17:33:31pamauryI suggest you try what TheSeven suggested
17:35:23 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:35:51 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:40:00 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
17:48:45 Join krnlyng [0] (
17:54:43 Join freenoodle [0] (
17:57:02 Quit freenoodle (Client Quit)
17:57:05 Join freenoodle1 [0] (
17:58:21andiatorTrying to create a DB, these logf are made by me, so the line numbers are a little bit off and I had to type them anyway, so here it goes..
17:58:29andiator*PANIC* write to nand: drive = 0 DC:2006832C sp:200D1D88 A: 2005C068 A: 2005CE0C bt end
17:58:36andiatorstart of logf data
17:58:42andiatorata-nand-telechips.c:865 nand_write_sectors(): drive = 0
17:58:51andiatorstorage.c:109 storage_write_sectors(): write to NAND
17:59:00andiator disk_cache.c:209 dc_cache_probe()
17:59:07andiatorstorage.c:103 storage_write_sectors() write to SD start = 42742... copies = 1
17:59:08 Quit dan- (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:59:16andiatordisk_cache.c:271 dc_commit_all(): volume = 0
17:59:23andiatorstorage.c:103 storage_write_sectors() write to SD start = 8193, copies =1
17:59:31andiatordisk_cache.c:271 dc_commit_all(): volume = 0
17:59:38andiatorstorage.c:103 storage_write_sectors() write to SD start = 42742... copies = 1
17:59:44andiatordisk_cache.c:271 dc_commit_all(): volume = 0
17:59:51andiatorfat.c:305 cache_commit()
17:59:58andiatorfat.c:2037 fat_create_file()
18:00:05andiatorfar_create_file("database_tmp.tcd", 200D285C, 200D28AC...
18:00:15andiator Codec: entering run state
18:00:21andiatorCodec: calling entrypoint
18:00:28andiatorstorage.c:103 storage_write_sectors() write to SD start = 8193, copies =1
18:00:35andiatordisk_cache.c:271 dc_commit_all(): volume = 0
18:00:42andiatorstorage.c:103 storage_write_sectors() write to SD start = 42742
18:00:44 Quit freenoodle1 (Client Quit)
18:00:45 Join freenoodle [0] (
18:00:53 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
18:01:06andiator... and there is no more data to see
18:11:42pamauryandiator: did you try TheSeven idea of putting panic in dc_dirty_buf ?
18:12:29 Quit freenoodle (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:12:36pamaurythe backtrace of nand_write seems useless because the error is differed, some buffers is marked as dirty and later written to disk it appears
18:12:43*pamaury needs to go
18:12:45 Join dan- [0] (~d@
18:12:45 Quit dan- (Changing host)
18:12:45 Join dan- [0] (~d@unaffiliated/danneh-/x-7505085)
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18:19:47andiatorpamaury: I will try these too, but it seems it is always the same volume −−> 0
18:24:22 Join MasterplasterPL [0] (
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22:04:08 Join Grohl [0] (
22:04:48GrohlHaving some troubles and am trying to reformat my iPod Classic. For some reason, it hangs on the "reformatting data partition..." screen.
22:07:24 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:11:44 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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23:06:04 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:06:44saratogai'm pretty sure GUI boost screws up test_codec since the system will be boosted if any buttons are pressed
23:06:49saratogais there some way to force it to not boost?
23:07:13 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:07:15saratogai can do cpu_boost(false) at the start, but it'll still boost if a button is pressed
23:10:39 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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23:18:29saratogado we have code anywhere to scroll text up as new lines are written (like a command line)?
23:25:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 738 seconds.
23:25:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ee7dfb5 result: 70 errors 0 warnings
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