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#rockbox log for 2016-05-16

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01:41:46Link8anyone here?
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01:52:53[Saint]Just ask your (relevant, support/Rockbox related) question.
01:53:05[Saint]'anyone here?' is neither of those.
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02:01:09Link8hey [Saint]
02:01:21Link8i keep getting dir buffer is full
02:01:30Link8i set it to the most entries
02:01:34Link8but still get the message
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02:15:53Link8Link8 )) hey [Saint]
02:15:53Link8[02:01:46] Link8 )) i keep getting dir buffer is full
02:15:53Link8[02:01:56] Link8 )) i set it to the most entries
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02:15:53Link8[02:02:00] Link8 )) but still get the message
02:17:24[Saint_]That setting is only relevant to <number of files per directory>, not <number of files total>, and the default, and the max, are pretty silly.
02:17:48[Saint_]I really suspect you don't have (well, I hope not, anyway) 10,000 files under a single directory with no children.
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02:18:56Link8theres files within folders
02:19:00Link8does that count?
02:19:16Link8theres folders in that directory with files in them
02:19:24[Saint_]Still no.
02:19:45[Saint_]it is <total files to display for any given directory>
02:19:49Link8so why do i get the message?
02:20:40[Saint_]Probably *because* you set it to the most entries.
02:21:11Link8how can i fix it?
02:21:38[Saint_]revert it to something sane.
02:22:04[Saint_]there is absolutely no point in that number being greater than the number of files in any one given directory (not including children).
02:22:47[Saint_]realistically I very sincerely doubt you have more than a few dozen media files per directory at most.
02:23:30Link8what do you mean
02:23:39Link8i should make the entries smaller?
02:25:29[Saint_]"Max Entries in File Browser. This setting controls the limit on the number of files that
02:25:29[Saint_]you can see in any particular directory in the file browser. You can configure the
02:25:29[Saint_]size to be between 50 and 10,000 files in steps of 50. The default is 400. Higher
02:25:29DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint_]
02:25:29[Saint_]values will shorten the music buffer, so you should increase this setting only if you
02:25:29[Saint_]have directories with a large number of files"
02:27:40Link8what setting do you recommend
02:29:10[Saint_]long pressing on any setting will allow you to reset it to the default value. The default is overkill for most normal users with a structured directory layout.
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02:31:55Link8i timed out
02:32:04Link8what setting do you recommend Saint?
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02:46:19Link8you around saint
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03:14:07Link8i Changed it to 400
03:14:12Link8still get the error
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03:15:51Link8this doesnt work
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03:20:52Link8hmm it works now
03:20:56Link8no more rror
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05:01:25amazoniantoadHey guys. I'm trying to install rockbox on my ipod and went through the instructions on the site...closed all itunes software, turned ipod off, booted it into dfu. The dfu directory mounted but the bootstrap doesn't detect the folder I guess
05:01:28amazoniantoadany ideas?
05:01:52amazoniantoadIt says it could not open the dfu device.
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09:58:40amazoniantoadI'm trying to use rockbox, but first I have to install emcore on my ipod classic 7gen. I drop the r859 ubi in and boot into the installer, but I just get stuck on "formatting"
09:58:48amazoniantoadI let it sit for an hour, but nothing happened
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10:20:56amazoniantoadAnyone awake here?
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21:22:50CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 9 minutes and 36 seconds at the last flood
21:22:50*[Saint] finds it really difficult to understand the thought process behind assuming anyone here cares even slightly about emCORE.
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21:46:24TheSevenwell, the rockbox wiki refers to it I guess?
21:46:34TheSevenand emCORE is historically kinda linked to rockbox ;)
21:47:59[Saint]In a _very_ loose sense.
21:48:03[Saint]But, granted. Yes.
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21:48:42TheSevenend users who just read some tutorial somewhere can't really tell emcore and rockbox apart
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23:39:44ulmutulI want to make use of the YH820's transflective LCD, but I'm a bit confused about the configuration. The obvious choice for my understanding is to use the LCD_SLEEP timer as secondary timer (after the backlight is turned off). Now the comments in the target-config-file says, that HAVE_LCD_ENABLE should also be defined, but there was a longish discussion in FS #9890 that comes to the opposite...
23:39:56fs-bluebot iPod 5G: LCD sleep, BCM shutdown and bootstrap (patches, closed)
23:39:59ulmutulDo we have an official transflective LCD policy?
23:42:33ulmutulBTW if someone is interrested: the runtime on my device with the LCD always enabled was < 1 minute :)
23:46:58 Quit swilde (Remote host closed the connection)
23:47:07kugelulmutul: on transflecive displays, lcd enable should should turn the backlight off and lcd sleep should put it into deepter power saving
23:48:19pixelmaWhen discussing that topic wrt the Ipod Video etc. the opinion was "if it's readable without backlight (in usual environmental conditions) the leave it on". At least that's what I remember but I might be biased as that's what I'm for
23:48:33ulmutulIsn't there a separate setting for backlight? (HAVE_BACKLIGHT)
23:49:41pixelmaThat's probably only there for the stock Ondios (monochrome without backlight at all)
23:50:02ulmutulAs I understand: when the backlight is turned off, and the LCD is disabled also (if HAVE_LCD_ENABLE is present)
23:51:07ulmutulBut with a transflective display I don't want it to be disabled.
23:51:37kugelright, i confused it with HAVE_BACKLIGHT
23:52:00ulmutul*the runtime _difference_ on my device with the LCD always enabled was < 1 minute
23:52:29kugelLCD_ENABLE is for light power saving where the display can be refreshed quickly upon reenabling
23:53:00kugelLCD_SLEEP enables deeper power saving, potentially with noticeable delay on the initial refresh
23:53:37pixelmaHmm, I think I misread and misremembered. Didn't buschel introduce a setting for it later so that the user can decide?
23:53:39kugelyou should be able to implement either one or both on transflective displays
23:53:44ulmutulYes, and there is an additional time setting IIRC for sleep.
23:54:51ulmutulIt would be useful to have the timer for backlight, and a second one for actually disabling the LCD.
23:55:19pixelmaSpeaking of sleep... maybe I should try this for myself now. It seems I can't add much to the discussion now anyway
23:55:39kugelthe comment that says LCD_SLEEP should have LCD_ENABLE as a prerequisite makes sense
23:56:28kugelif you have only one choice because the hw only supports one display power saving mode then simply use LCD_ENABLE
23:57:18kugelulmutul: isnt there a separate timer?

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