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#rockbox log for 2016-05-20

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13:26:08quaz0rtalk to me right now
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15:18:02quaz0rdoes that mean i have a friend now?
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15:35:42petro_[sorry for my English] Hi, somehow I'm listening to music and the music stops. I look at the screen and there is some error. Reboot and... When running at me rockbox hangs on the splash screen, there still is shows bootloader 4.0. to turn off - the button power hold. Firmware sandisk also hangs on the splash screen. I can't connect to a computer. I read - did't help.
15:35:51petro_[Sansa Clip Zip, rk 440ff95-140513 or c3c2c91-150425, bootloader 01.01.20]
15:36:27gevaertspetro_: as a first step, I'd recommend checking the filesystem for corruption
15:38:20petro_gevaerts, I can't connect to a computer!!! in no way
15:38:52gevaertsright, I misread, sorry
15:39:10*gevaerts isn't sure
15:39:28gevaertsI think I'll leave this to those who actually know a bit about the AMS sansas
15:41:35petro_gevaerts, I have read various topics, but nothing helped
15:42:56petro_ I do not know what to do next
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18:03:36HorrorcatI am considering getting a used Creative ZEN X-Fi 2, after I literally bricked my h320. How unstable is the port? What I read on <> doesn’t seem like entire show-stoppers, and I might even get my hands dirty on e.g. the LCD sleep or something.
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18:15:13pamaury_Horrorcat: first you should know there are basically two versions of it
18:15:52Horrorcatit is a NAND based
18:16:00Horrorcat(I am looking at an ebay offer right now)
18:16:03pamaury_one with NAND internal storage and one with SD. If you have the NAND one, you won't be able to use the internal storage. If you have the SD one, then you will not either but that support can easily be added (I was just too lazy to do it)
18:16:07Horrorcat(checked the model number on the photo of the back)
18:16:18Horrorcatwhat are the barriers for the NAND?
18:17:06pamaury_It's really high, we would have to reimplement the OF FTL, I tried to reverse engineer it, it's huge and complicated so I just gave up because I think it's not worth it as you can simply use an sd card
18:17:16Horrorcatwhat does FTL stand for?
18:17:37pamaury_flash translation layer, it's the way to make a NAND appear as a hard drive basically
18:18:36Horrorcatwhat are the byte size limits for the SD?
18:18:49pamaury_Otherwise the device works although last time I tried it crashed from time to time for unknown reasons. Also radio is not working (I have some patches for it but there are quirks left)
18:19:27pamaury_there are 64GB sd cards on the market (even 128GB but that's a lot more expensive)
18:19:37Horrorcatso microSDHC works?
18:19:45pamaury_yeah it's a microSD port anyway
18:19:49desowinpamaury_: I got Sansa Connect bootloader to shift a lot of stack by two bytes (including LR value), unfortunately such resulting LR is outside any memory region and futher shifting does not seem to work due to length being negative
18:20:12pamaury_desowin: is that based on the security report you mentioned ?
18:20:21desowinyes, this is exactly that
18:20:31desowinalso, they do not check PKCS padding in signature check
18:20:48desowinso if you could forge last 20 bytes of signature it would be broken
18:20:58pamaury_Horrorcat: so to sum up, I would say the port basically works but because only few people tried it, you will face a few bugs that need to be squash. Also you need to know the touchscreen handling is...suboptimal to say the least
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18:21:47desowinthis is the case in more cryptographic sense
18:22:29Horrorcatpamaury_: what are the differences to the X-Fi3, with respect to the port stability/quirks?
18:22:48Horrorcat(except for what is obvious in the progress matrix; and there seems to be SD internal storage on the X-Fi3)
18:23:52pamaury_Horrorcat: last time I tried it was much more stable (very little crashes). The radio is the same so also not working (but again I have some patches). The only thing that I don't like with the Xi3 are the buttons, those are weird touch buttons but if you like those go for it.
18:24:01pamaury_internal storage is supported yes
18:24:08pamaury_and it has a microSD slot
18:24:22Horrorcatpamaury_: as long as there’s a hardware lock switch I’m fine with any kind of button I guess.
18:24:42pamaury_yeah it has a hardware lock (I think the Xi 2 does not which is really annoying)
18:24:49Horrorcatthat’s a decider for me
18:24:51Horrorcatthanks for the tips
18:24:54Horrorcatgoing for the X-Fi 3 then.
18:25:37pamaury_ok, if you encounter any problem just poke me. In particular I think the button code could be better, there is a lot of potential tweaking for those touch buttons
18:26:20pamaury_desowin: how do you manage to shift the stack ? Is there a bug somewhere in the check ?
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18:27:51pamauryforging SHA-1 sounds difficult no ?
18:28:41Horrorcatpamaury: will do, thanks!
18:29:21desowinpamaury_: the length of MPI containing encrypted RSA data in RFC4880 packet is not being checked. It is then shifted byte-by-byte into bignum structure (fixed length; first data buffer, then int32_t len, then int32_t negative_flag). When MPI length is > sizeof(data buffer) it shifts len, effectively multiplying it by 256 and adding the MSB of MPI data
18:30:15desowinwhen next shift occurs, length data is shifted by 1 byte, and also length gets multiplied. After two such shifts, length turns negative and it no longer works
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18:33:07desowinto complicate it even more it does something like while (buf[len] == 0) { len−− } and stores such len
18:33:38desowinso the exact length variable value depens on data that was already on the stack (and well beyond)
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18:34:44desowinpamaury: around 2^(-80) chances due to this flaw
18:35:09desowinbut maybe there is some faster method (not yet published by anyone)
18:36:45desowinpamaury: it's forging RSA signature. I generate various SHA1 (by modyfing last bytes of image) and then tried to forge signature but it always required RSA modulo reductions as e=41 in this case
18:37:08desowinsuch forgery is a piece of cake with e=3
18:37:19desowinbut we cannot change it
18:39:10desowinso either we find some way to generate SHA1 collisions with known signatures or find a way to create image with SHA1 that can be successfully forged avoiding RSA modulo reduction
18:40:30desowinor "just" factor RSA 2048-bit modulus and calculate euler totient ;-)
18:40:55desowinthen it's easy to sign anything
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19:22:13Horrorcatis some expert on the iriver h3xx here?
19:23:27HorrorcatI dropped it on the floor two days ago, now it doesn’t manage to boot. the display turns on, but stays white, no bootloader to be seen.
19:24:51pamauryit's a pretty old device, I am not sure if we have any active dev on them anymore. Is it using a hard drive ?
19:25:24Horrorcatit was, until I replaced the harddrive with an SSD because it died the tick of death
19:25:40Horrorcat(I actually maintain a patchset to make the SSD work better with rockbox)
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19:26:42Horrorcatfrom what I can tell the bootloader isn’t on the SSD though. mainly because I formatted it several times, but also because I can see it print out a few messages before failingw ith result -1 if the SSD is not connected
19:26:50pamaurythe obvious would be that the fall someone damaged the ssd or some connector to it but that's just a wild guess. Have you tried to remove it and put it back ?
19:27:29Horrorcatnow it just stays white
19:28:36pamauryindeed the bootloader is probbaly on the flash
19:29:15Horrorcatthe keybinding for booting the OF isn’t doing anything either
19:29:41Horrorcatplugging it to an external power source while turned off would normally show an OF screen which indicates the charge status (because rockbox could never handle the battery charging in that state)
19:29:49Horrorcatnow, just the white screen
19:30:13HorrorcatI thought it might have wrecked the screen somehow, but it doesn’t show up in lsblk either when connected via USB
19:33:19pamauryhum, I don't know but it looks bad
19:33:35Horrorcatthat’s why I am considering a Zen X-Fi ;)
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