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#rockbox log for 2016-05-23

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00:36:27[Saint]heh - yeah.
00:36:47[Saint]there's 2 patches there I'm genuinely interested in.
00:37:22[Saint]the rest are either plain weird, rejected for obvious reasons, or odd magic.
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02:28:09tprHey, I was compiling a simulator of a sansaclip, and after a hour or so of debugging, found that line 343 of tools/configure in rockbox calls "sdl-config −−static-libs", which was not valid, and worked when I replaced it with −−libs... Is this a bug, or does some version of sdl-config use that flag?
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03:05:23ParkerR[Saint], Hey
03:06:50ParkerRtpr, Wonder if we're related
03:07:11ParkerRCompile stops due to undefined SDL references
03:09:57ParkerRHey that worked!
03:10:00ParkerRtpr, Thanks
03:10:15ParkerRSyntax for sdl-config proably updated
03:10:42ParkerRsdl2-config has a −−static-libs option
03:10:49ParkerRsdl-config does not
03:10:57ParkerRIs roclbox using 1 or 2?
03:21:26tpryeah a check should be added
03:21:39tpri'm glad i didn't totally waste 2 hours
03:24:34tprRockbox includes /usr/include/SDL...
03:24:55tpror at least it does after the thirty debug changes i made, so probably sdl1.
03:25:11ParkerRSo SDL1
03:26:08ParkerRtpr, Oh the uselessness of the standalone SDL application heh
03:28:00tprthat's beautiful
03:29:01tprbut yeah i've been tinkering with the firmware of my sansa to add 1. a password lock 2. 'mooltipass'-like functionality with the usb-hid 3. ttylinux bootable mass storage(???)
03:29:24tprand i should be studying for finals
03:30:54ParkerRWhich Sansa?
03:31:00ParkerRI have the Clip Zip
03:31:08tprsansa clip, it's so shitty it loops right back around to god tier
03:32:26ParkerRThat's how I feel about the Zip. Battery is eh but damn if it isnt the cutest thing
03:33:35tpryeah, the clip is practically powered by fluxuations in quantum foam, shit never dies.
03:33:47tpri accidentally ran it through the washing machine, still booted.
03:34:50ParkerRMine lasted through so much
03:34:56ParkerRBut died by car tire
03:35:02ParkerRGot an 8GB to replace it
03:35:07tpri mean half the drive was completely corrupt, it shouldn't have been capable of turning on, but the angel of death passed over all important boot data, for they had put the blood of a lamb above their file index or some shit
03:36:30ParkerRCar tire, gravel, and rained on
03:36:36ParkerRAnd it still managed to briefly light up
03:38:56tprif you want to see the output of find run on the mp3 player as a drive,">
03:39:01tprplease ignore shitty taste in music
03:39:21tpras you can see, something beautiful occurs about 100 lines down
03:39:49ParkerRtpr, Nice taste in Cthulu
03:41:02tprthen, i proceeded to start reflashing it, unplug it mid re-flash, re-plug, reboot. still turned on
03:41:03ParkerRWait so Im trying the uisim for the Clip Zip... do they not have filesystem access?
03:41:29ParkerRWasnt sure if it built the parts to play audio
03:41:39tprwell is there a simdisk folder
03:41:45ParkerROh yeah
03:41:51ParkerRSymlinks to the rescue
03:41:54tpris it empty
03:42:28ParkerR[parker@x3720 build]$ ls simdisk/root
03:42:28ParkerRbin boot dev etc home lib lib64 lost+found mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var
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03:42:49tprwait the clip zip runs actual linux
03:42:54tprholy shit that's amazing
03:43:03ParkerRIm on my machine lol
03:43:27tpryeah i probably should have noticed lib64
03:44:30tprthere is definitively the weirdest macro usage i've ever seen in c in rockbox
03:44:43tprclever, but wholly unnecessary
03:45:12tprunless i'm failing to see some great, overarching system that hinges critically on weird macros
03:46:04ParkerRI just realized the USB mode in Rockbox at least on the Zip is superfloppy lol
03:47:39ParkerRAnd I cant access the volume in the simulator. Curse side buttons
03:48:19tprare you sure? i faintly remember doing something weird to get to side buttons
03:48:43ParkerRIm clicking all over that side
03:48:58tpryou just gotta hit that 1 pixel sweet spot
03:51:07tprwait wait check apps/keymaps
03:51:12tprit might be bound somewhere
03:52:10tproh wait shit never mind i meant uisimulator/buttonmap
03:53:15tprso keypad 3 and 9 are volume
03:53:21ParkerRBoth files are compiled binary
03:54:05ParkerRtpr, Cheers
03:54:21tpri needed to find that out eventually
03:54:48tprwhelp, i'm gonna go sleep for at least 5 hours. have fun.
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22:58:01[Saint]ParkerR: you rang?
22:58:34[Saint](also: regarding the standalone SDL app - I assume you're aware it only did that because you compiled a resolution we don't have a default theme for?)
22:59:07[Saint]Had you built one of the resolutions supported by any other target natively, it would've slurped up the theme for that build.
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23:02:06[Saint]It also might seem totally unusable, but, when touchscreen targets don't have a default theme they default back to the grid array touch control system.
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23:56:27ParkerR[Saint], It was just a joke
23:56:32ParkerRI know its not meant to be much
23:56:56ParkerRtpr solved my SDL issue

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