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#rockbox log for 2016-05-25

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00:09:52*__builtin has a new idea for an actually useful plugin
00:10:19__builtina software HOTP token
00:11:22__builtinyou generate the key on-device and store it encrypted
00:11:42__builtinthen you type the decryption password and it gives you an OTP
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00:16:23alexweissmanhey, I seem to be having trouble again with playlists on my Clip+
00:17:24alexweissmanI'm creating them in MediaMonkey and copying them over
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00:17:34alexweissmanbut now, the player can't seem to find the files in the playlist
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00:50:59tpr__builtin: but does it send it over the emulated hid keyboard?
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01:11:43fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision e62203a, 255 builds, 15 clients.
01:14:28pamaurydoes someone know if there is a webpage showing the list of build clients ?
01:22:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 642 seconds.
01:22:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision e62203a result: 172 errors 0 warnings
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01:38:38__builtintpr: possibly
01:38:47*__builtin has done that before
01:39:11__builtinthis is actually really simple in concept
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01:41:10__builtinHOTP, that is
01:41:22tpr__builtin, you are making a mooltipass... which is what i was trying to do when i joined this channel... like 2 days ago
01:41:28tprit's contagious
01:41:42__builtinheh, I also thought of making a PGP keycard a while back
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02:43:25__builtintpr: regarding mooltipass, it's possible to implement similar functionality on rockbox already
02:44:51__builtinthe "ducky" plugin lets it emulate a HID keyboard and send preprogrammed keystrokes to a computer
02:45:39__builtinno encryption supported though
02:55:15[Saint]But, what would be wrong with shitting out a passphrase in plaintext over a human interface device connection? Sounds secure enough to me! </s>
02:56:02tpri doubt my wires are stealing my passwords, are they?
02:56:03[Saint]The terrible thing is, I think a lot of people would use such a thing just to save themselves from having to remember their mother's maiden name, or their cats birthday.
02:56:47[Saint]tpr: errrr...if it wasn't clear, I was being very highly sarcastic and it is a truly terrible idea.
02:57:18[Saint]you just flat out don't juggle passwords in plaintext.
03:02:43tprhow do you
03:03:56tprthe thing about websites, and authentification in general, from my understanding, is that they kind need the plaintext password
03:04:17tprwhat the fuck is hid encryption
03:05:26shadowsfor keyboards?
03:06:35tprlet me rephrase that
03:07:05tprhow do you avoid shitting out a plaintext password, when the only thing that unlocks the PASSPHRASE LOCK is the PASSPHRASE
03:09:03*__builtin can see why passing passwords in plain text is a bad idea
03:09:11__builtinbut why not 2-factor OTP tokens?
03:12:42__builtinOther software OTP clients need no more security than this environment can provide (see Google Authenticator)
03:13:46[Saint]except for the SMS based case, the OTP is never actually passed.
03:14:05[Saint]re: Google Auth
03:15:02__builtinif a keylogger is active, it makes no difference how the code was received
03:15:32[Saint]that's a shitty justification and you know it.
03:16:34__builtinhow so?
03:17:07[Saint]you're effectively saying "it doesn't matter how we do this if we assume we're compromised".
03:17:20[Saint]at which point why even bother?
03:18:40__builtinOK, so tell me: what good reason is there to not use a rockbox-based OTP client?
03:19:54[Saint]That's not the question though really, is it? Isn't the question more "What reason is there to do it in a shitty way?"
03:20:27__builtinit's actually not that bad
03:21:46__builtinit's secure if implemented properly, and even provides some "security by obscurity" due to the form factor
03:23:07[Saint]one thing though - in your current view, are the generated keys time based, or indefinite, and if the former how does being able to trivially edit the system clock and not easily being able to sync this clock against a host fit into the master plan?
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03:24:17__builtinTOTP is infeasible due to the lack of a good RTC on all platforms
03:24:17__builtinbut HOTP (hash/counter-based) is possible
03:25:05[Saint]Oh, sorry, I see now you explicitly mentioned HOTP in the scrollback. Apologies.
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04:20:31alexweissmanthat fucks given
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05:31:28[Saint]alexweissman: ...excuse me?
05:31:28fs-bluebot_[Saint], your excuse is: Redundant ACLs.
05:32:57[Saint]what on Earth happened there, lol.
05:37:02[Saint]hahahahaha... fs-bluebot_ has a BOFH excuse list retreiver built into it?
05:38:14[Saint](which apparently has broken triggers)
05:40:19alexweissmanthe badger shown above
05:40:53alexweissmanhe gives zero fucks about security
05:41:53[Saint]And what would make you say this?
05:42:36[Saint]Best of all, what would make you say this in a fashion that is in any way relevant to this channel?
05:42:54alexweissmanuhh...wait what?
05:43:11alexweissmanI was looking at the image someone posted earlier...
05:44:49[Saint]Ohhhh...Sorry. Hah. I can't read, apparently. I thought you said 'bagder'.
05:45:13[Saint]And I was all like "wut, why the Hell does this guy hate Daniel so much?"
05:46:01alexweissmanwho dat
05:47:26[Saint]bagder/Daniel Stenberg, Rockbox original contributor, cURL author, of current Mozilla employ and a guy who generally gives a lot of fucks about security as a whole.
05:47:55[Saint]So in the given context it was far too easy for me to read s/badger/bagder/
05:47:58alexweissmanthe guy who started Rockbox also wrote cURL?
05:48:05[Saint]Sorry, silly coincidence.
05:48:05alexweissmanthat's dope
05:48:10alexweissmanno pron
05:48:42alexweissmanI didn't realize that I had walked into a heated debate
05:50:02alexweissmanmy mammalary musings might be misinterpreted
05:53:31alexweissmanso, my playlists appear to be misfiring since I updated to the last build
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10:10:48psycho_maniacAnybody here? Quick question. Haven't been here in a long time.
10:12:42psycho_maniacWhen did the h300 series become stable? I always remembered that was never stable.
10:25:04gevaertsdefine "stable" :)
10:25:49gevaertsI mean, we do have a pretty clear definition (well, clear to *us*), but if you're talking timespans this long, you're going to before that definition was agreed on
10:26:12gevaertsIIRC the first release that had SWCODEC was 3.0
10:26:31gevaertsAnd that was also the time we agreed on that definition I believe
10:26:44gevaertsSo that's *probably* your answer
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11:04:33tappihow should i go about debugging my sansa clip zip, i can only get windows 10 to see the additional microsd card
11:04:43tappinot the main memory of the device
11:07:22tappiif i take the microsd card out then i only see an I: device that windows asks me to insert a disk into when i try to open it
11:15:46gevaertsThere's a setting that has that effect, maybe you set it?
11:16:05tappiit has been a while since i booted this thing, where is that setting?
11:16:14tappiin the rockbox settings?
11:16:23gevaerts"USB hide internal drive"
11:16:33gevaertsIn System
11:17:04gevaertsI think...
11:17:46gevaerts(the setting is needed because some systems, especially car audio things, don't know how to deal with USB devices that have two drives and people want to use those with the sd card)
11:18:22tappithat was it, thank you
11:18:33gevaertsNo problem :)
11:18:34tappii have no idea how that setting was suddenly on, i've no recollection about setting it ever
11:18:37*gevaerts likes easy problems!
11:22:25tappigevaerts what's your favorite theme?
11:25:54gevaertsI don't care much these days, but on my gigabeat F I still use my trusty old "druppel"
11:26:09gevaertsOn other devices I use the default, cabbiev2
11:26:29gevaertsBut my absolute favourite is Medieval on gigabeat F, although it's unusable :)
11:27:17gevaerts(mostly because I can't read the font, but it *is* the right font for the theme)
11:29:52fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c31fcdd, 255 builds, 16 clients.
11:40:15fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 623 seconds.
11:40:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c31fcdd result: 258 errors 0 warnings
11:40:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision e863f9a, 255 builds, 16 clients.
11:41:32gevaertsender`: there seems to be a problem with your build client
11:48:23gevaertsender`: I've blocked it for now. If you fix it, let me know!
11:49:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 555 seconds.
11:49:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision e863f9a result: 413 errors 0 warnings
11:57:26pixelmawhy are there only checkwps and sim builds in the build table (except for Android)?
11:57:59pixelmaand some database builds
11:59:27pixelmaah... sorry, just realised that there was a toggle full/compact table link and for some reason I looked at the compact one
12:00:04gevaertsThat's been there for a while :)
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12:02:02pixelmayeah, I even remember having seen this a while ago but then I did not do rockboxy stuff for some time
12:04:03*pixelma also had problems with SDL builds in the Rockbox VM that's taking part in the build rounds
12:04:44pixelmathe installed SDL is too old and I don't know enough about VMware to fix this myself
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12:57:09fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 98bd223, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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13:05:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 481 seconds.
13:05:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 98bd223 result: 2 errors 0 warnings
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13:17:37gevaertsBah, now we get ghost errors again
13:18:37gevaertsAh, is that because of the dx50 and the dx90 not actually building?
13:27:25 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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13:29:49gevaertsbah, there's an annoying bug in tools/configure
13:30:00gevaertsbuildhost="${buildhost}-$(uname -m)"
13:30:07gevaertsThat's utterly wrong
13:30:28gevaertsuname -m shows what the kernel does, it says nothing at all about userspace
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13:41:50fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 9327885, 255 builds, 16 clients.
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13:51:47fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 597 seconds.
13:51:48fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 9327885 result: All green
13:55:39gevaertsWe need more build clients, by the way. Especially android and ypr[01] are lacking
13:56:01gevaertsWith "lacking" meaning "we only seem to have one of those"
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14:18:29pamaurygevaerts: I added a new build client yesterday
14:18:40pamauryfor now it only has arm toolchain but I plan to add more
14:18:46 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
14:19:30pamauryI might try to add ypr0/1 on both my clients, maybe android if I manage to configure it somehow
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15:08:16wodzIf we want more build clients we should provide vm image setup to do so. One will need to change client name only then and voila.
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16:26:56pamauryyeah you are right
16:31:20gevaertsAre people these days that into running VMs? I mean, I know *I* probably wouldn't run build clients if they had to be in a VM, so I'm a bit surprised at the idea that a significant number of people *want* a VM
16:34:31 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
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16:35:30pamauryhum good point, on the other hand a script is unfeasible
16:35:53pamauryMaybe we should just have a much more detailled wiki page and fix all the compilation problems with the toolchain
16:47:34pixelmaI seem to remember that we spoke about providing something like complete packages for linux that people could just install (I guess for both - native linux machines and VMs) way back during some DevCon (probably 2011 in London). But that never took off as the people wanting and being able to do the work became distracted by real life
16:48:31 Quit rela_ (Quit: Leaving)
16:48:46 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
16:49:26gevaertsWe need to do something about this "real life" thing
16:50:41 Quit Kokos (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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17:03:21fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 94b23da, 255 builds, 15 clients.
17:08:28 Part tappi
17:12:09fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 527 seconds.
17:12:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 94b23da result: 12 errors 0 warnings
17:14:37desowinthis failure doesn't seem to be related to my change
17:15:31gevaertsI've seen it before, but I have *no* idea what triggers it
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17:51:38edhelasis there actually a support for the 6G since today ?
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20:05:41MihailToday I got clipv1 from saratoga. It have heavily corroded battery but main board not affected. All other function ok.
20:05:42MihailIt will be useful as both clip from funman have serious problem. First player startup for first few times but was hot as hell (70-90C!) and have big power consumption - 60 mA at idle, 16mA(!) at power off, now it don't startup.
20:05:42MihailSecond player don't startup - no usb/lcd/led but have some reaction (have some power consumption) at power on. It have soldered JTAG pins. Probably I also should check it with JTAG.
20:05:42DBUGEnqueued KICK Mihail
20:05:42MihailSo now I have c200v2 and clipv1. And probably can repair one fusev1.
20:05:42MihailBig thanks saratoga! And funman too :)
20:05:42***Alert Mode level 1
20:05:42MihailNow I have no spare time, but I have big TODO for improvements and bugs fix in rockbox and I hope continue development in near future.
20:06:51 Quit Tristitia (Remote host closed the connection)
20:15:43***Alert Mode OFF
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20:50:35saratogaMihail: great, was wondering if it was ever going to clear customs
20:51:00saratogai'm insanely busy for the next 2 weeks as well so i won't be around much
20:51:24saratogawould be very interesting to know about any jtag experiments, people used it originally for AMSv1 devices before there was a rockbox port but not since
20:53:27saratogai always wondered if it could be used to recover a device with a "dead" flash (4 MB partition)
20:53:49Mihailno problem with customs
20:53:52saratogaas far as I can tell, the AMS devices are basically an AMS processor paired up to a normal USB thumb drive NAND+controller
20:54:18saratogaseems like there should be some way to fix them when the flash breaks
20:56:24MihailI can repair another clip with JTAG, I'll try check this
20:56:35Mihail*If I can
20:57:55saratogai guess it may not matter much, if someone has to solder to the player to fix it...
21:00:05Mihailyes, but I still interested is I can do something though JTAG in this state
21:02:21Mihailmost usb flash drive just lose firmware in controller and can be repaired but I not sure is AMS ROM can be restored through JTAG
21:02:34 Join xorly [0] (
21:05:04MihailAFAIK we don't have usb controller repair tools from sandisk even for flash drive :(
21:05:13 Quit Boltermor (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:05:46Mihail* usb NAND controller
21:07:57 Quit xorly (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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23:25:20__builtinis there already a (portable) SHA-1 implementation somewhere in rockbox?
23:25:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:25:50*__builtin is trying to avoid reinventing the wheel
23:37:33pamaury__builtin: I don't think so, but there is an implementation of sha-1 in /home/pamaury/project/rockbox/myrockbox/utils/imxtools/sbtools/sha1.c
23:38:00*__builtin copy+pastes that into apps/plugins/lib/sha1.c
23:38:09pamauryit is portable mostly because it's not optimised ;)
23:39:37__builtinI found a public-domain version that looks "cleaner" to me:
23:41:24*pamaury fails to see how it's cleaner
23:41:27 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042])
23:41:43pamaurylooks more efficient, the whole thing is unrolled
23:42:19__builtinjust need to hack a htonl() together to make it work
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