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#rockbox log for 2016-05-26

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00:06:37__builtinoh great... now I gotta debug my HMAC
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00:20:29__builtinwow... I was comparing the HMAC-SHA-1 test results with HMAC-MD5 vectors
00:25:36pamauryI guess they were pretty close
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00:41:13__builtinhmm, I suspect an issue with the test vectors
00:41:42__builtinthough that's probably not it, now that I think about it
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00:42:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a6b4bf3 result: 35 errors 99 warnings
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03:01:36__builtinlooks like it's my SHA1 code that's broken
03:02:13__builtinSHA1("abc") != d590640536baa7d67c895a150d84382988d859fd afaik
03:06:29*__builtin discovers tools/hmac-sha1.c
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03:40:48__builtinwell, I've got a working HOTP plugin now
03:40:53__builtinbut nowhere to use it :/
03:40:59__builtinseems everything's TOTP now
03:42:30__builtinmaybe U2F would be a better idea
03:45:21__builtinalright, G#1323
03:45:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #1323 at : [WIP] One-Time Password plugin (HOTP) by Franklin Wei
03:51:09__builtinreading the shared secret by hand might be a challenge
03:51:27__builtinperhaps storing it on disk is better, but it needs to be encrypted
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04:50:53shadows__builtin: do any Rockbox targets have an RTC?
05:00:06[Saint]Except for pixelma's M5, probably.
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05:53:57alexweissmanSaint: any idea what might have changed with playlists in the past few months?
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08:49:53pixelma[Saint]: huh? There are many targets with RTC, not all though
08:50:17pixelmaMaybe you confuse RTC with something else
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09:59:45thumwhat are the best™ audio players from the "stable ports" list on perhaps there is someone here who tested all?
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10:04:56[Saint]the arguably best fit isn't even on the list of stable candidates due to political reasons.
10:05:20[Saint]also - in this community "best" is very highly subjective.
10:06:31[Saint]authors note: ipod6g is perfectly stable but doesn't have a release due to the lack of an installer and bootloader release to support it
10:08:40thumthanks. though an Apple device would be my last choice for ethical reasons. what would be the 2nd best™ (subjective opinions are cool) fit?
10:10:58[Saint]People seem to be a fan of the Happy Meal To...errr...I mean, Sansa devices.
10:11:24[Saint]Clip+, Zip, et al.
10:11:53thumyeah, I've had my fair share of experience with a Clip+ (original firmware), they break after a short time
10:12:15thumthe Sansas are ubiquitous in that list, any preference for a specifc model?
10:13:20[Saint]they're all fairly similar barring personal preferences on buttons and display.
10:14:14thumI think I remember that a Sansa with rockbox was on sale at ThinkPengiun, but it's not available there any more.
10:14:20thumI wonder which one they sold.
10:18:17prof_wolfffSaint: i hope to commit the bootloader in the next days, the new USB and holdswitch detection that also affects the bootloader seems to work well but prefer to test it a bit, the other major issue (USB driver) is almost solved, the new desingware driver is working well for me on Classsic, Nano2G and Sansa, my next task is to send it to gerrit, needs a lot of cleanup, it works well on Linux but lacks of some testing on Windows
10:18:29prof_wolfff[Saint]: ^
10:20:25[Saint]It'll probably be the longest running promotion from unstable to stable in Rockbox history.
10:20:33[Saint]Rivaling even that of the nano2g.
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12:10:35wodzprof_wolfff: wow, what was the main culprit with new designware driver on n2g?
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12:25:51prof_wolfffwodz: there was two major problems: it uses shared Tx FIFO (now implemented), and commit/discard_dcache_range does not work on ARM940 because instructions to commit/discard single addresses are not implemented on this micro, so now it uses commit/discard_dcachenot
12:27:14wodzwait, if commit/discard_dcache_range doesn't work how the hell previous driver was working then?
12:27:31wodzthis should also impact playback as well
12:28:49prof_wolfffreally it was not working all times, i suppose other times it depends of the cache usage by other threads
12:29:19prof_wolfffall of this is documented on the ARM940T user manual
12:30:39wodzplease, please push to gerrit. I'd love to dig out my n2g and have it rockboxing again :-)
12:32:06prof_wolfffATM i was cleaning it to push it, anyways it will need more clean-up and some rewrite because the current code i have can be optimized in size at least a couple of Kb, even more
12:32:43prof_wolfffi will push my current version today or tomorrow
12:33:44wodzIt is (almost) always possible to optimize BUT first you have to have something working.
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12:36:05prof_wolffftested it using USB storage, USB control, USB HID and USB_SERIAL at the same time, it works nice on Linux
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15:04:39Horrorcatpamaury: what version of am I looking for? I tried 1.00.21e and 1.00.25e and the utility complains about MD5sum mismatches
15:04:57pamauryHorrorcat: can you remind me which player ?
15:05:09Horrorcatah, I found it in the wiki, 1.00.15e.
15:05:11HorrorcatX-Fi 3
15:06:00pamaurymkimxboot is supposed to support: 1.00.15e, 1.00.22e, 1.00.25 and 1.00.26e
15:06:04pamaurysorry 25e
15:06:13Horrorcathm, 25e did not work
15:06:19Horrorcatbut let me check
15:06:22pamauryan you give me the output of the tool ?
15:06:40pamaurydid you compile it on your machine ?
15:06:53Horrorcatno, I used the rockbox utility as recommended on the wiki
15:06:59HorrorcatI’ll just build mkimxboot
15:08:16pamauryhum, I don't remember if RBUtil supports the Zen X-Fi3, I admit I was lazy and probably did not add suppor
15:08:28Horrorcatinteresting, it recognized the device and so on
15:08:48Horrorcatah shoot, arm-elf-eabi-gcc is not in the debian repositories
15:09:34pamauryah yes, I added support, but since we did not do a release of RBUtil, it doesn't yet know about the new version.
15:09:39pamauryyou don't need a cross compiler
15:09:41Horrorcatah, that makes sense
15:10:12pamaurythe repo contains prebuilt versions of the dualboot stub, running make in rbuitl/mkimxboot/ should work I think
15:10:17HorrorcatI should reead the wiki page more carefully...
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15:15:06pamauryHorrorcat: I'll be afak from time to time this afternoon but if you run into any problem, just ask and I'll answer eventually
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15:15:49Horrorcatit just booted rockbox!
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17:37:45heosalesaint you here?
17:45:59Horrorcatpamaury: pause on headphone unplug seems to mix up "arrow down" with "headphone unplug"
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17:50:53Horrorcataaaand I made it crash. had the lock on ("hold"), switched it back to normal, pressed the "back" key, froze
17:51:34 Quit heosale (Quit: Page closed)
17:53:22Horrorcat(while being in the WPS)
17:56:30 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
18:00:42pamauryHorrorcat: re headphone unplug, what do you mean ? That unpluging generates a key press ?
18:01:55pamauryif you can repeat the crash that's nice. I dont have the player at hand right now since I'm at work but I'll try tonight on mine
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18:39:36Horrorcatpamaury: no, when I have the option "Pause on headphone Unplug" turned on, the playback pauses when I press the down key
18:39:39Horrorcatnot vice versa
18:39:46HorrorcatI had another crash by pressing a button right after turning off hold
18:42:28Horrorcatand then I had several consecutive reproducible crashes ("Data error" or something like that, I was on the go and could not note it down) when trying to resume playback, but now it doesn’t happen anymore. I was suspecting FS corruption due to the freezes which made me reset the device, I will see how the vfat is when I get close to a cable
19:19:00 Join lebellium [0] (
19:21:38pamauryHorrorcat: that seems weird, and you say it happens when pause on headphone unplug is set ? The two seems completely unrelated :-/
19:23:07Horrorcatit was 100% correlated. and pause/resume on unplug did not do anything when I unplugged the headphones.
19:24:42pamauryok, I'll try it on mine
19:26:47Horrorcatalso, what is meant in the wiki by "[…] Still lacking lcd sleep […]"?
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19:31:50pamauryHorrorcat: I don't remember, probably I did not implement the code to put lcd in sleep mode when screen is off, so save power. It is possible the wiki is not up to date
19:32:23Horrorcatah, okay, I thought this was referring to the backlight, which turns off fine
19:32:27pamauryyeah indeed, it is not implemented
19:32:44pamauryit would be useful to implement it to save more power, I'll probably do it
19:36:07Horrorcatpamaury: how difficult do you think that task is? I might be interested to get my hands dirty :-)
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19:38:48pamauryHorrorcat: it should be easy for me, I disassembled part of the OF to get the LCD init sequence, so I will simply diassemble it more. To be honest I am surprised I didn't do it, maybe the OF does not even implement it
19:39:20pamauryfor you, depends if you have done some reverse engineering before or not
19:39:51Horrorcathm, not too much
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20:38:50pamauryHorrorcat: I'm home, I will try the Zen X-Fi3
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20:49:44pamauryHorrorcat: wait a minute, I seem to have a little problem with my Zen X-Fi3, need to fix this
20:50:07Horrorcatno hurry
20:50:09HorrorcatI’m in a … meeting
20:51:18pamauryah ok, the battery was very deeply discharged
20:51:26pamauryI need to charge it again to a reasonable level
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21:37:16pamauryHorrorcat: what exactly did you use for the "Pause of headphone unplug" setting ?
21:39:55HorrorcatI’m home now too, can test :-)
21:40:30Horrorcatokay, it doesn’t reproduce now
21:40:34pamauryI can't reproduce it
21:40:35Horrorcatthat’s odd
21:41:24Horrorcatit happened several times (that pausing by pressing down), but it doesn’t happen now anymore
21:41:35Horrorcat(the pause on unplug doesn’t work either though)
21:42:02pamauryhuh, for me it works
21:42:13Horrorcatinteresting, it doesn’t here
21:42:28Horrorcat(tried with "Pause" and "Pause and Resume")
21:42:40Horrorcatalso, do you have that *very* loud pop sound when unplugging?
21:44:33pamaury:( but I don't see what I could do about it, that's probably a hardware thing
21:44:34Horrorcatmust be my device then.
21:44:58pamauryat least the pause of unplug thing should be easy to debug, wait a sec for instructions
21:45:41pamauryyou are using nightly builds I assume ?
21:45:53HorrorcatI used the one linked in the wiki
21:46:17Horrorcat that one
21:46:31pamauryyes that's the nightly build
21:47:49Horrorcatnow I had the random pausing again
21:47:57Horrorcatis there anything which can cause a pause on that device while I’m not in the WPS?
21:49:42pamauryappart from a hardwaf
21:49:47pamaury*driver bug
21:49:50pamauryI don't see
21:50:01pamauryis it random as in "I didn't even touch the device" ?
21:50:14pamaurybecause someone report such a random pause bug on another device
21:50:16Horrorcatno, I was touching the device (with my ear in fact, I was playing with the "Enable speaker" setting (working))
21:50:27Horrorcatbut unable to reproduce
21:50:48pamauryok, let's first have a look at the jack
21:51:06pamaurygo to System > Debug > View HW Info > button
21:51:27HorrorcatI’m there
21:52:08pamaurythere is a line showing "jack 1[2/2] (raw=xxxx)" and another one showing "vddio: 1[2/2] (raw=yyyy)
21:52:13pamauryplease give me xxx and yyyy
21:52:23pamauryfirst with headphones and then without
21:52:33Horrorcat(my device turned off while pressing a few buttons to see what happens *cough*)
21:52:55pamauryhum, there is something weird going on with your device :-s
21:53:24Horrorcatwithout headphones: jack 0[1/1] (raw=1), vddio: 1[2/2] (raw=36yy), where 48 <= yy <= 58 approximately
21:53:44Horrorcatwith headphones: jack 0[1/1] (raw=1), vddio: 1[2/2] (raw=36yy), same range for yy
21:53:56HorrorcatI could have just said "the same"
21:54:22pamauryokay.... this is clearly wrong, or there is a new hardware revision of the Zen X-Fi3
21:54:41pamaurythe jack value should show something like 352x when plugged
21:54:43Horrorcatokay; does the OF have that feature? I could check whether it works there
21:54:52Horrorcatmy device turned off again btw.
21:54:54pamauryI don't know, good question
21:55:11Horrorcat(battery indicator is at 96%)
21:55:20pamaurydid you touch any up/down button in the "button" screen ?
21:55:32pamauryah ok, sorry, don't do that ;)
21:55:40Horrorcatthat’s what "keep out" stands for I guess
21:55:56Horrorcatbooting the OF
21:55:59pamauryit changes the value of the I/O voltage, if you go too low/high, the device will simply crash
21:56:00Horrorcatlet’s see whether it can do that
21:56:37Horrorcat(and that’s why I love rockbox... OF always takes ages to boot)
21:57:02Horrorcatah, well, okay, I killed all of its index files, maybe it is allowed to do that. once
22:00:33Horrorcatthe OF actually pauses when I unplug my headphones
22:00:57Horrorcatlet me get you a scan of the numbers on the back of the device
22:01:48pamauryhum, it won't make a difference, you are using firmware 1.00.25e right ?
22:02:02Horrorcatyes I am
22:02:04Horrorcatwell, wait
22:02:09Horrorcathow do I check what’s on the device?
22:02:53Horrorcatwell, now it’s 1.00.25e, at least if the patched also installed that
22:03:28pamauryok, so the problem is likely in my code, I need to go back to OF disassembly to find out what it does
22:03:40pamaurymaybe there are several hw revisions and I didn't realize it
22:03:59Horrorcatis there anything else I can do to help, besides later testing your patches?
22:04:08Horrorcat(which reminds me to get the cross compiler to work)
22:07:01pamaurynot really, but what you can do and that would be really helpful is just to use the device and report anything bad or suboptimal
22:07:12pamauryin particular I am sure the keymap is not very good
22:08:32HorrorcatI miss the shortcut-screen which was reachable from the WPS on the H3xx
22:09:29Horrorcatalso, I’m intuitively trying to use long-play instead of the menu key for the context menu, but I assume that this is just muscle-memory from the H3xx playing tricks on my
22:10:08pamauryI notice a fews minutes ago that the "menu" button is not mapped in the WPS
22:10:36HorrorcatI vote for the WPS-shortcut-screen to be mapped to that.
22:11:20HorrorcatI hope that the μSD arrives saturday, I’ll test the support for that then
22:11:46Horrorcatanother thought I had, are only the buttons touch-y or is the whole screen touch-y and could that be used for something?
22:13:22pamauryonly the buttons are touchy
22:13:36Horrorcataww, pity
22:28:33Horrorcatwhat does DRI stand for? (context: FM receiver)
22:30:33pamauryDigital Radio Interface
22:30:53pamauryit's a proprietary, underdocumented interface between the cpu and the radio
22:31:07pamauryand the one that causes me headache and explains in part why the radio does not work
22:31:25pamaurybut I decided I am going to push my patches soon, even if they don't work 100% of the time
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22:39:18Horrorcatah, rihgt, I forgot you had patches
22:39:38HorrorcatI guessed "Digital Radio Interface" but the search results didn’t look promising. I guess that’s because of "underdocumented"
22:39:42pamaurythe radio chip is also mostly undocumented so it's a nightmare
22:40:09pamaurythere is some doc in the STMP3700 datasheet and some in the STFM1000 "datasheet" and google for stfm1000
22:41:34pamaurythe best source of information is actually a linux driver for the stfm1000
22:45:06*__builtin goes ahead and implements TOTP support on RTC targets
22:59:35 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042])
23:04:12__builtinis there a file chooser function already available?
23:11:48pamaury__builtin: I don't think so, the usual thing is to use the file browser and run a plugin on a file
23:16:28*__builtin thinks he's found a substitute
23:27:48 Quit prof_wolfff (Remote host closed the connection)
23:31:18 Quit xorly| (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
23:33:22[Saint]God damn I hate it when people just do "$NICK are you here?"
23:33:33[Saint]and then drop absolutely no context and leave.
23:33:51tprto be fair this channel is slightly less active than average.
23:34:28 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:34:29[Saint]Especially so when they don't even use your actual nick and it is just because you're so amazing and super leet that you made custom highlight rules for common variations and misspellings of $NICK that you even know that someone was trying to talk to you.
23:34:37 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
23:34:59Horrorcat(maybe they did it because it wasn’t that important and so that you would not find it by accident later ... )
23:35:06Horrorcat(but I see where you’re coming from)
23:35:15tprcool your jets shouty mc-nubs.
23:36:14[Saint]tpr: neither of your statements make any sense whatsoever.
23:36:36[Saint]For one the activity level on the channel has no bearing on this, and for the other I am perfectly calm.
23:36:57tprthat's exactly what someone who wasn't perfectly calm would say..
23:37:55tpron this channel it's not entirely uncommon that someone solves their own problem and then someone shows up 0.25 days later to help them
23:38:22tprso it makes sense to just ping someone for prompt help, if not try to fix it?
23:38:25[Saint]Again, not relevant.
23:38:32 Quit x56 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:38:34[Saint]There's no sense in pinging someone with zero context.
23:38:45[Saint]"are you here" is not an effective question.
23:40:27Horrorcatit leaves a feeling like a not-closed parenthesis
23:40:58[Saint]Also, there's a very high likelihood that, given context at the time, that any number of other active staffers or volunteers could have addressed the query.
23:41:18[Saint]I have very little of what I would consider to be truly unique knowledge in any area of Rockbox.
23:41:28Horrorcatalso true (the former, I cannot comment on the latter)
23:42:58__builtin[Saint]: the theme engine?
23:43:37tprthere's a theme engine?
23:45:30[Saint]__builtin: that's pretty much it - deep aspects of the theme engine syntax and touchscreen integration, and the Android build environment.
23:46:30[Saint]I guess I'm probably one of, if not the, foremost authority on the modern theme engine syntax with a particular emphasis on touchscreens.
23:46:50__builtintpr: a nearly Turing-complete one IIRC
23:46:56[Saint]I'm not entirely sure if that is a good thing or not. ;)
23:48:00[Saint]tpr: see for instance.
23:48:03[Saint]Or our fine manual.
23:48:32[Saint]Kinda hard to believe that anyone would miss one of what many people consider to be one of Rockbox's major features.
23:49:23tprwell it's not like it was ever really an option for me
23:49:48tpri can now customize all 300 monochrome pixels of my mp3 player
23:51:28[Saint]Why was it never an option?
23:52:13[Saint]Having a monochrome device doesn't exclude custom themes. Many people have managed to be rather unique in their designs as you can see across our theme catalog.
23:52:27[Saint]Are are you not aware that exists either? I would guess not.
23:52:42Horrorcateven though the h300 has many colours, my theme for it was entirely monochrome. and I liked it that way
23:53:40 Join x56 [0] (~0x56@unaffiliated/x56)
23:53:43[Saint]our greylib engine thingy can also make for some very convincing mid-tones on monochromatic displays.
23:53:59tprit's a SANSA CLIP
23:54:44__builtindoom works just fine on them
23:54:55[Saint]Welcome to 111 people with more creativity than you, tpr
23:56:05tprlook i appreciate you trying
23:56:22tprbut these are the same thing with small changes to bars and fonts
23:56:34[Saint]they don't have to be.
23:57:20[Saint]I think you might be genuinely amazed at what is possible with our theme engine.
23:57:49[Saint]conditional elements and viewporting makes for near infinite possibilities.

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