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#rockbox log for 2016-05-27

00:01:38tprthat's a really good point
00:01:46[Saint]I also expect that you're not actually viewing some of these themes deeply, as in actually bothering to look at the individual screen mockups for FM/Recording/File Viewer/WPS etc. you can see if you hover the image.
00:02:42[Saint]And, yes, the top bar on this display and the line of missing pixels does limit possibilities /somewhat/, but there's a lot of room for putting a personal flair on your device with fairly minimal effort.
00:03:16tprbuuut i kinda personally hate scrollbars.
00:03:27[Saint]Many of those people there made slight iterations to someone else's theme, or the stock theme, ...and that's OK. There's quite a few truly original creations and some pretty out-of-the-box ones too.
00:04:14[Saint]mixtape is pretty neat, for instance. and makes a pretty good use of simple animation.
00:04:30[Saint]not really evident in static screenshots.
00:05:54[Saint]'tachometer' also makes use of simple animation to make a neat effect.
00:06:15tpryes, that was one of the two that i put over the border of 'simple font and bar changes'
00:06:22tprthe other one was pacman.
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00:06:53[Saint]there's many more than that, others display quite some originality in the FM and recording screens.
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00:11:50tprwell fuck me i guess i have to make one don't i
00:12:35Horrorcat(also, "scrolling" does not mean scrollbar, more like text scrolling automatically)
00:14:20tprHorrorcat: i know, but i don't particularly like either, which means i'm using that one really small font.
00:14:25[Saint]I think I fixated on it personally because I liked working within a a set of defined restrictions and pushing what I could do within those boundaries.
00:14:48[Saint]I would think a few of the more 'exotic' theme creators think in a similar way.
00:18:44[Saint]Incidentally, a lot of the touchscreen specific tags and a LOT of the conditional state operators were born from me springboarding what I wanted to do from and needed out of the theme syntax to the primary developer.
00:20:33[Saint]the idea of skin variables and pretty deeply expanding the touchscreen area behavior is something I'm particular proud of being around for the inception of.
00:21:29[Saint]logical comparitors and enumerations in the skin engine also opened up a lot of exciting doors.
00:22:18[Saint]the modern skin engine possibilities do indeed quite drastically favor the touchscreen devices, but that is only due to simple logistics. Not favoritism.
00:22:36tprbut can it branch if zero
00:23:59[Saint]The touchscreen targets allow for a practically limitless configuration of virtual "buttons" that can be configured for an absurd amount of behaviors and operate under a ridiculously versatile conditional state system, so that is the clear advantage of the touchscreens I guess.
00:25:45[Saint]being able to SET, GET, and QUERY variables within the skin engine with touch elements, couples with being able to do the same with practically any system setting makes for some very interesting possibilities.
00:26:07[Saint]Like pretty much being able to completely re-implement the entire settings menu within the theme engine itself.
00:26:26[Saint]and tabular/paged display systems.
00:27:34[Saint]I use some pretty fancy skin engine magic for the SDL hosted application on Linux, where I often use Rockbox as my primary media player.
00:28:07[Saint]The hosted application targets get treated as 'touchscreen' as well. So you can build yourself a full desktop player if you want to.
00:30:45[Saint]I think quite a few people use Rockbox as their desktop media player actually. It has pretty much everything you could ask for in a non-networked media player.
00:32:43[Saint]I use it with some backend magic on the host to provide a location to a fuse filesystem in the Database scan path with my Google Music catalog so I can use the Rockbox SDL application with my Google Music library.
00:33:55pamauryHorrorcat: could you run a modified build for me to test something ?
00:34:23tpri mean i use mpsyt w/ libcaca. it plays youtube videos in ascii without ads. what more could you ask for?
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00:36:59[Saint]I have YouTube Red/Google Play Music All Access, so...yeah.
00:37:28[Saint]YouTube ads don't exist for me.
00:37:32tprthats pretty good, but that costs money.
00:53:51[Saint]It does, yes. But it is pretty good value-for-money in my opinion.
00:54:37[Saint]At the moment, you can get a month free, and the subscription price locked in at $9.99 USD for that account.
00:55:28[Saint]To me, that's worth it. $2.50 USD a week to stream $ALL_THE_MUSIC and $ALL_THE_VIDEOS without ads, on up to 10 devices.
00:55:41[Saint]Bit...I digress.
00:56:03__builtinis there a way to do dynamic menus in rockbox?
00:56:32[Saint]For the touchscreen targets, yes, you can re-implement the menu system.
00:57:00[Saint]That's a theme engine Master CLass project. :)
00:57:25__builtinlike every menu item has a dynamic name
00:58:14[Saint]You could do this within the theme engine on the touchscreen targets, yes. It would not be trivial to implement however.
00:58:27__builtinI need to let the user choose an account to generate a code for
00:58:36__builtinit can't be that hard, can it?
00:59:31[Saint]I am not sure. You wouldn't want to do this with the theme engine, so...I don't know. I'm not really sure how you could generate a dynamic menu structure natively.
00:59:54*__builtin doesn't want to write too much code for this
01:00:37[Saint]Yeah, sorry, in the context given I thought you were referring to rebuilding the menu structure within the theme engine.
01:00:42[Saint]Which is definitely doable.
01:01:01[Saint]But you don't want what you're talking about to be tied to the theme engine at all.
01:01:07[Saint]So...I dunno.
01:01:13*__builtin sees the MENUITEM_FUNCTION_DYNTEXT macro
01:01:14[Saint]Sorry. *shrug*
01:02:11pamauryHorrorcat: I have disassembled the OF and it uses the same way as me to detect headphone afaict. Could you download and then go to System > Debug > show hw info > lradc and see if any of the "channel x" value changes when you plug/unplug headphones
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03:40:45[Saint][7]: do you have a diff available for your changes to the ypr* toolchain to get it to compile?
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11:06:54[Saint]pamaury: Did you realize that in g#1297 that you didn't actually include the gcc-c11-toplev.diff patch nor any provisions for to download it itself?
11:06:56fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1297 at : rockboxdev: fix compilation of ARM target with newer GCC by Amaury Pouly
11:07:04[Saint]I suspect this was an oversight, correct?
11:20:49pamaury[Saint]: I did, it's already uploaded on the rockbox website
11:20:57pamaurythe script will download it automatically
11:21:14[Saint]Ah, hmmm.
11:21:27pamaurybut TheSeven found a probably better solution to this problem in fact
11:21:39pamauryhe suggests using -fgnu-inline-c89 in the cflags
11:22:43[Saint]That was the method I was using, but, it conflicts with building the mips toolchain
11:23:06pamauryhow is that ?
11:23:14pamauryah yeah
11:23:21pamaurybut the mips toolchain is ancient
11:23:25pamaurywe need to upgrade it
11:23:57pamauryI'd like to push g#346
11:23:58fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #346 at : upgrade MIPS toolchain to binutils-2.22 and gcc-4.6.3 by Marcin Bukat
11:24:10pamaury(or a variation thereof)
11:25:08[Saint]Ah, so, I need that to be able to generate the mips toolchain without conflict with the armeabi pathches?
11:27:22[Saint]Bah - nevermind, I'll work it out tomorrow.
11:27:35[Saint]I have spent far too many hours on this server for today.
11:28:48pamaurybuilding the current mips toolchain (4.1.2) is probably hard, I don't even know if g#1297 will work
11:28:49fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1297 at : rockboxdev: fix compilation of ARM target with newer GCC by Amaury Pouly
11:29:08pamaurygcc 4.1.2 is ancient
11:29:55[Saint]IKR? I'm on gcc 5.4
11:30:30[Saint]I have been facing a lot of projects lately where my environment is too new to compile.
11:32:01[Saint]I'm on Ubuntu Server 16.10 for my development server(s).
11:32:56[Saint]So it makes for some interesting problems when a project requires $TOOL but the $TOOL in your repository is several major iterations newer than the project can allow for.
11:33:24[Saint]Or when build scripts think it is impossible for the linux kernel 4.6 to exist.
11:35:48[Saint]Anyway - I'm off to get things sorted in Real Life Land. If you get anything figured out regarding the mips toolchain and/or how we can work around building arm-eabi and mipsel-elf without conflict, please let me know.
11:36:42[Saint][7]: if you could please diff your changes to (or whatever hackery you used to generate it) in order to build the ypr* toolchain - if you could please share that with me I would greatly appreciate it.
11:36:51[Saint]Thank you and good night.
12:08:20pamaury[7]: ping
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13:28:52Horrorcatah, you were debugging I think that -fgnu-inline-c89 flag might be what I need to get it to run on my machine
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14:14:55pamauryHorrorcat: did you have the opportunity to try the build I send you the link to ?
14:15:54pamauryHorrorcat: yes if you are trying to build the arm toolchain, you might want to apply this patch first:
14:16:05Horrorcatah, sorry, my shell rebooted and I don’t have logs
14:16:17Horrorcatpamaury: would you mind to re-send me the link to the build?
14:18:06pamauryhen go to System > Debug > show hw info > lradc and see if any of the "channel x" value changes when you plug/unplug headphones
14:19:06Horrorcatchannel 5 goes from ~900 to ~3400
14:19:35Horrorcat(970 ± 10 while not plugged in, 3610 ± 10 when plugged in)
14:19:36pamauryhuh, but that's exactly what the button code is momitoring, so jack detection should work :-/
14:19:55pamaurycan you go again to the System > Debug > show hw info > button screen
14:20:06Horrorcatyes, am there
14:20:07pamauryand tell me if something changes wehn you plug/unplug ?
14:20:20Horrorcatsame raw values as in the lradc screen
14:20:28Horrorcathas the order of elements changed in that screen?
14:20:40pamauryno, but you told me yesterday nothing was changing
14:21:15HorrorcatI cannot vow for not having looked at hold instead of jack
14:21:22Horrorcatbut it still doesn’t work
14:21:34pamauryhum ok let me think, can you give me the value of vddio ?
14:22:09Horrorcat3650 ± 10
14:22:36pamauryah that's it then, the voltage of the pin slightly different from mine
14:22:48pamaury(with respect to VDDIO)
14:22:54pamaurythat should be trivial to fix then
14:23:04Horrorcatsorry for the noise with the wrong input :/
14:23:07Horrorcatmust’ve been late or something
14:24:21pamauryI doubled checked the OF and the it implements detection as "voltage on channel 5 >= 2000" (with some scaling wrt to vddio) whereas I implemented it as "voltage on channel 5 = 3520+/-30" (with some scaling wrt to vddio) and apparently this is too strict
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14:36:39pamauryHorrorcat: if you can wait for 5 min, I can send you a new build with the fix to test it
14:37:00HorrorcatI’m here until about 15:00 UTC
14:37:07Horrorcatso, yeah
14:50:52pamauryHorrorcat: ah damn, I don't have the cross compiler on my work machine so I can't compile, you'll have to wait until tonight :-/
14:52:54Horrorcatah, well, just drop me the link, I’ll take at look at it tomorrow if I’m away by then
15:00:34Horrorcatpamaury: can I build off master + a patch? I just managed to get arm-elf-eabi-gcc built
15:00:40Horrorcat(your patch worked)
15:00:56pamauryyes, but I can't garantee my patch compiles :-p wait a sec
15:03:34Horrorcatmake is running
15:03:38Horrorcatand failed :-)
15:04:19pamauryhaha, can you paste the output ?
15:04:27pamaurynot here, on
15:04:28HorrorcatAP ≠ MAP is what I already found
15:04:50Horrorcatafter fixing that, the following remains:
15:05:03Horrorcat_GT seems to be equal to _LT
15:05:33pamauryah stupid of me, change LT to be equal to 2
15:05:35pamaury#define IMX233_BUTTON_LT 2
15:06:02 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:06:05Horrorcatand a closing brace for the switch
15:06:26Horrorcatnow there’s this:
15:06:29pamauryah I finally have a cross compiler, compilation was quick
15:06:59pamauryat least I can now try to compile it
15:08:38pamauryreplace LRADC_EX(5, GT, 2000, I_VDDIO) by LRADC_EX(5, GT, 2000, I_VDDIO, 0)
15:08:45pamaurybut that's not enough, there is another problem
15:10:06Horrorcatit builds here
15:10:37pamauryah yeah sorry, I made a typo ;)
15:10:44pamaurywell now just hope for the best ;)
15:10:54pamauryworst case scenario: I just broke all buttons ^^
15:11:32Horrorcatwellllll :D
15:11:35Horrorcatreset turns it off at least
15:11:58Horrorcatbuttons work at least
15:12:15pamauryactually no, it is unlikely I broke any button because lradc is only use for jack on this device
15:12:29Horrorcatpause & resume with jack works!
15:12:41Horrorcatit causes the WPS to be drawn over menus though
15:12:44Horrorcatat least for one frame or something
15:13:00Horrorcat(on resume)
15:13:12pamauryprobably a WPS/theme engine bug
15:14:03Horrorcatbut that’s only minor, the screen restores after half a second or something
15:14:10Horrorcatfunctionality is there :-)
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20:03:50pamaurythis is a joke, trying to build the yp-r0 toolchain:
20:03:58pamaury[CFG ] checking version of make... 4.0, bad
20:05:58pamauryI wonder how [7] did it, it seems it requires to patch some configure script, sight
20:07:03gevaertsDidn't he just find an old build?
20:07:34pamauryapparently not, it uses the system make
20:07:43pamauryand 4.x is too new, I guess it might even break stuff
20:08:02pamauryapparently there is an experimental option to ask it to build its own make, I need to find it
20:08:20 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
20:09:52pamauryI guess I will continue this later
20:10:30pamauryin fact fixing armapp might not be that hard, we "just" need to edit the cross tool config file and upload a new version on our website, the script will use it automatically
20:11:19 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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20:16:26*pamaury has configure ct-ng to also build make
20:16:30pamaurylet's hope it will work
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20:41:33pamauryhaha, I have the ypr0 toolchain \o/
20:41:48pamauryit was not hard that hard in fact, just some cross tool config hacking
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22:03:31pamauryhum weird, why didn't built arm-ypr0-linux-gnueabi-cpp ?!
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22:07:53n1ckyHey, is Franlin Wei in here?
22:08:09n1cky+1 for the OTP plugin, that's awesome
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23:15:18brickedclipplusoii anyone here
23:15:45brickedclipplusquestion about ams unbricking
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23:24:22pamauryI hate the ypr0 toolchain, I now get a completely obscure error x-(
23:26:40pamaurythere really seems to be something random in this things, why did I not have this error previously !!
23:28:28pamaurysyntax error in, there is no way I am going to fix that easily
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