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#rockbox log for 2016-05-29

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02:17:27*__builtin needs to work this problem out
02:17:47__builtinI have a list of strings I want to appear as options in a rockbox menu
02:19:41[Saint_]why should rockbox care about a plugin in such a fashion?
02:19:51[Saint_]it's a plugin precisely because it doesn't touch the system.
02:23:24[Saint_]I can't think of a single plugin that is capable of modifying the system in this fashion.
02:23:40[Saint_]You'd also make translation all sorts of fucky.
02:23:46[Saint_]and voice.
02:24:10[Saint_]I mean...sorry, it's just weird.
02:24:38[Saint_]Dat ain't be how plugins do.
02:27:57__builtinwell, alright
02:28:03*__builtin will write his own menu then
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02:52:16[Saint_]Holy shit I hate this ypr* toolchain soooooo much.
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03:10:57__builtinis there an AES implementation anywhere in rockbox?
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03:56:55__builtinyay, got HOTP working :D
03:57:06__builtinnow time to test it with my github
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04:08:39__builtinseems like HOTP doesn't work
04:19:22__builtinwell, fixed it :D
04:19:32*__builtin authenticates into github with his plugin
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05:15:48__builtinok, pushed TOTP support
05:16:18__builtinneed a manual entry, I guess
05:20:28[Saint]TOTP when the system clock can be so easily reset and the synchronization isn't managed externally scares the crap out of me.
05:20:37[Saint]Does it not you?
05:22:55[Saint]Leave the device turned off for a month, get the predictable RTC drift almost every target suffers from to some extent, and then OTP falls over on you?
05:23:03__builtinwell, I could have a warning to check the system clock within 30 seconds
05:23:15[Saint]30s is a huge margin.
05:25:08__builtinusually the server accepts just-expired and future codes within a margin too
05:25:39__builtinso the clock really only needs to be within +/- 45 or so seconds from the server time
05:25:49[Saint]that's true, but they're also usually not using their own time sources.
05:26:12[Saint]TOTP methods usually agree on an external time source, no?
05:26:49__builtinbut usually that's a source a user can easily synchronize with
05:27:24__builtina.k.a. unix time
05:28:14__builtinso TOTP should work, the user just needs to be reminded to sync the clock
05:31:42[Saint]I guess you don't carry a smartphone.
05:32:27__builtinof course I could use gauth
05:32:32[Saint]I delegate this shit to my phone, no need to micromanage the system clock, or even have the system clock even set - as it is easy to agree on an external time source there.
05:33:26__builtinon the devices with an RTC, it's usually reasonably accurate, no?
05:34:24[Saint]You mean RB devices when you say that?
05:35:04*[Saint] rummages through the drawer of DAPs.
05:35:56[Saint]At a random selection of devices, that I'm pretty confident were all time synced at some point fairly recently, I can see anywhere from 2~17 minutes drift.
05:36:53[Saint]ipod6g is the only one that is fast, though. the rest are all slow.
05:37:11[Saint]If you're regularly checking the system clock on the device it shouldn't be a problem.
05:38:38__builtin[Saint]: do you mind testing the plugin and giving some feedback?
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06:26:50duo8does rockbox skip the track if it can't read more?
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06:48:49[Saint]duo8: Hmm?
06:49:14duo8Some of the tracks skip randomly
06:49:31duo8I think it might not be able to read them or something
06:49:54duo8(the files are not corrupted btw)
06:50:12[Saint]How have you verified that?
07:26:56duo8If I come back to play it later (after a reboot I think), it plays normally
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13:22:10lnxnxThe guy who accidentally bathed his Clip+ yesterday. I just want to share a success story with you. I disassembled it (except I perhaps should have fully unfoiled the battery), left it to dry overnight and in the morning sun, and it appears to be fine, recording, filesystem, and all.
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13:22:35lnxnxThe battery seems to deplete a bit faster, but that's not a problem, they're really replaceable.
13:22:39lnxnxSansas are awesome.
13:23:06lnxnxI've been running it for the last two hours, too.
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13:33:57relanice :)
13:34:13relamy clip zip has problems with the buttons unfortunately
13:35:48lnxnxWhat exactly?
13:35:52lnxnxPerhaps there are software workarounds.
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14:24:56Horrorcatpamaury: is there a keybinding for charge-only USB on the X-Fi 3?
14:25:13Horrorcat(on the h3xx, I could hold down Record to prevent it from going into mass storage mode)
14:25:15pamauryholding any key when you plug usb
14:25:40Horrorcatah nice
14:26:00celamy clip+ battery is still good, but considering all the recent power saving improvements, i'm thinking about replacing it with a supercap when it finally dies, wonder if anyone else has thought of trying this?
14:26:05pamauryby the way I pushed the fix for headphone detection, and other things, feel free to try to lastest nightly
14:26:27Horrorcata nice
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14:34:26lnxnxWhat will headphone detection enable, pamaury?
14:35:04pamaurylnxnx: it's on zenxfi3, but generally it enables to pause/resume on headphone unplug
14:35:25lnxnxI see, that's good.
14:35:29Horrorcat(and non-resume on power up if no headphones are plugged in)
14:35:41pamauryit could also enable switch from headphone to speaker, even thoigh I have no implemented that (and obviously your player would need a speaker)
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14:36:04Horrorcatas long as it is turn-off-able. speakers are the worst ;-)
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14:37:22pamauryyeah the quality is pretty bad
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15:09:21duo8i wish i can get these awesome obscure players
15:14:13duo890% of the supported players
15:14:28Horrorcatebay helped me twice
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16:22:17*pamaury just realized the whole sd+mmc debug code is essentially broken, apps/ assumes sd XOR mmc, no wonder why the sdmmc debug screen displays garbage
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17:18:55pamaurywhy on earth are so many drivers called ata-sd or ata-mmc ?
17:19:20pamauryit does not make any sense, those are pure sd drivers !
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18:17:47*pamaury is trying to fix the sd/mmc mess once and for all
18:18:13pamaurygevaerts: do you know if someone still has an ondio ?
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18:52:02*pixelma raises hand
18:52:32pixelmathough I'm off for the evening probably
18:53:20pamauryok there is no hurry, it would just be nice if you want try a patch for me later. It touches mmc code and I am trying not to break ondio ;)
18:53:49pixelmapamaury: ^ but I still have my Ondio, haven't updated Rockbox for a long while... yes that would be nice
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18:57:50Horrorcatpamaury: I updated my rockbox just now; works fine with current master (headphone plug/unplug). microSD is also working fine for me up to now :-)
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18:59:01pamaurythis week-end I am also working on a long standing issue of microsd speed, currently my code does not put SD card in high-speed mode because some braindead SD card fail. Hopefully my new code will be able to activate it on most card
18:59:36Horrorcatthough, this card is also horribly slow in my noteboko, I’m not sure I will notice a difference
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21:01:55fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 7aacf4d, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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21:03:06pamauryit would be nice to have some feedback on g#1330
21:03:07fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1330 at : Rework sd/mmc handling by Amaury Pouly
21:03:40pamaurygevaerts: pixelma: wodz: ^
21:03:59pamaury(I am still in the process of converting ondio code, should be added soon)
21:04:46 Join [Saint] [0] (~hayden@rockbox/staff/saint)
21:11:25fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 569 seconds.
21:11:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 7aacf4d result: 5 errors 0 warnings
21:11:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 633c8ed, 255 builds, 13 clients.
21:14:10lebelliumpamaury: I see you reworked debug menu. On Fuze+ there is still the crash when exiting the touchpad debug menu
21:14:25pamaurylebellium: yes I know, I know the reason for the crash
21:14:44pamauryit is fixed in g#1314
21:14:45fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1314 at : fuze+: rewrite touchpad driver by Amaury Pouly
21:14:57pamaurywhich also contains a complete rewrite of the driver
21:15:04lebelliumoh ok
21:15:15pamauryfeel free to torture test it by the way ;)
21:16:12lebelliumI hate touchpads, I don't know if I want to test it :D
21:16:25pamauryhaha, sure
21:17:04pamauryif you have lots of sd card, you could test g#1331
21:17:05fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1331 at : imx233: enable high-speed mode on sd cards by Amaury Pouly
21:17:45lebelliumI have a few ones yes
21:18:05lebelliumwhat is this high speed mode?
21:18:45Horrorcatpamaury: where would be a noticable difference though?
21:20:31pamaurylebellium: basically it enables faster access to the sd card (assuming it is fast enough of course). Without it you are limited to 10MB/s (which translates to ~8MB/s over usb). With it, you can reached 20MB/s in theory (and around 18MB/s on usb I guess)
21:20:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 545 seconds.
21:20:32fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 633c8ed result: 32 errors 0 warnings
21:21:21lebelliumokay, I have a few class 10 cards which should be fast enough to see a difference
21:21:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 6d124c7, 255 builds, 13 clients.
21:21:56pamauryyou can do two tests: use test_disk plugin
21:22:03pamauryor over usb, transfer large amount of data
21:23:53pamaurylebellium: I would advise to try all cards, even the slow ones
21:24:00pamaurythose are the most likely to be broken
21:26:51lebelliumI just wait for your latest commit to be available in Rockbox Utility
21:28:32pamaurylebellium: g#1331 is not committed yet, you will need to compile it yourself
21:28:33fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1331 at : imx233: enable high-speed mode on sd cards by Amaury Pouly
21:28:37pamaury(or I can upload a build)
21:28:47lebelliumI guess I'm too tired
21:29:03lebelliumor maybe I wanted to try with the current build to see there difference
21:29:12pamauryah yes good point
21:29:16Horrorcatpamaury: does it affect the X-Fi 3 too? I can test with the one micro SD I have
21:29:22pamauryHorrorcat: yes it does
21:29:41pamauryin fact it also affects ZEN X-Fi3 internal storage too
21:29:50pamaury(but this one is really slow iirc)
21:30:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 510 seconds.
21:30:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 6d124c7 result: 5 errors 0 warnings
21:30:12Horrorcatit is slow as hell, yes. that’s why it might be interesting :-)
21:30:16HorrorcatI’ll take a look at it tomorrow
21:31:36lebelliumpamaury: shoud I wait until you fixed the 5 errors or it's not relevant ?
21:32:48pamauryit's just fixed ;)
21:33:37lebelliumtest_disk: "incompatible version"
21:33:54pamaurymake sure you rebuild everything
21:34:09pamaury(I guess you only changed rockbox.sansa ?)
21:34:53lebelliumI downloaded 6d124c7 with RButil
21:36:16pamauryah, I think test_disk is only build if you enable it
21:36:32pamaury(ie it's not in the build you downloaded, that must be a leftover from an old version)
21:36:45pamauryso you need to recompile it yourself and enable test plugins in configure
21:36:56pamauryyeah I'm sorry
21:37:18lebelliumwhy is it listed in the standard build then
21:38:05pamauryis it ?
21:38:37lebelliumyes, otherwise I couldn't select it and get the "incompatible version" message :)
21:38:52pamauryno you misunderstand
21:39:00pamauryyou unpacked, it overwrote all files
21:39:15pamaurybut test_disk was already there and no in, so not touched
21:39:40lebelliumah so probably traces from an old build I compiled myself?
21:41:55[Saint]There's no easy way to combat that, either.
21:42:12[Saint]We've even done this to ourselves accidentally a few times deprecating things.
21:53:30__builtinwhich targets lack a RTC?
21:56:09[Saint]I'm on a bus right now, but, I'll hazard a guess that grep is your friend.
21:56:43[Saint]there'll almost certainly be one or more obvious defines for this.
21:57:02__builtincan I have grep search for strings not in a file?
21:57:13*__builtin needs to find headers without CONFIG_RTC
22:00:05pamaury__builtin: grep −−files-without-match
22:00:44pamaurythere are plenty, like ../firmware/export/config/ipod1g2g.h
22:01:20__builtinok, thanks :D
22:04:07__builtinis there a script that builds a simulator for every target?
22:05:03lebelliumpamaury: ok, started testing sd cards with current build and later with patched build
22:07:54pamaury__builtin: no, but you can use;a=blob;f=buildserver/builds;h=eda485a3e0c67d5d080df605a61d6c4ba5420779;hb=HEAD
22:08:02[Saint]__builtin: not that I am aware of.
22:08:10pamaurya bit of grep to list of sim builds and then awk to get to get the configure line
22:08:16pamauryyou almost have your script :)
22:08:17[Saint]But building a sim to test out RTC isn;t really going to work as you might intend it.
22:08:36[Saint]WHen it is provided by the host and uses the same subsystem for everything...kinda invalidates it.
22:08:58[Saint]A single hosted target is likely entirely sufficient.
22:09:06__builtinit seems like I broke the UI sim
22:10:49[Saint]what the...
22:11:20pamaury__builtin: what did you change ?
22:11:27__builtinthis is vanilla with just the OTP plugin (G#1323)
22:11:28fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1323 at : One-Time Password client (HOTP and TOTP) by Franklin Wei
22:11:44__builtinit's not linking with SDL, I think
22:11:45[Saint]also - your -j flag not being an even multiple is freaking me out, man.
22:12:07__builtinwhat's wrong with -j3?
22:12:16pamauryI always use -j3, it works well
22:12:30pamaury__builtin: can you try without parallel build ?
22:12:35pamauryit may be a build problem
22:13:10[Saint]I always use -j<core_multipled_by_four>
22:13:16 Join einhirn [0] (
22:13:22pamaurywhat??? this is crazy
22:14:41pamauryat on my machine it completely screws up the build time, I guess it spend a lot of time going from one cc to another
22:14:46__builtinI get the same thing with a totally new build
22:14:59 Quit einhirn_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:15:04__builtinnew directory, new configure
22:16:15__builtinno -j flag, either
22:16:31__builtincan I have make print what commands it runs?
22:18:41 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
22:18:45[Saint]not that I am aware of without a fair amount of manual fuckery.
22:19:12pamaury__builtin: yes you can
22:19:15pamauryMAKE V=1 iirc
22:19:46[Saint]Hmmm, I stand corrected, thank you.
22:20:30pamauryalthough I admit it is far from obvious when you read the makefiles
22:21:25__builtinno -lSDL
22:21:48__builtinso now the question is why isn't it using -lSDL
22:24:19[Saint]'which libsdl1.2-dev'?
22:24:45[Saint]Is it possible you've fucked up your environment through a kludged upgrade?
22:25:41[Saint]errr, shit, not which.
22:25:53[Saint]Ummm...the command I want to remember, yeah, that. DO that.
22:25:58pamaury__builtin: what is the output of pkg-config −−libs sdl
22:26:11__builtinpkg-config −−libs sdl
22:26:13__builtin-lSDL -lpthread
22:27:18[Saint]I want to say this is some form of environment issue from leftovers of a partial upgrade.
22:27:26[Saint]what distro is this?
22:27:29pamaury__builtin: and sdl-config −−libs
22:28:37__builtin-L/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread
22:30:03[Saint]makes it trickier somewhat, bah.
22:31:48lebelliumpamaury: testing 11 cards for you :)
22:32:00[Saint]looks like this could be yet another of the wide and varied "bouncing off modern g++" type errors.
22:32:20pamaury__builtin: so you say -lSDL is not found on the final linking command ?
22:32:30pamaurythat's odd
22:32:50pamaurylebellium: great, thank you :)
22:36:41 Quit amiconn (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:37:10 Join pixelma [0] (~pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:37:12 Join amiconn [0] (~amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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22:38:12pamaury__builtin: some make hacking might be needed to understand why
22:40:06pamaury__builtin: can you pastebin the generated Makefile ?
22:40:13pamauryand the output of configure ?
22:48:53 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
22:55:17 Join Strobokopp [0] (
22:56:19 Quit ender` (Quit: Live your Life in such a way that the Westboro Baptist Church will want to picket your funeral.)
23:08:20[Saint]I /think/ I might have an understanding.
23:08:35[Saint]But I would also like the aforementioned pastes.
23:18:38lebelliumpamaury: should I send you the results at your gmail?
23:21:33pamaurylebellium: email or pastebin as you like
23:22:26 Quit Guest85177 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:24:13 Join Guest85177 [0] (
23:30:13lebelliumpamaury: email sent
23:32:38pamaurylebellium: if it is not too much to ask, could you a quick comparison over usb ? Like taking the 3 top speed cards
23:33:07pamaury(if you do, be sure to transfer something to the sd card of course)
23:36:12[Saint]would you not want to make sure that you're flushing caches between each test also?
23:36:24[Saint](you probably were - but, in case you weren't)
23:37:02pamaurylinux flushes caches when you disconnect a device
23:37:21pamauryof course you need to perform the test only once for a particular one you are right
23:37:31pamauryotherwise your card might read at 6GB/s ;)
23:39:47lebelliumpamaury: too late now
23:39:51lebelliummaybe tomorrow
23:40:00pamauryok, thanks
23:40:25lebelliumwhich kind of file should I test?
23:41:21lebelliumI will test with Windows 7. I only use Linux to compile rockbox
23:43:59pamaurylebellium: just transfer a big file and report the speed. On linux I would advise dd if=<path to sd> bs=1M count=100 of=/dev/null
23:44:37lebelliumI just said I won't use linux :)
23:45:10 Quit Guest85177 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:46:35pamaurylebellium: I know, it's just to give you an idea :-p
23:46:51pamauryI don't use window, so I have no idea what would be the "equivalent"
23:46:59[Saint]Not much of a transferable one, sadly.
23:47:03 Join Guest85177 [0] (
23:47:17[Saint]There is a "dd" for Windows, but, it is absolutely batshit insane for writing to block devices.
23:47:26[Saint]Actually...any path, really.
23:48:06[Saint]This man recommends avoiding it like the plague.
23:49:34pamauryI don't know then, I would say put a big file on the sd card (like 500MB) once. Then copy it from sd to desktop, it should take a while, just see what is the average transfer speed. I am sure windows can do that
23:52:10lebelliumok, let's see that tomorrow
23:52:23lebelliumI use Linux in VirtualBox so USB is a pain
23:52:31lebelliumthat's why I would use windows
23:53:20[Saint]and host passthrough wouldn't provide anywhere near realistic results anyway.
23:53:47[Saint]I didn't realize you meant in a container.
23:54:01[Saint]knowing now, yeah, don't bother.
23:54:25lebelliumgood night
23:54:43 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042])
23:55:16pamauryah explains everything
23:55:32[Saint]host passthrough getting in the way?
23:56:15[Saint]I'm missing the context, but, I can't imagine a virtualized environment being ideal for testing anything USB related.

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