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#rockbox log for 2016-06-03

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06:23:41chilli0hello :)
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06:39:52chilli0is anyone in here a developer?
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06:48:04saratogachilli0: if you have a question, just ask, someone will reply if they know
06:48:40chilli0I'm interested in doing some dev stuff for rockbox and wanted some guidance
06:49:19chilli0my goal is to write a bitcoin wallet, for the priv key and to sign transactions
06:49:59saratogai think similar plugin ideas have been implemented, you could take a look and see how they work
06:50:03saratogaalthough not for bitcoin i think
06:53:46chilli0saratoga, I have looked at the plugins on the rockbox site and nothing I could find related, what plugins have you seen that are similar?
06:54:17saratogathis is conceptually related:
06:55:14chilli0awesome :) thanks
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08:17:52duo8you sure you want your private key on a player?
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08:41:00chilli0why not duo8 ?
08:41:05chilli0it's not connected to the net
08:41:21duo8what if someone takes it?
08:41:32duo8also input would probably be a pain
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08:48:54chilli0not concerned about anyone taking it - I am more or less going to use it as a hardware wallet not a mp3 player
08:49:13chilli0It wouldn't need any manual input, usb to computer to do it all
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11:41:32fishbulbI'm putting a solid state drive into an iriver h340
11:41:36fishbulbanyone know much about that?
11:42:14HorrorcatI have a h320
11:42:20Horrorcatand I replaced its HDD with a SSD some time ago
11:42:30fishbulbwhich bootloader do you use?
11:42:31Horrorcatlet me check something, I’m coming back to you soon, fishbulb
11:42:50fishbulblike the release
11:43:20Horrorcatuhm, bit ancient, but the bootloader isn’t making any problmes
11:43:28HorrorcatI guess it’s the release from 2009 or something
11:43:47fishbulbso the newer one will work too?
11:43:53HorrorcatI presume
11:43:55Horrorcathaven’t tested
11:43:57fishbulbhave you modded the output caps or anything like that?
11:44:03Horrorcatwhich output caps?
11:44:31fishbulbI'm wondering if it's worth messing with that stuff
11:44:55Horrorcatwhich SSD are you about to get?
11:45:04fishbulbI have the SSD, it's a samsung 128gb
11:45:15fishbulbI'm waiting for all the other crap, those adapters
11:45:24HorrorcatI’m curious, tell me about how well it wroks
11:45:26fishbulbmsata to zif, zif to PATA or whatever
11:45:29HorrorcatI’m having issues with the SSD I’m using
11:45:35fishbulboh shit, like what
11:45:45Horrorcatit’s a 1.8" IDE SSD though
11:45:46Horrorcatwithout adapters
11:45:52HorrorcatI’m getting you the mailing list post I wrote back then
11:45:53fishbulbok. that's a different story
11:46:05Horrorcatnot sure
11:46:13fishbulbit probably doesn't apply to what I'm doing
11:46:21HorrorcatI have two suspicions: either the power supply is not good enough for the SSD or the SSD sucks
11:46:27Horrorcatthe symptoms would fit both
11:46:33fishbulbah. yeah I'm wondering about that
11:46:42fishbulbthis samsung is supposed to be super low draw
11:47:03fishbulbeither intel or samsung are supposed to be the ones that use the least current
11:47:05HorrorcatI am running a custom patch on rockbox which attempts to deal with these issues. Appearantly the SSD also hicks up if you try to do too much ATA power management with it
11:47:08fishbulb3.3v 1.6A peak
11:47:21elensilyou have an IDE connector on the h320 motherboard ?
11:47:31Horrorcatelensil: 1.8", yes
11:47:42fishbulbum. ata power management? that wouldn't apply
11:47:48fishbulbit's a solid state drive
11:47:50Horrorcatfishbulb: rockbox nevertheless tries to do it :-)
11:48:00fishbulbok so can that be patched out
11:48:05elensilHorrorcat: so it's like legacy iPod until 4G ?
11:48:10fishbulbthat's why I'm asking about which bootloader
11:48:11Horrorcatelensil: I have no idea about ipods
11:48:22fishbulbI like the iriver, I have two
11:48:32Horrorcatfishbulb: I never had problems in the bootloader −− even if rockbox just crashed on the SSD, the bootloader would run fine
11:48:34fishbulbif the ssd works, I might put a huge one in the second
11:48:48Horrorcatdefinnitely let me know how it works out for you
11:48:51fishbulbwell this is an mstata ssd
11:49:05fishbulbum. I think the rest of the adapters and stuff like that get here in 3 or 4 weeks
11:49:10Horrorcatyeah, I would replace my IDE SSD and glue in a chain of adapters if it works better then :-)
11:49:24fishbulbthere are success stories already on the rockbox forums
11:49:44fishbulbso I decided to go this way, there's no real problem with the spinning drive, I just got bored with it
11:49:45elensileheh, on my 4G I'm using IDE > CF > SD > microSD :D
11:50:01fishbulbare microsd even fast enough?
11:50:29fishbulbI chose 128gb because I'll put a lot of FLAC
11:50:52Horrorcatfishbulb: don’t worry about the spede of the card. rockbox does Pin I/O on the iriver h3xx, so no DMA or anythign
11:51:17fishbulbactually I got 128gb because it was 50 bux
11:51:22elensilfishbulb: I have ~10Mb/s
11:51:35fishbulbI dunno what that compares to elensil
11:52:19elensilI've choose this solution for the price mostly, updating a MicroSD card is cheap, got my 32gb for a cheap price
11:52:55fishbulbis it class 10 or something
11:53:05Horrorcatmaybe I should go for replacing that crap SSD with a CF card
11:53:13Horrorcator microsd
11:53:13fishbulbSD would be cool, I'd cut a hole in the back to change them out
11:53:37Horrorcatfishbulb: have you opened the device already? on mine, the battery is between the HDD and the back cover
11:53:39elensilfishbulb: I think so yes
11:54:12Horrorcatalthough you probably have some spare space if you go for microsd
11:54:38elensilHorrorcat: I'm using this one
11:54:55Horrorcatelensil: this can directly be plugged in the IDE port of the h3xx?
11:55:18fishbulbI've opened it dozens of times
11:55:25elensilno, you have to use a IDE to CF adapter
11:55:31fishbulbit's from 2004, the battery goes about once a year
11:55:52fishbulbslightly more than once each year it starts dying
11:55:59fishbulbI mean slightly more than a year
11:56:08elensilHorrorcat: this thing
11:56:32Horrorcatelensil: thanks.
11:56:41HorrorcatI guess I will replace that SSD with such an adapter chain
11:57:01elensilbe carefull with the little jumper on this adapter, I had to cut it a bit to make it fit in the iPod case
11:57:14Horrorcatthat shouldn’t be a problem
11:57:22Horrorcathm, more worried about the width of the pcb
11:58:05elensilyeah, actually I had too much space in the case after that, so you have to find a way to fill it with cardboard and tape :p
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12:00:17elensilbe carefull with theses adapters as well, had to turn back another one that wasn't recognized
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12:01:55Horrorcatelensil: thanks for the tips
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12:03:03Horrorcatthe SSD is annoying the hell out of me. and if I can exchange it for something else, I can close the case properly again, and then the device won’t suffer that much anymore when it falls on the floor and then it’ll live for 10 more years :D
12:04:14elensil:) you're welcome, theses audio-players have good hardware (especially the DAC on old iPods from my point of view) I really enjoy of being able to upgrade them to "keep them alive" for decades :D
12:04:22Horrorcatyes man
12:04:31HorrorcatI nearly cried when I thought my iriver died for good a few weeks ago
12:04:51elensilI saw some guys putting some 1Tb SSD in iPods :p
12:04:55Horrorcatwhen I dropped it on the floor and the display wouldn’t work again. yesterday I figured out that just a cable went loose
12:05:23elensileheh got a similar story with my IDE flat cable :D
12:05:29Horrorcatat least the display works again, I’ll need to get a new battery (I gave the old one away to a battery nerd) to check whether everything else is fine
12:05:49Horrorcat(or does anyone have an idea how to boot an iriver without battery? pluggin in power will drop you in OF charge mode)
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12:06:27Horrorcatokay, running the OF to play back a song is probably proof enough
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12:09:56fishbulbthe original firmware doesnt' work with an msata ssd apparently
12:10:15Horrorcatgood to know.
12:10:17fishbulbget a hard drive
12:10:26Horrorcat(it works with the IDE SSD though)
12:10:28fishbulbthere is absolutely nothing wrong with mine
12:10:50fishbulbI'm changing it out to see if it's good, if it is, I'll do my other h340 with a much bigger ssd
12:11:34HorrorcatI don’t care about the OF to be honest. Using microSD is appealing because microSD are cheap. I would stay with the SSD I have if it wasn’t utterly annoying.
12:11:40fishbulbone time I dropped one, the platters smashed into pieces that sounded like broken glass
12:11:55fishbulbso I used a 60gb drive, there's 60gb in both of these
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12:13:16fishbulbssd should last because it's not writing to the drive much, there are limited write cycles
12:13:48fishbulbthe ssd in my thinkpad has lasted a LONG time
12:14:06HorrorcatI am thinking about the long run. mSATA seems to be future-proof, IDE SSDs are not. microSD is also looking well due to smartphones, which also keeps their price reasonably low.
12:14:07fishbulbI write to it constantly
12:14:23fishbulbmicrosd aren't fast enough
12:14:34fishbulbif they are they get to the price of an msata anyway.
12:14:42 Join K1773R_ [0] (~K1773R@unaffiliated/k1773r)
12:14:47Horrorcatyeah, they’ve become better than their reputation
12:14:57Horrorcat(SSDs that is)
12:15:26Horrorcatthey’re fast enough for reading and playing from them. I’m fine when it takes an hour or something to fill them initially, afterwards the changes are only incremental.
12:15:50Horrorcatprovided that rockbox won’t crash as much as it does with my SSD. there, I have to re-create the filesystem about once every two or three weeks.
12:16:11elensilHorrorcat: exactly, on my side it takes something like 20sec to add a FLAC album, that's fine for me
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12:16:14fishbulbload the new version
12:16:18 Nick K1773R_ is now known as K1773R (~K1773R@unaffiliated/k1773r)
12:16:27Horrorcatfishbulb: it’s a hardware issue
12:16:34HorrorcatI have dug deep in the ATA code back then
12:16:44fishbulbdoes msata have the same issue?
12:16:47HorrorcatI cannot tell
12:16:49Horrorcathaven’t tried
12:16:54fishbulbwhat about the forums
12:17:09Horrorcatbut people would know, it crashes after a few minutes with my ssd and without my patch
12:17:12fishbulbif it does I'll put the spinning drive back in and use this SSD in another thinkpad
12:17:13HorrorcatI suspect the SSD is crap
12:17:26HorrorcatI guess you won’t have too much problems.
12:17:46fishbulbI hope the msata one works.
12:17:57Horrorcatif you’ve seen reports of it working, I guess it will
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12:29:29idonobFairly late, but topical to the RkNanoD and the notion of Rockbox on an ARM cortex M series MCU, I've been on-and-off contemplating that the last year in between the rest of life.
12:31:22idonobI have a pile of modules that include a ST Nucleo F401re, but haven't had enough time to sit down and figure out what the hell I'm doing
12:32:50idonobMy basic understanding so far is that once I have a dev environment set up that can compile for that chip, and that can compile rockbox, I need to make some kind of set of driver shims or a hardware abstraction layer to make it all talk to rockbox.
12:33:36idonobIt's kind of short on RAM so I have this notion of using a lower powered cortex M0 chip to behave as an MMU kind of thing to give it a dedicated buffer
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16:01:21saratoga27 hours runtime from a "broken" clip zip :)
16:01:27saratogathanks ebay
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16:07:52b0hoonre ypr0: i came to the step "Configuring shared core C compiler"
16:08:03b0hoonhere is my ct-ng-config file:
16:08:04Horrorcatsaratoga: yeah, I feel ebay is the rockbox users best friend :-)
16:09:07b0hoongcc rised to 4.9.2 and eglibc to 2.19, cloog and ppl disabled, added mpc 0.8.2
16:09:48b0hoonAnd here is my build.log:
16:10:46b0hoonMaybe someone will go further with this
16:10:56b0hoonI give up
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16:14:29 Part b0hoon
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21:21:52fishbulbhey is there an audio channel
21:22:03fishbulbto do with audio equipment
21:26:10 Nick kugel_ is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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23:51:03n1ckyfishbulb: try ##audio
23:52:00n1ckyyou might also try a channel where people who like audio equipment might hang out; #edmproduction, #audacity, #ardour

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