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#rockbox log for 2016-06-05

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14:26:52pamauryhaha, I have hwstub working on jz4760b, that's a start
14:31:13pamauryI really don't like the usb core in that thing, it's a bit braindead
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18:51:51__builtinjaponecka: mounting the ipod on windows is a bit weird
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19:45:50pamauryTheSeven: if you get this message, could you explain how you built ypr0 toolchain recently ? I am stuck with a super weird make error, I tried several versions of make and they all fail (for different reasons)
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20:05:31__builtingevaerts: could you merge g#1323?
20:05:33fs-bluebotGerrit review #1323 at : One-Time Password client (HOTP and TOTP) by Franklin Wei
20:12:06gevaerts__builtin: would you mind making sure it compiles on all targets first? :)
20:12:29__builtinok, sure ;)
20:12:59gevaerts(hint: bitmap LCD)
20:19:02gevaerts__builtin: actually the only thing that prevents it from compiling on the Player is the lcd_setfont() line, so it might be worth considering leaving it enabled for all targets and just #ifdeffing that line
20:20:14*gevaerts wonders if there's an actual Player still in use somewhere :)
20:20:36__builtinit won't compile on the recorder, says the firmware image is too big
20:20:38__builtineven compressed
20:22:26gevaertsDo we actually build for the recorder these days?
20:22:54gevaertsDon't worry about that one
20:23:03gevaertsIt's disabled on the build server as well
20:23:38__builtinok, the player?
20:24:28gevaertsThe player doesn't build as-is from your commit, but it *does* build when you comment out that lcd_setfont() line
20:24:41gevaerts(or when you disable the entire plugin, presumably)
20:26:57__builtinalright, the plugin builds without error on the player
20:28:42gevaertsOK, let's try!
20:29:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 30d7ead, 255 builds, 15 clients.
20:37:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 510 seconds.
20:37:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 30d7ead result: All green
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20:53:41*__builtin still wonders why the wiki doesn't link to Plugin2048 in PluginIndex
20:57:07__builtingevaerts: it seems the HTML manuals are broken
20:57:14*gevaerts knows
20:57:23gevaertsI can't do anything about it
20:57:30__builtinwhat happened?
20:57:35gevaertsI've asked zagor several times to look into it
20:57:41gevaertsI have *no* idea
20:58:02*gevaerts doesn't run the server
20:58:18__builtinalso, do you know how all the screenshots are generated for the manual?
20:58:32gevaertsYes, someone makes the screenshots
20:58:52__builtinthere appears to be one per plugin per screen size
20:59:02*gevaerts nods
20:59:12__builtinso they're all made by hand?
20:59:16*gevaerts nods
21:01:40*__builtin needs to automate that somehow
21:03:35__builtinok, is there a source for precompiled sims?
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21:11:31*__builtin goes about automating 2048 screenshots
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21:14:17__builtinis it ok for a plugin to call a function not in plugin_api?
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21:27:17pamaury__builtin: no, because it can't
21:27:37pamauryif you want to use a function not in the api, you need to add it to the api
21:28:57*__builtin thinks he can automate screenshot generation now
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21:31:32*__builtin needs someone with a really fast machine to help him
21:32:03pamaury__builtin: what do you need ?
21:32:45__builtinI need to build a custom simulator for every target
21:32:56__builtinthe custom build automatically generates a screenshot
21:33:40pamauryI think I can do that on my build client, what is the screenshot for/of ?
21:33:53__builtinfor the manual
21:34:04__builtinhopefully I'll be able to generalize this process for future plugins
21:34:04pamaurydo you need a screenshort for every target ?
21:34:54__builtinwell, every screen size
21:37:57pamauryif you can upload the code to gerrit, I can give it a try
21:39:48*__builtin will probably need to write a script to build all the sims
21:42:40pamaurybuilding all the sims is easy thanks to the build client build list
21:44:48__builtinok, g#1338
21:44:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #1338 at : HACK/POC: automate screenshot generation for plugins (for use in the manual) by Franklin Wei
21:45:28 Quit Guest85177 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:45:41__builtinyou'll need to build and run a sim for each target
21:46:02__builtinactually, it's not totally automated yet
21:47:40 Join Guest85177 [0] (
21:49:32__builtinnow if you build a sim, it will run and exit with a .bmp file in the simdisk/ directory
21:51:49*pamaury is confused: is it automated or not ?
21:51:57__builtinyes and no
21:52:01__builtinsorry ;)
21:52:14pixelma__builtin: there should be sims for most targets on rasher's rockbox stuff site
21:52:22__builtinthe simulator is now completely automated, I just pushed a patch for that
21:52:45__builtinbut you'll still need to write a script to build all the sims, run them, and get the screenshot they generate
21:53:10pixelmaAnd IIRC he started work on some script to automate manual screenshot but I don't know the status of that
21:53:14pamaurypixelma: the point is to *not* run this by hand
21:53:53pixelmaWell, at least the sims would be ready by now
21:54:47pamauryyeah but taking the screenshort would be a huge pain if you have to do it for every single build by hand
21:54:57pamaury__builtin: ok, tell me when you uploaded, I'll first try on one sim and if it works I'll run it on all builds
21:55:52*pixelma shrugs
22:00:01pamaury__builtin: is it ready ? I see you uploaded a second version
22:01:22__builtinit's ready, but I'm trying to write a script to automate building all of the sims
22:02:07pamaury__builtin: don't worry I'll do it, along the lines of cat buildlist | awk '<insert awk here'> | xargs ...
22:07:10pamauryhum, I just realized a nasty detail: if I run the build on my build client, I don't have a screen and the simulator doesn't like that
22:10:25pamauryok, it works with ssh -X, although it's slow, now 2048 is playing by itself, it is normal ?
22:10:44__builtinit's a prescripted game
22:10:56pamauryis it long ? It's been playing for almost a minute now
22:11:24__builtinhmm, it shouldn't be
22:11:36pamaurymaybe it's because of the X forwarding
22:11:45__builtinif it's too slow, I can modify so it doesn't draw between frames
22:12:18pamauryyeah that would be helpful
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22:17:52*pamaury tries with xvfb to speed up things
22:18:26 Quit JdGordon_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:23:13pamaury__builtin: you said that once image per size is enough right ? so you don't mind if I only give you one image per size and not per target ?
22:27:01*pamaury starts the script
22:27:21pamauryhum, at least one target does not compile :(
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23:02:42pamaurytell me when you have it so I can delete it
23:03:01pamaurysome builds failed but I was too stupid to log it so I just hope you have enough/all sizes
23:03:08pamauryif you don't, tell me which one you miss
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23:21:54pamaury__builtin: and here is my "script" pamaury/fd669906eb8e91165dfe9352fd029613">
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23:43:20__builtinpamaury: thanks a lot :D
23:43:44__builtingot it
23:45:28*__builtin needs to do a writeup of this process

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