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#rockbox log for 2016-06-06

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00:05:50__builtinit also looks like something weird happened for the 480x640 screenshot
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00:11:14pamaury__builtin: indeed, I can redo this one if you can find me a target with this screen size
00:12:22__builtinthe creative zv
00:12:25__builtinwhatever that is
00:12:57__builtinthe zen vision
00:14:24pamauryhum, make install fails for the sim, weird
00:15:21pamauryah I'm stupid
00:15:36__builtinthis is weird
00:15:42__builtinit's not building 2048
00:16:44pamauryah damn, it's not the right size
00:16:53pamauryI built the zen vision 30gb apparently
00:19:11pamauryyeah it's not creating the file, yet I have it so there must be at least another target with this screen size
00:21:23__builtinhmm, I think that's the only one
00:21:31pamauryyes you are right
00:21:32pamauryanyway, I guess you'll figure it out, it's just one target/screenshot
00:21:42__builtin% grep -R LCD_WIDTH | grep 640
00:21:43__builtincreativezv.h:#define LCD_WIDTH 640
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00:22:35__builtinmaybe it's the SDL app
00:23:26pamauryI can build it but then I don't get any screensho
00:23:37pamauryso I'm wondering how I got it in the first place...
00:23:44__builtinthe simulator for the zv looks really messed up
00:28:41__builtinalright, forget it
00:29:07*__builtin uses a 320x240 screenshot in place of the 640x480 one
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00:47:20__builtinpamaury: the updated manual w/ images is g#1339
00:47:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #1339 at : manual: add screenshots for 2048 by Franklin Wei
00:47:25__builtincould you merge please?
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00:56:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e195126, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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01:05:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 580 seconds.
01:05:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e195126 result: All green
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01:48:05*__builtin wonders if he can repeat this process for xworld
01:48:50__builtinit just needs a deterministic seed so I can get past the coy protection screen
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04:38:34dongscoy protection, i like that
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04:50:24noaonthe feature comparison page ( says Rockbox supports aac w/ no container, but my .aac files don't show up in the file browser. Have I misinterpreted the containor and codec support?
05:14:52noaonalso, can rockbox play an .m4b file. I know it doesn't support the bookmarking feature.
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05:47:09noaonyeah, from this forum thread (,51309.0.html) raw aac is not supported
05:48:26[Saint]there's also a lot of codecs that are 'supported', but you'll almost certainly never see realtime playback with.
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05:49:11[Saint]but you'd really need to hate yourself for, for instance, insane APE to be your daily carry.
05:57:48noaonyeah, that's a little unfortuate. thankfully with microSD card capacity and prices, and ffmpeg, I'm finding it not too much an issue
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09:26:28duo8wow it just happened again, can someone suggest possible causes?
09:27:15duo8track suddenly skips to next one at a certain point. Plays normally after a reboot
09:27:28Horrorcatduo8: which kind of hardware?
09:27:44duo8sansa clip zip
09:27:52Horrorcatso no spinning harddrive I presume
09:28:09duo8yeah, but there is external storage
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11:31:20soadkombuchaso any idea why rockbox would be hanging on a database build
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11:51:01pamaurysoadkombucha: possibly a corrupted file system
11:51:11soadkombuchapamaury: Reformatted and ran a diskcheck
11:51:14soadkombuchano errors with that
11:51:22gevaertsTwo possibilities:
11:51:36gevaerts(a) no audio files on the (internal) filesystem
11:52:00gevaerts(b) there's a menu item somewhere in the debug menu to enable database logging to help track this down
11:52:09soadkombuchawell the problem is it hangs
11:52:12soadkombuchaand then refuses to boot
11:52:17soadkombuchauntil I go in and delete the .tcd files
11:52:49pamaurythis is unusual, the database refresh it usually done in background non ?
11:53:20pamaurydo you mean the whole player hangs ?
11:53:31soadkombuchayeah the whole player hangs
11:54:46pamauryI think in the past we had issues with (c) crazy metadata would crash the metadata parser
11:55:24soadkombuchai was wondering if it was maybe a size thing
11:55:47soadkombuchai mean I can use the filebrowser
11:55:48soadkombuchano problems
11:56:09pamaurythe database is store on disk, not in ram, so it's only limited by the storage iirc
11:56:21gevaertsIn System->Debug, there's an item called "metadata log". If you select that once, database logging should be enabled and you should be able to figure out which file fails from the "metadata.log" file
11:56:37gevaertsNote that I've never used this myself, so I'm not sure of the details
11:57:20pamaurygevaerts: what the name of the file to make the database ignore a folder ?
11:57:34gevaertsWas it database.ignore?
11:58:29pamauryah yeah
11:58:51soadkombuchawell i mean
11:58:56soadkombuchaso i just ran the stats program
11:59:00soadkombuchaand that calculated everything fine
11:59:10soadkombuchaso it might be metadata; which is gonna be a lot to dig through
11:59:30pamaurysoadkombucha: if metadata log does not help, you could try the following: you can create a database.ignore file in directory to ask the parser to skip the directory. You can somehow track down which file causes the problems this way
11:59:55gevaertsI mean, enable the metadata log, build the database, when it crashes mount the device and look at the last entry in metadata.log
12:00:18gevaertsAnd then of course try to figure out what's wrong with that particular file
12:00:29pamaurythat could help us fix a bug
12:01:47soadkombuchait never crashes
12:01:50soadkombuchait just goes unresponsive
12:01:57soadkombuchaand I have to forcibly shut the device down
12:02:39soadkombuchabut as soon as I delete database_temp.tcd, it boots again no issues
12:02:45soadkombuchalike... I have no idea wtf is going on lol
12:03:02soadkombuchaI guess I'll have to fiddle with it myself; just a tad daunting to think about having to go through nearly 10k songs worth of metadata
12:03:04pamaurythen it's perfect, it means the metadata log should be helpful
12:03:26soadkombuchait didn't write a metadata.log file
12:03:32pamauryyou have to enable it
12:03:47soadkombuchai id
12:03:56soadkombuchabut like I said it never crashes I always have to force a shutdown
12:04:02soadkombuchawhich apparently is resetting that toggle
12:05:36pamaurythen I would suggest an approach based on database.ignore
12:07:41soadkombuchai guess I'll just browse by filestructure for now
12:07:46soadkombuchai at least keep things organized
12:11:11soadkombuchaI don't have patience or time available to dig through 9500 songs worth of metadata to figure out what's wrong
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12:12:26pamaurysoadkombucha: if you are still around on IRC tonight or in the next few days, we can send you a custom build to help narrow down the problem
12:12:45Blackhi, quick question: Using embedded hardware (Cortex M0?), what are the hardware requirements for rockbox?
12:13:07Blacki'm thinking about a custom diy mp3 player
12:13:09gevaertssoadkombucha: which device is this? Something with a microSD card? Where is the audio?
12:13:14pamauryBlack: biggest requirement is RAM
12:13:56pamauryBlack: currently we know Rockbox can work with as little as 2MB of RAM (with a small screen), anything below is a challenge at the moment
12:14:20soadkombuchagevaerts: it's on a microSD
12:14:26soadkombuchabut it's looking like it might be an embedded album art issue
12:14:39soadkombuchaso I might just run a batch metadata program and scrub any embedded album art
12:15:05Black@paumary, so basically parallel ddr is required?
12:15:16Black@pamaury *
12:15:32pamauryBlack: yes unless you have 2MB of SRAM (which is unlikely)
12:16:16Blackthx, will wrap my head around it
12:18:33*gevaerts doesn't remember if the "no audio files" issue happens if there are no audio files anywhere or merely if there are no audio files on the internal filesystem
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12:34:46pamaurygevaerts: shouldn't this issue be fixed ?
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13:21:12gevaertsHmmm, it might be...
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14:18:22sansaiAhoy. I've tried to used my Sansa Clip+ to store a few files via USB (booted in Rockbox), but during transfer it locked up, when someone else deleted from the microSD (when writing to the internal). It seems both FAT are unrecognized now, and I have already formatted the internal one and successfully installed rockbox again. Now I try to perhaps recover something from the microSD under Linux, but fsck.fat just gives me "Seek to 2797
14:21:35sansaiI'm trying TestDisk now
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14:28:29Horrorcatpamaury: rockbox does not seem to detect the battery level of the zenxfi correctly
14:28:54pamauryHorrorcat: zenxfi3 you mean ? how is that ?
14:28:54Horrorcatonly after a few minutes connected to USB it realises that the battery is pretty down and needs to be charged
14:29:03Horrorcat(or few seconds maybe)
14:30:05pamauryit might be a display problem, why do you think this is the cae ?
14:30:14Horrorcatthe player did not turn on without USB
14:30:56pamauryand ?
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14:31:04Horrorcatmaybe I misunderstood your question
14:31:16Horrorcatand I need to leave now, will be back in about 30 minutes
14:31:28pamauryok, when you are back describe what happened and why you think there is problem
14:31:36Horrorcatwill do
14:32:00sansaiWould it be better to connect the Clip+ to USB booted in Sansa's firmware? Is that more stable? (It is much more annoying though.)
14:32:52pamaurysansai: the current usb driver for clip+ is unstable, if it doesn't work for you, you might want to try the OF
14:36:41sansaiOk, is this only a problem for the Clip+?
14:37:24pamauryall amsv2 devices, so fuzev2, clip+ and clipzip iirc
14:39:00sansaiAh well, thanks. Time for "Refreshing your media", I guess ;)
14:43:54pamauryyes unfortunately... ;)
14:44:15pamaurysome people are developing a new driver, hopefully it will work better
14:56:16 Join paulk-nyan-big [0] (~paulk@
15:04:56sansaiSo we have hope. Thanks!
15:07:25elensilpamaury: hi, sorry I wasn't available this weekend to debug usb_audio
15:11:53pamauryelensil: no problem, I just realized this week-end that for some reason the version of usb_audio on gerrit is not the most advanced one i had. Unfortunately, I cannot find it anymore so I guess I'll have to redo it again. It probably explains why it doesn't work on your and not reliably on mine
15:14:13 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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15:23:40Horrorcatpamaury: okay, so this is what happens:
15:24:10Horrorcatdevice won’t turn on via power button, I plug it into USB, it enters bootloader and shows 100% battery; a few seconds later, it shows a much lower percentage (≤40%) and enters charging mode
15:24:50Horrorcathowever: I also found that resetting did help at least once against the device not turning on via power button, so this might have nothing to do at all with the battery, but with somethin gelse
15:24:59Horrorcat(I found that out on my way just now)
15:25:14pamauryah yeah, the bootloader battery percentage is wrong but it charges anyway right ? so it looks like it's just a display problem
15:26:15pamaurythe charging algoritmh does not use the percentage at all, but I agree this might be confusing. I simply did not have the time to investigate why the percentage is wrong
15:26:32HorrorcatI see
15:26:34pamauryand as far as I can tell, it only happens in the bootloader
15:27:18Horrorcatwhat about the "device doesn’t turn on until I push the reset button" issue?
15:27:42pamaurythis sounds strange, when does that happen ?
15:27:58HorrorcatI had it just now after I turned the device off normally
15:28:13 Quit metaphysis (Quit: metaphysis)
15:28:26pamauryhum, so somehow when you turn it off, it does not really power off correctly ?
15:28:34Horrorcatappears so
15:28:54pamauryok, I'll try it on mine
15:29:26HorrorcatI don’t have more reproducing infos than that, but it might very well be that all cases I thought were "battery dead" were in fact that turning off issue
15:29:36Horrorcat(I only now thought about taking something which can reliably trigger the reset button with me)
15:29:58pamauryi remember than on the fuze+ we had a similar issue and I found out that the OF sets a magic gpio to 1 on power off and it solved all issues. Maybe the zenxfi3 has a similar quirks.
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18:19:44saratogabuild of the new USB driver ( g#1324) on the clip+:
18:19:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #1324 at : usb-designware: New USB driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG core. by Cástor Muñoz
18:19:50saratogaseems to work well for me
18:20:29saratogacopied a bunch of files, plugged and unplugged it rapidly and no crashes or errors
18:22:50jvoisin"entreprise-grade testing" :P
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