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#rockbox log for 2016-06-07

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04:45:56fishbulbwho here uses an iriver?
04:47:06fishbulbI'm wondering if it's at all possible to use ntfs somehow
04:47:58fishbulbI'm putting an msata solid state drive in mine, I'm wondering if there's any way it can use ntfs
04:48:55fishbulbor what I can do about the 4gb file size limit
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10:02:35wodzprof_wolfff: Is g#1324 n2g ready?
10:02:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1324 at : usb-designware: New USB driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG core. by Cástor Muñoz
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10:20:31gevaertsfishbulb: rockbox only supports FAT
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12:46:15Horrorcatpamaury: the power-on weirdness of my zenxfi3 continues
12:47:02Horrorcaton my way back home, it would not turn on. I tried pushing the reset button (I’m fairly certain that I triggered it), tried power on, tried waiting a few seconds, tried power on, did not work. when I arrived home (~10 minutes later), it turned on when I tried it once more (without another reset)
12:47:37Horrorcatnow I had it on my notebooks USB to charge it a bit, and after some minutes (cannot tell exactly how many), I looked at it again and it was turned off. unplugging USB and triggering the power button turns the device on and shows 100% battery
12:51:48pamauryHorrorcat: I tried it on mine and couldn't reproduce. Are you sure you are pushing the power on far enough ? So you say it powered off/crash when plugged to usb ?
12:52:07*pamaury cannot understand how other people manage to avoid super weird problem that I never observe
12:52:32HorrorcatI also had the thought that there’s maybe a cold solder joint or something
12:52:43Horrorcatbecause it’s super-weird, as you say
12:53:03HorrorcatI’m pushing it to the point where the case limits
12:53:14Horrorcatis it possible to open the device non-destructively? :-)
12:55:28pamauryI had a thought yesterday: in fact the battery voltage is used by the device for charging (by the hardware) so improper setup could result in some glitches like this. What I don't understand is that the same cod is used on all imx233 targets and it works very reliably. So now I am wondering if the wiring of the xfi3 could be somehow different
12:55:47pamauryyes it is possible to open it, although I admit it's a bit tricky
12:56:55pamauryI seriously need to dig this weird battery reading issue, it might be more important than I initially thought
12:57:13pamauryto open it, I used a knife iirc, there are plastic clips all around the cover at the back
12:57:43pamaurybeware that the battery is attached to the back and the battery wires are not super long
12:58:59Horrorcatthat looks super tight
12:59:08Horrorcatthe removable cover is the backside?
13:01:03pamaurydouble check if there are no screws hidden
13:01:22pamauryHorrorcat: photos:
13:01:31Horrorcatah thanks
13:03:37HorrorcatI might take a look in a quiet minute or something
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14:05:41duo8is the ipod classic the best rockbox player now?
14:06:27elensilduo8: define "best"
14:06:56duo8decent audio, navigateable, available
14:07:03duo8and maybe some other small points
14:07:35gevaertsFor small points, it's one of the worst. It's *huge*!
14:07:47duo8that guy over at ruizu, hope he's still trying to make a rockbox player
14:08:50duo8my sansa does ok but navigating is a pain
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14:14:36fishbulbif you don't mind a brick
14:14:45fishbulbthe iriver h340
14:14:48fishbulbfucking awesome.
14:14:55fishbulbI have two, it's my favourite
14:15:19fishbulbit's thicker than the iriver and it's smaller in footprint
14:16:43fishbulbplus it records and you can put giant drives and giant batteries in it, I get like 15 to 20 hours
14:17:29fishbulbI use it as an active headphone amp too
14:18:44fishbulblike software controlled headphone amp
14:23:05elensilfishbulb: what is an headphone amp ?
14:23:34elensilit's plugged by usb to your computer ?
14:23:52Horrorcati presume using the line-in as input and the headphone output as output?
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14:54:01pamauryduo8: best has no meaning, people expect very different things from a player. Small players are always a pain to navigate but they are small, and large player well they are large :)
14:56:05Horrorcatthe zenxfi3 feels fragile, I like the haptics of my h300 much more
14:58:16pamaurythe touch buttons of the zenxfi3 are not great. I think they didn't try to optimize it, the chip has *many* option to configure it but they are so complicated that I don't know where to start
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17:04:52saratogawodz: i made a build if you want it
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19:16:51prof_wolfffwodz: it seems ready, but needs some testing, unless some bug is found no more changes are needed, maybe some cosmetic and to revise a couple of things
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20:15:58__builtinfishbulb: you're the one interested in a bitcoin wallet, right?
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22:13:50heartagram_616hello there
22:14:44heartagram_616ive just installed the iFlash-DUAL with a 256gb sd card but im having problems
22:15:17heartagram_616does the reformat data partition show any percentage of progress
22:15:27heartagram_616not sure if my sd card is dead or not lol
22:18:33heartagram_616rockbox is working and i can navigate it so im not sure what the problem is
22:21:57heartagram_616in my device manager i can see emCORE debugger
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22:30:58wodzprof_wolfff: I tested n2g build linked by saratoga and it doesn't work reliably here. Player mounts most of the time, reading also seems to be working but writing to the device causes I/O errors and disconnect. One time player froze with black screen and hard reset was needed. This is on linux machine.
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22:55:42pamauryHorrorcat: I am looking at the zenxfi3 problem, I was thinking about it: when the display goes weird in bootloader mode, what is the value displayed in parenthesis ? (that's the voltage)
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23:02:29pamauryHorrorcat: I spotted some potentially wrong values in the battery calibration curve of the zenxfi3, that might explain the problem: rockbox thinks the battery suddently became super low and does an emergency shutdown. Still a theory but the curve is definitely fishy
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23:30:15pamauryHorrorcat: I also find some suspicious code that powers off the chip, apparently my code was wrong from the start but seemed to work anyway, I'm a bit confused to he honest ^^
23:32:49pamauryin fact I just realized there are several potential problems with the power off code :-/
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23:45:03pamauryHorrorcat: it would be nice if you could try g#1341
23:45:04fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1341 at : imx233: fix power off code by Amaury Pouly
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