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#rockbox log for 2016-06-08

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00:29:36__builtinhmm, maybe I could make the OTP plugin type the OTP for you :D
00:29:58__builtinafter all, I did write ducky a while back
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00:50:25__builtinn1cky_: I just added the ability to type passwords over USB, would you be willing to test?
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00:51:46__builtin(after I get it to compile, that is)
00:57:43__builtinactually it seems that HID on the clip zip is broken
00:58:04__builtinso never mind
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02:31:57n1cky___builtin: Aww that's really too bad; that's a feature I'd be really interested in
02:32:28n1cky___builtin: have you got a source for HID being broken?
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03:24:50__builtinn1cky: config.h
03:25:07__builtinn1cky: firmware/export/config.h
03:26:02*__builtin will try to maintain backwards compatibility for the plugin from now on
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05:14:24fishbulbhey if I install a drive with nothing on it into my player with a rockbox bootloader
05:14:27fishbulbcan I install shit
05:14:31fishbulband format the drive
05:14:50fishbulbit's an iriver h340 and I have a msata SSD and all the adapters
05:14:59fishbulbto get it inside the device
05:15:34fishbulbBUT if the drive is blank or NTFS or whatever, I have to format it to fat32, and the standard firmware doesn't support this drive setup
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05:17:45fishbulbso can I format the thing with the drive in there?
05:18:04fishbulbor do I have to put the drive into another computer, and then format and blah blah
05:18:41fishbulbthen put it into the rockboxed player. can you rockbox a player that has a hard drive which is blank?
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07:07:07fishbulbhow do I rockbox a player in linux
07:07:27fishbulbwindows 10 doesn't recognise the working player I have and sure as fuck doesn't detect the ssd I have in this device
07:07:48fishbulbwhich I'm not sure is formatted or anything, I get ata -1 error sometimes, or a white screen for way too long
07:08:26fishbulbcan I put an unformatted msata ssd into a player and format it through the usb port or should I copy the contents of the old spinning hard drive to the msata first, then try booting
07:08:50fishbulband how the hell do you install rockbox with this windows 10 shit that won't even detect a fully functional one?
07:09:06[Saint]Someone really needs to write down full manual and guided installation instructions and compile it into some form of documentation, a manual if you will, and upload it to
07:09:11[Saint]that would really hlep.
07:09:13fishbulbthe bootloader is on there, it either comes up with ata -1 error while booting
07:09:18fishbulbor it hangs
07:09:50fishbulbso you're fully aware of all the snags with the iriver h340 msata SSD conversion then
07:10:09fishbulband it's just unwritten
07:10:18fishbulbor are you being a shit head and literally saying "rtfm"
07:10:42fishbulbbecause that's a worthless piece of advice, I'm looking at the manual
07:12:28fishbulbata-11 is nothing connected, that comes up when the cables are connected wrong, or there's literally nothing connected to the player
07:13:23fishbulbata-1 comes up after about a minute of the thing trying to boot, or less regularly it will hang at the boot screen and not detect the drive. I don't know if the drive is formatted or anything like that, it's an MSATA SSD and there are adapters that eventually connect it to ATA
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07:13:38[Saint]If you're looking at the manual you should be able to clearly see the linux applicable manual installation instructions.
07:13:48fishbulbthe bootloader is installed
07:13:54[Saint]that won't magically help you if you have non-standard hardware however.
07:14:19fishbulbso you're saying the answer is in the documentation
07:14:38fishbulbbecause it sounds to me like you're just saying "rtfm" becuase you have no clue
07:14:49[Saint]you asked 'how do I rockbox a player in linux', the manual answers this.
07:15:09[Saint]it does NOT answer 'How do I make my VERY specific case of non-standard hardware work"
07:15:25fishbulbthanks for the worthless advice
07:16:29[Saint]FOr answering your question, you mean? Yeah, no problems.
07:17:01GaloisI would expect it to be worthless. Ripping apart your mp3 player and swapping out hardware components is not going to be in the manual of, you know, a software project whose main purpose is to work on unmodified hardware.
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07:17:17fishbulbit was very clear what my actual question was, you just parroted "RTFM" and pretended like I wasn't talking about an extremely specific problem
07:17:22[Saint]Fukken bingo.
07:17:25fishbulband including hte error message
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07:17:55fishbulbok so don't fucking answer, if you don't know the answer, don't bleat "RTFM" like that's some revalation nobody has ever thought of
07:18:16[Saint]Your question was "how do I rockbox a player in linux"
07:18:22[Saint]fuck me for taking it literally, right?
07:18:23fishbulbfuck off you idiot
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07:18:46[Saint]...come again?
07:19:17fishbulbI said fuck off. you are ignoring about 30 lines of text and telling me what my actual question is
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07:52:49trampithIs work on the AndroidPort still in progress or is it dead, will there be a supported port at the end? I could download a daily build apk at rasher's site and install it, but it doesn't work - what has to go into the rockbox folder to get it work? Is that possible to get it running without building rockbox from sources on my own? Thanks for hints.
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07:56:18pixelma[Saint]: you should have kicked yourself from the channel too at this point
07:58:47[Saint]pixelma: cool story
07:59:15[Saint]trampith: if you're on Android 5.0 or higher, nothing you do will allow it to function.
08:00:06[Saint]And, no, there is no ongoing development.
08:01:08[Saint]regarding 'what has to go in the rockbox folder to get it to work", strictly speaking, nothing.
08:01:40[Saint]anything therein isn't a hard requirement to functionality.
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08:09:45trampithSaint: OK, I see, I use 5.0. It's a pity. Someone should update the website regarding the AndroidPort and add this information. Thank you very much!
08:09:53[Saint]trampith: actually, if you specifically elected to use the ART runtime on 4.4, it won't function there either.
08:10:03[Saint]But there you have the option of reverting.
08:12:00[Saint]Basically it boiled down to it being A Lot Of Work (TM) to get it to work with our threading in the ART runtime, and no one with the necessary traits available or willing to do that work.
08:12:51[Saint]If you really wanted Rockbox on Android, there is a pretty convoluted workaround.
08:13:27[Saint]You could use a chroot image in the Android data partition and run a tightvnc server and the Rockbox SDL app therein.
08:14:26[Saint]But if I got wind of anyone doing that I think I might have to stage a digital intervention and get that person the help they require, because they obviously have thoughts of self harming. :p
08:18:44trampith[Saint]: *lol* well, I have to tell you, that I will not go such far. :p But thanks anyway - I guess I just give my iAudio X5 a new battery and use the joystick even more carefully from now on.
08:21:05[Saint]I can't even think of an application that is even remotely close as a substitute for you.
08:30:17trampith[Saint]: I know, that's exactly THE pity! ArmAmp is quite ok but rockbox is just the real thing for me and I use it since eight years very happily.
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08:50:45wodztrampith: There are serious technical limitations of how Android port works. It doesn't work on ART runtime and will probably never be. Putting this aside there is no active developer to pickup this and push further.
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08:58:31prof_wolfffwodz: i tested the saratoga n2g build, used a 2GB Nano and copied about 6GB of small files in 4 rounds with no errors and all md5sum ok, even i used the HID mouse mode some time while coping files, could you give me more details?, at first glance it seems it could be due to flash (HW or driver) or the USB connection (HW or driver)
08:59:23prof_wolfffeven after real I/O error the disconnects seems strange for me, really i don't know how it should behave, i am going to simulate I/O errors to see it there is some bug there
08:59:48wodzprof_wolfff: I need to do more tests. I took the player with me so I can test it on a few machines at work
09:00:12prof_wolfffok, tell me about them
09:01:58trampithwodz: thanks, already aware of that now. pity.
09:04:10[Saint]I have somewhere the very beginnings of wrapping an Android native UI around ffmpeg.
09:04:33[Saint]But, like a lot of the things I start one day, I have very little want or reason to continue working on it.
09:05:06[Saint]Joe User just plain doesn't seem to want a full featured Android audio player.
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09:06:46[Saint]I often get the impression that a large body of Rockbox users don't actually use a majority of the features Rockbox actually offers anyway.
09:07:10[Saint]wide codec support is likely the initial draw card.
09:08:31trampith[Saint]: you're right, it's real for the audiophile power user and us geeks :p
09:09:29[Saint]Somewhat ironically, I doubt that most of the active users make extensive use of the Rockbox advanced feature set outside of testing either.
09:09:38trampithwell, gentlemen, have to go. thank you very much for the insight. cleared the fog a bit. let's hope the best for our little perl! :p CU
09:10:08[Saint]I know that a very large percentage of us don't even touch the database or plugins.
09:10:20 Part trampith ("Leaving")
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09:42:47Horrorcatthings I use from rockbox (off the top of my head): database, file browser, guitar tuning plugin, fft plugin, dynamic range compressor, crossfeed-stereo, USB-HID (no multimedia keys on this notebook!), sleep timer, queueing tracks (I cannot even believe that not every player software can do that), …
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12:20:30pamauryHorrorcat: did you see my messages from yesterday night ?
12:22:12Horrorcatpamaury: yes, I already built it and put it on my device
12:22:24Horrorcatdo you still need numbers?
12:32:57pamaurywhat do you mean ?
12:33:08Horrorcat20:55:44 < pamaury> Horrorcat: I am looking at the zenxfi3 problem, I was thinking about it: when the display goes weird in bootloader mode, what is the value displayed in parenthesis ? (that's the voltage)
12:33:50pamauryah, huh right now no, I realized yesterday the calibraion curve is wrong, that's why the percentage is wrong. I am currently running a battery benchmark to recalibrate it
12:34:00Horrorcatah I see
12:34:18pamauryDid you observe the power off problem with the new patch yet ?
12:34:20HorrorcatI guess this will need a bootloader rebuild to fix it there, too?
12:34:31Horrorcatno, but I have been in a lecture since I rebuilt, so not really any chance to test it
12:35:25pamauryok, yes it will
12:35:59pamauryi have no idea how I produced these values in the first place but I was clearly high ^^
12:36:15Horrorcatheh :)
12:37:32pamauryI need to go, I hope the patch will prove useful
12:37:40HorrorcatI’ll let you know!
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13:29:39AndyP_edhelas: I have finally managed to get my Mini1G and 4thGen GreyScale ipods to switch between the dock and the remote serial ports.
13:31:03AndyP_For some reason the Mini2G and the 4thGen Color don't appear to work through the remote connector using the same code.
13:31:35AndyP_What variant have you managed to get to work through the remote?
13:32:03elensilAndyP_: well it was working with a hacky patch on my Mini2G
13:33:46elensilAndyP_: if I remember I just removed the #else there;a=blob;f=firmware/target/arm/pp/uart-pp.c;h=069ae596a0c8deacfb35edf25b3bbdd04815f9c8;hb=6548dc294357f4f13a17bf34206038a3a93f1ff7#l112
13:35:54 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
13:35:58AndyP_Apologies, its the Mini1G that doesn't work, the Mini2G does.
13:37:13elensilAndyP_: and there's differences between the 4thGen and the 4thGen Color ?
13:38:17AndyP_Yes, the 4thGen Grey remote works, but I can't get the color to talk at all.
13:39:21elensilyou have the patch somewhere ? I'll try to have a look at it tonight :)
13:39:21AndyP_Both serial ports work OK using the OF but not under Rockbox.
13:40:23AndyP_I'll upload a patch when I get home.
13:41:32AndyP_Probably about 5-6 hours from now.
13:41:48elensilit was basically rerouting the serial correctly or you made some changes in IAP as well ?
13:42:09elensilyou also tried with a serial-top-connector Apple Remote ?
13:42:31 Join xorly [0] (~xorly@
13:43:49AndyP_Just rerouting the serial with no change to IAP. I tried 3 different serial-top-connector remotes, only 1 works under Rockbox.
13:44:38AndyP_I think the others don't quite give the correct baud rates and the OF is more forgiving.
13:45:56elensilI also remember to have some weird behaviour with the Apple Remote (some play/pause/forward events sent several times…)
13:48:14AndyP_In the end I made a serial cable to connect to the serial-top-connector and used a piece of software called IpodExplorer.exe to talk to the ipod.
13:50:05elensileheh what a hacker :p
13:50:14AndyP_Using that software I can send and receive the same as with the dock connector but the Mini1G and the 4thGen color just don't want to play.
13:50:42elensilI'll still try to apply your patch and have a look
13:52:23AndyP_OK, it should apply cleanly to the latest gerrit code. Must go, work is shouting......
13:52:42elensilthanks o/
13:52:45 Part AndyP_
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14:24:45 Join fishbulb [0] (~fishbulb@unaffiliated/fishbulb)
14:24:59fishbulbdoes anyone know how a solid state drive should be configured
14:25:15Horrorcatdefine "should be configured"
14:25:20Horrorcatthere is that huge beast called ATA spec
14:25:33fishbulbit's MSATA
14:25:48fishbulbgoes through an adapter to zif
14:25:56Horrorcati recall your scenario
14:25:59fishbulbthen zif to pata? whatever the
14:26:04fishbulbok it's working
14:26:14fishbulbbut comes up with errors because there's nothing to spin down
14:26:24Horrorcatwhat kind of errors?
14:26:50fishbulbthere's one here now I haven't seen Error accessing playlist control file (-4)
14:27:09Horrorcatare you sure it’s because of the spindown?
14:27:23fishbulbthis one? this just appeared on the screen now
14:27:31fishbulbI'm wondering what happens to the spindown and all that shit
14:27:39Horrorcatin the best case, the SSD just shrugs
14:27:43Horrorcatin the worst case, it chokes
14:27:50fishbulbchokes how
14:27:54fishbulbI set it to 3s
14:27:55Horrorcatlike mine does
14:28:00fishbulblike yours does what
14:28:08Horrorcatbeing unreliable, random crashes, corrupt filesystem
14:28:38fishbulbwell, it's those things
14:28:40Horrorcatyou could try my patches and see whether they make things worse or better for you
14:28:51Horrorcatah, do you have the original HDD at hand?
14:29:03fishbulbthis took like 7 hours to do
14:29:09fishbulbI am so fucking over this
14:29:23fishbulbI'm not doing it now
14:29:24 Join alucryd [0] (~quassel@archlinux/developer/alucryd)
14:29:25Horrorcatcould you tell me the voltage rating of the original HDD?
14:29:34fishbulbvoltage or amperage
14:29:41fishbulball of them are
14:29:55Horrorcatyeah, I had vaguely remembered that it was 2.5v
14:30:09fishbulbno, 3.3
14:30:12Horrorcatthat’s good
14:30:17fishbulbthe msata is 3.3
14:30:30fishbulbI don't know of a drive that's anything other than 3.3
14:30:37Horrorcatif you don’t mind using a rockbox uploaded by a stranger from the internet, I could make you a build
14:30:41fishbulbbut the hard drive says 500mA
14:30:57fishbulbthe msata drive says 1.6A
14:31:02fishbulbthat's phenomenally more
14:31:05Horrorcatthat’s... yes
14:31:10Horrorcatdespite the other one being a spinning disk
14:31:14fishbulbI didn't notice it, it's a samsung drive
14:31:30fishbulbit was supposed to be low energy consumption
14:31:44HorrorcatI guess it’s low compared to desktop spinning disks…
14:33:20fishbulbwhat would you patch?
14:33:20 Quit Jinx (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:33:20fishbulbwhta do you patch
14:33:20fishbulbwhat wouldst thou patch
14:33:51HorrorcatI have some patches which essentially talk more to the drive instead of trying to guess its power state
14:33:57 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
14:34:03Horrorcatthis has somewhat improved the situation for me
14:40:44 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
14:40:47 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
14:44:33 Join japonecka [0] (
14:50:25 Join xorly [0] (~xorly@
14:51:08fishbulbwhat the fuck
14:51:44fishbulbDir entry 4 in sector 0 is not free! 03 00 78 00
14:52:13fishbulbwhite screen, everything stopped, had to hard reset again
14:53:30 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
14:54:30fishbulbsame error again
14:54:44fishbulbthe track playing slowed down
14:54:47fishbulbthen stopped
14:56:07fishbulb3.3x1.6 = roughly 6?
14:56:12fishbulb6A peak draw?
14:56:30fishbulbcompared to 500mA I dunno what that was, that's the only amperage written on the whole drive
14:56:35fishbulba spinning platter drive
14:57:54fishbulbok this error is happening regularly
14:57:59pamauryfishbulb: don't know anything about your ssd hack but this panic (Dir entry 4 in sector 0 is not free! 03 00 78 00) is not about sata, it's essentially saying your FAT (filesystem) is corrupted
14:58:05fishbulbthe battery is being HOSED
14:58:28fishbulbI formatted it as fat32
14:59:05fishbulbstock bootloader, pretty normal rockbox, msata ssd
14:59:07pamaurywell unless we have a bug in our fat driver it means it is corrupted
14:59:08wodzIF the offending drive gets 3x peak current to the designed one I bet voltage regulator isn't happy
14:59:20 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
14:59:34fishbulbthe drive is corrupted?
14:59:37fishbulbhow do I format it?
14:59:57pamaurya crash can corrupt the fat, windows can check for errors and linux has fsck
15:00:18pamaury(you need to plug it to computer)
15:00:21Horrorcatfsck.vfat /dev/foo, and if it reports errors just bump it over
15:00:31wodzI mean DAP designer considered 500mA peak current and selected caps and regulator accordingly
15:00:35fishbulbI'm on arch, what do I do
15:00:58fishbulbI can check it for errors with gparted
15:01:09fishbulbno drives I own fail ever
15:01:11Horrorcatfishbulb: lsblk; plug the device in and wait a few seconds; lsblk. two new entries should have appeared (sdx and sdx1). run (as root) fsck.vfat /dev/sdx1
15:01:32 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:01:36fishbulbplug it in usb bootloader mode or load rockbox and plug it in
15:01:41Horrorcatuse bootloader mode
15:01:48Horrorcatthat will be happier if you make changes to the FS
15:02:07Horrorcat(fun fact: rockbox looks very confused if you run mkfs.vfat on its device while it is running :D)
15:02:09fishbulbwhat changes?
15:02:17Horrorcatlike, if fsck.vfat finds errors and wants to repair them
15:02:31fishbulbwhat do I run
15:02:37fishbulbscan it with gparted?
15:02:41Horrorcatyeah, that’ll do
15:03:40 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
15:06:18fishbulbit isn't happy
15:07:34HorrorcatI suspected that
15:07:35fishbulbinput output error
15:07:46fishbulbon read on /dev/sdc1
15:08:26fishbulbit said grow filesystem to fill partition
15:08:31fishbulbok, fuck gnome
15:08:39fishbulbI'm sick of this shit.
15:09:06fishbulbhow do I format this SSD again?
15:09:16fishbulband I use FAT or FAT32 ?
15:09:35fishbulbwhat does input output error during read on this drive mean
15:09:38 Quit PurlingNayuki (Remote host closed the connection)
15:09:48fishbulbsomething really bad?
15:10:37Horrorcatuse fat32
15:11:04Horrorcatthe I/O error can have many causes. One could be that the voltage drops and the SSD gets confused/in an inconsistent state/reset in the middle of an operation
15:11:19fishbulbfuck that
15:11:21fishbulbit's probably that
15:11:38Horrorcatconsidering that USB 2.0 only delivers 500mA, I consider this very likely
15:11:49Horrorcatit might even be that your USB host simply cut off the power because the device took too much
15:12:04fishbulbI'll plug it into usb3
15:12:19fishbulbwhich is an expresscard adapter :/
15:12:23Horrorcatthat might not help, as the device won’t negotiate USB3
15:12:32fishbulbit'll give more power surely
15:12:45Horrorcatgive it a try
15:12:59fishbulbthe h340 is usb2
15:13:08fishbulbI dont' want to waste too much more time
15:13:45HorrorcatUSB3 is at most 900mA while the device is registered with data transfer support
15:14:24fishbulbok, shut down and started again
15:14:32fishbulbATA error -11
15:14:46fishbulbinsert USB cable and press a button
15:15:28Horrorcatsend the SSD back and try the microSD adapter chain ;)
15:17:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:18:26 Join xorly [0] (~xorly@
15:19:58 Join amayer [0] (
15:25:13fishbulbso this is not going to work at all?
15:27:32 Quit duo8 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:28:42Horrorcatfishbulb: it appears you were even unluckier than me with the choice of SSD :(
15:29:06fishbulbyeah appears that way.
15:29:20fishbulbI'll try it in a computer
15:29:30Horrorcatnow that my h320 is revived I’m going to give the microSD adapter chain a shot though
15:29:57Horrorcatin the hope that it proves to be more stable
15:32:04fishbulbI looked up the datasheet for this thing
15:32:08fishbulbbefore I bought it
15:32:27fishbulbthe read and write power requirements aren't 1.6A on the datasheet
15:32:47Horrorcatwhat’s written on the datasheet w.r.t. power consumption?
15:33:25fishbulbI don't remember, it was within the drives that were reported as working on the rockbox site though
15:33:35fishbulbthey had a few listed and some had massive power requirements
15:33:51fishbulbanyway, this doesnt' work, and I'm disappointed.
15:34:15fishbulbI might pull the one out of this thinkpad though
15:37:43 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
15:37:59fishbulbreplace it with one half the size
15:38:58 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
15:39:15 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
15:39:20 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
15:40:21 Join xorly [0] (~xorly@
15:41:14 Quit fs-bluebot_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:47:10 Join duo8 [0] (~ZNC-SRV-H@
15:50:21fishbulbthis shouldn't have failed, the datasheet said nothing about 1.6A
16:02:50fishbulboriginal drive back in
16:03:27fishbulbdone. what a waste of a day.
16:16:20 Quit athidhep (Quit: athidhep)
16:19:48 Join T-rack [0] (4d638c8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:25:43 Quit T-rack (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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17:23:30 Join nlogex [0] (
17:24:35 Join duo8 [0] (~ZNC-SRV-H@
17:25:07 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
17:37:05 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
17:46:30 Join alexweissman [0] (~alexweiss@2602:306:38a6:d220:80c1:7b06:4804:db1a)
17:49:09 Join krnlyng [0] (
18:04:00 Quit elensil (Quit: Leaving.)
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18:13:17 Join paulk-nyan-big [0] (~paulk@
18:40:50 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
18:46:23 Quit paulk-nyan-big (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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18:52:08 Quit dan-- (Changing host)
18:52:08 Join dan-- [0] (~d@freenode/corporate-sponsor/
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18:53:51 Nick dan-- is now known as dan- (~d@freenode/corporate-sponsor/
19:03:52 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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19:06:29 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
19:11:53 Quit Petri152 (Quit: ZNC -
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19:35:41 Join japonecka [0] (
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19:53:38 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
20:06:23 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:08:39 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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20:23:11 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:25:52 Quit japonecka (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:36:08__builtinfishbulb: ping
20:36:47__builtincrap, sorry
20:36:52__builtinwrong person
20:56:03 Join AndyP_ [0] (bcdc32e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:58:22AndyP_elensil: Uploaded ipod remote serial patch to gerrit. Works fine on my 2G Mini and 4Gen Greyscale. Still not with 1G Mini or 4th Gen Color/Photo.
21:03:34 Quit ceka (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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21:23:56 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:24:27Horrorcatpamaury: I have new stories :-)
21:25:03Horrorcatpamaury: I had another "does not turn on" situation. I got the bootloader to start by plugging the device into the "always powered" usb port of my notebook while the notebook was in standby
21:25:31Horrorcatthen the bootloader hang at "USB Connecting", maybe because I unplugged the USB very quickly after I saw the device turning on
21:25:55Horrorcatafter I plugged it back in and waiting for a few seconds, it continued to "Loading Firmware" and "Executing", but hang there for several seconds (which is not normal), so I resetted it
21:26:18Horrorcatthen some other stuff happened I don’t quite recall (I reset the device at least once more) and then I was able to turn it on normally with the power button
21:26:23Horrorcatafterwards, rockbox reported 100% battery
21:28:06Horrorcatjust in case this is in any way helpful
21:30:17pamauryunfortunately the "freeze after usb unplug in bootloader" is a known bug, I simply does know how to fix
21:31:12Horrorcatok, that’s easily avoidable
21:32:03HorrorcatI *think* the weird stuff i cannot quite recall involved the bootloader starting but hanging before Loading Firmware when i used the power button to turn it on
21:38:42 Join andyp__ [0] (
21:39:15 Quit AndyP_ (Quit: Page closed)
21:41:19 Quit andyp__ (Client Quit)
21:43:02 Join lebellium [0] (
21:47:08 Join xorly [0] (
21:52:43pamauryHorrorcat: I am almost done with the calibration curve, as soon as I have, I will push it
21:52:55pamauryI will push the power off commit immediately, it cannot hurt anyway
21:53:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9a6700d, 255 builds, 16 clients.
21:54:33pamauryruntime was almost 22 hours, not bad given the size of the player and the age of the battery
21:56:56__builtindoes someone have a USB HID-enabled device?
21:59:25pamaury__builtin: yes
22:00:26*__builtin gets a patch ready
22:01:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 460 seconds.
22:01:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 9a6700d result: 0 errors 99 warnings
22:02:11__builtinpamaury: can you build and run g#1343 on said device?
22:02:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #1343 at : OTP plugin: add typing code over USB by Franklin Wei
22:02:23__builtinthe "otp" plugin under "apps"
22:02:23 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
22:03:30pamaurywhat is this plugin doing ?
22:04:25__builtinit generates one-time passwords for online services
22:05:05*__builtin hopes it can type the passwords automatically now
22:05:29 Quit idonob (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:05:54 Join idonob [0] (
22:06:57pamauryok, what do I do with it ?
22:07:51 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (
22:09:19__builtinok, paste this content into a .txt file in the root:
22:09:29 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
22:10:04 Join alexweissman [0] (
22:10:06__builtinthen import the account (from file")
22:13:31pamauryI tried the usb typing thing but it fails quite horribly: it generates an sequence of "_" (ie _______________________________) and never stops and freezes (had to hard reset)
22:14:20 Quit alexweissman (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:17:17__builtinoh, it's a stupid mistake
22:18:40__builtinshould be fixed now
22:18:59 Join girafe [0] (
22:21:50pamaury__builtin: now it generates something like "&é-(_" and then freezes
22:21:59pamaurystill need to hard reset
22:22:24__builtincan you use the "show codes" feature properly?
22:22:39__builtinor did I break that too? ;)
22:26:03pamauryyou mean generate code ? yes it works
22:26:10pamauryat least it displays numbers ^^
22:27:07__builtinok, that's a start
22:30:10edhelaspamaury: hey, if you have some time I can debug the usb audio patch
22:30:53__builtinpamaury: pushed a patch set with some debug info
22:31:08__builtinactually, the debug info is bugged too :P
22:31:10pamauryedhelas: huh sorry, not really right now and since I realized this patch is not the latest version (ie it misses some code I don't have anymore), I have to rewrite that part before any debugging is useful
22:31:11__builtinhang on
22:31:22edhelaspamaury: ok sure ;)
22:33:19__builtinpamaury: the newest patch set should splash some debug info before typing
22:35:09pamaury__builtin: displayed code is correct, typed one is not
22:35:39pamauryalso still need to hard reset
22:36:12pamaury__builtin: I am slightly puzzled by your code
22:36:23__builtinyeah, it's due to the lack of an itoa() in rockbox
22:36:26pamaurywhile(*ptr++) go to the next character (!)
22:36:49pamauryI would rather do while(*ptr) and then char c = *ptr++ for a start
22:41:44pamauryok with this suggestion the code now does not freeze but code is still not correct
22:41:55pamauryI wonder if there is a problem with the hid use page w.r.t key code
22:44:28__builtinwhat does it type? garbage?
22:45:06pamauryyeah garbage but like "shifted" garbage
22:45:38pamauryI don't see an obvious mistake in the code
22:47:38__builtinmaybe there isn't one
22:47:49__builtincould it be on a lower level?
22:48:12 Join paulk-nyan-big [0] (~paulk@
22:48:42pamaury__builtin: ok found the problem I think
22:49:10pamauryHID spec says code 0x1e is "Keyboard 1 and ! 4"
22:49:26pamauryso it might depend on the shift/maj/verrnum possibly
22:49:35pamauryjust a theory
22:50:15pamaurybut consistent with what I observe
22:51:40pamauryand I am not sure there is any good fix in the sense that the HID spec explicitely mandates that key codes are not actually key code, they are key position for this usage
22:51:57pamauryso "0" does not mean "character 0" it means "key at the same position that the usual 0 key"
22:52:10pamaurywhich is "à" on my french keyboard and I need to shift to get 0
22:52:13__builtinmaybe using the keypad is better?
22:52:32pamaurykeypad is better is you find how to make sure you are in number mode
22:52:46__builtinohh crap
22:53:06pamauryor other pages
22:54:13 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:54:41__builtindoes the host send it's numlock status to the device?
22:55:43pamauryno it should be the opposite: device sends its numlock status
22:56:33__builtinwhat about led status?
22:58:02pamauryyes it is reported as led status
22:58:19__builtinbut are they consistent across locales?
22:58:49pamauryno idea
22:59:06__builtinI know the yubikey supports this same feature
23:00:08pamaurybut somehow raw ascii data must be supported, I can't believe it's not the case
23:01:29__builtindang, it appears the firmware is closed source
23:06:14pamaury__builtin: thereis the unicode page
23:06:20pamaurythat's what you want to use
23:07:13__builtinyay :D
23:07:40pamaurythe spec is quite vague, it should be in ISO/IEC 10646-1 UCS-2 (the two-octet form)
23:08:10*__builtin 's crappy router is failing to resolve
23:08:20 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:08:55*pamaury is trying to understand how this page works
23:10:03 Quit Guest85177 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:10:16pamauryhum, I am not sure if this page is meant to send character to the host or from the host
23:10:51__builtinit's HID so probably to the host
23:12:41 Join Guest85177 [0] (
23:12:48pamauryit's from the host :(
23:13:03edhelasI have a small question. When no sound is played on Rockbox I heard a small white-noise on the iPodColor that I don't have on the Mini, anyone knows why ?
23:13:23pamauryHID is not only for dev -> host communication, LED are a perfect example: they can be changed by both host and dev. More generally HID supports lots of things
23:13:55__builtinwell, I think for now I'll just have to assume a US keyboard layout
23:14:08__builtinunless... it could be user-configurable
23:14:24pamauryedhelas: probably hardware, it's quite common on many devices, unless it's really loud I guess, but I don't know for this specific device
23:14:38pamaury__builtin: maybe keypad would be a mostly working idea
23:14:49__builtinbut how would it ensure number mode?
23:15:06__builtinbesides asking for user intervention
23:16:18pamaurymaybe keyboards are allowed to change their numlock status as long they notify host
23:17:19edhelaspamaury: it's funny because it seems even louder on the stock firmware
23:17:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:37pamaurywell then don't complain :-p
23:17:44edhelasmaybe caused by the default volume
23:18:04__builtinhardware issues, maybe
23:19:11edhelasgoing back to rockbox, when I don't play any song but having the volume at 0db I can clearly hear it, this is not caused by the software I imagine
23:20:18edhelaswhat does rockbox do actually when you change the volume ? it tell some chipset to get more power to amplify the sound more, which can cause the white noise to be louder ?
23:20:25pamauryedhelas: no, at best software is configuring hardware correctly and noise is generated because <insert good reason>, worse this is hardware design problem and you can't do anything about it
23:20:41pamaury*no configuring
23:21:15pamaurybut as I said this is a very frequent problem
23:21:25 Quit Guest85177 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:21:39pamauryon some/many chips, you could have no noise but then you would have a pop when you resume so...
23:21:40edhelasokay :) it's not an issue to me, I was just curious, thanks for the answer
23:28:52 Join Guest85177 [0] (
23:36:07pamaury__builtin: it's kind of tricky but it's potentially possible: you could have a virtual button to ask the host to switch num lock and since the keyboard knows numlock, you can switch it if needed (and then back to restore proper lock after) but it's not exactly nice
23:39:45__builtinhmm, that would work
23:40:46__builtinthe only issue is that my menu system is totally from scratch
23:40:57__builtinso adding it will be a bit of a hassle
23:41:26*pamaury has a try at the numlock thingy
23:41:43*__builtin thinks he can do it
23:42:43__builtinok, this should work
23:43:52__builtinpamaury: pushed new patch set
23:44:10__builtinyou should have a new option in the send code menu for numlcok
23:44:35pamaury__builtin: I had in my mind something more "automatic", let me try it and I'll send you the code
23:50:17*pamaury spots something clearly wrong the hid driver but already knows about it and pretends he didn't see it
23:52:19__builtinwhat is it?
23:52:59pamauryusb_drv_recv might return before buffer is filled
23:53:22pamauryit's irrelevant is almost all drivers but on hid it's potentially a problem for led status
23:53:54 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042])

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