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#rockbox log for 2016-06-09

00:00:49pamaurydamn it, it actually is a problem
00:03:59pamaury__builtin: I updated g#1334
00:04:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #1334 at : imx233: fix stupid typo in debug screen by Amaury Pouly
00:04:08pamaury g#1343
00:04:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #1343 at : OTP plugin: add typing code over USB by Franklin Wei
00:04:10pamauryit works
00:04:22pamaurybut it relies on a delay when OS is sending led status
00:04:31pamaurywhich is unbearably ugly
00:07:06__builtinis there a blocking equivalent of usb_drv_recv?
00:07:35__builtin/could/ there be one?
00:07:51pamauryyes, you "just" need to implement it for every driver
00:07:51__builtini.e. write one?
00:07:56pamauryon most it's trivial
00:08:02pamauryon some not completely
00:08:29__builtinhow about a wrapper that calls usb_drv_recv until it gets data?
00:09:59pamauryno that's clearly incorrect, you absolutely need to call it once. The only other proper way of doing this is to add code in the completion handler
00:10:37pamauryexcept we never do it for control endpoints usually, so that's quite untested code
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00:14:03pamauryI think a blocking version of usb_drv_recv is more reasonable
00:14:53__builtinbut it's lots of work for a tiny gain
00:18:02pamaurywell a blocking receive is useful in other scenarios like usb audio and it's not that much work
00:18:06pamauryI can do it tomorrow
00:18:34__builtinwow, thanks pamaury
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01:21:29__builtinany advice for restoring a cracked DAP screen?
01:21:38__builtinor is replacement the only route to go
01:23:23[Saint]I can do really badly scratched, but, I have no idea how you'd repair a full crack in an optically clear way.
01:31:09[Saint]getting a broken or otherwise secondhand unit might be the only way.
01:31:15[Saint]I feel your pain, dude.
01:31:36[Saint]I'm perpetually looking for iPod Mini Gen 1 and 2 bits.
01:32:07[Saint]I have like 8 of the bastards, and for some hilarious reason I still don't have all the bits to make a single valid build of either.
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02:37:08gumnosis there anything I should do to diagnose a slow USB transfer? I've got a Clip+ with modestly recent firmware (I'd check but it's still mid-transfer; rockboxed early this year). The USB transfer is painfully slow. Pushing ~2.2G of podcasts, it's less than half done ~2hr after I started it.
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02:42:56gumnosFWIW, the host PC is running Debian Stable and connected to a USB2 port. Previous Rockbox version used the factory firmware for USB transfers (had to reboot) and, while not blazing fast, were a heckuva lot faster than what I'm suffering currently.
03:02:18fishbulbmuch larger files?
03:03:45gumnosroughly the same as usual. The podcasts range from 2MB to 120MB, most in the 20-40MB range.
03:04:05fishbulbI transferred 60gb of shit, it said 1 hour, the first 11,000 files were music, the last 8,000 were tiny files that all happened in the last 4 minutes
03:04:59fishbulbI have no idea really.
03:05:13gumnosI started with "mv -v ~/Downloads/mp3 /media/sansa/PODCASTS" and have also tried "rsync -avr ~/Downloads/mp3/* /media/sansa/PODCASTS/" and both were super-slow today.
03:05:56gumnosI've got about half of them on there now, enough to get me through the dishes, and I'll resume the rsync tonight to get the rest over. But I didn't know if there was any anomaly or edge-case I should watch for
03:09:11[Saint]y'know you don't actually have to use the default file path structure from the OF, right?
03:09:39[Saint]Rockbox couldn't care less where your media is located as long as it isn't inside /.rockbox itself
03:10:09Moarcthose directories will be recreated ie. when using the OF to update the bootloader
03:10:09[Saint]and even that is technically allowable it just makes the db scan fail and the filebrowser won't display the dotpath by default.
03:10:29Moarcso you might just as well put your media in them :D
03:10:36[Saint]Which you literally never have to do.
03:11:44gumnos[Saint]: Yeah, I've deleted a number of the dirs that I don't use. I just left the PODCASTS/ directory there since it made sense and allowed me to not update my scripts :)
03:12:21[Saint]Ah, right, fair enough.
03:13:06[Saint]gumnos: incidentally, since I didn't ask, are you on the release, or the development builds?
03:13:28[Saint]you really really really want to be on the latter.
03:13:51gumnosUm 3.13 according to "Rockbox Info"
03:13:58[Saint]There we go.
03:14:05[Saint]Explains terrible USB to a large extent.
03:14:24[Saint]You wanna that. Update.
03:14:53gumnossounds like I've got a project for the weekend then. Or the next time I exhaust the supply of podcasts on the device (and thus don't care about anything on it)
03:15:10[Saint]it's just extracting a .zip.
03:15:21[Saint]no need to update the bootloader.
03:17:13gumnosah, sweet. The other Clip+ (hardware is failing) had 3.10 and I had to use the OF for USB transfers which were adequate. I'll check out the latest. You recommend Dev over Release?
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03:18:19[Saint]The current release is literally years old and misses out on a metric tonne of fixes.
03:19:07[Saint]There was no real reason to keep up with the releases, even though it would be nice to do so, with git head so stable for the supported devices.
03:20:05[Saint]Basically it boiled down to everyone on a release probably being happy with that and unlikely to update and those who were like to update already being on the development branch?
03:20:19[Saint]Something like this, plus a lot of time and effort and management between people to do a release.
03:20:31gumnosso snag the latest .zip from and unzip it on the device? Any tips for diving into the Dev-branch pool?
03:20:59[Saint]Everything should "Just Work", the manual is there for anything that is new or might surprise you.
03:21:12[Saint]The manual always tracks the dev branch.
03:22:08gumnosalrighty. Muchas gracias. Not just for the tips, but also for any efforts you put forth in actual Rockbox development. It's one of those things that just works for the most part, and makes the Clip+ a world better.
03:23:04[Saint] details everything added since the last release if it interests you.
03:23:29[Saint]there's a lot of work in there compared to 3.13.
03:24:08[Saint]spanning back to very early 2013, wow.
03:26:09[Saint]two very big areas of functionality that are transparent to the user have been rewritten almost entirely.
03:26:27[Saint](playback engine and filesytem)
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04:05:39__builtingumnos: lists a huge number of changes since 3.13
04:06:28*__builtin counts at least 5 new/greatly improved plugins
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04:08:38[Saint]most of them by __builtin
04:08:47__builtinnot all ;)
04:09:10*__builtin wonders why there isn't a 4.0 or 3.14 already
04:09:50[Saint]reasons outlines above, basically.
04:10:03[Saint]only so many times that discussion needs to be had I think.
04:10:10*user890104 votes for 4.0
04:10:16[Saint]Yes, it would be nice. No, it isn't necessary.
04:10:34[Saint]Everyone on a release is happy there, and those who aren't moved to dev long ago.
04:10:57[Saint]And, yes, I would think 4.0 IFF there was a release.
04:11:09[Saint]Because there's been several massive rewrites.
04:12:05[Saint]I highly doubt there's anyone left tracking the releases in the hope that one will eventually drop, some 4 years after the last one.
04:12:21[Saint]I think it fairly safe to say that.
04:12:52__builtina release would certainly save [Saint] some time from poking users to upgrade
04:13:31user890104getting code from the development branch may sound a bit scary for some users
04:14:06__builtinthe fact that there's a bomb icon next to it on the site doesn't help
04:14:28[Saint]right, but if it is, they /probably/ wither just settled on 3.13 or forgot Rb existed by now.
04:14:32[Saint]that's largely my point.
04:14:40[Saint]those on the release are probably happy there.
04:15:01[Saint]if not, we'd probably see them here or the forums.
04:15:10user890104but, they're missing a bunch of new plugins
04:15:12[Saint]and that happens like...maybe, maybe, every other month.
04:15:34__builtinimportant stuff, those plugins
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04:38:44fishbulbhas it changed since 2013?
04:38:57fishbulbshould I re rockbox my players?
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04:39:23fishbulbI thought the stable release was the last thing to be released
04:40:56fishbulbthat's pretty cool
04:52:29fishbulbwhere do I get it?
04:52:46fishbulbis the bootloader changed?
04:52:56fishbulbI have a couple of iriver h340
04:54:41fishbulbI'm half pissed about this MSATA ssd being fucked, for the few tracks it worked, it was fucking brilliant not to hear any hard drive noises at all
04:56:18fishbulbI use them as a software controlled headphone amp, put into recording mode and change the automatic gain control to fast, and it amplifies any signal you put into the line in
04:56:54fishbulbit's actually pretty cool, the class D amp in my phone is total shit, any bass clips excessively
04:57:24fishbulbit's probably good for a class D but still can't move these headphone drivers properly
05:01:01fishbulband it looks a bit like a bomb when wired up and held together with rubber bands at airport security
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05:03:21fishbulbso the new version has to be compiled
05:04:32 Join __builtin [0] (~zulu@unaffiliated/franklin)
05:05:30fishbulb__builtin, is the only way to get this to compile it?
05:07:42fishbulbI use linux but not because I enjoy coding whatsoever
05:07:43__builtinfishbulb: no
05:07:44__builtinthere are autobuilds on the website that are precompiled versions of the latest code
05:07:59fishbulbso there's no point in compiling it?
05:08:13__builtinmmh, you can code if you want
05:08:30__builtinbut apart from that, not really if you don't plan on making changes
05:08:32fishbulbI'd rather not, where are the autobuilds?
05:09:12fishbulbI have two relatively stock devices
05:10:59fishbulbum. to keep my theme and settings, what do I not copy over?
05:11:22__builtinjust copy everything
05:11:30__builtinit shouldn't overwrite your config files
05:14:45__builtinenjoy the new games ;)
05:15:49fishbulbare there audio tools?
05:16:08fishbulbactually I put tons of roms and shit on this but I never play games
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05:17:40fishbulbthese things are my daily music devices, one records straight from the mixer at shows
05:19:07__builtinhmm, there's an a programmable metronome IIRC
05:19:14fishbulbthat's always been there
05:19:31__builtinthere's a bunch of new features that were added recently
05:19:48__builtindon't ask me though, I didn't do it
05:20:04fishbulbnow it's copied I can look at it
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05:31:19 Part gumnos
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06:27:27fishbulbwhoa. sick.
06:27:40fishbulbplease do another stable release
06:28:21fishbulbI like messing with things and I genuinely thought rockbox had stopped at the stable release
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07:58:18fishbulbso what determines the file allocation table error messages and shit like that
07:58:21fishbulbis that the bootloader
07:58:46fishbulbor does the bootloader just allow the files in .rockbox to be used
07:59:41fishbulbthe metronome functions better, but that noise is horrible, the click is more like a "click track"
08:00:10fishbulbthe blip noise is terrible and I wouldn't want that for keeping time
08:00:38fishbulbthe display with the ascii bars is good
08:01:42fishbulba lot of plugins returned errors, and the oscilliscope and FTT and other plugins for visualising stuff doesn't work with the fm player
08:03:00fishbulbthat would be cool if it did, the ftt would be more like a "waterfall" in gnuradio for fm, however useful that is or isn't because I don't think I even have any fm transmitters anymore
08:05:21fishbulbis there ever going to be a terminal?
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12:09:33Horrorcatpamaury: thanks! also, yet another "does not turn on" event: this time, because I could not use my notebook that time to start the device, I waited a minute or something. then, turning on worked.
12:10:05Horrorcatis there a temporary lock after un-holding while turned off, too? and if, how long does that last?
12:11:39pamauryat least not that I am aware of
12:12:15pamauryHorrorcat: can you describe again what happened exactly ?
12:13:21HorrorcatI was in the bus (so vibrations occur); tried to turn the zenxfi3 on, no reaction from the device. tried one or two more times, no reaction. waited for several seconds (10 or so), tried again, device turned on
12:15:48pamaury this point I am even wondering if the issue is with rockbox or not
12:16:12HorrorcatI also suspect hardware
12:16:19Horrorcatby now
12:16:43Horrorcatthe reset thing made it plausible that some weird state could be off and somehow locking the power on, but this doesn’t make sense now anymore
12:17:38pamaurywell the ultimate test would to uninstall rockbox and see if it happens with the OF...
12:22:33Horrorcathm, true
12:22:45HorrorcatI may do that when the adapter chain for my h3xx arrives.
12:24:30pamauryok, that would be awesome but I understand if you don't do it, the OF is just pure crap
12:25:48Horrorcatactually I don’t know. I haven’t used it except for testing that headphone issue. :-)
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14:14:35fishbulbh340 vs modern day player
14:14:53fishbulbh3whatever vs modern
14:15:34fishbulbwhen I find a low current ssd I'm putting it in one of these. the response time while it worked was instant. this drive clicks for a few seconds doing anything.
14:16:39Horrorcatsorry, I don’t understand, fishbulb
14:16:54fishbulbhow do you think the DACs and amps compare
14:17:08fishbulbto modern ones
14:17:16fishbulbwhy not
14:17:21HorrorcatI haven’t noticed anything bad about the zenxfi3 yet
14:18:45fishbulbwhat kind of headphones do you use?
14:19:15Horrorcaton the go I have more or less cheap sennheiser MX365 earplugs, at home I use my sennheiser HD215
14:19:42fishbulbis there a headfi irc channel?
14:20:13fishbulbthose forums deal with high quality portable players and headphones
14:20:52Horrorcatwell, I’m happy as long as it runs rockbox and isn’t as bad as my mobile phone.
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15:23:46fishbulbI look up any msata ssd
15:24:05fishbulband the average consumption is like 50mW
15:24:35fishbulbwell the toshiba 850 evo in this case, it says average 50mW
15:24:40fishbulbburst something like 6W
15:32:18 Join foolsh [0] (~starchase@2601:241:c200:4bc5:8009:50df:bce:14f1)
15:34:56fishbulbI wonder if any of them really work in the h340
15:35:00fishbulblike the people in the forums claimed
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18:44:49__builtinis it just me, or is the newer version on the classic just "slow"?
18:45:05__builtinthere's a considerable lag when scrolling
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22:14:45toliguys, I installed tarkan's adapter with mSata 120GB kingston, the lastest rockbox installed with the rockbox utility is buging. ata -32 error
22:14:48toliany ideas?
22:15:23Horrorcatwhich device?
22:15:37Horrorcatand what exactly is "tarkan’s adapter"
22:16:02toliipod 5.5
22:16:27toliit's th iflash msata
22:20:00toliit ran once, but not anymore, only the ipod os runs
22:20:09Horrorcatcheck the file sytsem
22:20:18toliits fat32
22:20:22Horrorcatcheck it for errors
22:20:37toliin diag mode?
22:20:56Horrorcatwhat operating system do you use?
22:21:45Horrorcatdoes the device show up when you connect it via USB?
22:21:45toliI have all OSes but I used the Windows
22:22:22Horrorcattry to get windows to check the file system. not sure how you’d do that, maybe start with right-clicking the device’s entry in "My computer"
22:24:20tolisuccessfuly scanned the drive no errors were found
22:24:52Horrorcatsorry, I’m afraid I’m out of generic advice then. maybe there’s someone with more ipod experience than me (I have zero :-)) around who can help you if you stick around for a while :-)
22:25:26tolithanks for your effort Horrorcat
22:27:19Horrorcatno problem, toli
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22:41:51pamaurydoes the usb driver works on TCC ? (Cowon D2, Sansa C100/M200)
22:42:13gevaertsIt used to, anyway
22:43:41 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:44:30saratogatoli: I think that means some kind of problem with the hard drive
22:45:00saratogai think some of those aftermarket adapters need special builds to work with the adapter, maybe check what they recommend
22:45:19toliit's a brand new kingston mSata with iflash, the apple OS works fine, I can copy big data on it with disk mode saratoga
22:45:38tolisaratoga, indeed
22:45:42toliI will ask them
22:48:37saratogait would be nice if someone with one of these adapters would actually contribute some patch back to us to fix support instead of just posting a half working build on their website though
22:51:12 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
22:54:48 Quit petur (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
22:59:28tolion his website there is a tutorial for the ipod classic
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