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#rockbox log for 2016-06-11

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00:09:16__builtinalso, what's wrong with USB HID on the S3C6400?
00:09:35__builtinthe commit message is very vague
00:12:59__builtinTheSeven: ^
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00:24:59__builtinfoolsh: who is the original author of the infones port?
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00:25:18__builtinthere's no copyright info in the files
00:27:16__builtinand the code is nearly free of useful comments
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02:27:46foolsh__builtin(LOG): These are the patches I worked with FS #2911 and I think I'm pretty sure this is the exact one I pulled in It was touched by so many people back in 09 by then, but it looks like infones is GPL2 sources -> and the licences issues talked about in the comments seem to be about other sources (ines) not infones, so
02:27:46foolsh yeah there you go
02:27:46fs-bluebot_ (S)NES emulator (patches, closed)
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03:48:16foolsh__builtin: <foolsh> __builtin(LOG): These are the patches I worked with FS #2911 and I think I'm pretty sure this is the exact one I pulled in It was touched by so many people back in 09 by then, but it looks like infones is GPL2 sources -> and the licences issues talked about in the comments seem to be about other sources (
03:48:16foolshines) not infones, so yeah there you go
03:48:17fs-bluebot_ (S)NES emulator (patches, closed)
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05:50:44[Saint]Can someone please "nice guy" check me?
05:51:00[Saint]I'm not railin' on the poor guy, am I?
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09:21:45fishbulbif I was getting ata errors from formatting the msata and loading the music on inside the H340
09:22:23fishbulbis doing all that through an external enclosure with the power to write full speed etc a possible solution?
09:23:08fishbulbthe idle specs of the drive are reasonably low. the burst specs are like 1.6A
09:24:29fishbulbmaybe during copying 20,000 tracks something got corrupted?
09:24:39fishbulbbecause it was PRETTY warm after that
09:25:34fishbulbthe device has never heated up before and it totally got warm during that, plus the battery discharged, so maybe it takes more power to write than it does to read from a solid state drive?
09:29:28fishbulbI"m wondering if anyone did the conversion successfully, the rockbox forums MOSTLY have the thread go dead after people actually do the swap
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09:33:50[Saint]many have, but their success would only be of any direct consequence if you were to be using the exact same hardware as they were.
09:34:48[Saint]there's no rule of thumb for if any given media or adapter plate is going to behave transparently or not.
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09:42:17[Saint]If I had to guess I would think that the consumption of the mSATA may be above what the device expects or can deliver?
09:42:54[Saint]mSATA can peak at...what? ...1.8W~2W?
09:43:16[Saint]Whereas MK4004GAH is 1.4W peak max consumption from memory.
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10:38:06fishbulbI'm using a 60gb hard drive
10:38:26fishbulbthat 400mW makes that much difference?
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11:01:28fishbulbthis is hunting for bigfoot
11:02:09fishbulbeveryone who claims to have successfully done it, especially with 1TB drives, have disappeared or added no extra information to the forums, only a few have admitted to a shitload of errors like the ones I was getting
11:04:30fishbulbI don't get how extremely slow read/write speeds compared to the 6gb/s they're designed to do in pci-e slots could make the thing operate at full draw though
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12:46:01duo8is there any micro sd card that does not work well with rockbox? or storage in general.
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13:53:59pamauryduo8: any standard compliant card should work, as long as you format it with FAT32
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16:20:56pamauryhum, I am slightly puzzled by the discharge curve of the zen xf3:
16:21:27pamauryit seemed to be that lithium-ion discharge curves were more "flat"
16:22:00pamaurycomment/opinion anyone ?
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16:40:22Horrorcatpamaury: how’s the battery curve?
16:40:29Horrorcatoh, should have read what you wrote first :-)
16:40:45Horrorcatwhat are the axes?
16:41:00Horrorcattime and voltage in mV?
16:41:06pamauryvertical axis is voltage in mV, horizontal is time in second
16:41:15pamauryI have the discharge curve (see g#1345)
16:41:16fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1345 at : zenxfi3: recalibrate battery curve by Amaury Pouly
16:41:29pamaurybut stupidly, I forgot to renable to pluging when charging, so I don't have the charging curve
16:41:39pamauryso I am currently discharging it again to charge it...
16:42:00Horrorcatare you taking a second sample on the discharge curve while you’re at it?
16:42:30pamauryno, because I am trying to discharge it much more quickly
16:42:48pamauryand voltage depends on loads so it would probably give different values
16:43:40pamaurybut if you are willing to let your device run alone in the dark for 25 hours without touching it, you can obtain another discharge curve
16:43:55ulmutulpamaury: compared to your discharge curve looks similar
16:44:48pamauryyeah no I realized later that I stopped the curve at 3.6V, whereas when you plot the curve up to 3.2V it looks a lot more flatter
16:48:15*pamaury needs a way to discharge the player quickly
16:48:58pamaurycurrently the best I have found is to increase boost counter to run at top cpu speed, plus playing songs and running the fft plugin. Hopefully this should keep the cpu busy at all times
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19:30:50pamaurywodz: do you think/know if a mips cpu would bypass the icache when running from "tightly-coupled memory" (which is uncached per definition)
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19:48:14Tibelze2012Hi, I'm Stephane, 37 years old, blind borned. I use Rockbox on my "Sandisk Clip Zip+" and I want to know if it's possible to install it on a "Sandisk Clip Jam"? Please, thanks to answer in private message.
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20:35:39wodz_pamaury: It all depends on address it is mapped/MMU setup. AFAIK mips core doesn't treat TCM any special
20:36:06pamauryit's the tcsm0 at 0xf4000000, this is usually mmu mapped but this one is special
20:36:26wodz_pamaury: BTW. discharge curve you linked looks pretty standard to me
20:36:47pamauryyeah yeah I confused myself :)
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20:37:20wodz_pamaury: right, Ingenic is not 100% standard mips in this regard
20:37:34wodz_pamaury: I'd guess it doesn't touch iram
20:41:47pamauryI can imagine ways of testing that but it does not really matter
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23:07:05dennis_webSo I was in here a few days ago with a db issue... Using a non-official rockbox port that someone said they were gonna merge into the official trunk... Decided to run one of the windows rockbox emulators and build the DB, which I did with no errors thrown, and just moved it to my device, and trying to use the database still hangs the device... So not sure what could be causing it.
23:13:48pamaurydennis_web: I am not sure how safe it is to build the database on the emulator and use it on another device, I would expect it to work but can't be sure. Did you try to build the database on the device ?
23:13:54pamaurywhich target ?
23:15:37dennis_webI tried it on the device and it consistently froze the device
23:15:49dennis_weband wouldn't boot until I deleted the database_tmp.tcd file
23:21:33pamaurywhich device is that ?
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23:38:01dennis_webpamaury: Xuelin iHiFi 770c. Like I said, it's not an officially supported Rocbox port, I was just trying to see if anyone had any other ideas on getting the DB to work, given I've tried... Just about everything. Lol.
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