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#rockbox log for 2016-06-16

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00:02:36__builtinwell, I seem to have gotten encryption working
00:02:52__builtinwith the current tick + unix time as the nonce
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00:36:06__builtindang, I locked myself out :(
00:36:20__builtinthankfully I have a backup feature by now
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00:40:08__builtinthis is weird
00:40:16__builtinit works perfectly in the sim
00:40:18__builtinbut not on hardware
00:41:57__builtinand the sim doesn't seem to work in valgrind
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17:49:22__builtin... and it seems I introduced a new bug
17:51:50 Join mekkel [0] (4ac73621@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:54:00foolsh__builtin: so what exactly is the new, I assume, plugin you're working on?
17:54:44mekkelI have just installed the latest Rockbox firmware on my iPod classic 6th gen. Wondering if there is a way to make Rockbox read and show album art that is saved in the album folder rather than only showing artwork that is saved to a song's tag
17:55:55__builtinfoolsh: sorry for being a bit... vague
17:55:58__builtinit's the otp plugin
17:56:11__builtinvery new
17:56:15 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
17:56:33__builtinacts as an one-time password client
17:57:45foolshmekkel: sorry, no idea but if you stick around somebady may show up that knows, espeissally if you repeat your query every few hours so people know you're still around
17:57:51__builtinmekkel: there is, I don't remember exactly
17:58:06*__builtin bets that the manual has a section on that though
17:58:30__builtinlet me check
17:58:57foolsh__builtin: so it creates complex passwords and? stores them for later or what, I'm not versed on the specifics
17:59:03mekkelthank you very much
17:59:33__builtinfoolsh: it's usually used for two-factor authentication
17:59:47__builtinfor example, github
18:00:14__builtinif you configure 2FA, you first type your normal password, then you type the 6-digit code your device generates
18:00:26__builtinthis plugin generates that code
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18:02:15__builtin2FA = 2-factor auth
18:02:43mekkelthank you !!!
18:03:51__builtinfoolsh: right now I'm in the process of getting it to encrypt its data relating to the account
18:04:08__builtinwhich works, except for a really rare bug which I can't easily reproduce
18:05:00foolshOkay, sorry I've been outta touch, theres a lot going on lately here
18:05:18__builtinit's cool, so have I ;)
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18:09:16mekkeli use mediamonkey for syncing and much of my music has the artwork stored in the folder named as (.jpg). that is the literal name of the file, there is nothing before the ".jpg"
18:09:38 Join nlogex [0] (
18:09:40__builtinwell, rename it so it works ;)
18:09:46mekkelfor some reason tho, when playing the tracks on my iPod, no artwork is showing up, only for albums that have the artwork saved individually to each file's tag
18:10:18mekkeli would rename it, but i would have to rename 23000 tracks artwork and i dont think there is a batch function in mediamonkey for that :(((
18:10:33__builtinare you on linux>
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18:11:08 Join alexweissman [0] (~alexweiss@
18:11:34__builtinif so, for dir in * ; do ; mv dir/.jpg dir/cover.jpg ; done
18:13:04mekkelmy mediamonkey library is stored on an old XP machine actually
18:13:25__builtinor modify rockbox so it looks for that filename
18:13:54__builtinor write a batch script to do it... *eek*
18:14:29mekkelcant it just be told to look for and show the first .jpg image in the folder for the artwork
18:14:34 Quit Moarc (Quit: i znowu NADMUCHAŁ BALONA)
18:17:54__builtinnot by default
18:18:16mekkeldoes that mean i can modify some low level file to achieve that ?
18:18:19 Quit alexweissman ()
18:19:13__builtinyou can grab the source code, modify, compile, and install it
18:19:49__builtinor poke the right part of your NAND with a magnetized needle if you want :P
18:20:09mekkelshit that's way over my head. can i lobby for it to be merged into an upcoming build?
18:20:36__builtinif you write a patch, I see no reason why it wouldn't be merged
18:20:51__builtinor find someone else to do it
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18:21:02 Join soadkombucha [0] (dennis@unaffiliated/soadkombucha)
18:21:02mekkelwho can i pay to make that happen?
18:21:18 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:23:17__builtinit's a rather simple modification, definitely not worth paying for IMO
18:23:34mekkeli have no idea about writing a patch or where to even start
18:23:46mekkelis there a particular person i can ask to write it on here
18:27:06__builtinyou should try to batch-rename them before going to modify rockbox
18:29:10mekkelthat is a better idea for me individually, but i think modifying rockbox for everybody would be the best solution because i cannot be the only person with this problem. i know a lot of power users with mediamonkey
18:31:30__builtinmaybe I could just write a patch
18:31:48mekkelyou would be a martyr
18:32:52mekkelaka god
18:35:03__builtinok, it was literally a two-line hack
18:35:11__builtinwhat device do you have?
18:35:34mekkeli have iPod Classic 6th Gen
18:35:55__builtinI'll merge in some other goodies I have locally then
18:36:11mekkeldamn, you are a great person. you really didnt have to do that for me
18:36:46*__builtin can't guarantee that it will work though
18:37:19mekkeli will try it
18:37:28mekkeldoes that mean it will come out in the next development version ?
18:37:38__builtinno, I'll provide a build for you
18:38:29mekkelthank you. will it ever get merged ?
18:38:58__builtinif a dev likes it enough
18:45:05__builtinalright, I'll test it first
18:46:34mekkelthank you
18:46:41__builtinok, appears to work
18:46:59__builtingrab the build from
18:48:42__builtinif you want the source code, just ask
18:49:45mekkelthank you , so once i download, how do i flash it? can i use the rockbox installer ?
18:50:07__builtincopy the .rockbox directory inside the zip file to the root of the ipod
18:50:16__builtinoverwrite any files it asks about
18:50:22mekkelawesome, i will attempt now
18:52:50__builtinit's in the tracker as g#1350
18:52:52fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1350 at : album art: look for .jpg, .bmp files in current directory by Franklin Wei
18:59:26mekkelawesome!, still loading it now
19:00:31__builtinit's that slow?
19:01:10mekkelthe computer i am on now at work does not see the ipod as a removable disk for some reason
19:01:55__builtinooh, that's probably a windows or itunes issue
19:02:39mekkeli can access the disk tho i think if i boot into the stock apple firmware
19:02:42user890104mekkel: which bootloader are you using? emcore or rockbox?
19:03:12mekkelrockbox i believe.
19:03:17mekkeli used the rockbox installer
19:03:26mekkelshould i be using emCore?
19:03:42user890104no, it's deprecated
19:03:50__builtinuser890104: has the rockbox bootloader been merged?
19:04:05user890104you are advised to use apple's disk mode for file transfers and rockbox only for listening to music
19:04:17user890104until we have a rock-solid usb disk mode in rockbox
19:04:25mekkelok i will do that
19:04:40__builtinuser890104: how is the new designware in that regard?
19:05:15user890104__builtin: not merged yet, but prof_wolfff sends me new builds of his rockbox patches
19:05:31user890104about the new driver, haven't had the time to review/test it
19:05:47__builtinso the rockbox bootloader should replace emcore now?
19:05:57mekkelwill the USB mode allow for the ipod to recognize a 256gb sdCard ?
19:07:13user890104mekkel: prof_wolfff already answered this one i believe
19:07:35mekkeli think he told me yes, but i was unsure. but that sounds great if so
19:07:51user890104as soon as his build is ready and he sends it to me, i am going to replace the old one on the installation page
19:08:08user890104and post it on twitter and
19:08:40*__builtin prefers to do it from source
19:08:44mekkelso <__builtin>, i just installed the build, and when i attempt to play a song that did not show artwork before, it now shows artwork, but it is showing the first artwork file on the drive rather than the artwork file in the particular album folder
19:09:24 Quit petur (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
19:09:25user890104__builtin: did you include prof_wolfff's unmerged patches in your build?
19:09:42__builtinuser890104: which ones should I get?
19:12:08user890104his build is using PS8
19:12:27user890104but then he split the patch to several small patches
19:12:45user890104and some of them are merged i believe
19:13:00__builtinshould ps9 work?
19:14:56__builtinoh, never mind
19:14:58user890104the only difference between PS8 and PS9 is the commit messsage
19:15:03user890104so, yes :)
19:15:57user890104uhm, not really
19:16:48 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
19:18:07__builtincan I install the bootloader coming from emcore?
19:21:19 Join lebellium [0] (
19:21:35user890104i think so, but i will recommend a full restore before upgrading
19:22:10user890104i always install the bootloader from a clean factory state
19:22:14*__builtin lacks itunes atm
19:22:26user890104me too
19:22:36user890104and you don't need it
19:26:44 Join bray90820 [0] (
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19:36:33__builtinmekkel: regarding the album art, can you clarify what you mean by the "first artwork file"?
19:36:44__builtindo you mean the file in the root directory?
19:37:00mekkelit was showing artwork for a different artists
19:37:14__builtinok, tell me what your directory structure is
19:37:28mekkelan artwork .jpg file that wasnt in the same folder as the album that was currently playing if you catch my drift
19:38:14mekkelroot\\artistX\albumX\1. trackname.mp3
19:39:51 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:39:56 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
19:40:02 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:41:04Horrorcatso I have this Zen X-Fi3 which won’t boot anymore. I managed to get the OF to boot into USB mode. On my linux I see the block devices of the player (and they’re reported with the correct size), but fsck.vfat hangs at open("
19:41:14Horrorcat*hangs at open("/dev/sdX1", O_RDWR)
19:41:35Horrorcatand now the devices disappeared, even though the player still reports that "USB Connected"
19:41:43Horrorcatlsusb hangs
19:42:02 Quit fs-bluebot_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:42:05Horrorcatany advice?
19:42:36 Join Link8 [0] (
19:42:36__builtinunplug it?
19:43:01Horrorcatdisplay goes blank
19:53:28__builtinmekkel: try this file again:
19:53:38mekkelthank you
19:54:00__builtinagain, it might not work
19:59:02mekkelsame thing happened
20:00:32 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:00:48__builtinwait, so you're saying that when playing /artistA/album1/track1.mp3, it displays the .jpg file under /artistB/album2/?
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20:05:09 Join duo8 [0] (~ZNC-SRV-H@
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20:14:49mekkelno, it seems like it displays artwork that is in some completely different folder
20:14:54mekkeland a different artist even
20:15:04mekkelhard to explain, hope you understand tho
20:18:59__builtinso you want it to find /artist/album/.jpg while playing /artist/album/track.mp3
20:20:04__builtinuser890104: what is this ipodscsi tool?
20:21:22__builtinoh, never mind
20:23:53__builtinactually, how do I build it?
20:23:58__builtinit seems to be windows-specific
20:26:25 Join Moarc [0] (~chujko@2002:551c:8069:1:cc73:aeb8:2b17:990b)
20:26:39mekkelI want it to find either ".jpg" or any .jpg image int he folder
20:27:50__builtin"any jpg" is a a bit more difficult
20:30:12mekkelthere might be a way to bulk rename all of the files to that .jpg
20:34:11__builtindo you have windows powershell?
20:34:19mekkelnot on XP
20:34:28mekkeland it seems like you cannot natively create a nameless file
20:34:46mekkeljust tried to rename a .jpg image to "" and it isnt possible
20:35:01mekkeli guess i could rename all artwork files to artwork.jpg
20:39:55 Join Ivoah [0] (uid49352@gateway/web/
20:44:01__builtintry finding information on how to do so from a batch script
20:45:09mekkelif i did that tho, i dont think it would solve the problem of showing the wrong album artwork
21:00:55 Join girafe [0] (
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21:08:59 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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21:51:16 Join __builtin [0] (~zulu@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:00:23__builtinuser890104: I managed to install the bootloader, but now it seems it can't find the partition
22:00:49 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
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22:07:42user890104__builtin: how did you restore with itunes, or you skipped this step?
22:07:52user890104there's an untested linux version of ipodscsi
22:08:09__builtinwith linux but with a virtualbox XP vm for running ipodscsi
22:10:28__builtinhow should I partition and format the disk?
22:12:45__builtinhmm, it seems that my mkfs.fat is in fact creating a vfat volume
22:51:04 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:55:20user890104__builtin: you should have used ipodscsi's repartition option
22:55:31user890104then you format the partition with mkfs.vfat
22:56:10__builtinfor ipodscsi, does the ipod have to be in disk mode or dfu mode?
23:07:36 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
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23:27:59 Nick rudi_s_ is now known as rudi_s (
23:31:24user890104__builtin: disk mode or OF
23:39:07 Quit ender` (Quit: The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is that vampires are allergic to bullshit. — Richard Pryor)
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