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#rockbox log for 2016-06-20

00:06:55pamauryyou can promote all of them
00:07:08pamaurysome are more unstable than the others but they are definitely not unusable I would say
00:07:11ulmutulI would propose to promote the Samsung YH92x targets to stable, to clear the list of unstable targets :)
00:07:22ulmutulb0hoon: if you agree^
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00:12:20saratogafor reference:
00:12:26saratogaprobably a lot of devices meet this catagory
00:12:40saratogasince we do not require rockbox utility or a manual
00:14:15ulmutulis there a reason that the lcd sleep setting is a STRINGCHOICE_SETTING? For me it would be more logical if it was a table setting like backlight timeout.
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00:14:35ulmutul;a=blob;f=apps/settings_list.c;h=62f232610c1ddebc8da89ba05866e4921439271c;hb=HEAD#l1816 vs.;a=blob;f=apps/settings_list.c;h=62f232610c1ddebc8da89ba05866e4921439271c;hb=HEAD#l867
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13:21:57Tirifto_Hello all!
13:43:35Tirifto_I'd like to buy a Rockbox-compatible device. Would it be a good decision to get the "SanDisk Sansa Fuze+"? From what I found, it seems like it would be one of the best options, both for support and capabilities. Is that correct?
13:43:52Horrorcathi Tirifto_
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14:52:17pamauryHorrorcat: how is the zen xfi3 doing ?
14:59:25Horrorcatpamaury: I disassembled it after it stopped booting... did you read the logs from a few days ago?
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15:00:11pamauryHorrorcat: I tried but I was travelling so I may have missed something
15:00:51Horrorcatah. well I dropped it (classic), turned it on, the screen went black after the bootloader wrote two or three lines
15:01:09pamauryah, so it won't boot anymore ?
15:01:23Horrorcathaven’t got it to boot with USB either at first. then I played around a bit with it at home, I can get the OF to boot in USB mode with some time and luck, the block devices appear in lsblk, but open apperas to hang
15:01:39pamauryso even the OF hangs ?
15:01:43Horrorcatthe rockbox bootloader would hang while "USB Connecting"
15:02:20pamauryhum, that's a bad sign if even the OF fails
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15:02:49Horrorcatyeah. I also had weird coloured rects on the screen once
15:03:21HorrorcatI remotely recall that there’s a way to get to the SoC directly via usb. do you know whether re-flashing it that way is possible?
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15:05:35pamauryHorrorcat: yeah you can always reflash this way but if you say both rockbox and Of hangs, I am afraid the storage might have a problem. I can give you the instructions though, more or less
15:06:33Horrorcatpamaury: I’d like to try it, but not today
15:06:46pamauryok, just poke me when you are free
15:07:07pamaurydo you have any insurance or can you send the player back ? It might simply be defective
15:08:00HorrorcatI think the time interval for sending back is over
15:08:10Horrorcatshould check though
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18:26:48Tirifto_I have found on sale the "Sansa Clip Zip Black Special Edition (8 GB)". Does anyone know if it works the same as the normal Clip Zip and if Rockbok would work on it?
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19:31:44saratogaTirifto_: there is no such thing as a special edition zip, probably just someone not knowing what they're selling
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19:59:16Tirifto_saratoga: Oh. It does have a black design with parts of it gray/silver, which I didn't see on the usual black models, though.
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20:36:01saratogawho administers the wiki? Can we do something about the user spam?
20:36:20scorche|1hthe wiki si still in the swedes' domain
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22:44:22WilliamCI bought my mother a Finis Neptune and I am just wondering if Rockbox might support whatever company made the components
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22:59:58pamauryWilliamC: never heard of this player, to port a player see
23:00:09pamaurybasically you should at least know what is inside
23:00:30WilliamCIt's a bit too esoteric to port, Finis doesn't even make electronics, it's a watergear company
23:03:09WilliamCYeah, and by its nature I'd destroy it if I ever took it apart.
23:03:19WilliamCI guess I'll just have to convert crap into MP3
23:04:00pamauryyeah that's a problem with watergear, disassembly is not really an option, and unless the company provides some firmware upgrade to work on, that's a nogo
23:04:35pamaurythough my guess is that the cpu inside is probably not capable of running rockbox (just a guess)
23:07:28WilliamCThanks anyway, I doubt it'd be able to, but so far all I've been able to do is find some of my old class rock music and transfer it. I don't want to convert from vorbis to MP3, that just makes it suck more.
23:07:35WilliamCSo I'm ripping whatever CDs I can find
23:07:51WilliamCclassic rock
23:07:54WilliamCWell, cya
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