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#rockbox log for 2016-06-21

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06:13:21robertdhi, what does it mean "cannot get logical table: 2"
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07:48:19Guest7719Hi. How can I open .rock files on my computer?
07:48:36Guest7719I'm curious about how the apps and games and demos work.
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12:11:21elensilhi pamaury, is you have some time to debug the USB audio feature, tell me :)
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12:54:06cereal_killerGuest7719: try a simulator on your computer:">
12:54:29pixelmawell s/he left
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12:56:10cereal_killerby the way, anyone knows if there is some work done to get the D2 builds working again?
13:06:56pixelmaI don't follow development very closely these days but I didn't even know that they were broken
13:07:45[Saint]cereal_killer: yeah - I mean, is there a bug report about this? WHat precisely is broken?
13:08:17[Saint]I know the D2 builds have never been perfect, but I was completely unaware that they were non-functional.
13:08:37[Saint]Is this the case presently? I don't have the hardware.
13:13:32cereal_killerhmm, last time I tried was some time ago and there was "panic error -1", will try the latest build asap
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13:21:16cereal_killersee here:
13:23:04cereal_killerand the discussion here:
13:25:54cereal_killerwill report after trying the latest build, neet to go, bye
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15:11:40pamaurycereal_killer (logs): the guy didn't really want to help us to debug how we suggested, so unless he found the problem and didn't tell us, I don't think there was any progress
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16:39:34TiriftoHello! Does anyone know if Rockbox will run on this model of Sansa Clip Zip?
16:40:23TiriftoI ask because it appears to be different from the usual ones, but I'm not sure if that's just external or not.
16:48:46gevaertsTirifto: looks like a proper clip zip to me, but the bit that says "Sorry, this item is Not In Stock" might be the real issue
16:50:43Tiriftogevaerts: Great, thanks! I found it on eBay, so "Not In Stock" is not really a problem; I just wanted to give a link to an official resource.
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18:04:16cereal_killerpamaury: thanks for the info, what a pitty...
18:08:30cereal_killer[Saint]: still get panic error -1 on latest build
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20:22:21Gabe_Can I open .rock files on my Mac?
20:22:47Gabe_I tried using TextEdit, but it just showed up as a bunch of random ASCII characters.
20:23:14HorrorcatGabe_: what is your intent? do you want to try the application/plugin or do you want to see how it works internally?
20:23:36Gabe_The latter. I want to look at its guts.
20:24:01Gabe_I'm curious about making the flip-it game use a 5x5 grid instead of 5x4.
20:24:24Horrorcatyou should then take a look at the source code. these things are written in C. the source can be found online, let me fetch you a link
20:24:42 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
20:24:49Gabe_Thank you!
20:25:47Horrorcatfor example:;a=blob;f=apps/plugins/flipit.c;h=8b19fe441c7b74ac20362c6432dd92e07afefbab;hb=HEAD
20:26:47Gabe_Is it the same code for every mp3 player or should I look for the file for my device?
20:27:58Horrorcatthe code is the same; the separate devices are handled with #ifdef preprocessor directives if neccessary
20:28:03Gabe_OK, I think I got it. Thanks!
20:28:18Horrorcatlike there, the #ifs for the CONFIG_KEYPAD variable
20:28:28Gabe_Oh, I see now.
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23:36:45GabeI'm interested in playing the 2048 clone on my Sansa Clip+, but it wasn't included in my Rockbox installation.
23:36:49GabeHow can I get it?
23:42:25pamauryGabe: which version of rockbox are you using ?
23:43:03GabeI think
23:43:08GabeThe latest stable release
23:43:19pamauryah ok, this is ancient (and we haven't done any release since then...), if you want it you need to insstall the nightly build
23:43:38GabeOK. Thank you!
23:43:56pamauryeither use RBUtil or download and unpack it at the root of the device
23:53:49GabeI used RBUtil and installed the Development Version (last update was a week ago). It gave me a bunch more fonts (before there were only one or two), but still no 2048.
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23:54:42GabeThe only two options in RBUtil are Stable Release and Development Version. Is the nightly build another different one that I have to manually install?

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