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#rockbox log for 2016-06-22

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00:03:08pamauryGabe: no, I think development version is nightly build, give me a minute
00:09:56pamauryI just a built a version out of the trunk and it has 2048
00:10:03pamauryso, I am confused
00:10:26pamauryand the link I posted also have it
00:10:50pamaurydid you reboot the device ?
00:14:02GabeI'll try from the .zip
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00:16:45GabeThis is really weird. The .zip has 2048, but there are a lot of other games that it's missing, and it has only one font instead of the 100 I got from RBUtil
00:17:41GabeI'll try just dragging 2048 into the .rockbox folder on the device instead of replacing the whole thing.
00:19:53pamauryGabe: if you replace the whole thing, you get less fonts because the dev zip does not include the extra fonts (for space reason) but you can use RBUtil to reinstall them after
00:24:41GabeIt worked. Yay! Thank you.
00:25:04GabeMy new life mission is to make 2048 less ugly on the Clip+.
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00:31:41pamauryyeah, with the dual color it probably looks super ugly
00:32:23wodzpamaury: Some time ago you asked about mips mmu code. Are you looking at mips mmu?
00:33:10pamauryyes, I am puzzled because the code in mips-mmu.h seems to do "things" but as far I as I understand, it's a lot of deadcode and it essentially does nothing (except maybe removing any mmu mapping)
00:33:46pamauryand since the crt0.S set the ERL bit, it makes kuseg bypass mmu anyway right ?
00:34:54wodzpamaury: AFAIK our mips targets use 'mips static' mapping only. No wired entries, no refills and friends
00:35:11pamauryyeah that was my impression
00:36:18wodzpamaury: Why do need mmu?
00:36:36pamauryI don't need mmu, I just don't understand why we have some code for it
00:37:17wodzpamaury: I think this is for historical reasons. The jz port was copy-paste from linux port to the platform
00:37:24pamauryah ok
00:38:06wodzthere were some concerns about licensing even
00:39:01wodzpamaury: are you poking X1?
00:39:37pamauryyeah, I have hwstub running, I have begun doing some coding but nothing is running right now
00:39:53pamauryI am scratching my head a bit about PLL and DRAM settings
00:40:34pamauryVortex in his port just happily changes the clock (including DRAM clocks !) happily from code running in DRAM, that can't be right
00:40:51wodzwhy did you port hwstub? Was jz bootrom not good enough?
00:40:52pamaurythe OF uses a clever trick: it runs the code from DRAM but fetch and lock the function doing so before running it
00:41:38pamaurywodz: not really, I cannot setup DRAM otherwise. Instead I use a trick: I put hwstub in a specil file called factory.x1 and do a "factory boot" where the ingenic bootload setups DRAM and execute my code
00:41:47wodznice. The code in Vortex's code works because of cache most probably.
00:41:49pamauryso I can have hwstub + DRAM working
00:42:06wodzI see
00:42:41pamauryit also gave me the opportunity to write some code for it, I understand the usb controller much better
00:43:10pamaurythe clock controller is a bit weird though, and the documentation is really sparse on some things
00:43:52wodzare you going to take care of DRAM init or are you going to use ingenic bootloader to do the dirty work?
00:44:17pamauryI need to study the OF code a bit, I am still not entirely convinced it's fine to change the DDR clock without tweaking the parameters, and if it's not fine, it means we need to use the same DDR clock as the OF
00:44:27pamauryno the bootloader does the dirty work
00:44:35pamaurybut there is this clock "problem" as I mentioned
00:45:07wodzI'd say this is to be solved in the future not now
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00:49:51pamaurywodz: it's quite important in fact, most peripherals cannot be clocked from crystal, only PLL
00:51:18pamauryand the PLL is tweaked for CPU and DRAM, although it seems the OF uses pretty much the "standard" frequency of 432MHz for PLL0 and I-dont-remember-how-much for PLL1 (which is also derived from PLL0 by the way)
00:52:19pamauryanyway, I'll try to have the LCD running soon
00:53:31pamaurythe lcd code is also weird, it toggle a pin when sending commands, I don't quite understand why
00:55:33pamaurywodz: are you working on anything at the moment ?
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00:58:04wodzpamaury: If you mean 'now' I am at work unfortunately. If you mean in general with rockbox then no, I absolutely have no spare time.
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01:03:02pamauryoh damn, but it's super late !
01:07:19pamaurymy spare time has also been low recently
01:07:25pamaurythus the lack of progress on the port...
01:08:56wodzyeah, the same here
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11:14:37fishbulbhey does anyone here know a source of really good quality headphone sockets
11:14:57fishbulb3.5mm stereo sockets for replacing the 3 in my iriver
11:15:11fishbulbline in line out and headphones out, all are wobbly now.
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12:12:37Horrorcatelensil: meh, the CF -> μSD adapter seems to be borked
12:14:10elensilHorrorcat: oh ? what does it said ?
12:14:30Horrorcatwell, my CF card reader doesn’t like it and rockbox bootloader reports an ATA error
12:14:40Horrorcatjust now trying with a known good CF card
12:16:08Horrorcathmm, with the known good I get ATA error -80
12:16:53Horrorcatplugging in USB shows the blockdevice and it appears to work fine
12:17:50Horrorcat(that’s with the known-good CF card)
12:25:52elensilyeah that's russian roulette :/
12:28:43HorrorcatI wonder why the good CF card also has ATA errors even though working fine via USB
12:28:57Horrorcatdo I need a fresher rockbox bootloader? this one is from 2008 or something
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15:50:23Yooneshi there
15:50:42Yoonesis rockbox for ibasso devices based on apk?
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15:52:24YoonesI'm no dev and completly lost when trying to document myself so I don't even know where to start, but I'm willing to give it a try with a friend to get RB work on a DX80
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16:17:42pamauryYoones: I don't know much about this port but I think not
16:18:00pamauryiirc, it uses a completely stripped down version of android and does not even use Java
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17:49:17fishbulbhow can android not use java?
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17:56:08pamauryfishbulb: short answer: the soc manufacturer ported android to his soc, but android uses a modified linux, so can't just take the stock linux and run it. So what company do is to take the android port, strip everything and keep only the modified linux kernel. Thus no java
17:56:38pamaury(remember that companies usually do not provide the source code of their linux modification)
17:57:29pamauryso yeah it's not really android, but not quite stock linux either
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18:19:38duo8pamaury only chinese companies
18:20:31pamauryduo8: well depends, all others put everything in closed source modules, so it's barely better
18:21:40 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:21:47duo8i suppose
18:21:58duo8still can't reach mediatek levels though
18:23:08pamauryyeah sure :)
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20:02:38robertd_hi, im trying to extract the firmware from the update file of a sony walkman nwzA867. Tried to build the binary for the Nwz but so far no sucess
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20:23:52pamauryrobertd: this sony is not supported
20:24:02pamauryI don't even know what is the cpu inside
20:27:38pamauryfrom the firmware upgrade, my guess is that it uses the same cpu most sony nwz use, and which is not supported by rockbox
20:29:40robertdThe EmmaMobile1. I was trying to extract the firmware with scsitool
20:33:35pamaurywhich scsitool ? you usually can't extract the firmware with this tool
20:34:39robertdIn an old post I found the scsitool for the nwze380
20:34:56 Quit PurlingNayuki (Quit: PurlingNayuki)
20:35:05pamaurythe nwze380 uses a completely cpu and software, on those you can extract the firmware but no on those with emma mobile
20:35:07pamaurythe best thing you can do is unpack the firmware upgrade, but that requires a key
20:35:27pamaurythe key can be extracted from the device if you know where to look, using another scsitool, and a bit of luck
20:36:11pamauryso basically download this:
20:36:34 Quit Lwrless_ (Remote host closed the connection)
20:36:45pamaurythen you need to run cabextract on it (I hope you using linux otherwise it will not be easy) to get a bunch of files, the upgrade is the UPG one
20:37:20robertdI managed to extract the Upg file. Im stuck there. Im trying to compile a scsitool for my device
20:37:44 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:37:45pamaurythe unpacker tool is in our repo:;a=tree;f=utils/nwztools/upgtools;h=e696535ebcf05edc07527407da04c9eeaab7c5e1;hb=c7a561e
20:39:09pamaurybut you need a key
20:40:13pamauryon some players I was able to retrieve the key using;a=tree;f=utils/nwztools/scsitools;h=4ee39e93a425f5fbb1fcf41bfa74010b32bfe401;hb=c7a561e but it's really a try and fail approach because sony randomises the index of the key (that's my findings at least)
20:43:33 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (
20:44:00robertdThats where Im stuck Pamaury
20:44:16pamaurydid you build the scsitool in nwztools/scsitools ?
20:45:19robertdI tried but it says logical error>2
20:45:46pamaurywhat arguments did you give ?
20:47:19robertdThat was my mistake. No arguments given. Let me try with the new info you gave me and the trial and error aproach
20:47:51pamauryto get the key, you need to run (more or less):
20:47:51pamauryscsitool vid:pid get_dnk_nvp x 64 0
20:48:06pamaurywhere x is a number, you should try all numbers between 0 and 100 basically
20:48:17pamaurysometimes it will hang, sometimes (often) the device will crash
20:48:31pamaurythere is no way to tell for sure if wat you get is the password though
20:48:53pamaurybut if you get a relatively small sequence of ascii characters that looks meaningless, that might be the key
20:52:46robertdI have lots of patience. Let me start unpacking, and try to obtain the key. Many thanks for your help
20:52:50pamauryI would suggest running scsitool vid:pid get_dev_info first to make sure that the device at leasts peaks the protocol
20:53:08pamauryyou can't unpack until you have the key
20:53:42pamaurywhen you have the key (or think you have), run upgtool −−extract kas <key> file.upg
20:53:46pamaury(or something like this)
21:01:19pamauryrobertd: sorry, I was completely wrong, it's not vid:pid, it's the path to the block device, so if you sony has block device /dev/sdc, then write scsitool /dev/sdc ...
21:02:17pamauryso here is a complete example on my NWZ-E463:
21:02:17pamaury# ./scsitool /dev/sdb get_dnk_nvp 32 64 0
21:02:27pamaury 38 39 64 38 31 33 66 38 66 39 36 36 65 66 64 65 89d813f8f966efde
21:02:27pamaury 62 64 39 63 39 65 30 65 61 39 38 31 35 36 64 32 bd9c9e0ea98156d2
21:02:27DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
21:02:27pamaury(and then only zeroes)
21:03:07robertdusing the scitool before the node is similar
21:04:22pamaurysorry I don't understand your sentence :)
21:05:51pamaurywell actually I am being stupid, apparently I managed to brute force the key of the A860 a long time ago and put it upgtool (lucky for you ;))
21:06:44pamauryso you should be able to just run:
21:06:44pamauryupgtool -m nwz-a86x file.upg
21:06:54pamaurysorry, upgtool -m nwz-a86x −−extract file.upg
21:08:38pamaurybut I am still interested if you can find it through scsitool to confirm
21:37:51robertd:-) Sorry for the delay in answering. I used the old scitool and the node info after get_dnk_nvp looks like the one you posted
21:39:09pamaurywhich number did you use and what was the result output ?
21:42:39robertdwith the get dnk nvp
21:43:05pamauryno but what is the output ? (it can't be the same key, the fact that it *looks* similar is useless :))
21:43:35robertdC:\Users\Andres\Downloads>scsitool-nwz.exe -c I: get_dnk_nvp kas Node: 61 37 63 34 61 66 36 63 32 38 62 38 39 30 30 61 a7c4af6c28b8900a 37 38 33 66 33 30 37 63 31 62 61 35 33 38 63 35 783f307c1ba538c5 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
21:44:00robertdsorry about that. I am really slow
21:44:07pamaurycool, thanks :)
21:44:56 Quit alucryd_ (Remote host closed the connection)
21:45:16robertdThanks to you for all your help, let me start with all the new info you gave and I will keep you posted
21:46:02 Join alucryd [0] (~quassel@archlinux/developer/alucryd)
21:46:22pamaurythat's funny, the brute forced KAS is different from the "real" one but both work !
21:46:31pamauryfor your information, the UPG contains three files
21:46:44pamauryone is bach script to update, one the linux kernel iirc and the other the the initrd
21:47:21pamauryit's absolutely fine to craft a fake upgrade with just a bash script (or for example bash script + binary file and the script runs the file)
21:47:41pamaury(otherwise you'll brick your device)
21:48:15 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
21:48:37robertdouch, I will use the legit one
21:48:43pamaurythe script MUST ABSOLUTELY tell the kernel to remove the upgrade flag, otherwise your device will be stuck in an upgrade loop
21:49:11pamauryso never ever ever ever ever give it a bash script that is not valid (syntax wise)
21:49:20pamauryand the first thing your script should do is clear the flag
21:49:25edhelasHorrorcat: the CF-SD adapter wasn't working in the end ?
21:50:10pamauryrobertd: here is an example that worked on my nwz-E463: pamaury/1bd21f04388132ce2c13e6092f508b35">
21:50:27pamauryobviously you should check the A860 update script to see if that matches
21:50:45robertdDefinetly will do that, important warning
21:51:32pamaurythe device runs linux, to "dump" the firmware, you can 1) unpack the initrd (you won't get the complete image but that's a good start) 2) write a script that dumps the firmware partition into the user one
21:52:47Horrorcatedhelas: no, it’s not working
21:52:56Horrorcatat least not with rockbox −− the ATA-USB-thing seems to be happy
21:53:02Horrorcattrying a newer rockbox bootloader is on my todo
21:53:13robertdthe second method looks better to my habilities
21:53:47edhelasHorrorcat: that's the one that I bought
21:54:19 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:54:23Horrorcatmine is a komputerbay, too, edhelas :/
21:54:37edhelasyeah that's weird, because it was working out of the box for me
21:54:42Horrorcatbut the issue is also with ATA -> CF
21:54:50Horrorcata known-good CF card doesn’t work with the device
21:54:51 Join lebellium [0] (
21:55:07edhelasbut I had another one before, that was reported as "fully working on iPods" and that wasn't working :D
21:55:10Horrorcat(the CF->μSD adapter is also problematic, I think, it won’t work with my card reader)
21:55:12pamauryrobertd: the advantage of the first one is that you can see what is available to the update script
21:55:37pamauryfor example I am not sure if the flag thing is "feature" of the E463 or a general thing
21:56:39pamauryit is possible (though I haven't checked) that the kernel clears the flag if the script executes successfully
21:56:47robertdWhat amazes me is that an old scsitool that you wrote in 2013 worked in a different device :-)
21:57:22pamauryyeah, Sony tends not to change its things over time
21:57:43pamaurywhat amazes me is that they designed a secure/crypted firmware upgrade but provide the key over scsi
22:00:06pamauryalthough admitely their scsi protocol is complete undocumented, you can't find it by chance
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22:03:51robertdPamaury, i will start setting up the upgtools and scsitools. I was on the wrong path before working with the available source code
22:08:40 Join xorly| [0] (
22:09:31pamauryrobertd: I have some datasheets on the emma mobile1 if you are interested
22:10:04robertdYes please I appreciate that
22:10:59pamaurycan you PM me your email address?
22:11:43robertdYes, and thanks again
22:38:35pamauryrobertd: I forgot to add, the source code for the linux running on the device is open, you can find it on sony's website
22:38:48pamauryof course most of the interesting stuff happens in closed source modules
22:40:10robertdExcellent Pamaury, thanks again. At this moment running ./scsitool -x /dev/
22:40:28pamauryhum, what's the point ?
22:40:37pamauryit won't work...
22:41:00robertdYoure right, it doesnt work
22:41:17pamaurythere are two scsitool: one from nwztools/ and one from imxtools/. The first applies to emma based nwz and the second to imx based nwz
22:41:38robertdi am using the first
22:42:42pamaurythat one can't extract the firmware
22:43:04pamaurythere is no easy way to extrat the firmware on emma based devices
22:43:33pamaurybest you can do, as I said earlier is either to looks the firmware upgrade or run a fake upgrade to dump it
22:43:34robertd:-) Indeed it is hard
22:43:50pamaury(or dump the emmc but you probably don't want to do that)
22:47:15pamauryI would suggest only the lines of:
22:47:15pamauryupgtool −−extract -m nwz-a86x -o nw_wm_fw NW_WM_FW.UPG
22:47:15pamaurycd nw_wm_fw/
22:47:15pamaurycat 0.bin # this is the bash file
22:47:15pamaurymkdir rootfs
22:47:15***Alert Mode level 1
22:47:15pamaurycat 1.bin | tar -C rootfs -xvzf -
22:49:12 Quit duo8 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:50:39robertdmmm, upgtool command not found
22:52:58pamauryyou need to compile upgtool, it's in utils/nwztools/upgtool
22:53:54robertdperfect, let me get to it
22:56:26 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:56:47 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
22:56:54 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
22:57:16***Alert Mode OFF
22:57:55 Quit JanC (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
22:57:55 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
22:58:17pamaurythe second file in the upg (ie 1.bin) is a uboot image (uImage), I am trying to remember how to dump it
23:00:26 Join robertd_ [0] (c9f2b970@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:00:39robertd_Pamaury sorry got disconected
23:02:26pamaurydid you manage to run the commands I listed ?
23:03:30robertd_no, no package openssl found
23:04:10 Join duo8 [0] (~ZNC-SRV-H@
23:04:35pamauryopenssl ?!
23:04:57pamauryah yeah that's for the crypto stuff I guess
23:05:24pamauryyou need to get the openssl dev package using your package manager
23:06:49robertd_exactly I am missing that one and the crypto
23:07:39pamaurylibcrypto++-dev or libcrypto++6-dev I guess
23:12:57pamauryby the way, note that the device usually has two kernel images: one for upgrade and one for normal usage, at least that was the case on the E463, and the the first partition of the emmc basically looked like this: pamaury/9431ad497845642b964ff2743a17f592">
23:13:45pamauryas far as know, some tools are only to be found in the FU initrd, which is not contained in the firmware upgrade, so you really have to dump it from the device
23:14:04pamauryI can send you a copy of the one from E463 if you ever need it
23:14:34robertd_That would be great Pamaury. I need a model to guide
23:15:45pamaurythe nteresting stuff is mostly in install_scripts/
23:16:15pamauryinstall_scripts/constants.txt contains all the offsets and all (probably different from device to device)
23:16:36pamauryand install_scripts/ is the script that triggers the firmware upgrade
23:24:44 Quit smoke_fumus (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
23:27:27 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:31:44 Quit prof_wolfff (Quit: Bye)
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