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#rockbox log for 2016-06-23

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00:29:43robertd_Pamaury upgtool command not found
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03:38:12robertd_Pamaury I managed to extract the files
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04:21:54Leo-AGPTEKHi guys
04:23:12Leo-AGPTEKWe are planning to use this chip for our new player. Is it good enough for Rockbox?
04:30:42fishbulbHorrorcat, you might have to get the same msata drive as me
04:31:31fishbulbthis thing has kept working without errors
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05:16:51foolshHell, I could compile rockbox ON that thing Loe-AGPTEK. Let alone for that thing
05:21:40shadowLeo-AGPTEK: new player? may I ask what mfg?
05:24:56Leo-AGPTEK,51071.0.html I started this topc before.
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09:14:26Horrorcatfishbulb: no, ssds are too expensive for playing around
09:14:50HorrorcatI already have one, which is annoying, which is why I want to replace it. if it’s just with another SSD experiment, I gain nothing
09:20:04fishbulbthis isn't an experiment, I'm using the crappiest adapter chain
09:20:42fishbulbdrive is flawless. it gets "worse" benchmarks than others, the full sata3 will never be used in a player anyway. I got two for 50AUD
09:21:10fishbulbthat first one had error after error after error, I have the model number of this drive here
09:23:32fishbulbno errors at all and I've played every format and recorded, battery lasts longer too. the batteries are 20-30 each replacement
09:23:54fishbulblipo die whether you use them or not :/
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09:33:17pamauryLeo-AGPTEK: this looks great, I am still looking at the information but it has plenty enough of RAM, very powerful processor
09:33:26pamaurywhat is the price of this soc by curiosity ?
09:35:53Leo-AGPTEKI don't have the exact number. It's about 10 USD.
09:37:28pamaurythe good thing would be that I am ported Rockbox to the JZ4760B, so hopefully there might be some common hardware. I just hope they will release the complete datasheet though
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09:51:49Leo-AGPTEKYou have the complete datasheet for JZ4760B?
09:52:58pamauryI have the datasheet for 4760
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09:53:34pamaurythe 4760B is slightly different, it's a bit annoying to have to guess what is different but I don't have any other way
09:54:48Horrorcatfishbulb: well, it *is
09:54:57Horrorcat*it is another experiment for me ;)
10:00:07Leo-AGPTEKI will find the datasheet for it. I let you know when I have the sample and datasheet.
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10:23:26fishbulbhorrorcat it's not
10:23:46fishbulbthe power requirements for this drive are possibly even under the physical spinning one
10:25:11Horrorcathow much does the adapter + ssd cost?
10:25:31fishbulbthere are two adapters and I paid a few dollars each
10:27:09fishbulbSSD? that totally depends, find one second hand, probably not much, it's not fast. it doesn't get good benchmarks compared to other drives. I'd still use it in a computer because the benchmarks are so stupidly close that it wouldn't make any difference other than to... I dunno, professional benchmarkers?
10:29:00Horrorcatyeah, but appearantly not every SSD works
10:29:03fishbulbI got two 128gb drives for 50 AU dollars, that's roughly 35usd, one had giant power requirements, the toshiba didn't. I think channel logs will show the exact model number, I posted in here a number of times that I'd found one that worked perfectly and asked if there was some list of working drives but nobody replied
10:29:36fishbulbjust ignore everything I say then.
10:34:00fishbulbonly way I can contribute is to report my findings, one samsung drive came up with all the errors, a toshiba didn't, it's out of a cheap ultraportable, and I used the cheapest adapter chain to mount it inside the player.
10:34:28fishbulbwhat I really need to do is change out all the 3.5mm sockets in this thing
10:36:08fishbulbor, switch the ssd to my spare player, that's faster. does anyone know of quality replacement 3.5mm stereo sockets?
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10:44:42fishbulbif you want the model number and can't find it in the logs then I'll find it
10:45:00fishbulbI'm switching it out to my other device now
10:46:34Horrorcatfound it already, thanks, fishbulb
10:46:54HorrorcatI really appreciate your effort, the problem for me is currently that I sunk waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money on technology this year already
10:48:18fishbulbI was crushed when the first one didn't work
10:50:37fishbulbthen I looked at the 1.6A and it was a slightly different model number. I think I said it was listed in the "working drives" it actually wasn't, it was slightly different. 3.3v @ 1.6A = way outside the capabilities of the h300
10:52:37fishbulbwhenever something doesn't work there's always a use for it in another project, I'm not spending more on these players. I do like how they can power any headphones though. the next thing would be some better headphones if I could find any hd25 or hd26 second hand
10:53:06fishbulbI don't think modding the output caps to bigger ones would help anything.
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13:48:38YoonesHey there, thanks Pamaury, so Rockbox for Android needs java I guess, if you would have to port DX50/90 RB version to DX80, would it need much change? I don't realise how hard it is on those versions to go from one hardware to the other
13:49:41Yooneslike different CPU or different means a lot of work, or simply adding drivers on linux system
13:50:40Yoonesor different DAC*
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15:32:35cc___hi. has anyone tested rockdoom recently ? especially on sansa fuse models ? is it still supposed to work ?
15:33:14cc___also are there plans to upgrade it to the last freedoom version (0.10.1) ?
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16:55:15Yoonesis there a rockbox compatible player which offer 256Gb+ memory (dual µsdhc or else) with decent amplifaction and autonomy,
16:56:04Yoonesbeen struggling to replace my ipod7G with a more decent sounding device and bigger memory...
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19:07:53pamauryYoones: we a java port (honestly does not work that well) and "hosted" (aka linux) ports for the DX90, it does not use java at all
19:08:39pamauryIf I were you I would first try to compile the dx90 port (you will need a cross compiler, see our wiki for more information)
19:09:08pamaurylinux does most of the hardware abstraction for you so I guess most of the changes will be related to keys
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19:13:06robertdHi Pamaury, tried to find the key with scsitool but it seems impossible
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19:14:04pamauryrobertd: the first one gave you the key
19:14:16pamaurymore exactly it is the "kas"
19:14:24pamauryfrom which you derived the "key" and "sig(nature)"
19:15:32robertdPamaury it is not the same key used with upg to extract
19:16:17pamauryI don't understand what you mean
19:16:29pamauryyou can extract the upgrade with this kas
19:18:08pamauryare you concerned about the fact that the "key" and "sig" derived from "kas" are no the same as the one upgtool knows about ? If so don't worry, it's absolutely fine
19:18:37robertdah, all right. You were right, there is a the flag thing as in the E463
19:19:18pamaurythe thing you have to understand is that key is not unique
19:20:04robertdNow i get it, thank you Pamaury
19:23:59pamauryrobertd: if you start porting or doing stuff, you could please keep me informed / publish the code somewhere ? I might be interested in playing with my old E463 too :)
19:24:09pamauryand it might work on other nwz too
19:27:20robertdYes, i will do. At the present just extracted the 3 bin files from the firmware and researching for info on the device.
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