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#rockbox log for 2016-07-08

00:00:44*__builtin revisits the idea of having a software openpgp card in rockbox
00:02:11*[Saint] is on another one of his hairbrained schemes again that he may or may not ever finish
00:03:23[Saint]I've been building an OpenEmbedded image for Raspberry Pi with juuuuuuuuuuuust enough OS to provide the bones for the SDL application to run in.
00:03:56*__builtin wonders where this could possibly be going
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00:04:49[Saint]I was basically thinking of the functional equivalent of OpenELEC/LibreELEC, but for Rockbox.
00:05:26[Saint]dd what is currently only ~100MB of archive to an sdcard, pop it in a raspberrypi, and have it boot directly to the Rockbox SDL app.
00:06:08[Saint]I'm getting sidetracked currently by trying to plug it in with gmusicapi and a fuse filesystem so that it can access my Google Music account.
00:07:22[Saint]that ~100MB of .img is very far from being optimized for space presently as well, there's a lot of cruft left to remove. I'm just poking around and seeing what I need at this point.
00:08:14[Saint]Once I have it doing what I actually want it to do I will work on stripping the environment back to the literal bare essentials required to run and no more.
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00:21:10*__builtin finds an interesting device called the FST-01:
00:21:24__builtinit does exactly what I intend to do, but on custom hardware
00:22:15*[Saint] doesn't know what to do about display resolution.
00:22:36[Saint]I think I might have to get crafty with the raspi framebuffer.
00:23:33__builtincompile custom a rockbox on the raspi upon every screen size change? ;)
00:23:37[Saint]I believe with some effort I can just compile the SDL application at a fixed resolution and then scale to fit the framebuffer.
00:25:07[Saint]I don't believe I'm going to bother making the bajillions of changes required to the Rockbox core in order to use GPU hardware acceleration.
00:25:44[Saint]I mean, it would be nice to do so eventually but the modern raspberrypi boards are plenty fast enough to do this all in software in realtime.
00:25:52[Saint]Even for the very silly codecs.
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00:28:21[Saint]What I could do in the end, since the Rockbox binary itself is comparatively small in the grand scheme of things, is build three or four binaries targeting common resolutions.
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00:28:42[Saint]So, maybe 240p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
00:29:01__builtinif you have network access, why not download them dynamically?
00:29:25[Saint]Then with some minor fuckery I could provide a means to switch between binaries and themes and prompt for reboot.
00:30:18[Saint]I could still provide the option to scale to fit the framebuffer directly as well, for displays with odd resolutions.
00:30:48[Saint]But it is always nice when scaling to be able to scale from the closest resolution you can support natively.
00:31:42[Saint]If the theme targeted VGA I wouldn;t expect it to scale well on a UHD/4K/8K display.
00:31:48[Saint]Or vice versa.
00:32:15[Saint]And, yes, I could do that but it would be nice to not have to rely on network access to switch resolutions.
00:32:57[Saint]And shipping binaries and themes for 240/480/720/1080 wouldn't increase the overall size of the system /too/ drastically.
00:34:47__builtinmaybe ship those common ones, but provide an option to download new binaries
00:35:13__builtindoesn't rasher build those automatically anyways?
00:35:24[Saint]the idea would be for the first run to provide a setup wizard where the user selected the display resolution, or the closest possible to it, and then the system finishes the installation by copying the correct binary and theme from its respective location to the location it will be executed from.
00:36:19[Saint]AFAIK no one supplies ready-to-run Rockbox SDL app binaries.
00:37:07[Saint]But like I say shipping the four common resolutions won't drastically affect the size of the image in the end.
00:37:44[Saint]Though the themes and fonts might be fairly large.
00:37:58__builtindisk is cheap though
00:37:59[Saint]The fonts I can't do anything about but the themes I can be smart about.
00:39:07[Saint]At the moment the whole thing would fit on a 512MB sdcard with several dozen MB left spare. :)
00:39:35[Saint]I would like to add SAMBA support as well, but I am unsure how to do this best.
00:39:55[Saint]Ideally I don't want to touch the Rockbox core too much, or at all.
00:40:38[Saint]So I would like the initial setup wizard to set up SAMBA shares and the fuse filesystem for gmusicAPI.
00:41:21[Saint]I guess I would also need cron to schedule updating and syncing the shares and databases.
00:41:59[Saint]Then, in theory, Rockbox should be able to make use of both in an entirely transparent fashion.
00:42:49[Saint]I have a similar kind of setup with gmusicAPI and the Rockbox SDL application on a couple of machines here at home and it works surprisingly well.
00:44:15[Saint]The only pain in the tits is that Rockbox's database isn't dynamic. It is difficult to get it to pick up changes in a fluid fashion when used in this way.
00:44:35[Saint]But the filebrowser is far more forgiving in this sense.
00:46:39prof_wolfff__builtin: just send a new patch set to gerrit for the designware "usb_init_connection(): OOM" panic
00:47:16[Saint]prof_wolfff: hey man, thanks for your work in bringing up the designware driver, by the way.
00:47:21[Saint]It is really appreciated.
00:47:42prof_wolfffit seems for me more like a RB issue there is no memory when trying to allocate from libbuf, other targets are using static allocation for USB buffers, don't know if they have the same problem, anyway i added Classic and Noano2G to the list and it seems to work well
00:47:52prof_wolfffSaint: thanks!
00:48:45[Saint]Man this shit revolving around the new filesystem backend code pisses me off.
00:48:54[Saint]And the code is just a nightmare.
00:49:20[Saint]I mean, it was an absolute nightmare /before/ the new filesystem backend...but it isn't any better now.
00:49:42[Saint]And it is far too late to just revert it.
00:50:04prof_wolfffit seems some related with playlist (or something related) that allocate the whole libbuf and it is not deallocated when usb_inic_connection() is called
00:50:23[Saint]I really dropped the ball there.
00:51:02[Saint]Well, kinda. I was vocal during development and testing, and I was pretty adament that while it was a great start it wasn't ready for mainline.
00:51:09[Saint] just got committed anyway.
00:51:38[Saint]And we lost, or broke, a lot of functions.
00:52:04[Saint]tagcache in RAM and playlists being the two obvious ones, but there is quite a bit more.
00:52:11prof_wolfffstrangle thing is that other targets seems not affected, i.e. the Sansas
00:52:48[Saint]it really pisses me off, because for the disk based targets tagcache in RAM makes an absolutely massive difference.
00:53:11[Saint]for disk based targets, and people who have larger media collections, the database is pretty much unusable now.
00:53:20[Saint]it is absolutely unbearably slow.
00:53:52[Saint]whereas prior to the new filesystem backend is was just as fast is not faster than the file browser itself.
00:54:15prof_wolffftrue, i want to look at that in the future, when i have a bit more time, i suspect to read all this code will be time expensive
00:54:17[Saint]scrolling very long lists in the database is absolutely unbearable now.
00:54:52[Saint]and, yes, I tried some while ago to map out the structures and functions of the new filesystem backend and I did not get very far.
00:55:20prof_wolfffactually i got some success with the IAP FM radio
00:55:27[Saint]JhMikeS is a creative genius, I'll give him that much. There is some very unique and elegant code in there.
00:56:25[Saint]I just wish he had listened and not committed a massive change with tens of thousands of lines that touched pretty much every single file in the entire repo and then vanished into thin air.
00:56:52[Saint]But what is done is done and I can't change that now.
00:57:29[Saint]Also - that is very interesting.
00:57:42[Saint]How far are you with FM radio support for ipod6g?
00:58:06[Saint]I believe I have a couple of IAP FM remotes floating around here somewhere.
00:59:04prof_wolfffATM it is working well, the current git code for iap-remore-radio is deactivated and not used for a time, but works well with a couple of adjustments,
00:59:58prof_wolfffbut found a couple of problems with the line-out and how we what it to behave
01:00:23prof_wolfff*how we want*
01:00:55prof_wolfffthe remote controls the line-out volume
01:03:01prof_wolfffother problem is that actually there is no prescale for line-out or HP monitor mode
01:05:07prof_wolfffbetter said, the prescaler is applied to HP in monitor mode, where there is no DSP bass and treble
01:07:15prof_wolfffi introduced a couple of quick patches in sound.c for this, but i don't know it they are desired, anyway i will publish it in gerrit to discuss about that
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01:51:26__builtin[Saint]: the 6g has FM support?
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01:58:49__builtinhmm, the hardware SHA1 and AES support is also useful for the otp plugin
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02:08:49__builtinprof_wolfff: do you have details on how the AES coprocessor works?
02:09:39__builtinwhat cipher mode is used, and where the key is from, specifically
02:12:25[Saint]__builtin: all the iPods past the 2G have FM support by way of IAP.
02:12:58[Saint]Very few of them actually have native FM support in hardware for whatever reason.
02:13:09__builtinah, I see
02:13:13[Saint]Just the Nano 4G and up I believe.
02:13:27__builtinalso, does 6g have a mic?
02:14:10__builtinthe config file seems to be mistaken then :/
02:15:07[Saint]I think in that context 'MIC' is also a synonym for a MIC on line in, which is entirely possible.
02:15:36__builtinis that implemented?
02:15:49[Saint]line in? Yes.
02:16:09*__builtin tests
02:16:43[Saint]Do you have a line in cable?
02:16:55[Saint]AFAIK the 3.5mm out doesn't do jack sensing.
02:17:15[Saint]So you need line in cable from the ridax header.
02:21:00__builtinwhat's the "ridax header"?
02:27:55[Saint]iPod/SanDisk dock connector.
02:28:25[Saint]people think it's proprietary, but it's just standard ridax with an arbitrary pinout.
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02:51:35__builtinhmm, that is new
02:51:50__builtinso the two are compatible then, at least physically?
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02:59:12__builtinhow about electrically?
02:59:15[Saint]Electrically - DON'T DO IT, lol.
02:59:21[Saint]This kills the Sansa.
02:59:51[Saint]Sansa-to-iPod is OK from my experience.
03:00:17[Saint]The reverse puts 5V across a rail that's only supposed to have 3.3V and isn;t protected.
03:01:30__builtinyou wouldn't happen to have a copy of the s5l8700 datasheet, do you?
03:04:08[Saint]Well...kinda. I don't have access to my copy of it right this very instant, but there's one on the freemyipod wiki IIRC.
03:04:11[Saint]One sec:
03:04:36__builtinthe link's broken
03:04:55[Saint]ah shit. doesn't turn up anything useful
03:06:46__builtinneither does google cache
03:09:38[Saint]No problem. I wish I knew why my WOL apparently isn't working.
03:09:53[Saint]Otherwise it wouldn't have taken me so long to find it.
03:10:14[Saint]Oh - hah, there we go. It's alive now. Typical.
03:10:28__builtinweird, it doesn't have anything on the parts I'm interested in
03:12:28__builtinwhich is how the AES coprocessor works
03:12:39__builtinany idea where I would find that?
03:14:20[Saint]No, sorry. I'm not even 100% confident it even gets used on the 6g.
03:15:02[Saint]I know we need to use the AES core for signing the Nano 2G bootloaders, but outside of that I don't think there's any other direct use of it either.
03:15:17__builtinthere's code in rockbox for it, so there must be something, somewhere, on how it works
03:15:27[Saint]and even then I'm not sure we know a hell of a lot more than "file goes in, file comes out".
03:15:58[Saint]You would likely want to talk to TheSeven
03:16:10[Saint]Or possibly user890104
03:16:16[Saint]But...probably TheSeven.
03:16:24__builtin[Saint]: do you know where that n2g code you refer to resides?
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03:17:20TheSevenAES coprocessor isn't documented anywhere publicly
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03:17:53TheSevenit's probably not in the S5L8700, just in the 8701/8702/8720 chipsets that were designed specifically for apple
03:18:05__builtinso it's all reverse-engineered then?
03:18:33[Saint]__builtin: crypt_firmware
03:18:45TheSevenit's very similar (if not exactly the same) as on the S5L8900 and several other iphone SoCs
03:18:49[Saint]that's the only place I know of where we talk to the AES core directly.
03:19:05TheSevenso you'll probably find a ton if information about it in various jailbreak-related source code
03:19:10[Saint]that's required for the bootloader crypto.
03:19:13TheSevenopeniboot and that kind of thing
03:19:14__builtinthere's some stuff in emcore about it
03:19:27[Saint]but that code will allow you to pass any files to the AES core and back again.
03:19:37[Saint]Just not sure how useful it would be for your use case.
03:20:00TheSevenwhat exactly are you trying to do?
03:20:26[Saint]hardware accelerated aes symmetric keychain I presume.
03:20:34__builtinand accelerated SHA1 as part of PBKDF2
03:21:07TheSeventhe AES engine does ECB mode, CBC is applied to the result in software
03:21:17__builtinok, that's what I want
03:21:22__builtinwith what keys?
03:21:27[Saint]oh, interesting.
03:21:39TheSevenI think some newer versions can do hardware CBC as well, but it's optional, it can definitely do ECB
03:21:40[Saint]I though the AES core handled this explicitly.
03:22:15TheSevenyou can pass a key to it, or let it use one of the two hardware keys that it has (which are used for bootloader signing etc., we only use those, never a custom key)
03:22:53__builtinare the keys device-specific?
03:23:09__builtinare they known?
03:23:23TheSevenone is device specific, one is a "group key" for the CPU type
03:23:36TheSevenI'm not aware that anyone was able to extract the keys
03:23:43__builtinthat sounds like exactly what I want
03:23:45[Saint]Oh, I thought they were both predefined keys.
03:23:47[Saint]my mistake.
03:24:37[Saint]If they were device specific entirely, our install flow for the Nano 2G would be reeeeeeelly fucky.
03:25:00[Saint]We would need to ask the user to pass the bootloader to crypt_firmware themselves before flashing.
03:25:06[Saint]Which would be...ugly.
03:26:59[Saint]There's an iHardware-type third party repair guy on Reddit and YouTube who is pretty popular who has indicated/insinuated VERY heavily several times that the trust chain with the AES core on most of the iDevices has been broken and the keys dumped.
03:27:03 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
03:27:18[Saint]But to date he has provided zero evidence of this citing morality as the reasoning.
03:28:11[Saint]Which is in and of itself quite responsible, but it doesn't lend well towards his credibility.
03:28:29[Saint]In general he's a fairly no-nonsense kind of guy so I have no reason to believe he's lying.
03:28:43[Saint]But I'm perfectly willing to believe he may be mistaken or misinformed.
03:28:54__builtinTheSeven: how would I use a custom key?
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04:09:28*__builtin writes quite possibly his worst code ever
04:09:34 Join smoke_fumus [0] (~smoke_fum@
04:09:50__builtinan in-place, copy-free, hardware-accelerated HMAC
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04:39:27az4521dead chat?
04:40:31__builtinnot exactly
04:40:36__builtinwhat's up?
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04:40:54az4521i've been trying to install rockbox for like 6 hours
04:40:59az4521not an exaggeration there
04:41:00__builtinok, what device?
04:41:17az4521goGear HDD 1620
04:41:33az4521basically the same as the 14*0/16*0
04:41:42az4521and it's killing me
04:42:40az4521so i've copied all the files
04:43:10 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
04:43:36az4521the utility always errors installing the bootloader so i manually copied i
04:44:00 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (
04:44:50__builtinhmm, if the bootloader won't install rockbox won't work
04:45:39az4521yes, except i copied it manually, not sure if i put it in the right folder because documentation is nearly nonexistant
04:46:14__builtinthe bootloader?
04:46:39 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
04:46:39az4521yeah it comes in a .ebn file i put in the /System directory on the device
04:50:37az4521if i could get the utility working that'd be perfect, but it always errors and crashes whenever i try to save a log
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04:55:30[Saint]Getting the utility working is entirely non-interesting to you.
04:55:38[Saint]It is doing nothing special.
04:55:49[Saint]All it is doing is a copy operation, and a move and rename.
04:56:01[Saint]There's no special magic for this device.
04:56:34az4521right, but then how come it fails? if it's just copying, moving, and renaming, it should work the same as all the other options
04:56:46az4521rockbox installs, themes install, everything but the bootloader
04:57:45az4521but i guess that's not relevent, seeing as i can do that manually, right?
04:58:42 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (
04:59:02az4521but the thing is, the copy issue persists across platforms, so it cant do it on both windows and ubuntu
05:00:12[Saint]Does the intended file path actually exist on the hardware?
05:00:32[Saint]From memory I believe it is under /system/fwimage.ebn or so.
05:00:39az4521no, it's a new card... is that it? i swear if that's what's stopped me for 6 hours.
05:00:57[Saint]Why are you installing to the sdcard?
05:01:02[Saint]That'll be the issue.
05:01:21az4521no see i upgraded the microdrive in it to a CF card
05:01:37az4521because i dropped it once - im an idiot - and broke it
05:01:38[Saint]Oooooh. Then right, this very well may be the issue.
05:02:22az4521let me try then
05:03:01az4521I AM AN IDIOT
05:03:04az4521IT WORKED
05:03:51az4521well then.
05:04:06az4521sorry for wasting everyone's time, and thanks for the help
05:04:39az4521bye for now, i'll probably be back again with another stupid issue
05:04:45 Quit az4521 (Quit: Page closed)
05:06:08 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
05:09:33 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
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05:19:56[Saint]Sorry bud, I fell off the net.
05:20:21[Saint]If you're very lucky it may be entirely sufficient to just place the original firmware file where it is expected to be and then proceed.
05:21:23 Join az4521 [0] (6ca81ac7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
05:22:49az4521well i think my gogear might have a bigger issue
05:23:01az4521i put the files in and all that
05:23:07az4521plugged the cf card into it
05:23:13az4521wont show up as an MTP device
05:24:03[Saint]It is entirely possible that the adapter plate you're using isn't behaving transparently and is fucking the device off.
05:24:22[Saint]It is very hit and miss with these format shifting adapters.
05:24:26az4521i'm not using an adapter, the device just straight runs with CF
05:24:38[Saint]Ah. Hmmm.
05:24:47[Saint]It's not NTFS formatted is it?
05:25:08az4521nope, fat32
05:25:09[Saint]or $ANYTHING_NON-FAT formatted?
05:26:38az4521i'm just getting the generic "please connect player to a pc" error
05:26:54az4521should i pastebin the directory tree?
05:27:37 Quit PurlingNayuki (Remote host closed the connection)
05:29:35[Saint]Are you just plugging and hoping?
05:29:59az4521what would that mean?
05:30:25az4521actually lemme read up on the irc lingo i forgot to do that
05:30:26[Saint]Or acre you actually making a specific effort to force UMS via (IIRC) power&vol+ until it resets and then holding vol- until it presents as UMS?
05:30:46az4521yes, im booting into UMS
05:31:11[Saint]what does the device manager tell you?
05:31:39az4521the windows device manager? the phillips one doesnt run on anything but XP
05:31:39[Saint]are there any driver disassociated devices in the device tree?
05:32:01[Saint]and, yes it does.
05:32:18[Saint]just need to run it in compatibilty mode like a bunch of ancient software.
05:32:30[Saint]but that's not required for anything we need to do here.
05:32:37az4521no dissassociated devices, although no MTP devices show up either
05:33:09[Saint]Is the device visible at all, in any form?
05:33:12az4521it doesnt appear at all in the device manager
05:33:34az4521but when i rightclick the safely remove thing, it identifies it as a "goGear 14xx"
05:34:09[Saint]Ok, so the host is definitely seeing it - perhaps you're just overlooking it in device manager.
05:34:42az4521oh, yes it appears as a disk drive
05:34:59[Saint]it can't enumerate without informing the host it exists, so...damn. I'd actually be happier if we couldn;t see it.
05:35:07[Saint]That would be easier to explain. :)
05:35:26az4521well it appears as a USB drive with no volumes
05:35:43az4521and also crashes device manager
05:37:17[Saint]Unfortunately I know next to nothing about what the device expects to see in its filesystem and if or how it manages a recovery profile.
05:37:43[Saint]It is possible that there is a volume or some particular magic file(s) intended to reside on the disk that we're missing.
05:38:20[Saint]And the only two human being I know who I think might have a clue about this and be able to supply the missing magic aren't here currently.
05:38:50az4521i would agree
05:38:55[Saint]At this point I don't know how to proceed I'm sorry.
05:39:01az4521except there's a full account of it working without the magic
05:39:53[Saint]it is possible that it expects a particular block size or partition flag we're missing as well.
05:40:12az4521should i just check every flag in gparted?
05:41:10 Quit smoke_fumus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:42:17 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (
05:42:30az4521i'll try formatting it as FAT rather than FAT32
05:43:05[Saint]az4521: perhaps you may try running the phillips device manager under compatibility mode and see if it can detect and address the device.
05:43:24az4521hah, that thing never worked on XP
05:43:27az4521i'll try though
05:44:07[Saint]Right click it, select properties, compatibility, run this program in compatibility mode for ... ; or so.
05:44:25[Saint]something like this, been years since I used Windows in any major capacity.
05:44:29az4521yeah i know
05:46:00[Saint]seems as though there is specific magic it expects, but that it should be able to generate this magic under Rockbox.
05:46:06[Saint]"Format drive, copy the official firmware to the drive in the correct directory but still not working...
05:46:06[Saint]After finding and reading the service manual it states that the technician must replace system files, so it sounds like there is more than just the firmware file... "
05:46:27az4521i dont think it'll work though, when i ran it on XP it asked for some ancient version of WMP
05:46:56az4521yeah, it's asking for windows media player 6
05:46:58[Saint]well, there's always a virtualization container...
05:47:11az4521virtualbox it is then
05:47:59[Saint]From what I gather though, the following /should/ work for you:
05:48:08[Saint]gimme a sec, 'cos, typing and stuff
05:50:55az4521ok, i suspected that the drive i put in wasnt working somehow, but i put the old one back and it made an awful screeching noise so i know it's definitely not a hardware issue
05:51:39[Saint] - If you have to, remove the CF drive from the device and format it as FAT32 and mount it
05:51:40[Saint] - obtain the original firmware file, and rename this to OF.ebn
05:51:40[Saint] - obtain the Rockbox modified FWImage.ebn
05:51:40DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
05:51:40[Saint] - create the path /System/ on the CF drive and copy both OF and FWImage to it
05:51:40[Saint] - extract the to the root of the device
05:51:58[Saint] - replace the drive and boot the device with it disconnected from the host
05:52:03az4521alright, will do
05:52:35az4521you sure it's the i tried that earlier with the 1620 zip
05:53:01[Saint]From what I gather, piecing the boot process together this /should/ work as expected
05:53:19[Saint]Oh, sorry, yes you're right. You've got the HDD16*0.
05:53:23[Saint]Yes my mistake.
05:53:31az4521ok, just confirming
05:53:45 Join bill-auger [0] (
05:55:11[Saint]But, yeah, from what I can gather of the phillips device manager and what it wants to do, how the device is booting, and our bootloader, the above should be the functional equivalent of restoring the device with the phillips device manager, except with Rockbox, and manually.
05:55:58az4521ok, i'll dump the files on it and see what happens
05:57:30az4521wow, the rockbox firm is significantly smaller
05:57:48az45215.5 mb vs 55 kb
05:58:32az4521ok, all the files are copied, time to test it
05:59:03[Saint]the rb firmware is just a tiny shim that says 'jump to this place and run this stuff' after setting up some hardware, basically.
05:59:16[Saint]toning it down a lot but that's the gist of it.
05:59:55az4521same error
06:00:00[Saint]if you imagine the contents of /.rockbox contained in it as well the difference is less apparent
06:00:01az4521"please connect player to PC"
06:00:02[Saint]and, shit.
06:01:09az4521i dont think the device is even seeing the drive
06:01:25az4521it's just appearing as a drive with no volumes
06:01:39[Saint]You will want to talk to pamaury
06:01:53az4521incredibly stupid idea here - im gonna flip the drive upside down
06:02:15[Saint]Hahahaha.....Oh man, if that's it, I'll shit.
06:02:20[Saint]I may literally shit.
06:03:02az4521thank god
06:03:04az4521it didnt work
06:03:10az4521.. wait that's bad
06:04:12az4521yep, just broken
06:04:33[Saint]you'll really need to talk to pamaury, perhaps on the forum initially and then orchestrate some time to meet up here. he isn't her 24/7 but he is here often.
06:04:39[Saint]just not presently.
06:04:45az4521alright, i'll do that
06:04:58az4521i really hope this isnt a hardware issue
06:05:01az4521that would suck
06:05:09az4521actually i have ONE more idea
06:05:24[Saint]he's the lead for this port and in general a bit of a debugging/reverse engineering wizard.
06:05:29az4521i have another CF card - ancient, only 16 megs- to try
06:05:41az4521might as well give it a shot at this point
06:07:44 Quit PurlingNayuki (Remote host closed the connection)
06:08:04 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
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06:08:43[Saint]As far as I can see, the flow listed above /should/ be sufficient to satisfy Rockbox's boot, and then in turn allow booting of the original firmware via dualboot - which would generate any required magic and allow you to remove Rockbox if so desired.
06:09:33[Saint]But I am entirely willing to believe that I am incorrect in this. The only thing I'm not 100% certain about is precisely what the device might expect in the way of the storage itself.
06:09:55az4521i mean it had a 6gb microdrive originally
06:10:03az4521so a 16gb cf isnt that far off
06:10:32[Saint]I don't know about the original firmware but Rockbox doesn't care about any hard limits on the capacity.
06:11:01[Saint]it'll address full spec in theory if such a drive existed, which it doesn't.
06:12:11az4521ok, rockbox somehow installs on 16 megs
06:12:14az4521that's impressive
06:13:33az4521definitely not hardware
06:13:48az4521i dont even know what's happening, im gonna set up a vm
06:14:02az4521hah this reminds me
06:14:11az4521a few years back i was trying to update this thing
06:14:22az4521and the computer wouldnt see it
06:14:41az4521i spennt a solid 2 hours with a tech support agent unplugging and plugging the thing back in
06:27:12 Quit az4521 (Quit: Page closed)
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12:44:52prof_wolfff[Saint], __builtin: about MIC on Classic, the 6G only supports line-in but 6.5G an 7G supports line-in and HP jack MIC, ATM you can use on RB a 'ball' microphone or a HP w/remote/micro on it (the remote on HP jack is not supported ATM by RB but it will work using OF)
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17:48:41__builtinhmm, it seems that hardware SHA1 is exactly twice as fast as software
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18:40:28__builtinprof_wolfff: regarding the AES engine, do you know how it can take a custom key rather than the hardcoded ones?
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