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#rockbox log for 2016-07-26

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15:11:08mykiHi, I hope some of you are waken up and will be able to answer my question :) (French here so sorry for my english). I would like to buy an MP3 reader which don't use a database to store the songs. So I wish a device that supports Rockbox as much as possible, and that is foundable in shops :) (I regret my Sansas). Can you give me advices, please ? :) thanks in advance
15:20:58pamauryThe only one that comes to mine right now is the NWE-E380, which is supported by rockbox (except for the radio). Unfortunately I would not call it a very good device but I leave that to you. If you are not afraid to by from refurbished/second-hand sources, there is more choice. There might be options on the ipod side, I don't know much about them
15:21:56pamauryThere is also work in progress to support the Fiio X1 but not finished. There is an unofficial port to the Xduoo X3 but until I clean it up and integrate it, it is not officially supported by Rockbox
15:23:28mykiThanks for responding pamaury, and thanks for all your work. It sounds interesting, I should wait a couple of months, and see what happened for these new devices... I have found somewhere here, an old creative Zen x-fi (the number 1)
15:23:58mykiScared to install, but it is taking dust anyway :)
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15:24:17pamaurythe X-Fi is supported by Rockbox
15:24:40pamauryone drawback is that you will have to wipe at the storage and can't really dualboot
15:25:09pamauryyou cannot brick the device anyway so you are not really taking any risk
15:27:25mykiyes I've read it, I don't want to use the Official FW anyway, I don't want to use any device and firmware using database... I actually used a sandisk Sport+ (something like that) and is not usable if you put to much songs on it, as it has to rebuild the database even if you add only one song in it...
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15:28:31mykiand it takes so much time to build this database that it's getting ridiculous :)
15:29:19pamauryyeah that's very annoying on many devices
15:31:00myki(the creative is charging, I will stay here in case something goes wrong, but I am confident :) )
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16:48:19mykiIs something already released for the very interesting Fiio X1 ? I didn't find a link
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18:01:34mokkurkalveI have not had this problem before. Sansa e200 latest dev build. Random folder advance config does not honor content of /.rockbox/folder_advance_list.txt but adds every directory on device to the list.... anybody have any idea?
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18:04:07mokkurkalve! eivind@audhumla:/run/media/eivind/SANSA E260/.rockbox$ cat folder_advance_list.txt
18:04:10mokkurkalve! /<microSD1>
18:04:12mokkurkalve! /Lyd
18:04:40mokkurkalveThe !'s are to be able to paste here....
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20:01:52pamaurymyki: no it's work in progress
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21:08:48mykiI need some help please, with my Creative Zen x-fi... I could install the new firmware, could "reload" it from the recovery menu, now it has been rebooted while I have plugged the usb port... But in windows, the creative appears under mobile devices, not as an usb mass storage, so that I can't choose FAT32 format. What's wrong, can you help me, please ?
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21:19:15pamaurymyki: when it boots, do you get the rockbox bootloader or the creative one ?
21:19:19pamaury(just to be sure)
21:19:30mykiIf I try to send the new firmware again, it stops sending at 14% and try to send again and again
21:19:55mykino pamaury, I just get a "firmware problem" and go straight to the recovery
21:20:42mykiIt's the creative one
21:21:15pamauryok so that means the firmware is not install, you can't do anything with the device until you manage to install the new firmware.
21:21:25pamauryFirst, do we agree that it is this device:
21:22:05mykiyes it is
21:22:33pamauryok, which install procedure are you following exactly ?
21:23:02pamaury(you are using windows I assume ?)
21:24:03mykithis one with the files from this one
21:24:45mykiwith sendfirm.exe and firmware-zenxfi.nk (and the dll)
21:24:48pamauryok good
21:25:09mykiand yes, with windows 8.1
21:25:20pamauryso you enter recovery, press reload, and then use sendfirm. And then it gets stuck at 14% you say ?
21:26:05mykinot really stucked, it goes to 14% and then go to 0%, until 14 etc...
21:26:32pamauryhum, and it never ends ?
21:27:57mykiThe first time I sent the firmware, it went to 100% successfully but at reboot, I got a firmware failure, went automatically to recovery, then I pushed reload firmware
21:28:21mykinow if I try to push the firmware again, I can't go further from 14%
21:29:02pamaurythis is odd
21:29:45mykiI don't know if it can help but now if I connect it to the pc, the disk appears to be just 60Mb
21:31:11mykiMay be I could try to send the original firmware ?
21:32:09pamauryyes that would be helpful. 60MB in Media Devices you mean ? I think that's expended (I have never windows but that's how it is supposed to work)
21:32:20pamauryI don't know how if there is a copy of the OF in my dropbox though
21:32:59mykiI cross my fingers..
21:33:47mykiI've found this file ZENXFI_PCFW_L22_1_04_08e_rk.bin but it's a .bin, I don't know if I can use it with sendfirm.exe ?
21:33:57pamauryyes, that's the file
21:34:05pamauryis it in my dropbox ?
21:34:25mykiyes, I've found it from the thread about the zen x-fi
21:34:59mykibut you were talking about another exe file to push this firmware, and then I was a bit confused
21:36:03pamauryin the worst case scenario, you can Creative's program to restore the OF, but it cannot upload rockbox, so let's forget about it for now. Try to use sendfirm and ZENXFI_PCFW_L22_1_04_08e_rk.bin
21:38:02mykiit's doing the same, at 14.8% to be more precise, is it possible that the old firmware remains, like a disk full preventing a new copy ? (sorry for my english)
21:38:28pamaurythat's possible, but normally "reload firmware" is supposed to completely erase it
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21:39:35mykiThat's were I was wrong ! I didn't reload the first time. I used sendfirm without select "reload firmware" before
21:40:38pamauryah, then it will not work
21:40:53pamaurytry again with reload
21:41:59mykiit said "eraising firmware" and "update firmware now".
21:42:07mykiNow I try with sendfirm
21:43:40mykiit stops at 14.8%
21:44:28mykiYou talked me about a creative tool to recover the ofw, do you mean that I will never be able to install rockbox after using it ?
21:45:43pamauryno, just this tool can only install the OF, not rockbox
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21:46:13pamaurymaybe try rebooting the device after you erase the firmware ?
21:46:18pamaurythis 14% is strange
21:46:37mykiyes, 14.8% on both firmware
21:46:55mykiIt could sound stupid, but I can try to reboot my pc ??
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21:47:34pamauryI doubt it but you can always try
21:48:04mykistay here please... lol (I try to reboot now)
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21:54:48mykiI'm back... I try again
21:55:54myki......firmware sent successfuly ! Damn !
21:56:18mykiDo I select "reload firmware" now ?
21:56:42pamauryno no, if you successfully sent the firmware, just reboot the devide
21:57:08pamaury"Reload firmware" does not "reload", it simply "erases". I never understood why they call it like this
21:57:43mykiI am stupid ! I sent the firmware with the creative disconnected.... lol
21:57:57pamauryhaha, not very useful indeed
21:58:23mykithat's strange that I didn't get an error message, where did the firmware go ?? lol
21:58:45mykiok now "docked"
21:58:53pamaurymaybe not finding a device was considered ok ^^
21:59:45mykino miracle... it tries again at 14.8% a couple of time, and then I get an error message
22:00:33myki??? it finally worked !
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22:01:06pamauryok, so now reboot the device ?
22:01:34mykiat some point it stopped at 9.6% and then said "successfull" now it asks me to format, I choose FAT32, right ?
22:03:07mykiok now I copy the .rockbox folder to the root
22:04:20mykidone... I suppose that now I'm safe to reboot ?
22:04:44pamaurydon't forget to "safely eject"
22:05:07myki(I was about to disconnect like a barbarian, thanks for the reminder)
22:06:21mykiI am in Rockbox... It rocks :) (yes I'm the 1 255 157 101 who did that joke)
22:06:32pamaury:) now enjoy
22:06:49kugelmyki: i always enjoy that one :)
22:06:54mykiI'm really happy, thank you very much for your help... a last question, I didn't understand the part about the batery recharging
22:07:12pamaurywhich part ?
22:08:45mykiIf I understand well, I can charge the battery, only in recovery mode ?
22:09:09pamauryhum, I hope not !! where did you read that ?
22:09:14pamaury(or else it's clearly a bug)
22:10:31mykiI don't remember lol that's clearly the kind of thing tha happened to me because of my aproximative english... anyway, if I meet a bug not in the page, I will report it
22:11:06mykiIf I want to boot with the ofw, what do I have to do ?
22:11:19pamaurythere devices that used to have a problem with very low battery but this one should not suffer from it.
22:11:25pamauryshort answer: you can't use the OF
22:11:40pamaurythe OF doesn't understand FAT32 :-/
22:11:59mykitoo standard for Creative
22:12:09pamauryexactly :)
22:13:39myki:) now I will wait for the release of Rockbox on fiio x1, it seems that this reader is able to update it database only on demand (so never for me) and use folders. It could be fine to me, to wait rockbox in serenity :)
22:15:13mykiMy best rockbox experience was on my Sansa Fuze v2, with themes... :)
22:16:08mykiI was so disappointed when I read that it was technicaly impossible to develop rockbox on Sansa Clip Sport
22:17:00mykimay be one day, a reader with rockbox aboard ? :)
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22:21:04mykiCan I use some themes, with my creative zen x-fi ?
22:23:01pamauryscreen size probably limits the choice
22:23:27pamauryany device here: with the same screen size will work
22:25:53pamauryyou can use
22:25:59pamauryand search for 320x240
22:28:20mykiok, thank you pamaury
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