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#rockbox log for 2016-07-27

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14:16:25wodzpamaury: hey!
14:17:08wodzpamaury: Regarding caches in hwstub - I knew about it. AFAIK I used uncached alias for that reason in atj hwstub
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14:46:07NathanVFanyone here have experience with rockbox on the samsung YP-R0?
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14:49:26wodzNathanVF: describe your problem, this increase the chance to get answer
14:50:40NathanVFoh, I don't have a problem actually−−but I wanted to know if anyone could comment on the cpu speed of the player, especially regarding how fast Rockboy plays
14:50:57NathanVFand a few other questions about its functionality
14:51:24NathanVFexperiences with battery life, responsiveness of buttons/controls
14:51:48wodzNathanVF: this is rather rare target.
14:51:58pamaurywodz: oh ok :) My mistake then
14:52:13NathanVFyeah, that's what I figured since there weren't even measurements done on decoding time for various codecs as with others
14:52:26NathanVFbut I do see that it has a functional port
14:52:51pamauryNathanVF: I have not tried it (althouh I have i :-s), but the cpu is definitely powerful, I don't expect any decoding problem
14:52:53wodzNathanVF: AFAIK rockbox works pretty well on YP-R0
14:53:26NathanVFI did look up some measurements on the yp-r0 as compared with the gigabeat s (which is extremely powerful) and found similarity
14:53:35NathanVFbut am not tech-savvy enough to be able to confirm how that would translate to rockbox performance
14:53:53NathanVF (gigabeat s) , (yp-r0)
14:53:59pamauryif you take this page: then I know for a fact that its raw performance is better (probably way better) than the fuze+ for example, and also iPod classic
14:54:11NathanVFyeah, I've studied that page
14:54:15NathanVFI just didn't see measurements for the yp-r0
14:54:59NathanVFi currently have a gigabeat S and am pleased that it runs rockboy at full speed which was a very attractive feature for me (and for any future player i'd be getting), but of course the biggest annoyance i have with it is the notoriously poor battery life
14:55:02pamauryno but you can expect something better than almost all targets I would say. If you are *really* worried, I may try to rockbox mine and run codec benchmarks
14:55:15NathanVFwell that would be awesome if you did
14:55:36pamaurymost players reduce the cpu speed when not necessary to increase battery life
14:55:41NathanVFi've been on somewhat of a spending spree on various players lately and I dont' want to end up buying one for no reason when it doesn't really beat some of the ones I already have
14:55:52pamauryyou can play most codec at less than 64Mhz with an arm9
14:56:27NathanVFyeah and that should make the battery life last more than a day, which is well beyond the minimum threshhold that i'm looking for
14:56:40NathanVFi'm just about to finish a battery test on the gigabeatS but it doesn't seem too good
14:56:46NathanVFdefinitely less than 10 hours
14:57:31NathanVFbut this bewilders me: I did lots of research on so many players and looked at their various strong and weak points, only I accidentally overlooked the yp-r0
14:58:01wodzNathanVF: replacing battery in your S would be better investment most probably
14:58:19wodzNathanVF: although YP-R0 is very nice dap
14:58:25pamauryI'll try to rockbox and benchmark my ypr0 and the figures to the wiki. I admit I have no idea what the battery life is.
14:58:32NathanVFyeah but I read it only increases life by a few hours
14:58:46NathanVFand you can't get into the 12+ hour range which is where it's really nice (don't have to worry about daily charges)
14:59:03NathanVFpamaury: I read 20-25hrs at least from a few places
14:59:36NathanVFanyway, what I was saying was: But it seems like this player measures amazingly on every aspect: very long battery life: very fast cpu: microSD (which IMO beats any sort of internal storage), it has a good screen size (320x240), and I heard nothing negative about its sound quality
15:00:17NathanVFI read nothing bad about short lifespan, whereas with, for example sansa players you have headphone jack problems often
15:02:47NathanVFhe biggest annoyance i have with the gigabeat S right now is the damn battery switch. it's annoying in itself to have to remember to turn it off by itself with not using the player, and that's only amplified by the fact that you need a pen or some small object on hand if you want to do it.
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22:57:07edhelashi pamaury :)
22:58:06edhelashow are you ? what's new ?
22:58:47pamaurygood, not much, a lot of work so not much hacking on the X1
23:00:54edhelason the X1 ?
23:02:40pamauryFiio X1
23:02:56pamauryor the ZEN X-Fi3
23:03:18edhelas:p sorry I don't follow you
23:03:43pamauryjust saying I didn't have time for any rockbox dev recently :-p
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23:10:14amayerWow the F1 looks like a really nice player. Ive been thinking about replacing my iPod Classic recently.
23:11:14pamauryyeah I really like it, and I will like it better when it's rockboxed
23:11:19edhelasamayer: which generation ?
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