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#rockbox log for 2016-08-05

00:01:42pamaurywodz (logs): see for my findings. Summary: this XBurst core is mips32r1 with exra stuff like EBASE and maybe vectored interrupts. But mips32r2 new instructions don't work
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20:41:01Chemichdoes anyone know what format i need to convert videos to an ipod 5th gen 80gb, looking for a little quick help if anyone has experience in the matter
20:46:28gevaertsChemich: has all the details
20:51:03Chemichasking for anyone that has experience that would know, i already looked there it's quite vague
20:52:43Chemicheh nvm i'll just ask on reddit
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21:49:52pamaurydoes anyone MIPS very well here ?
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23:10:07wodzpamaury_: I can't say I know mips very well but maybe I can help
23:10:37pamaury_wodz: ah good thing that you are here, did you see the logs ?
23:11:00wodzabout jz4760b yes
23:11:26pamaury_ok, just to show off my findings ;)
23:11:32pamaury_my questions is about the mmu
23:11:43pamaury_and the code in mmu-mips.c in particular
23:11:56pamaury_more precisely this:
23:11:56pamaury_map_address(0x80000000, 0x80000000, 0x4000, K_CacheAttrC);
23:11:56pamaury_ map_address(0x80004000, 0x80004000, MEMORYSIZE * 0x100000, K_CacheAttrC);
23:12:12pamaury_the second line maps a multi-megabyte segment
23:12:40pamaury_but from the of map_address and add_wired_entry, I conclude that 1) it only add one wired entry 2) that wired entry uses a 4K page mask
23:12:43 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:12:51pamaurythus I don't understand how/if it works
23:13:29wodzlet me see
23:13:46pamauryor maybe there is something special about the TLB that I misunderstood. I was under the impression that the two entries of each TLB entry are adjacent to each other, they don't encode a range right ?
23:14:53__builtinwhat thread context is an exit handler in?
23:15:05__builtinthe main thread or the thread that called exit()?
23:16:49pamaury__builtin: I don't understand your question
23:17:09wodzpamaury: IMO this two commented lines doesn't make sense
23:17:51__builtinwhat thread
23:18:15pamaurywodz: ok, some can you confirm something for me then: if I want to map several megabytes of memory, I can use a different pagemask (assuming it is supported by the hardware) like 16MB and putting say 2 wire entry to get 2 times 2x16MB = 64 ?
23:18:40wodzpamaury: yes
23:18:59pamaury__builtin: you mean atexit ?
23:19:36__builtinwhat thread calls the function specified by atexit
23:19:48*pamaury looks
23:20:02__builtinit seems to me that it's the function that calls exit
23:21:35pamauryI tink it's the function that calls exit(), or the main thread if the plugin simply returns from main, based on the code in plugin_crt0.c
23:22:28__builtinthat complicates things
23:22:43pamaurymy understanding is that you should always call exit() from the main thread anyway ?!
23:23:22pamaury(I'm assuming plugins are executed by the main thread)
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23:23:47__builtinyes, but you can create threads in the plugin
23:24:39__builtinI guess I'll write a replacement exit() with some setjmp() magic
23:25:06pamaury__builtin: exit already uses setjmp
23:25:20pamauryusing setjmp to jump between sounds like a bad idea
23:25:26pamaury*between threads
23:26:04__builtinalso, should a plugin kill all of its threads whenever it exits?
23:26:04pamaurysimply uses queue to pass a message, or a global variable
23:26:13pamaurymost probably yes
23:27:19__builtinI guess I'm Doing it Wrong (TM)
23:28:09pamaury__builtin: what are you trying to do ?
23:29:15__builtinI want to securely wipe the stack after running a plugin
23:29:29 Join edhelas [0] (
23:29:47__builtinso I'm spawning a thread from the main thread, so I can easily wipe the stack after it's done
23:30:21__builtinbut the exit handler that wipes the stack is called from that thread
23:30:30__builtinso it essentially wipes its own stack and crashes
23:32:57pamaury__builtin: just to sure: you spawn a new thread (so you declare its stack as a variable), and after the thread exits, you want to clear its stack right ? Why can't you just clear it from the main plugin thread ?
23:33:47pamauryah yes, because we don't any function that tells you if the thread has finished running or not
23:33:52pamaury*don't have
23:34:00__builtinwell, there is, in a sense
23:34:16__builtinbut I need it to be in an exit handler so it's called even when USB is connected
23:35:38pamaury__builtin: what prevents you from (within the exit handler) asking the thread to finish, then waits of it to end, then clean its stack ? I mean you need to kill the thread anyway to exit properly
23:35:52pamauryotherwise you are leaking a thread right ?
23:37:13 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:38:28__builtinI think I have another solution
23:39:21*__builtin can have it replace an exit with a longjmp to the thread entry point, at which point it can end the thread and have the main thread clear the stack
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