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#rockbox log for 2016-08-08

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18:37:02JordiGHJust got a cover for my clicker:
18:37:15JordiGHI hope this means it will live longer.
18:37:50JordiGH[Saint]: Also, I installed the dev version. I don't see a difference other than being able to play 2048 now.
18:38:01JordiGHSo, yay for no difference.
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18:39:36sigrokBlackHi, somebody online?
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18:41:08sigrokBlackThats good, I just posted a question over on the forum and I hope somebody can help me?,51425.0.html
18:42:04JordiGHThe database thing should be a one-time thing. Are you seeing it every time?
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18:42:40sigrokBlackyes, and I can't turn it of
18:43:01JordiGHThere's somewhere in the settings where you can tweak how rockbox uses the database..
18:43:27sigrokBlackYes, auto update is off?!
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18:44:20sigrokBlackOr do you mean something else?
18:44:36JordiGHI think that's what I meant.
18:44:57JordiGHI don't really use the database myself. I keep my files sorted by filesystem and use that to search for music.
18:46:17JordiGHHm, I'm able to get out of the database dialogue.
18:46:22JordiGHWhich rockbox version?
18:47:18JordiGHIs that a recent dev version?
18:47:21sigrokBlackby pressing Play or Pause I also can get out of it, but han there aren't all songs loaded
18:47:34sigrokBlackI think so, I'll check
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18:52:32amayerSerial works on iPod 6g? does this mean IAP is coming to the 6g?
18:53:00sigrokBlack_I don't know
18:53:58sigrokBlack_Any ideas?
19:03:11sigrokBlack_So I'm using devloper version e3c51e0
19:05:39JordiGHsigrokBlack_: So the database is completely populated...
19:05:48JordiGHBut somehow it's also completely lost when you restart.
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19:06:45sigrokBlack_So it doesn't shut down how it should?
19:07:44JordiGHI wonder if it's supposed to be saved to some kind of RAM storage that your iPod cannot persist across restarts.
19:08:23sigrokBlack_So you mean thre is a hardware or software defect?
19:08:36JordiGHOr maybe a cmos battery that is worn out or something.
19:08:46JordiGHCan your iPod keep time?
19:08:50sigrokBlack_The Ipod as an cmos battery?!
19:08:57JordiGHI don't know, hehe.
19:09:01JordiGHI mean something like it.
19:09:02sigrokBlack_Yes, the battery is fresh replaced
19:09:12sigrokBlack_the main battery
19:09:27sigrokBlack_i couldn't spot a second one
19:09:42JordiGHI'm just blindly guessing, mate. I really don't know.
19:10:33JordiGHOnce the database is complete, does your Rockbox tell you to reboot to enable it? Mine does.
19:10:48JordiGHThen I see "comitting database" when rebooting.
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19:12:35sigrokBlack_Yes, afetr updating the database it tells me i should reboot when i hit Database on th main menu
19:14:42sigrokBlack_I repaet it now
19:15:31sigrokBlack_I repeat it now
19:18:54sigrokBlack_After intitializing it shows "Please reboot to enable" when i hit Database
19:19:44sigrokBlack_How do you reboot? By long pressing play?
19:20:47JordiGHI assume that's the on/off button?
19:21:04JordiGHI use a Sansa ClipZip which has a dedicated on/off button.
19:21:28sigrokBlack_Yes, its rebooting and it says "Commiting database"
19:22:13sigrokBlack_But it's still searching when I hit Track inside the Database menu
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19:24:23sigrokBlack_I'll reflash it with the latest firmware
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19:26:49sigrokBlack_No, nothing has changed
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19:33:30sigrokBlack_So when i Hit update and then quickly hit database i can see the progress of building the database, but it counts over 5400 end stops somewhere far over the real number o songs
19:34:41JordiGHNo filesystem corruption?
19:35:18sigrokBlack_how can I check?
19:36:58JordiGHI'm able to mount my clicker as a USB device. I then run fsck on it.
19:40:07 Join Lwrless [0] (~Lwrless@
19:40:45sigrokBlack_Ok i'll do it
19:42:08sigrokBlack_It says that the Dirty bit is set, remove it
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19:43:29JordiGHYeah, that shouldn't be a big deal, though.
19:48:06sigrokBlack_It asked me if it should perfom changes, i hit yes but i couldn't what was done, I rebuild the database and look than
19:49:31JordiGHfsck -a
19:49:35JordiGHThat'll do changes
19:50:53sigrokBlack_Without -a it asked me with -a it just runs through
19:51:38sigrokBlack_Still Searching up to around ~5400
19:52:20sigrokBlack_is it possible that the Ipod biulds up a list of tracks which can't be stored anywhere?
19:53:18sigrokBlack_Or the Hdd is to lame?
19:55:35sigrokBlack_ Something similar but no solution ;(
19:56:55sigrokBlack_Or here: also no answer, is this a top secert topic?! :D
19:57:03JordiGHholy shit that's a giant patch
19:57:07sigrokBlack_Or here: also no answer, is this a top sceret topic?! :D
19:57:44JordiGHWho the hell can possibly review this?;a=commitdiff;h=7d1a47c;hp=95a4c3afcd53a1f8b835dec33de51f9c304de4d9
20:00:21sigrokBlack_Somebody who has time to write and read such storys and by looking through the text, it could be written in 4 sentences
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20:33:46sigrokBlack_The funny thing is: when I choose artist and then <All tracks> it loads up in no time :D So there must be a firmware bug
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