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#rockbox log for 2016-08-14

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01:39:52Hoshi" A number of these players run a modified version of linux and as a consequence, the code source is available on sony's website."
01:39:54Hoshiabout nwz
01:39:58Hoshiwhere i can find that code
01:41:36Hoshiok found that
01:41:39Hoshipretty interesing
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01:43:40Hoshiits running old linux it should be exploitable as
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05:32:06mrtnhey is anyone available to help me regarding a Sansa Clip Plus that hangs on the flower logo?
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06:34:48munkiscan a file descriptor be passed to a user defined function?
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12:27:11Shoutwhat the system requirements for rockbox to run well?
12:27:41Shouton a device, that is. just curious about some of the mega cheap chinese mp3 players
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12:42:03pamauryShout: each player is different, if rockbox does not have a port for a device, then it is not supported
12:44:34pamaurybut basically a device would need at least 2 or 4MB of RAM, that's the biggest requirement. Most cheap chinese players don't meet this requirement
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12:44:53pamauryrobertd: hey
12:46:03robertdhi pamaury
12:46:51pamaurydid you make progress on the nwz toolchain ? Did you manage to come up with a cross tool config ?
12:47:24HoshiI'm too interested in NWZ-E474.
12:48:27HoshiI think how it could be exploitable. It has open source kernel and tools. And it's old linux 2.6.35.
12:48:28robertdpamaury when i try to compile with the binutils there is an error of deprecated sintax. I am working on it but everything from the global distribuition service comes with that
12:48:51pamauryHoshi: we already know about this
12:49:01HoshiOk, sorry.
12:49:10Shoutit's not exactly
12:49:15Shout"cheap" so to speak
12:49:22Shoutbut it looks neat
12:49:24HoshiJust I would mind there is another way to hack it.
12:50:00pamauryShout: without disassembling the device (or finding pcb scans) it's hard to tell unfortunately. If it's a "well-known" brand, someone might have teared down already
12:50:07pamauryrobertd: did you consider the possibility of just creating the cross tool config by guessing ?
12:50:43pamauryafter all we know almost everything: kernel version, glibc version, compiler and binutil version and arch (we just need the exact cpu flag I think)
12:51:17Hoshipamaury: What is arch? How the device is named under kernel source?
12:51:45pamauryrobertd: the RPM source code suggests sony does not really have any custom patch on the toolchain that matter on the device
12:52:11robertdpamaury thanks, i did. I have been searching everywhere for a manner to configure but the arm-sony -gcc required is a wall
12:52:24pamauryHoshi: arm/mach-mp200
12:52:59Shoutpamaury: The reason I asked is because I'm just having a look on alibaba, there are hundreds of players, some of which you can request samples. Might be worth a look at least.
12:53:02pamauryrobertd: you mean there is a missing configure script ?
12:55:21pamauryI think I will have a try, stay tuned, I don't believe there is no way to replicate this toolchain
12:55:23robertdpamaury yes. The scripts for building with the sony code in the rpm packages have a different method used in fedora systems
12:56:28pamauryfor gcc we just need to give the proper cpu configuration, that shouldn't be hard since it's a well-known arm cpu
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13:59:13robertdpamaury the emma mobile was used on a german tablet, the smartpad 1&1 which was unlocked but it is an android system
13:59:54pamaurywhich emma mobile ? there are several versions of the chip
14:00:15robertdpamaury the emma mobile 1
14:00:29pamauryok, does that help us ?
14:03:08robertdpamaury, not really just to know how the internal structure works
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14:04:58pamauryrobertd: the structure is different, android usually has its own recovery thing (usually fastboot)
14:05:10pamauryI am in the process of documenting what I know about the sony nwz on the wiki
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14:05:49robertdpamaury let me know please how can I help
14:07:57pamauryrobertd: help me fill for example, I will create a stub, if you could document all you know about the toolchain (versions, configure, etc) that would be great. Then we can use this to build a cross tool config file I hoper
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14:08:47robertdpamaury, i will do
14:11:08pamauryrobertd: wait for couple minutes before I write some stub in it ;)
14:11:50robertdpamaury ok
14:16:45pamauryrobertd: what is your player again ? A860 ?
14:18:20robertdpamaury, yes the NWZ-A867
14:19:34HoshiGonna test in few hours your bootloader pamaury.
14:19:42HoshiI need to charge some an e384
14:20:28HoshiI gonna ask - why Rockbox doesn't support file executables? I saw that it must be precompiled with whole OS>
14:20:29pamauryrobertd: that's good for
14:21:02pamauryHoshi: we have support for plugins, rockbox is not meant to be a full blown OS
14:21:19Hoshianyway it would be good idea
14:24:11pamaurywell plugins are enough for everyone is seems, we don't even have a notion of process or userspace
14:25:07robertdpamaury excellent "Linux kernel version " (root@system_builder) (gcc version 4.1.2 20090317 (Sony CE Linux"
14:25:35pamauryrobertd: by the way, some information I have about emma mobile1 is here:
14:26:43robertdpamaury thats great. It is hard to come by to that info even in the renesas page
14:27:58pamauryas I said the other day, the only missing information is: flash (but that seems unused on sony players), mmm and msp
14:28:23pamauryI didn't really bother REing the mmm and msp code but they seems to do crypto
14:28:41pamauryI documented some mmm registers though
14:29:25robertdpamaury there is another model which uses the emma , the S760
14:29:49pamaurythere are plenty, I tried to list them on
14:29:58pamauryfeel free to update the list though :)
14:30:28robertdpamaury, thanks I am into it
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15:20:48pamauryrobertd: I have written most of what I know here: SonyNWAnalysis
15:24:07pamauryrobertd: do you have the configure option for the sony gcc ?
15:26:22robertdpamaury that is very complete. Do you mean this ?
15:27:12pamauryrobertd: I have this but I don't understand how it work: what is %{sony_target_cpu_id} ?
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15:28:11robertdpamaury they use packages in the rpm format which have to be compiled in the manner used by fedora
15:28:36pamaurybut how does that work ? how do I know the value of this ?
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15:29:12robertdpamaury in the autoconfig and automake options i tried to compile but the deprecated sintex error always shows
15:30:21pamaurywhat/where are those autoconfig and automake options ?
15:30:52robertdpamaury those options in theory configure the triplet
15:31:24pamaurybut do you have them ? I can't find anything in those rpm that configures the triplet really
15:32:33*pamaury is confused about this works
15:32:49robertdI read that using the sony-cross-gcc-for-dev.spec file build the package. I am not familiar with the rpm compiling either
15:36:38pamauryI suspect those rpms miss things
15:36:59pamauryrobertd: where did you find the binutils again ?
15:38:52robertdpamaury in the . can you please add me to the Wiki Users Group robertdundee
15:40:03pamauryrobertd: I added you, it should work now
15:40:14robertdthanks pamaury
16:06:19pamaurydamn it this is bad, crosstool-ng minimum version for the kernel is 2.6.27 and binutil is 2.18a, I don't know if it's going to play well with sony thing
16:09:03pamauryand glic minimum is 2.8 but sony uses 2.7
16:09:40pamauryI guess we can and should statically link everything, this way we do not depend on the system glibc
16:13:05pamauryin fact I don't know if it makes sense to use old versions of everything. After all if we statically link everything, we only need the glibc to support this particular kernel
16:13:10pamauryI think
16:13:34robertd i have to try the triplet with gcc 4.1.2, binutils 2.17 and newlib 1.15
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16:19:29robertdI am not so sure if the mips-ce3m-linux-binutils-2.17-ce3_4.src.rpm would work
16:39:45pamauryfuc******************* I hate you ct-ng
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19:06:09robertdThis seems to be the problem "sony-cross-gcc-for-dev-4.1.2-05000204.src.rpm is for architecture i386 ; the package cannot be built on this system"
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20:27:24*pamaury wonders if ct-ng isn't buggy and "forgets" to extract the kernel when using a custom kernel
20:40:15pamauryah in fact ct-ng doesn't know that .tgz means .tar.gz, ct-ng is really a pile of hack
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20:57:09HoshiWhy emulators are still put on e384?
20:57:21Hoshinot put on*
20:58:00HoshiAnd the test build is from what date?
20:58:05pamauryI think they are, at least on the nightly builds. Maybe not in the last release which is super old
20:58:31HoshiI downloaded from wiki :P
21:00:40pamauryso you downloaded the build from ?
21:01:47pamaurywhich emulator are you thinking about and is not there ?
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21:04:34Hoshiah this is daily build
21:05:01Hoshioh gosh you made me surprised
21:05:14Hoshithey are not in plugins?
21:05:39pamauryI don't understand what you mean
21:06:07Hoshii assumed that emulators are in plugins section
21:06:16Hoshiand when you launch them you can select a file
21:06:47Hoshiin GUI
21:08:19pamauryyes, but please tell me which emulator is missing so I can have a look
21:08:37Hoshii dont see any emulator in plugins
21:08:41Hoshijust DOOM
21:08:49gevaertsemulators are viewer plugins
21:08:59gevaertsand doom isn't an emulator...
21:09:07pamaurydoom is a game, not an emulator
21:09:13Hoshii know
21:09:27Hoshibut it's similar to emulators which are too about gaming
21:09:40Hoshii just didnt know how to get this in the words
21:09:56*gevaerts doesn't think it's similar at all...
21:09:56pamauryyou use an emulator, you usually put the ROM/game file in some directory, then using the file browser you select/click on it and it should launch
21:10:09pamaury*to use an emulator
21:10:13Hoshigevaerts: sorry. nevermind
21:10:25Hoshipamaury: ok, so this is how that works. sorry for missunderstanding
21:11:22*pamaury is restarting the ct-ng build for the fourth time, I hope this time it won't fail because I have been burning cpu cycle for nothing so far
21:13:29pamauryct-ng is is a great tool but the documentation sucks, that's horrible
21:13:43pamaurynoooooo, another failure :'(
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21:20:24Hoshisuper mario works as it should
21:20:27Hoshiin rockboy
21:21:02Hoshibut i would say that emulator keys binding system is really bad
21:23:11Hoshipokemon crystal too works, at 100% fps but i would say there is problem with reading an text :P
21:24:06Hoshiat landscape its little better
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21:31:38pamaury_Hoshi: the keys bindings were not particularly tested for emulator (and many other plugins). So if you have good suggestions, we can modify them
21:31:47 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:35:21Hoshiim good at finding bugs :):
21:36:53Hoshipamaury: i mean key binding system, it should support combos (two buttons at once) or holding
21:37:18pamauryit supports combos but the hardware does not
21:37:41Hoshiin e384? oh...
21:38:10pamauryvery little combos are possible on the e384
21:38:33Hoshianyway, the crash you see is when i try to change screen size under rockboy
21:38:47Hoshii tried an super mario otherwise to check
21:39:20Hoshigot other pc register value, bt end, domain 14 fault 8 and data abbort on 084...
21:41:26pamauryI have never used rockboy so I don't even know what changing the screen size is supposed to do
21:41:39Hoshi"just reporting problems"
21:53:37pamauryHoshi: I mean, the player screen size is fixed, how can it change the screen size ? /me is puzzled
21:54:01Hoshihmm you got the bottom and top black bar
21:54:13Hoshiand its probably supposed to get scaling to fullscreen
21:54:24Hoshiscreen size of emulator
21:54:26pamauryand what are the options ?
21:54:51pamaurydo you enter the size manually ?
21:55:04Hoshiscaled - maintain ratio AND scaled
21:55:35Hoshiscaled dont work properly
21:55:43Hoshimaintain ratio is default
22:00:05Hoshioh how weird
22:00:27Hoshiwhen screen is rotated and you change size its not crashing
22:02:49pamaurywell I have no idea, but if you feel motivated, you can have a look at the code, rockboy is a port of gnuboy so the bug could either be in gnuboy or in the glue needed to port it to rockbox
22:03:23Hoshimy coding skills are bad, just basic, i even don't know much CLI functions...
22:03:44Hoshibut gonna read code to learn how the rockbox works. when im lazy i read code instead of writing :P
22:12:30tragiquebest way to learn coding is practice
22:15:27robertdmake: *** No rule to make target 'arm-sony-linux-gnueabi'. Stop.
22:22:20pamauryrobertd: I am still working on crosstool config. I am having troubles with the kernel headers so far
22:22:41 Join NathanV [0] (68dc3297@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:25:31robertdpamaury it is complicated even with the ct-ng
22:26:18pamauryI know I know, but I have hopes
22:26:44 Join munkis [0] (4ba18acf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:28:41pamauryI think I need to somehow choose the kernel configuration (makes sense), but I don't know how it works when you just want to export the headers
22:30:50munkiswhy would rb->read() be returning values that dont appear in the file?
22:31:54pamaurymunkis: you'll have to be more precise than this, we are missing context
22:33:32pamauryhum, Sony has a magic script to build the header tarball, that's sounds good and very frightening at the same time
22:34:57munkisim writing a simple interpreter and my function to find the end of a loop is reading an unidentified location instead of the file (i think)
22:35:36pamaurymunkis: can you put some code somewhere ?
22:35:46pamauryso we can have a look
22:39:36 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)
22:40:42pamaurymunkis: can you indent the code, that's impossible to read
22:44:25munkisim sorry that was my draft heres a slightly cleaned up version
22:47:12pamaurymunkis: your code looks suspicious: rb->read(fd, &parse, 1); only works if &parse is a point to a buffer with one char. So parse you be a char and not a char *
22:47:39pamauryand everywhere you use *parse, it should be parse
22:51:37pamaurydamnit, the kernel is so old that even the tools that code with it use nonstandard header file like <asm/socket.h>
22:52:08pamaurywait what no, hum, I am super confused now
22:53:27pamauryoh wow, as incredible as it sounds, this actually uncovered a bug in my system headers :( This is going to be tough to fix
22:54:27pamauryit probably has to do with multiarch
22:55:02 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:55:34robertdpamaury i read that the Linux tarballs distributed from the global source pages do not seem to correspond to the Linux trees actually used to build the kernel on the device
22:56:06pamauryrobertd: where did you read that ?
22:56:32pamauryfor the sony nwz they seem to correspond but I didn't check in depth
22:58:12robertdpamaury I honestly dont remember but the argument was that it was the same kernel used in several devices but no config file for each device
23:00:23pamauryrobertd: the kernel that I have has several config for several soc. And most of the "interesting" modules are out of tree, so it seems to me that one kernel might be enough
23:00:57pamaurybut clearly I wouldn't bet my life on it :)
23:03:49robertdpamaury the most difficult obstacle is the lack of information. Believe me I have searched everywhere : )
23:04:17munkisis there a limitation on the number of viewers in viewers.config?
23:05:11pamaurymunkis: not that I know
23:05:19munkisbecause my build open with menu got wacked after i added ~ 15 entries
23:05:59pamauryI don't understand what you said
23:07:18pamauryrobertd: I am having a strange issue here: to get the kernel headers, it needs to build a program and this program is build with -m32 for some reason. Problem is that it uses some system headers,a nd my box is amd64 and this causes some issues. Have you run into such problems ?
23:07:30munkisafter adding 10 entries to viewers.config my fuze+ open with system started dropping viewers
23:08:34 Join jtdesigns01 [0] (~quassel@2601:400:8000:34f5:208:54ff:fe4f:26f)
23:08:44robertdpamaury yes, with the binutils is i386
23:09:19munkis@pamaury thanks for the read help. i was thrown off because it expects a variable address
23:09:35pamauryrobertd: how did you fix it ?
23:09:55pamauryit seems that either I miss some headers or my system have a problem with multiarch
23:09:56robertdpamaury I havent been able to fix it. That is the wall
23:11:16pamauryI have an idea
23:11:26pamauryhaha it works
23:11:47pamauryI needed to have linux-libc-dev:i386
23:11:53pamaurymakes sense, once you know it
23:13:39robertdwow now i feel useless, Back to square one for me
23:15:06pamaurywell I hope it will help you :)
23:15:20pamauryI am also back to square one, I need to run crosstool from the start, again...
23:16:20robertdthanks pamaury I have a amd64 box too. No wonder i was finding trouble each step of the way
23:24:10pamauryyeah another failure...
23:25:24pamauryah my mistake this time
23:26:24pamaurycrosstool is quite annoying, it has a restart mechanism but it's not as useful as it could be
23:26:58 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:27:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:32:39pamauryit's quite of funny, ct-ng is based on make but makes it sure to not use its only useful feature: tracking dependencies
23:35:46pamauryand of course kernel headers fail again
23:36:16pamauryhum another i386 lib problem
23:38:00pamauryrobertd: you might need libgcc-dev:i386 (or libgcc-5-dev:i396 or libgcc-6-dev:i386 depending on your system gcc version)
23:38:34 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
23:39:38robertdpamaury yes also the lib32z1 and lib32ncurses5
23:40:02pamauryhum, that's enough for me apparently, I still have a problem with -lgcc
23:41:06pamaurythat's odd, I have the 32-bit version but the linker does not even look at it
23:43:32robertdi had a similar problem but library_path seems to solve it
23:45:29pamaurythanks, handy :) now I have another problem
23:45:48pamauryerror: conflicting types for ‘getline’
23:46:20pamaurythis one is not funny at all
23:46:52 Quit munkis (Quit: Page closed)
23:47:48robertdgetline is a general library function I would rename one
23:48:43pamauryyeah but that's in kernel tools, that makes it less easy to patch it, still doable but annoying
23:50:30pamauryalso I can't set LIBRARY_PATH for ct-ng
23:52:30 Join advcomp2019_ [0] (~advcomp20@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
23:53:40pamauryhum, my guess is that it gives -m32 to gcc but not ld
23:53:41 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:53:55 Quit advcomp2019 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:54:03saratogado i add someone to credits if they add a translation?
23:54:41robertdmine was export LD_LIBRARY_PATH LIBRARY_PATH CPATH
23:55:24saratogalooks like people usually do from the logs
23:56:18pamauryrobertd: ct-ng explicitely check if LIBRARY_PATH is defined and bails out if it is
23:56:25pamauryso there is no way around it
23:58:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9868da4, 255 builds, 15 clients.

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