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#rockbox log for 2016-08-16

00:00:31pamauryrobertd_: no, I don't understand what you are sending me
00:01:11pamauryin the directory where you run ct-ng build, you must have created a file called .config, as describe in my README
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00:09:34ulmutulany objections against g#1355? I decided to remove two links, where I couldn't find a replacement.
00:09:35fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1355 at : manual: fix/remove broken links by Sebastian Leonhardt
00:10:50saratogalooks fine to me
00:11:09pamaurylooks fine
00:12:00ulmutulBTW I edited the Wiki and marked the links as broken. I didn't want to remove them, because a developer might find the original link name helpful.
00:12:57[Saint]ulmutul: ah, good, I was going to ask that.
00:13:04[Saint]something something, internet archive.
00:13:07[Saint]so, thanks.
00:13:55ulmutulThen I'll try to push the first patch by myself :)
00:17:07robertd_pamaury it is the same file with the permissions error . Sorry for the delay, I was double checking
00:18:08pamauryrobertd_: did you start from an empty directory ?
00:19:36pamauryif I were you I could
00:19:36pamaury1) create a new empty directory
00:19:36pamaury2) download my sony-arm-linux.config to this directory
00:19:36pamaury3) cp sony-arm-linux.config .config
00:19:36pamaury4) ct-ng menuconfig
00:19:37***Alert Mode level 1
00:19:37pamaury5) in the menu, go to Path and Misc option, change the install prefix to whatever you like (don't use /usr/local but something your user can use preferably)
00:19:39pamaury6) ct-ng build
00:19:44fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision fe730d3, 255 builds, 15 clients.
00:19:59pamaurydid you try to run ct-ng as root previously ?
00:21:26robertd_Pamaury, excellent. No, I did not. I am going to start a new build
00:22:21pamauryrobertd_: I recently learn that you can run "ct-ng clean" on failure
00:22:28pamauryit should cleanup the directory
00:26:23robertd_You are right, It did. Just in case let me go for the clean slate
00:29:03fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 559 seconds.
00:29:04fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision fe730d3 result: All green
00:29:38***Alert Mode OFF
00:31:05[Saint]when we hit the ~600s mark, doesn't that mean something gave up?
00:31:34[Saint]we've been hitting the 599/600s build mark quite regularly, too often for me to see it as a coincidence.
00:31:34gevaertsIt means we have fewer build clients than we used to :)
00:31:56gevaertsIt's not a coincidence. It's the expected speed for the farm as it is today
00:33:49ulmutulIs there a way to build only specific parts of rockbox? I.e. just building the manuals had speed up this patch a lot :)
00:34:23gevaertsYou mean for the build farm?
00:34:37*pamaury notices of one his client is missing
00:35:08gevaertsThat would require some reliable code to determine what exactly needs to be rebuilt
00:37:14pamauryhum, my client is still running on my box but did not receive any build
00:37:52pamauryah no my mistake
00:40:39pamauryrobertd_: I will start to run some code on my NWZ E363 with the toolchain
00:46:25robertd_Pamaury please let me know how it goes
00:46:54pamaurywell I have a working script that displays a message but only uses Sony's binaries so far
00:47:01pamauryso at least I know this works
00:58:02pamauryhum, my executable does not seem to work
00:58:28pamauryah apparently I got a command wrong
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01:07:54pamaurythe executable does not seem to be working
01:12:26 Quit ulmutul (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 47.0/20160604131506])
01:12:46pamauryit's working :D
01:15:08pamauryrobertd_: ^
01:16:31robertd_Pamaury thats great!
01:19:50pamauryI am going to bed, that's good news, now we can hopefully make progress
01:20:58robertd_pamaury thats a lot of progress with the compiler. have a good one
01:21:09pamaurydid you manage to build it ?
01:23:09robertd_Im working on it, the problem is with the 2.9 glibc with that locale error not on the nt
01:23:55pamauryyou still get this error, even on a clean build ?
01:24:18robertd_With the glibc yes
01:24:31pamaurycan you send me the whole build.log ? or is it too big ?
01:24:46pamaurymaybe compressed by email ?
01:25:10robertd_pamaury sure. Ill send it
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02:13:05prof_wolfffbluebrother: i agree that "6g" is not the appropriate name, had some thought about this at the beginning of development but decided to choose the shorter one and go forward
02:16:02prof_wolfffreally "mk6gboot" is not only for ipod6g but for s5l8702 CPUs that includes the nano3g, the Makefile is prepared to add nano3g at any moment and it should be able to install a bootloader for this target, so I had doubts among "6g", "ipod6g", "ipod8702", "s8702"... really I have no idea what would be the most appropriate, what do you think about this?
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02:37:21prof_wolfffpamaury: thanks :)
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12:47:30pamauryprof_wolfff: there is no real convention but several mk*soc*boot exist: mkimxboot, mkrk27boot, mktccboot, mkamsboot, so why not mks5l8702boot ? It's a bit long you seem to think it's more accurate
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20:23:18pamauryrobertd: good stuff :)
20:24:20robertdthank you for all your help pamaury
20:26:34pamaurywe are nowher near a working port yet
20:28:23robertdpamaury we are closer than a few years ago. Now i can recreate the environment
20:30:00pamauryMy next step if to produce instructions to explain how to craft an upgrade that dumps the root file system
20:43:22pamauryrobertd: what do you mean by recreate the environment ?
20:44:47robertdpamaury to create a virtual copy of the device
20:59:25Hoshiso the nwz-474 is too included in this breakthrough?
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21:10:09pamauryrobertd: I am not sure what you mean or what you have in mind
21:11:53pamauryHoshi: it's not really a breakthrough, and no the cross compiler we have does not apply to the e470, it uses a different cpu and kernel, but the same principles will apply hopefully
21:12:11Hoshiok :P
21:15:11mexitHi, I have Sansa Clip+, don't turn on. Linux has detected 4 MB disc. Here: is that "If it reports 4MB, your flash is broken." It's totally dead?
21:23:15pamaurymexit: better wait for someone who really knows the clip+ well but usually the 4MB disc is game over yeah
21:26:48robertdpamaury the aproach is through a quick emulator
21:27:21pamaurywe don't have any emulator for this soc
21:27:36pamaurywe don't even have all the docs
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21:53:25prof_wolfffpamaury, bluebrother: mks5l8702boot is long and difficult to remember but it seems the more accurate, mks5lboot seems not valid because nano4g (a possible future target) uses s5l8720 with a different bootloader installation method (AFAIK), really i don't mind too much the name, will change it to mks5l8702boot if there is no other better proposal
21:54:47pamauryprof_wolfff: what is the install method of the nano4g ? could a potential "mks5lboot" support several methods ?
21:55:35 Join smoke_fumus [0] (~smoke_fum@
21:56:48pamauryprof_wolfff: the name does not need to be 100% accurate though, clearly some others aren't
21:57:15pamauryso mks5lboot looks fine to fine, it can be renamed later
22:00:12prof_wolfffpamaury: i don't know exactly the details but it is not the same exploit used for ipod6g and nano3g, i agree we can use "mks5lboot" now and rename it if necessary later
22:02:49__builtinis the ipod6g exploit really that much of an "exploit"?
22:05:28pamaury__builtin: doesn't it rely on a parsing bug in the bootrom ?
22:06:36pamauryrobertd: are you willing to help and risk bricking your device for rockbox ? :D
22:11:32robertdpamaury yes
22:11:59pamauryok good, just to say, I tried it on mine and given what we know about your device, I don't see any reason why it would fail
22:12:15robertdall right
22:12:41pamaurythis involves sending a firmware upgrade that I create with a script that show information. For now it shows the output of "mount", but they it can easily be hacked to do something else
22:13:11robertdlike the sendfirm ?
22:13:34pamauryso you need:
22:13:35pamaury- rockbox repository
22:13:35pamaury- linux host
22:13:35DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
22:13:35pamauryYou need to to go utils/nwztools/upgtools, run make
22:13:35pamauryThen go to utils/nwztools/scsitools, run make
22:14:52pamauryonce this is done, create an empty directory somewhere, download this: pamaury/a8dc2a5a816e68806e93277d932243e2">
22:15:04pamauryrename to whatever your like, for example
22:16:41robertdpamaury first part
22:17:13pamaurythanks fine, "just warnings"
22:17:25pamaurywhen you are done, run:
22:17:25pamaury/path/to/upgtools/upgtools -c -m nwz-a86x NW_WM_FW.UPG
22:17:40pamaurythen send me the NW_WM_FW.UPG for verification
22:18:42 Quit idonob (Quit: bye)
22:24:16robertdpamaury the last words
22:24:29pamaurywhatever your named the file
22:24:48pamauryif you named it then yes replace the last words with
22:29:11robertdit says upgtools command not found
22:29:31pamauryyou have to replace /path/to/upgtools/upgtools by the path your upgtools in your rockbox repository
22:29:48pamauryah sorry it's /upgtool (without s)
22:30:06robertdah let me try again
22:33:09 Join idonob [0] (
22:33:39robertd i send you the other file
22:33:44 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
22:34:00pamaurycan you send me the NW_WM_FW.UPG file by email just to make sure ?
22:36:16robertdpamaury yes, it is on the mail
22:40:29pamauryrobertd: I didn't receive any email...
22:41:35robertdpamaury i sent it to the gmail adress
22:41:47lebelliumthe messenger pigeon is on its way
22:43:13robertddid you receive it ?
22:43:30pamauryno, you must gotten my address wrong
22:44:02robertdone sec
22:44:35pamauryah got it
22:46:54pamauryok I confirmed it looks ok
22:47:02pamaurynow for the dangerous part
22:47:11pamauryplug your device, in mass storage mode
22:48:32pamaurynow mount it it (using your favorite file browser for example), put NW_WM_FW.UPG at the root, umount it
22:49:12pamaurythen you need to find the device node corresponding to your device. I suggest your use "dmesg | tail", to see what name the kernel gave to your device. Probably something like /dev/sdb
22:51:34pamaurytell me when you found it, in doubt just pastebin the output of "dmesg | tail"
22:55:56pamaurydoes your NWZ-A860 has 64GB of storage ?
22:56:14pamauryok, so now for the upgrade
22:56:45pamauryyou need to run:
22:56:45pamaurysudo /path/to/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool /dev/sdb do_fw_upgrade
22:57:05robertdone sec please
22:57:21pamauryif everything goes well it should not display anything but "Result:" and your device will start a firmware upgrade
22:59:38robertdbash: scsitool: command not found
23:00:10 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 48.0/20160726073904])
23:01:12pamaurydid you use the correct path ? and run make -C nwztools/scsitools
23:02:08robertdwow briefly showed several letters roofts on
23:03:19pamauryI assumed it worked ? Normally you should have seen a message "Rockbox me please !", then a red screen, then the output of "mount". And 10sec later the device should have rebooted and be back to normal
23:04:36pamauryrobertd: yes ?
23:05:24robertdpamaury the letters were real small it rebooted
23:06:00pamauryok, so what would be awesome is if you could take of photo of the screen when it displays the output of mount
23:06:44pamauryat the moment I don't have any better way of doing this
23:07:07pamauryto rerun the whole process (if you don't want to change the script), just run again "sudo /path/to/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool /dev/sdb do_fw_upgrade"
23:07:23robertdit is ok. let me see how i manage to take that pic
23:07:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:07:50*pamaury advises not to use the flash, because it will make it unreadable
23:09:47pamauryjust for future reference, here is a simplified version of mine:
23:09:47pamauryrootfs on / (rootfs)
23:09:47pamaury/dev/root on / (ext2)
23:09:47pamaury/dev/contents_part on /contents (vfat)
23:11:05robertdi just miss it
23:11:17robertdyes, it does say rockboxme
23:11:28robertdtoo quick for me
23:11:57robertdpamaury just like you told
23:12:26pamauryit should stay on for 10 seconds, that should be enough to take a pic
23:13:31robertdlet me try it again
23:19:55robertdno, no sucess. let me try tomorrow with the light
23:25:16 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
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23:30:23robertdyes pamaury please check your mail
23:30:46pamauryno email at the moment
23:33:11pamauryah got it thanks
23:33:25pamauryI'll write a script tomorrow to dump the rootfs
23:33:43robertdyou are most welcome
23:40:48 Quit Hoshi (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

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