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#rockbox log for 2016-08-17

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02:03:05[Saint]prof_wolfff: would you be interested in backporting the deep discharge protection to the existing supported iPods?
02:04:14[Saint]I am definitely interested in this myself, but my time is spread pretty thinly these days and what free time I do have is mostly spent on my own projects and support thereof.
02:05:37[Saint]It occurred to me the other day how desperately the other iPods need this deep discharge protection, especially the HDD based iPods where you can get yourself in to a situation where the disk will keep trying to spin up, then the voltage drops, and it browns out and reboots...rinse, repeat, forever.
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03:00:13__builtin[Saint]: have you ever dumped the OF on the classic before?
03:02:14[Saint]Why would you even need to? We have firmware images.
03:05:16__builtinaren't those encrypted?
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03:10:16__builtinor... maybe not
03:15:46tragiquei had no idea deep discharge protection wasn't implemented
03:19:52__builtinwhere would it be implemented? the bootloader?
03:24:48[Saint]Yes. You can see this in the ipod6g bootloader.
03:25:26[Saint]If the device is discharged below the threshold it will not boot until it is charged.
03:26:25[Saint]makes a lot of sense for HDD based targets.
03:26:31[Saint]or, any target, really.
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03:50:06__builtindoesn't the new classic bootloader have this>
03:51:42__builtinalso, how do I disassemble the OF?
04:50:24[Saint]WHat bootloader did you think I was talking about __builtin?
04:51:17[Saint]Sorry. I guess I wasn't clear. I thought 'ipod6g bootloader' was enough context.
04:55:51[Saint](For the record, I don't consider emCORE a bootloader - it is basically a microkernel and full operating system that just happens to also be able to boot Rockbox)
04:56:26[Saint]Booting Rockbox is probably emCORE's least interesting feature.
04:56:50[Saint]...well, not as far as end users are concerned, I guess. But that's a whole other conversation.
04:58:03[Saint]I think if your "bootloader" has a debugging stack, full lowlevel access, a theme engine, and a modular plugin system it stopped being a bootloader looooooooong ago.
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05:48:12[Saint]__builtin: also -
05:50:13[Saint](note: Reverse Engineering subsection of that wiki also covers AUPD encryption/decryption)
05:52:52[Saint]but I think that's pretty heavily nano 2/4g specific, though the concepts don't differ wildly - emCORE/iLoader source would likely be the best way to understand this)
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14:28:26*pamaury is now able to dump various files on his NWZ
14:28:34pamauryI now have dmesg output
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16:43:35__builtin[Saint]: what I'm more interested in is the OSOS section
16:45:06__builtinwell, I think I've got it
16:45:32__builtinturns out that FMI's ipodcrypt utility /does/ support 8702 firmware decryption
16:45:47__builtinbut with the s5l8701-decryptfirmware option
16:52:02pamauryanyone here knows of a PMU chip (or SMU) under the name of 5T7311 or 5T735 ?
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17:46:22pamauryah I *think* it's a Ricoh RN5T3711 but I can't find any datasheet or description
17:47:05pamauryor maybe TC5T7311
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18:02:44pamauryI found a simplified datasheet for the rc5t7315
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19:22:06robertdhi pamaury just read the updated wiki for the nw analysis
19:24:27robertdsome info about the boot secuence of the Emma Mobile EV1/2 can be found here
19:27:55pamauryuntil I have analysed a sony nwz player using emma mobile ev1/2, I prefer not to trust any info. Sony customizes its player a lot. Beside this info is very useful
19:29:20pamauryI am writing the script to dump various files. Currently I can dump the initrd
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19:31:53pamaurywhen it's ready I'll send you the scripty so that you can dump it and fill the wiki like me
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19:33:21robertdExcellent, I updated the wiki with the tool chain info this morning
19:35:33pamauryI need to cleanup the toolchain instructions, patching the kernel by hand is not great, I will write a proper patch so that it can be automated
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19:57:40pamaurydamn it, this busybox version is so old it supports nothing
20:00:16robertdpamaury it may be worthless but this page is useful for several devices currently in developing
20:01:32pamauryinteresting, but I put basically the same pictures on the wiki :-p
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20:41:36pamauryI am very confused. If I
20:41:37pamaurytar -cf file.tar $LIST
20:41:37pamauryon the sony, then somes files in the list are omitted. But if I
20:41:37DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
20:41:37pamaurytar -cf file.tar $FILE
20:41:37pamaurywhere $FILE is one of the omitted files above, it works...
20:46:11pamauryah, this may be a read problem. It seems to bail out in some file in /sys and stops there
20:47:07robertdperhaps its a rpme file
20:47:18robertdrpm *
20:48:07pamaurywhat ?
20:49:58robertdthe files from the global dist are packed as rpm. When trying to extract them with tar the command failed for me
20:50:38pamauryI am not talking about this, I am trying to dump what is on the device
21:05:30pamauryFinally I have a working script
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21:10:23bertrikit's been over 2 years since my last commit
21:20:34pamaurybertrik: that can easily be fixed ;)
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21:41:42bertrikpamaury: the laptop with my rockbox dev tools broke down in the meantime, so I don't even have the build tools installed right now :)
21:42:59bertrikbut, I assigned a task to myself today, an easy one, a translation fix
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21:49:04pamauryrobertd: I am going to commit a few nwz related things to the repo, included the dumping script, stayed tuned
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21:50:50prof_wolfff[Saint]: i can try to implement the 'battery trap' for other iPods, ATM i have no much time also, but it seems not so difficult so probably i will try to do it in the next month(s), the only problem is i don't own these models so cannot test it
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21:52:08bertriksilly guestion time: do I need to run as root?
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21:55:02gevaertsDepends on where you want to install stuff
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21:56:58pamaury_bertrik: personally I never use it as root and specify a prefix in my home dir
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21:57:49bertrikhm, I think I'll try a sim build first which doesn't need a crosscompiler
22:00:20robertdlooking foward to it pamaury
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22:06:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:06:32*bertrik forgot how to push
22:09:24__builtinbertrik: I have a arm toolchain built if you need it
22:09:48pamauryafter commit, "git push origin master"
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22:16:02bertrikI think I have some authentication problem
22:18:37pamaurybertrik: maybe your ssh key changed ?
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22:20:03bertrikyes, I just uploaded a new one, and I connect to gerrit
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22:23:07pamaurybertrik: is your key long enough ?
22:23:25fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 3db0363, 255 builds, 15 clients.
22:24:19bertrikeh, I should have read the dev wiki more carefully, sorry.
22:24:23pamauryrobertd: in SonyNWZA865Analysis, why did you put the files from NWZ-E460 ?
22:24:30bertrikthe commit has been pushed now
22:26:13robertdpamaury i intend to edit those files once i dump the nwz a865
22:26:45pamauryrobertd: I just pushed the script
22:26:57pamauryfollow the instruction in nwztools/scripts/README
22:27:03pamaurytell me if anything is unclear
22:27:27bertrikthis commit doesn't have a Change-Id, but I've fixed the commit hook now
22:27:52robertdis it ok? Shall I delete the wiki additions?
22:28:33pamauryrobertd: yeah sure, also remove the history part
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22:31:57fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 512 seconds.
22:31:59fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 3db0363 result: All green
22:32:00fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 9d121cf, 255 builds, 15 clients.
22:41:14fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 556 seconds.
22:41:15fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 9d121cf result: All green
22:42:11pamauryrobertd: I am dumping the rootfs of my NWZ-E453 now, so that makes at least two devices on which it works ;)
22:44:44pamaurythe two devices are very similar
22:45:04pamauryalmost identical kernel output, same on-disk forma
22:46:01pamauryit doesn't have mmcinfo though
22:46:23pamauryand some scripts are slightly different
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22:55:12robertdpamaury where did you post it please?
22:55:21pamauryrobertd: posted what ?
22:55:36robertdthe script
22:55:52pamauryit's in the repository as I told you
22:55:59pamaury<pamaury> follow the instruction in nwztools/scripts/README
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