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#rockbox log for 2016-08-18

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03:37:21lily_yo can I get some help? :)
03:38:54dongsyou can start by asking the question instead of asking to ask
03:41:21lily_Thanks for the tip. Having troubles installing rockbox on my Classic gen6. Obviously I know it's not technically supported, but looking for a workaround
03:41:31lily_the client "installs" but won't let me eject
03:41:39lily_and doesn't actually install
03:42:01lily_I'm on a linux machine
03:44:10dongsred flags in prettty much every line above, sorry, out of my expertise. maybe someone else can help.
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03:45:24tragiquelily_: have you gotten it to work?
03:45:31lily_No I haven't
03:45:33tragiquei use rockbox on my classic 6g daily and it's a pretty stable port actually
03:45:57tragiquei think they consider it "unusable" because of the bootloader not being entirely finished
03:46:30lily_yeah tbh I think the problem is that the client won't actually let me install a bootloader.
03:46:33tragiquedid you do this?
03:46:53tragiquei used the beta .exe installer
03:50:46lily_aight I'm on a linux machine and looks like there's a bootloader in that zip for linux, so I'm just reading through the docs rn and I'll come on and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the start
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03:53:03tragiqueyeah i'm not sure how it would be done from a linux machine, i just use a windows one for things like this
03:53:21tragiquei think at worst you could fire up a windows vm
03:54:25lily_That's true. Honestly may end up doing that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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05:11:15[Saint]lily_: the only issue here is that you used the current release installer which is pretty clear about not being able to install the bootloader on ipod6g
05:12:01[Saint]Yes. It doesn't even present it as an option.
05:12:09lily_Yes it does
05:12:19lily_when I connect my device it sure does
05:12:26[Saint]It can only "install" Rockbox. WHich is just extracting an archive to the root of the player.
05:12:53lily_right, which is the problem I was having, as it doesn't have the bootloader
05:13:00[Saint]The current RbUtil release supplied by Rockbox has zero concept of being able to install the bootloader.
05:13:08[Saint]And that bootloader is certainly required.
05:13:41[Saint]The work to merge this and get a release out is still pending.
05:13:57lily_I'm just installing vbox on my system rn so that I can install as suggested
05:14:42lily_I'll let you know how it goes. Running slack so the vbox installation is taking a lil bit
05:14:58[Saint]If you wanted to not bother I can provide you with a linux client installer.
05:15:21lily_for the bootloader?
05:15:43[Saint]For all.
05:16:10lily_That's okay. I already have a script making a package for vmbox for me. I need the program anyways.
05:16:27[Saint]One can't imagine why.
05:16:31[Saint]But, OK.
05:16:45lily_I need the *vbox program
05:17:34[Saint]Yes. And I'm saying it is difficult to understand why that might be the case.
05:18:29[Saint]Assuming you change your mind:
05:18:48[Saint](archive has both windows and linux binaries)
05:19:31[Saint]The bootloader isn't up to date with current git head development but for end user purposes this doesn't really matter
05:20:54lily_Thanks anyways
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12:28:29NathanVhaha, i'm practically in tears right now. through some hail mary attempt i managed to unbrick my yp-r0.
12:32:36NathanVfor some reason a microsd to usb adapter I had was messing up all my sd cards
12:32:40NathanVin a very bizzare way
12:33:19NathanVso, cleaning and formatting them and trying the FORMAT.MEDIA0 fix again worked
12:33:36NathanVand for some reason i had the notion to make a format.media1 and format.media2 file as well
12:33:51NathanVas far as I can tell it was actually the format.media2 file which got used and unbricked the device
12:35:04NathanVthat seems less eventful when written out, but I had already put 10 hours or so repetitively trying the same fixes over and over changing minor details hoping that something would happen, haha
12:35:15NathanVnearly had a heart attack when I saw something other than a penguin
12:36:05[Saint]I tried looking for mine the other day, I blieve after speaking with you, and I can't for the life of me recall where I may have put it.
12:36:22[Saint]All mine did was boot into a white screen at full LCD brightness.
12:36:50NathanVthat's odd
12:37:07NathanVI read about all sorts of issues that can happen with the player and I never heard of that one
12:37:13NathanVsounds bad, possibly a hardware issue
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13:51:45AndyP_[prof_wolfff]: I have various PP5020 iPods (4th Grey & Color, Mini 1st & 2nd, 5G & 5.5G Video) and am willing to test deep discharge on them when its ready
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14:43:50elensilAndyP_: I'm still looking forward this patch especially regarding the support of the buggy devices :) I'm available to test and debug it if we find some time
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16:37:41pamaury_robertd: can you send me the fu_initrd.tar file you got from your device ?
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17:17:28robertdpamaury yes. one sec please
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18:23:47robertdpamaury did you receive the files?
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20:05:56lebelliumpamaury: I assume you didn't have time to check further the volume patch?
20:07:25pamaurylebellium: no, to be honest I forgot about it :-s I'll have another look at it, but I still don't understand why it makes a difference. I mean I could push it just because it cleans up the code but that's not satisfactory
20:09:23lebelliumI understand you don't necessarily want to push something we don't understand really how/why it works
20:09:56lebelliummaybe I can provide the user on ABI a patched build
20:10:10lebelliumso that we have another confirmation it works
20:10:17lebelliumjust to be sure
20:10:25pamauryyeeah that sounds like a good idea
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