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#rockbox log for 2016-08-19

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00:11:58 Join ujcroon [0] (
00:15:09ujcroonhi im trying to convert 2nd gen nano to fat32 without access to windows pc.
00:15:55ujcroonthe partition tables for 2nd gen nanos are not vailable for download on the guide page
00:16:06ujcroonis there any way to do this?
00:19:33gevaertsI assume you can do it with plain old fdisk, but I don't actually know
00:19:59gevaerts[Saint]: I'm guessing you can type out a nano2g mbr in hex by hand? :)
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00:23:30[Saint]Many moons ago, maybe.
00:23:45[Saint]ujcroon: you don't actually /need/ iTunes or a Windows PC for this.
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00:24:51[Saint]ujcroon: but if you're not overly confident with a *nix commandline system you're probably going to want to fire up a liveCD or virtual instance anyway.
00:25:00[Saint]You can use
00:25:43[Saint]That guide is Windows-specific, but the method doesn't really change.
00:26:58[Saint]You just ignore the part about zadig (which is a piece of shit, but I digress) and drivers entirely, and use a linux ipodscsi binary.
00:27:11[Saint](you will need to compile this)
00:27:57[Saint] and are not operating system or architecture dependent.
00:28:09[Saint]but ipodscsi is.
00:28:22ujcroonok so im using a live cd
00:28:40[Saint]Of linux, or windows?
00:28:57ujcrooni dont know how to use windows
00:29:26gevaertsWell, it *is* one of the harder systems to use. Barely better than OSX!
00:29:40[Saint]Ok. That might be problematic. I an very unsure if a liveCD is going to allow enough freespace to be able to install build-essential and gcc.
00:30:06[Saint]If you don't know how to use Windows, what is your primary operating system? Why is it a liveCD?
00:30:10gevaertsIt probably will, if this machine is in any way recent
00:30:18*[Saint] nods
00:30:36gevaertsIt stores those in RAM, and I suspect build-essential only takes a few hundreds of megabytes
00:30:58ujcroonim not even sure i just started using live cds at some point
00:31:27ujcroonok so i can load the compile environment into ram
00:31:41[Saint]That will be screwing your performance by an order of magnitude.
00:31:53[Saint]Once everything gets cached in to RAM it won't be /tooo/ bad - but, still.
00:32:13[Saint]If there's no reason to use a live environment there's no reason to suffer through doing so.
00:32:16gevaertsSure, but installing for one-time use is still less efficient :)
00:33:39[Saint]But the crux of the whole thing is explained in detail on the wiki page I just handed you.
00:33:39[Saint]The only differences between the way it is handled on Windows and Linux is the device drivers (unnecessary in linux), and the ipodscsi binary.
00:34:29[Saint]If you ignore the device driver aspect entirely, and provide the correct ipodscsi binary through compilation on your host - you can otherwise follow thos einstructions verbatim.
00:34:43ujcroonso i need to compile ipodscsi?
00:34:56 Join Hoshi_ [0] (
00:35:54[Saint]Yes. Source is provided above.
00:35:58ujcroonand install python for those two
00:37:17ujcroonso i just @make && make install" it?
00:37:50ujcroon./configure before?
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00:38:33[Saint]just make should be entirely sufficient. I don't offhand recall if it has a make install target or if there are any configure options at all.
00:39:27[Saint]you'll also need to keep in mind that the files listed on that page are for the iPod Classic only, and they you'll need to source the .ipsw files for the iPod Nano2G yourself.
00:39:45ujcroonjust "make main-v2.c"?
00:40:14ujcroonwhat are the .ipsw files?
00:40:46ujcroonare they copyrighted i mean can i legally download them or are they on my ipod
00:41:58[Saint]Technically speaking they are on your iPod but extraction is more convoluted than restoration is.
00:42:13[Saint]And, no, they can not be acquired legally.
00:42:25gevaertsThey're definitely *copyrighted*, but then so is this sentence
00:43:06ujcroonok so if they are on there i can download them as i already own them
00:43:55gevaertsThose files are what itunes would download and put on your ipod if you used that to restore
00:45:39ujcroontheres two files one is  iPod_29.1.1.3.ipsw one is iPod_19.1.1.3.ipsw which one should i use?
00:45:44ujcroondoes it matter?
00:46:50*gevaerts doesn't know, but based on it apparently not mattering for the PP502x ipods, he'd guess it doesn't matter
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00:50:42[Saint]one posits if he had a mac it would be infintely easier.
00:50:58[Saint]they have iPod restore magic baked in.
00:51:43gevaertsYes, but not to FAT
00:52:50[Saint]Well, yes, that's true - but the first and second stage recovery could be handled largely automagically.
00:53:02ujcroonia m assuming i need two .ipsw files the recovery .ipsw and the actual firmware .ipsw right?
00:53:17[Saint]Yes. As detailed.
00:53:23 Join utrack [0] (
00:53:45ujcroonthe recovery .iposw is not on my ipod either right?
00:56:04[Saint]it is, but as discussed dumping it is a very convoluted process.
00:56:09 Nick Hoshi_ is now known as Hoshi (
00:57:28ujcroonbecause im not having much luck finding it
00:57:55ujcroondo you know the filename it would have?
00:58:22[Saint]This is detailed on the wiki page provided.
00:58:58ujcroonisnt that for ipod classic?
00:59:22ujcroonx12230000_Recovery.ipsw i mean
01:00:58[Saint]It is. You actually want the WTF binary /inside/ that, but you can wildcard the search terms and add nano2g as a search criteria.
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01:04:32ujcroonnot sure how to do that
01:04:47ujcroonim not getting any hits
01:07:15ujcroonwtf.*.release.dfu nano2g
01:07:23ujcroonthats what i tried
01:07:56[Saint]SInce we're not recovering from a state where we have completely removed the original firmware anyway, which is the intended purpose and scope of that wiki page, it is likely that you can ignore first and second stage recovery entirely.
01:10:21ujcroonok so i can just write the firmware directly using ipodscsi no prep needed at all?
01:10:26[Saint]Another option would be to just remove the original firmware entirely and use Rockbox because the original firmware is a giant piece of shit.
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01:11:18ujcroonso rockbox is not buggy anymore?
01:12:01ujcrooni had read rockbox was buggy and it wasnt possible to transfer files to a 2nd gen or something
01:12:26ujcroonnot sure exactly but there was some reason dual boot was needed
01:13:45ujcroonmight be old info
01:16:12ujcroonright so if i go for rockbox only i can still put apples ipl on there?
01:16:27ujcroonfirmware i mean if i want to sell it
01:18:20[Saint]Yes. This process is entirely recoverable.
01:19:17[Saint]You will not be able to use our official bootloader as we always assume a WinPod and not a MAcPod.
01:19:32[Saint]You can however use FreemyIpod's emCORE loader.
01:19:54[Saint]note: this will completely remove the original firmware and dual-boot is not possible.
01:21:07[Saint]this is a guided install wiki page that will walk you through the process
01:21:48[Saint]note that you will lose the ability to duall boot, and that all the original content on the iPod will be lost, and it will be deassociated from any and all iTunes accounts it is associated with.
01:23:11ujcroonso if i did this using dualboot i would be able to keep the music that is on there in rockbox?
01:26:17ujcrooni follow these instructions"> after having only rockbox booting on my ipod right ?
01:26:47[Saint]No. As discussed Rockbox is not compatible with HFS formatted iPods.
01:27:44ujcroonoh right ok there is no way i am going to dual boot hfs this is just for putting apples stuff back
01:28:31[Saint]This is about removing it entirely and forgetting it even exists.
01:29:01[Saint]iLoader is ancient and deprecated.
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01:30:39ujcroonon my ipod nano 1st gen sometimes rockbox crashed so hard i had to boot into apples os just to get it back to normal
01:31:00ujcroonbut this was years ago, does this still happen?
01:31:28[Saint]There's never any reason to boot the original firmware. Crash or otherwise.
01:31:46[Saint]A hard reset would be perfectly sufficient.
01:32:13ujcrooni was just button mashing maybe it did a hard reset
01:32:45[Saint]You would've done a ahrd reset and then continued holding keys after the fact which forces boot to the original firmware.
01:34:00 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
01:34:11[Saint]and iPod Nano 1 and 2g have absolutely nothing in common except for the naming scheme and the form factor, so whatever a very historic build of Rockbox for iPod Nano 1G did or didn't do is largely inconsequential.
01:34:36ujcroonok so to remove all traces of original firmware step 1: ./ipodpatcher -a ipodnano2g-installer*.ipodx
01:36:25[Saint]Note that you will need to compile ipodpatcher.
01:36:28ujcroonthen umount or eject?
01:37:00[Saint]Safely eject. As detailed.
01:37:37[Saint]ipodpatcher source is available from the Rockbox github repository.
01:38:05ujcroonim not familiar with safely eject on linux eject is used for optical media is umount not the same?
01:38:16ujcroonfor usb drives i mean
01:38:36ujcroonso in this scenario i would not need ipodscsi
01:39:29[Saint]and, kinda - unmount and eject are very different creatures and not specific to any type of storage medium.
01:40:02[Saint]you will need to compile ipodpatcher, though, so you're not entirely out of the woods in terms of not having to compile anything.
01:40:14[Saint]You will need the entire ipodpatcher tree from
01:40:33[Saint]fortunately it is self contained so you will not need anything outside of that tree.
01:41:49ujcroonso i just clone it
01:46:10ujcroondoesnt seem to work
01:48:31ujcroonwont let me i tried −−branch that doesnt work either
01:51:58[Saint]that's because it isn't a branch.
01:51:59ujcroonjust cloning the whole thing
01:52:13[Saint]you can either clone the whole thing or wget/curl the files manually.
01:52:27ujcroon−−separate-git-dir didnt work either
01:53:32[Saint]that doesn't do what you seem to think it does.
01:53:59[Saint]that just allows for cloning into a directory other than the root the checkout dictates.
01:54:35ujcroonyeah ive never used any other arguments than clone
01:56:45[Saint]if you just did a bare git clone the rockbox repo would clone into a parent folder names 'rockbox'. If you wanted that to be named my_awesome_repository_path you would do 'git clone $REPOSITORY −−separate-git-dir /path/to/my_awesome_repository_path
01:58:44ujcroonoh i see
01:59:17ujcroonso to just get that part i would need to use wget recursive?
02:00:37[Saint]curl doesn't have a real recursive mode.
02:00:50*[Saint] glares at bagder
02:00:57[Saint]or...would, were he present.
02:01:35ujcroonis badger a curl guy?
02:01:50[Saint]He's _the_ cURL guy.
02:02:15[Saint]Also one of our 'founding fathers', in terms of Rockbox.
02:03:06[Saint]Now He's rollin' in those sweet, sweet Mozilla dollarydoos Scrooge McDuck style.
02:03:51ujcroonheh mozilla got plenty of money
02:04:44[Saint]You know you've done something very right in life when Mozilla headhunts you as a department head.
02:05:09[Saint]I don't think it could've happened to a more deserving or suitable person.
02:05:26[Saint]He's good people.
02:06:23[Saint]curl is one of those things that everyone uses and no one knows they use.
02:06:41ujcrooni ysed it to download videos once
02:06:46[Saint]a conservative estimate would very likely be in the area of hundreds of millions of deployments.
02:07:02[Saint]pretty much everything that touches the Internet uses curl or libcurl.
02:07:49[Saint]Every Android and iOS install depends on it, so this significantly increases the curface area of deployment.
02:08:32 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
02:08:55[Saint]If you were to look in the licensing details for almost any software that touches the Internet in some capacity I pretty much guarantee you'll find attribution to curl/libcurl binaries.
02:09:24[Saint]everyone uses it and virtually no one knows how dependant they are on it.
02:09:28ujcroonso he has changed the world
02:09:34ujcroonin a way
02:11:03[Saint]I wish any of my hobby projects had even 0.1% of the surface area for deployment as curl/libcurl - lol
02:11:14[Saint]that would still be multiple hundreds of thousand of users.
02:11:49[Saint]But...I digress.
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02:13:04shadowsoh, that badger
02:13:13ujcrooni gotta go offline to compile thses things
02:13:13shadowsmakes sense now.
02:13:24ujcrooncant be going root while online
02:13:55[Saint]shadows: s/dg/gd/
02:14:10[Saint]ujcroon: there's no reason to compile this as root.
02:14:17[Saint]also - ...errrr.
02:14:19ujcroonoh really?
02:14:25shadows"bag derrrrr"
02:14:26[Saint]really really.
02:15:34[Saint]even if you needed elevated permissions for some reason - there's absolutely no reason to ever run as root.
02:15:37ujcroonbut i mean i still need to install
02:15:52[Saint]No. You do not.
02:15:53ujcroonthe build environment
02:16:09[Saint]Oh, the build environemt - yes.
02:16:29[Saint]But this is exactly why sudo exists. There's never any reason to be root.
02:17:17[Saint](and yes - there's a rather large fundamental difference in many areas between elevating via sudo and actually running as root)
02:17:30ujcrooni need to set up my sudoers
02:18:05[Saint]default live-install for debian-esque systems allows passwordless sudo to the primary user.
02:18:17shadowsI've never installed a build environment for rockbox compilation
02:18:42ujcrooni will continue this tomorrow in a devian cd
02:18:48[Saint]shadows: I assure you you have required build-essentials
02:18:53ujcroondevuan whatever its called
02:19:15[Saint]what is the current liveCD instance distribution?
02:19:24shadows[Saint]: right. I'm meaning to say beyond what the package manager provides
02:19:40shadowsnever had to 'sudo make install' some tools to get rockbox to compile
02:20:06ujcroonnewer antix is debian based i think
02:20:07[Saint]well, he's not compiling Rockbox.
02:20:16[Saint]And it was a logical conclusion to come to.
02:20:48[Saint]That's the logical progression for many people who expect a compiled binary to be accessible from the system $PATH
02:21:28[Saint]in this instance it isn't, and isn't required to be, but someone with no foresight of this or our project doesn't know that.
02:21:29ujcroonok i gotta go need to wake up tomorrow
02:21:48[Saint]Well, I, or someone else, will be here to assist you if required.
02:21:59ujcroonthanks for your help
02:22:25 Part ujcroon
02:22:38shadowsyep. I'm just as confused when people are receiving advice that leads them to think being root uid is correct for development work.
02:22:39[Saint]shadows: for context this user wants/needs the ipodpatcher binary - not Rockbox itself.
02:22:52shadowsohhh I was a tool that didn't read closely enough the backlog
02:23:19[Saint]'make install' as an elevated user is pretty logical for someone with very limited experience outside of large-ish projects.
02:24:09[Saint]many people many to use *nix systems while being gleefully ignorant of $PATH structures and permissions as well.
02:24:41[Saint]'run it as root' is the default panic mode or pre-emptive cross your fingers and just hope shit works thought process.
02:25:30[Saint]not saying this is or isn't the case with this particular user but I have seen it enough times to understand how the thought process plays out.
02:25:37shadowsah okay
02:25:49shadowsI've been there, I don't remember it well
02:26:05shadowsjust being lambasted and even G-lined for running Xchat as root uid
02:26:33shadowspresumably I was starting from that similar mindset at some point in the 1990's
02:26:54[Saint]lots of shitty tutorials for projects that are written by people who don't understand the concept of 'principle of least operations' really doesn't help either.
02:27:22[Saint]"ah fuck it, run it as root" has almost become a default debugging step.
02:29:03[Saint]and, yes, it sucks. this context is relatively fresh in my mind from a protracted discussion I had about this with a few people around a week or so ago that more than mildly annoyed me.
02:29:21[Saint]the concept of principle of least operations appears to be a largely dying art.
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03:20:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 57a4485, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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03:25:19prof_wolfffbluebrother pamaury: finally changed mk6gboot -> mks5lboot, it for any reason mks5l8702boot is preferable then it is a matter of 10 minutes to change it
03:28:01prof_wolfffAndyP: great!
03:29:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 546 seconds.
03:29:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 57a4485 result: All green
03:29:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7083110, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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03:39:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7083110 result: All green
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07:12:46 Join ayypot [0] (~ayy@
07:12:59ayypotHello. I think my player may be bricked. Can someone help me?
07:13:32ayypotIt's a Sansa Clip+. Actually I have not bothered to mess with it since months ago but I'm pretty sure i loaded incorrect firmware onto it.
07:14:07ayypotI'm using Linux right now so that's the only way available to me currently to interface with it
07:14:33ayypotI've been able to force MSC mode on my clip by holding the center+home button
07:15:59ayypotI get a device file, /dev/sdb, that is 31344 blocks large
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08:26:40[Saint]ayypot: that's really not an encouraging sign.
08:28:18ayypotYeah. I was reading the sansa page and it said i probably should talk to y'all before i attempt the hardware solutions
08:32:23[Saint]the only other available course of action for you is to attempt to wait it out and deep discharge the battery.
08:32:32ayypotI've done that many times.
08:32:49ayypotLike i picked up the clip out of my box today after several months for one
08:33:01ayypotIt gets stuck on the flower when i turn it on
08:33:18[Saint]Right. Ok. Then, yeah, you have pretty much one hope for recovery.
08:33:41[Saint]assuming you've tried the obvious and ejected any sdcard that may be present.
08:34:11ayypotholding the power button down and doing a soft reset? Yeah I've done that.
08:34:15ayypotand yeah there's no sd card
08:35:31[Saint]Ok. Then you know what you have to do.
08:35:43 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
08:35:47[Saint]The reason we ask you to drop in here is to make sure you've exhausted other avenues.
08:36:00[Saint]ANd so there's a chance of live support during the recovery attempt.
08:36:43 Join ayypot_ [0] (
08:36:55[Saint]please not that chances of recovery are exceptionally slim and we don't actually understand why this black magic does or doesn't work.
08:38:18[Saint]deviate from the instructions given in the wiki slightly and dd in a rockbox modified original firmware instead of a stock one.
08:38:30ayypot_onto /dev/sdb ?
08:38:55[Saint]on to /dev/sd<whatever_the_volume_is>
08:39:03[Saint]don't assume it is sdb for love nor money.
08:39:09[Saint]dd is brutal and unforgiving.
08:39:13ayypot_Oh yeah lol. In this case, it is /dev/sdb
08:39:39[Saint]then yes. instead of a stock original firmware supply a rockbox bootloader patched one.
08:40:24[Saint]assuming you are indeed able to expose the ~900MB partition
08:40:34 Join einhirn [0] (
08:40:40ayypot_i assume you mean this page
08:40:42[Saint]if you can't there's no point in proceeding.
08:41:13ayypot_Oh that's the actual rockbox firmware i just found
08:41:36[Saint]right. the wiki and the manual both covery manual installation and bootloader patching.
08:41:53[Saint]it is the bootloader patching of the original firmware that is interesting to you atthis stage.
08:42:03[Saint]we can worry about a rockbox binary if we're succesful
08:42:11ayypot_of course. ok i'll try it
08:45:19NathanV@[Saint] do you remember the battery life you got on your yp-r0?
08:45:32 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
08:45:46 Quit rela_ (Quit: Leaving)
08:46:01 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
08:47:04[Saint]NathanV: I don't think I ever really tested it.
08:47:16[Saint]I only ever recall using it for maybe a few hours at a time.
08:47:35NathanVah ok
08:47:55NathanVapparently samsung says 30hr, for their own firmware of course
08:47:58[Saint]I'm one of those people that charges whenever it is convenient as opposed to whenever it is necessary too.
08:48:11NathanVthat sure kicks the gigabeat S's ass
08:48:26ayypotso just to clarify: use mkamsboot to create the modified firmware and just dd that onto my device?
08:49:11[Saint]an ipod classic 6g with the stock 850mAh battery solid state converted with iFlash and one or more microsd cards gets around 24~26h easy.
08:49:32[Saint]ayypot: yes.
08:49:38ayypotrunning it now :)
08:49:44ayypotthe dd command of course
08:50:16NathanVi'm surprised by the lack of music discussion ever, on the rockbox forums or this irc
08:50:32[Saint]so you did actually expose the 900MB partition by bridging the hardware pins in the device, yes?
08:50:37[Saint]ayypot: ^?
08:50:38NathanVi'd expect many people to be fanatical about music but i guess they just don't address that topic here
08:50:45ayypot_Ok the command ran successfully. 15728640 bytes (16 MB, 15 MiB) copied, 57.7415 s, 272 kB/s
08:51:51 Quit ayypot_ (Quit: Lost terminal)
08:52:00ayypotOh was that 900MB question to me?
08:52:07 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
08:52:16ayypotI didn't do anything hardware related yet. I haven't even opened the back yet.
08:52:36[Saint]As I mentioned earlier there's absolutely no point in doing that.
08:52:47 Join Hoshi [0] (
08:53:20ayypotAlright so i dd'd it. I wasn't able to mount /dev/sdb to a mountpoint. I suppose i'll try turning it on now.
08:53:31[Saint]If you can't expose the ~900 (i believe it is 960something) MB partition via bridging the pins described in the wiki during a USB connection there's no point in continuing.
08:53:52[Saint]dding anything to anywhere else doesn't matter.
08:54:14ayypotOh ok. Yeah I'll do that now then.
08:54:44ayypotOpening the case is quite difficult because it's put together really tightly. Is there a way to make it easier?
08:55:11[Saint]guitar pick or credit/security card.
08:55:23ayypotok i'll try that
08:56:04[Saint]there are little plastic clips placed at intervals around the edge of the case you need to make sure are released.
08:56:32[Saint]once you get a few off it gets significantly easier, but make sure not to force the two halves of the case apart.
08:56:49[Saint]there is a delicate ribon cable connection we need to release.
08:57:58[Saint]so, yeah, don't try and pull the two halves apart until you can actually get a good look in there and can see how much room you have to play with.
09:01:34ayypotOk i got it apart. There are two halves of the player. there are three wires connected between both halves which seem to go to the battery
09:03:25ayypotOh there are three tiny screws. I assume I need to remove those in order to proceed
09:03:32ayypotfour screws my bad
09:11:32 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
09:13:09 Join Saratoga [0] (32b117cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
09:17:13 Quit athidhep (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:18:31ayypot[Saint], I'm afraid I can't continue right now. I cannot find a small enough screw driver to deal with this at the moment. If you don't mind, I'll ping you tomorrow when I have the needed equipment
09:24:58ayypotOh hey [Saint] I did find a working screwdriver. Ok i'm removing the screws now
09:25:01 Quit Saratoga (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
09:28:42ayypotWow those are really small recovery pins! I'm going to follow the wiki instructions now.
09:30:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:58:03ayypotSo strange. I'll keep repeating a bit longer but i still get it reported 30.6mb which is what i've been getting by forcing MSC
09:58:55 Join Hoshi_ [0] (
09:59:50 Join elensil [0] (~edhelas@2001:1c02:1903:d800:75f1:7149:fded:ce7c)
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10:02:43 Quit Hoshi (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:07:30ayypot[Saint], i think i got it! 8 16 3872256 sdb
10:07:40ayypotIt's the 4gb model.
10:07:56ayypotI'm doing the dd now.
10:10:16ayypotdd finished, but it finished and did: dd: writing to '/dev/sdb': Input/output error
10:35:30 Quit elensil (Quit: Leaving.)
10:35:50 Join elensil [0] (~edhelas@2001:1c02:1903:d800:75f1:7149:fded:ce7c)
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14:10:34 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
14:24:26 Join wodz [0] (
14:25:31wodzhow can I configure our dsp to resample PCM 16bit interleaved 16kHz stream into native freq (44 or 48 depending on setting).
14:26:33wodzLooking at dsp config struct I see two separate pointers for left and right channel.
14:28:09pamaurywodz: no idea, I would look at some the codecs code, see how they handle it
14:29:28wodzpamaury: I was looking at mpegplayer code (as pointed by jh in some old forum thread) but it takes two separate buffers for L and R as far as I understand
14:30:03pamaurythat probably means you have to de-interleave them in temporary buffers then ?
14:30:29wodzI bet there is a way to avoid this
14:30:37pamauryor maybe L and R have a stride that would allow them to be the same buffer ?
14:34:31pamaurywodz: have you looked at the wav codec ?
14:34:46pamaurythere is no decompressing involved, and PCM is interleaved
14:35:11*pamaury has never looked at a codec code....
14:39:17 Join paulk-collins [0] (
14:43:06wodzwill look
14:55:17 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)
15:10:06 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
15:11:16pamaurywodz: a quick look at lib/codecs/wav.c and libc/codecs/libpcm/linear_pcm.c suggest our dsp can do interleaved. For example, wav does that:
15:11:16pamauryci->configure(DSP_SET_STEREO_MODE, STEREO_INTERLEAVED);
15:13:23wodzpamaury: yes I saw that.
15:14:49pamaurywodz: why do you want to do that by the way ?
15:15:17wodzpamaury: I am scratching my head how to activate resampling. Is rb->dsp_configure(dsp, DSP_SET_FREQUENCY, xxx) and rb->dsp_configure(dsp, DSP_SET_OUT_FREQENCY, yyy) enough to do this?
15:15:30wodzpamaury: I am porting picoTTS to rockbox
15:16:22wodzI have POC working but it synth 16bit interleaved 16kHz stream
15:16:38pamaurygood question, I don't know
15:21:36 Quit Bray90820 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
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19:28:06 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:28:21saratogawodz: test_codec can apply DSP settings and then save to a .WAV file, perhaps that would be a good example?
19:28:39saratogaIIRC it just applies whatever settings are enabled in rockbox, but i believe it will do resampling
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20:04:21AndyP_[elensil] I'm still trying to get the Mini1G and the 4G color to use the Aux port. Slowly going through the diagcode of the 4G Color with IDA looking for clues without success.
20:04:23 Join krnlyng [0] (
20:04:33 Quit AndyP_ (Client Quit)
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20:12:28lebelliumpamaury: feedback
20:13:17pamaurylebellium: thanks, so it seems to make a difference
20:15:26lebelliumsomehow :D
20:16:55pamauryI'll try to do dumps registers before and after the patch, there must be something
20:17:01 Join idonob [0] (~Owner@
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22:19:44 Join NathanV [0] (68dc3297@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:28:37NathanVlebellium: you there?
22:29:10pamaurylebellium: I found out why :)
22:29:11NathanVwhat avg battery life do you get on your ypr0 / what should one expect for one in good condition?
22:29:21NathanVnobody's run and published tests for that one on rockbox website
22:30:51 Join gbl08ma [0] (
22:31:36lebelliumnot on Rockbox website but there should be some benchmarks on ABO
22:31:46NathanVoh really, cool
22:31:56ayypotAlright well I keep getting that 32megabyte thing recognized. thrice i was able to get some kind of 4gb device regcognized but i'd get an I/O output error everytime i wrote to it
22:32:09ayypoti did a dump of the 32mb device i saw and it's all 0s
22:32:33ayypotwhen y'all say "if you see 4mb you're dead" is the 4mb device zeroed?
22:32:53ayypotI got a 4mb BRIEFLY but then i got some 4gb devices recongized so i'm quite confused
22:32:58ayypotSansa clip+ btw
22:34:46lebelliumNathanV: I guess it should be around 25hrs with a brand new player/battery. If I run a benchmark now, I would probably rather get 10-15 hrs
22:35:46NathanVwanted to see what condition the one I got off ebay was
22:36:23NathanVi read through the r0 firmware list on abi and it has a downclocking tool for saving battery, does that save battery on the order of hours, or less than an hour?
22:37:27lebelliumNathanV: you can read the description of this merged patc
22:43:15lebelliumNathanV: downclocking tool was in modded fw 2.20 and 2.30 only. It had some negative impact on performance. It was later replaced by on-demand CPU management (200Mhz most of time, boost to 532Mhz when needed)
22:43:31NathanVah i see
22:43:37NathanVis that absent from lightrom?
22:43:44NathanVi don't even know the difference between LR and dual boot
22:43:56lebelliumthen you should read more documentation
22:44:08lebelliumyou shouldn't install one or the other without knowing that
22:45:32lebelliumthese are not official rockbox bootloader
22:45:46lebelliumso we shouldn't even discuss them here.. :)
22:46:47NathanVah ok
22:50:28lebelliumHow to build and install the official bootloader is explained here : ("Installation Guide Using Rockbox Tools") However, nobody except kugel uses it :P All other people use either dualboot 2.51 or LR 4.6 unofficial bootloaders
22:54:09 Quit CrashBash-Kun (Quit: Leaving)
23:09:17pamaurylebellium: did you have the opportunity to try the patch on AMSv1 to check against regression ?
23:09:49lebelliumnope sorry. I'll try on Fuze v1 this weekend
23:10:03pamauryI have updated g#1369. The latest version only has comment changes. Now that I understand why is works, I am positive it needs to be pushed
23:10:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #1369 at : as3543: fix audio gap when switching from dac to line-in/recording by Amaury Pouly
23:11:43 Join idonob [0] (~Owner@
23:13:02lebelliumpamaury: not sure I really understand the comment, but if it sounds clearer and more logical to you know, that's good :)
23:14:06pamaurylebellium: well it's hard to summarize the bug without knowing how the chip works. But essentially, in could happen in some cases that when the radio is turned on, the audio is told to route audio like this:
23:14:06pamauryline-in (radio) -> main mixer -> headphone mixer -> headphone
23:14:16pamaurybut at the same time, the main mixer was turned OFF (yes !)
23:15:01pamaurybut incredibly, it still worked, but resulted in some strange volume gaps. Once I identified the problem, I changed on the Clip Zip: you can turn the main mixer on and off, and it works anyway, but volume when mixer is off is not correct
23:15:35pamaury*I tried on the Clip Zip
23:18:39lebelliumI didn't know there was several mixers :)
23:19:13lebelliumwhat do you want me to check on Fuze v1 exactly? Just volume in general and specific case switching from radio to dac and reverse?
23:19:22 Quit idonob (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:20:02pamaurylebellium: just check that radio and dac work
23:20:27 Join idonob [0] (~Owner@
23:21:11lebelliumI'll look for the Fuze USB cable tomorrow
23:21:23 Quit idonob (Client Quit)
23:21:52 Join idonob [0] (~Owner@
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23:29:44 Join benedikt93 [0] (~quassel@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
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23:34:29ayypotMy fuze cable comes in tomorrow
23:34:53ayypotI recently got this fuze but it didnt come with a cable. i'll most likely put rockbox on it
23:36:34 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:47:14 Quit benedikt93 (Remote host closed the connection)
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