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#rockbox log for 2016-08-20

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06:27:50doc|homehey. What's peoples' favourite alternative to sansa clip+ now? Prices for those and other supported sandisk devices have gone up
06:37:25[Sinner]there's never really been an alternative to the clip series.
06:37:39[Sinner]and there certainly isn't one that is supported.
06:43:55doc|home[Sinner], that's what I was thinking but was hoping I was wrong about. That's a shame.
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12:01:01cc___hello people of rockbox _o/
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12:55:29lebelliumpamaury: I see Mihail commented your patch. Does it make sense that I test it on now on Fuze v1 or should I rather wait for a potential new update of the patch?
12:56:41pamaurylebellium: I just saw his comment, I don't understand it
12:57:18pamauryah ok, I think I understand his point, yeah, please wait a bit before testing
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14:48:03pamaurylebellium: I updated g#1369
14:48:04fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1369 at : as3543: fix audio gap when switching from dac to line-in/recording by Amaury Pouly
14:50:50pamauryif you could test on ypr0 and amsv1 devices that would be awesome. I tried the final version on my clip zip and it works great
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15:25:12*pamaury finds it hard to translate rocbox to french
15:25:29pamaurythere are so many things 1) I don't even know what they mean 2) I have to no idea how to translate them
15:28:09pamaurylike how the hell do I translate "Haas surround", "Side only", "dry/wet"
15:29:34gevaertsHave you encountered the hard knee yet? :)
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15:35:26pamaurynope :)
15:44:33pamaurywhat is the difference between bass and perpetual bass enhancement ?
15:46:56*pamaury discovers new audio effects
15:47:05pamaurysome of them look suspicious
15:47:13pamaury(and I don't want to know how they sound)
15:48:45gevaertsYou can't turn off perpetual bass enhancement, presumably :)
15:50:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c7228de, 255 builds, 15 clients.
15:50:30pamaurynice typo
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16:00:56fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 644 seconds.
16:00:57fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c7228de result: 3 errors 0 warnings
16:01:33pamauryah, another build system error
16:04:43*gevaerts will block that client
16:04:47gevaertsNot the first time
16:06:08gevaertsOr maybe it's not that simple...
16:07:12gevaertsI've only seen that error recently on that client, but the client has also done some working builds
16:07:15pamauryI don't understand this error, is it a parallel build race condition ? Or an unclean build ? Or a consequence of use ccache ?
16:08:40gevaertsAnd I *think* only for onda
16:09:20gevaertsBut then;type=ondavx767 is a working onda build by the same client
16:11:19*gevaerts does indeed suspect a parallel build race condition
16:11:37gevaertsSo I'm *not* going to block that client for now
16:13:07gevaertsIf you delete lang/lang.h and ask make to rebuild that specific file, it says there's nothing to do
16:13:24gevaertsSo it's built as a side effect of lang_core.o, which I suspect might be the problem
16:15:09*gevaerts does not like that bit of code!
16:17:13pamaurythe language part of the makefile is a bit of mystery to me, it clearly has bugs
16:21:33gevaertsOK, the usual problem. genlang generates both lang.h and lang_core.c in one go, and then other bits depend on either of those
16:21:41gevaertsThere's no clean make way to express that
16:22:27gevaertsAlthough as I suspect that *much* more stuff depends on lang.h than on lang_core.o, reversing things will help
16:23:15pamaurygevaerts: iirc, make has a way of saying it produces several files
16:23:41pamaurycan you point me to the relevant make file ?
16:23:51gevaertsHmm, yes
16:24:25*gevaerts tries
16:26:25gevaertspamaury: I've pushed g#1370
16:26:26fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1370 at : Attempt to fix dependencies for lang.h, lang_core.c and lang_core.o by Frank Gevaerts
16:26:49gevaertsShould hopefully be better, but a second set of eyes to look over it wouldn't hurt
16:27:17pamauryI am trying to understand lang.make first ;)
16:28:57gevaertsAll the dependencies in there are side effects
16:31:41*gevaerts has to go now if he wants to have food tomorrow...
16:32:27pamaurygevaerts: your patch makes sense, but do you think
16:32:27pamaury$(BUILDDIR)/lang/lang_core.o: $(APPSDIR)/lang/$(LANGUAGE).lang $(BUILDDIR)/apps/features $(BUILDDIR)/lang/lang.h $(BUILDDIR)/lang/lang_core.c
16:32:27pamauryis necessary ? I would expect lang_core.o to only depend on lang_core.c, and then with your next dependency, that makes it indirectly depend on *.lang and features
16:32:58gevaertsOh, right
16:33:12gevaertsIt needs lang_core.c and lang.h, but not the others I think
16:33:40*gevaerts quickly fixes
16:33:41pamauryI mean lang_core.o is nothing special really, it's just a normal .o for which we create an explicit lang.h dependency because it's generated right ?
16:34:29pamauryby the way, does it needs a special rule to build or can it be built with the usual %.c: %.o rules ?
16:34:56gevaertsI suspect the usual rules assume separate source and build dir
16:35:08pamauryhum you are probably right
16:35:09gevaertsAnyway, updated
16:35:19*gevaerts *really* goes shopping now :)
16:35:41*pamaury is happy with the patch but will test it later just to be sure
16:42:23lebelliumpamaury: I'll try on both devices. "Effet Hass" but we still don't know what it is :D
16:42:51lebellium+ cowond2*: "MENU ou en haut àgauche = Oui" -> looks like a space is missing
16:42:51pamaurywell "hass surround" is not very clear. I suggest you read the rockbox manual, it is.... interesting
16:43:00pamauryah damn
16:43:13pamauryI'll fix the space, thanks
16:43:45*pamaury points lebellium to
16:44:47lebelliumlooks like very advanced effect
16:44:56lebelliumnot sure my hears can't handle it :D
16:45:22pamaurylebellium: did you find any other typo or can I push the diff for the one you found ?
16:47:26lebelliumwell, I'm not sure for "3-D Enhancement" -> "Amélioration des effets 3D". What is enhanced? The 3D effect is enhanced or the sound is enhanced through 3D effect? :)
16:47:59pamauryhum good point, I just copied from the earlier version
16:48:17pamauryhonestly this 3D effect is crap, so the enhancement is nowhere :D
16:48:33pamauryMaybe "Effet 3D" ?
16:48:38lebelliumI would say that
16:48:44lebelliumsounds very marketing though ahah
16:49:21pamauryyeah the manual calls it "enhancement", but I don't know what it enhances really
16:52:23lebelliumI don't even find it in the manual
16:53:02pamauryI am not sure I put a description, that's a good point
16:53:20lebelliumI looked for in the Fuze+ manual
16:54:25pamauryI will add it to the manual then, here is the datasheet description:
16:54:27pamauryVirtual 3D Effect Enable. This bit field provides a virtual
16:54:27pamaury3D effect for a two channel system by subtracting a
16:54:27pamauryportion of the opposite channel's content for each
16:54:27DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
16:54:27pamaurychannel. Three reduction ratios are available (dB value
16:54:27pamauryrepresents amount of opposite channel content
16:54:28***Alert Mode level 1
16:54:32pamaury01=Low (3 dB)
16:54:34pamaury10=Medium (4.5 dB)
16:54:37pamaury11=High (6 dB)
16:55:34lebelliumis there such setting in the OF?
16:56:09pamauryI don't know. Also the WM8751 codec has a similar setting but different
16:57:17lebelliumthe other terms are fine to me. You can push it
16:57:23lebelliumNow I'll compile the patched builds
16:58:59lebelliumMihail still commented
17:00:31 Quit K1773R (Quit: /dev/null)
17:01:14pamaurylebellium: don't worry, it's just a comment I forgot to update
17:04:29***Alert Mode OFF
17:04:46pamaurylebellium: apparentlt 3D *enhancement* comes from WM codec manual, which claims it improves something :D
17:05:36lebelliumwhen I have some time I'll try this setting on my Fuze+
17:06:33pamauryI'm trying to add it to the manual
17:06:33lebelliumI know that in the Samsung or Cowon proprietary sound engine (DNSe / BBE) there are some similar settings and you can actually a real difference (doesn't mean it sounds better though)
17:06:54pamauryon the fuze+ it makes a difference, but I don't think it sounds better
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17:26:29lebelliumpamaury: still ok on R0. Now checking on Fuze v1
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17:39:22lebelliumno change on Fuze v1 with or without patch. Even better than on R0 (almost no volume gap at all between DAC and radio)
17:47:03 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
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17:54:44ujcroonhi, im trying to install rockbox on a 2nd generation nano macpod - i have no access to windows or itunes
17:56:03ujcrooni am about to install ipodpatcher and it is warning me that rockbox wont install on macpods
17:57:04ujcroonhow do i format the macpod to run rockbox after installing the bootloader?
17:57:50pamauryujcroon: I don't know anything about ipods but if you stay on the channel, eventually someone who knows about ipods should answer
18:03:27pamaurysaratoga: can you enlight me (again probably) about how AUDIOHW_SETTING works ? I am confusing by this:
18:03:27pamauryAUDIOHW_SETTING(DEPTH_3D, "%", 0, 1, 0, 15, 0, (100 * val + 8) / 15)
18:03:27pamauryIt means: unit="%", no decimal,
18:03:27pamaury step = 1, min=0, max=15, default=0 => is that the value displayed to the user or the value given the audiohw_* function ?
18:03:28pamaury (100 * val + 8)/15 => this converts between user and hardware value, but in which direction ?
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20:03:53pamauryok so answering myself, the scale is always the hardware value, and the conversion, function converts from hardware to user
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22:26:39CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:26:39*pamaury spots suspicious AUDIOHW_SETTING values and suspects the lack of documentation is responsible for this
22:33:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision adaba2b, 255 builds, 14 clients.
22:33:43pamaurycan someone review g#1374 ?
22:33:44fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1374 at : manual: document 3D enhancement by Amaury Pouly
22:36:12pamaurycan someone who knows the audiohw code review g#1372 ?
22:36:13fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1372 at : Document AUDIOHW_SETTING by Amaury Pouly
22:43:14fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 589 seconds.
22:43:15fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision adaba2b result: All green
22:52:45*pamaury reviews all audio hw settings for suspicious values
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23:14:50pamaurygevaerts: ping
23:19:09 Part ayypot
23:22:56ujcroonhow do i format an ipod nano 2nd gen to fat32 using linux?
23:25:26 Quit athidhep (Quit: athidhep)
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