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#rockbox log for 2016-08-23

00:00:13ulmutulOk, I see! prev and next are there (in button_context_standard), but also mapped to up and down.
00:02:37lebellium_z3cIn fuze+ keymapping there are prev and next in button_context_settings
00:03:07ulmutulUpdated patch.
00:04:28lebellium_z3cThanks. I'll try it out tomorrow night and give you a feedback here (i have no gerrit account to comment patches)
00:05:38lebellium_z3cDid you try the alarm on your fuze+ do you confirm it doesn't work?
00:06:28pamauryI'll try the alarm on mine, give me a minute
00:06:39ulmutulNo, I haven't tried yet.
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00:11:04pamaurylebellium_z3c: ulmutul: alarm works on my fuze+
00:11:28pamauryit is possible that very old versions of the bootloader didn't have support for it
00:11:52lebellium_z3cI have bootloader v2
00:12:04lebellium_z3cDon't know if it's the latest
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00:14:12pamaurylebellium_z3c: it's not working for you ? It's the latest released but I don't remember if it had a problem with it or not. I am not running a released bootloader
00:14:51lebellium_z3cWell I just set a wake up time and turned off the player
00:15:23lebellium_z3cI waited up to the set time and even more
00:15:35lebellium_z3cIt didn't turn back on
00:15:59pamaurylet me check the git logs see I fixed something since the last BL release
00:16:08pamauryI need to do a fuze+ BL release anyway
00:18:14pamaurylebellium_z3c: you are using a nightly build for the firmware ?
00:18:20ulmutulPlayer just woke up, so it works for me too.
00:18:45lebellium_z3cYep I used a 2 days old build
00:19:23ulmutulHow can I check the bootloader version?
00:19:30lebellium_z3cAt startup
00:19:30 Join Hoshi [0] (
00:19:51ulmutulVersion V2
00:21:03lebellium_z3cI check again. Should wake up at 00:25
00:21:42ulmutulBtw did anyone of you test g#1199 already? ;) (See scrollstrip patch from the forum)
00:21:43fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1199 at : POC Fuze+ Scrollstrip support by Sebastian Leonhardt
00:23:20pamauryas far as I can tell, for the fuze+, alarm support has been there almost from day 0
00:23:57lebellium_z3cokay. I must be dreaming
00:24:04lebellium_z3cWill see in 2 min
00:25:16lebellium_z3culmutul: no and I'm not sure I understand really what it is about just while reading. I can have a look tomorrow night
00:25:29pamauryother people have reported alarm problems, it is possible the problem is elsewhere because the code is not doing something properly
00:25:51pamaurylebellium_z3c: no I haven't tested g#1199 but it looks interesting
00:25:52fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1199 at : POC Fuze+ Scrollstrip support by Sebastian Leonhardt
00:26:23pamauryit just needs a lot of thinking to not break anything
00:26:26lebellium_z3cIt's 00:25 and this fuze+ definitely won't wake up!
00:26:53pamaurylebellium_z3c: can you power up the player and check if the time is still set correctly ?
00:27:11lebellium_z3cYep. Written 00:27
00:27:23ulmutulI have a ready-to-use build linked in,51426.0.html
00:27:50ulmutulYou can also leave your comments there (ore here on IRC, I read the logs)
00:28:58ujcroonhow do i convert my macpod into a winpod without itunes?
00:29:54lebellium_z3cOh I really go to sleep now. Because my smartphone alarm really works contrary to my Fuze+ and will wake me up in a few hours :)
00:30:12ulmutulGood night o/
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01:58:45ujcroononce i have installed the rockbox bootloader with ipodpatcher how do i overwrite the ipod firmware with rockbox?
02:06:52[Saint]ujcroon: this is detailed in
02:07:36[Saint]ujcroon: please keep in mind that there is pretty much absolutely zero reason to actually do this and it only provides a very marginal benefit on a couple of iPod variants.
02:08:29[Saint]On the iPod Video it can provide a 1 or 2 second decrease in total boot time.
02:08:48[Saint]But boot is fast enough for this to be pretty much irrelevant.
02:09:14[Saint]If you wanted to make a very real and quite observable difference in boot time the obvious answer is solid state conversion.
02:09:57ujcroonthe reason i want to do it is because i have a macpod and was under the impression that overwriting the apple firmware would allow me to install rockbox
02:10:17ujcrooni dont have access to itunes or windows
02:10:34[Saint]That is not the case at all.
02:10:49ujcroonand i am unable to find the proprietary files needed to do the fat32 coversion
02:11:51[Saint]Oh. You're the guy with the Macpod iPod Classic.
02:12:00ujcroonnano 2nd gen
02:13:02[Saint]Oh. That's an uncanny coincidence.
02:13:06ujcroonbut yeah i tried to convert it to fat32 using the guide but no luck
02:13:21[Saint]There's been a couple of people trying to convert macpods over the past few days.
02:14:46ujcrooni guess maybe fewer people are using windows these days
02:15:09[Saint]What is actually preventing you from using a virtual machine or liveinstall for this?
02:16:47[Saint]I thought that the last time you and I spoke we had settled on you installing emCORE and providing Rockbox this way?
02:16:52ujcroonim running a live cd so im not sure vms will work
02:17:32ujcroonok so that would overwrite apples firmware?
02:17:43[Saint]Yes. I said this at the time.
02:18:16[Saint]emCORE doesn't give a shit if it is a winpod or a macpod because we format the entire disk and provide no dual-boot facilities.
02:18:18ujcroondoes rockbox handle power management any differently
02:18:49ujcroonbecause i am quite impressed with apples power management
02:19:21ujcroonthe only good thing i can say about the firmware after having used it for a few days
02:19:23[Saint]Apple's solution is significantly less efficient than ours in multiple areas.
02:19:43ujcrooneven better?
02:19:58[Saint]They hibernate, for one, which is hilarious on a solid state device where boot only takes a couple of seconds.
02:20:32[Saint]The Apple devices don't really have any concept of "off" until it has hibernated for several days.
02:20:40[Saint]We will actually turn the device off, completely.
02:21:02[Saint]Even if we disregard that we are largely more efficient in a number of other areas.
02:21:07ujcroonbut rockbox uses more power right?
02:21:19ujcrooni mean its so much more advanced
02:21:48[Saint]And many of those advancements are in the area of optimization.
02:23:25 Quit athidhep (Quit: athidhep)
02:24:21[Saint]ujcroon: lets put it this way - we can provide you with ~24h of continuous playback.
02:25:01[Saint](this assumes the battery is at full health and several user-facing optimizations can be made)
02:27:36ujcrooni tried running the emcore image using ipodpatcher but it wouldnt work
02:28:50ujcroonit wouldnt recognize the ipod
02:29:24ujcroonand the ipod says use itunes to restore
02:30:21[Saint]That probably revolves around your very highly questionable decision of using a liveinstall as your primary operating system.
02:30:28[Saint](seriously - why?)
02:31:24ujcroonim not sure
02:31:36ujcrooni just got used to it
02:32:07ujcroonso is there any way to recover without itunes?
02:32:37ujcroonor just overwrite at least
02:34:29ujcrooni think it may have to do with gtkpod
02:34:44ujcroonas i had that open at the time
02:35:29[Saint]gtkpod is only an iTunes database management backend.
02:37:26[Saint]If you force the iPod into disk mode it should be addressable using ipodpatcher, but you need to use ipodpatcher as a user with elevated privileges because we need block level write.
02:38:14[Saint]as discussed emCORE really doesn't care about whether or not the iPod is FAT or HFS+ formatted as it completely destroys the original environment anyway.
02:39:50ujcroonok its in disk mode
02:40:07ujcroonim running ipodpatcher sudoed
02:40:24ujcrooncant find ipods
02:41:20ujcroonits odd because it shows up as a usb disk
02:41:26[Saint]Can you supply me with a your dmesg output after unplugging and replugging the iPod please.
02:41:59[Saint]'sudo lsusb' output would also be desirable.
02:42:15[Saint](please pastebin this - don't shit it out in channel)
02:48:17ujcroondont have lsusb installed
02:50:01[Saint]I'm sure in a live install you don't have a lot of things installed - but there's nothing stopping you from doing so.
02:51:40ujcroonit cant find the package
02:53:19ujcroonok i have it now
02:57:07[Saint]What distribution actually is this?
02:58:10[Saint]And what on Earth did you do to this iPod? You got slap-happy with partitioning tools didn't you?
02:58:25ujcroonno not at all
02:58:46ujcrooni installed hfsprogs but thats all
02:58:50ujcroonand gtkpod
02:59:01ujcroondidnt save when i exited though
03:00:05ujcroonit has 3 partitions
03:00:55ujcroon127k unknown 67mb unknown and 4.0gb hfs+
03:02:58ujcrooni did delete some tunes using gtkpod i think thats what might have caused this
03:03:02[Saint]There's absolutely no reason why an actual debian installation wouldn't address this device using ipodpatcher, so my current running theory is that this madness is caused by your decision to utilize live-installs for no obvious reason.
03:03:29ujcroonit was working fine before
03:03:46ujcroonok so i will reboot and see what happens
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03:14:03 Join ujcroon [0] (
03:15:15ujcroonipodpatcher still wont recognize it
03:19:46[Saint]Well it is very clearly presenting itself to the host correctly so I am at this point very readily going to blame your convoluted host environment.
03:21:06ujcroonhow long does a restore take
03:21:17ujcroonusing itunes
03:21:33[Saint]Can you actually supply me with the output of ipodpatcher run both with and without arguments please?
03:22:09[Saint]around 2 minutes, but most of that time is just allowing ridiculous timeout traps to expire.
03:23:00ujcroonno args
03:24:04[Saint]yeah - that's largely inexplicable.
03:25:43ujcroonwith args
03:25:53ujcroonsame thing
03:26:08ujcroonits odd because it was working earlier
03:29:28 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
03:30:08[Saint]You're not using USB3 ports or case-mounted USB ports by any chance, are you?
03:30:22ujcrooncase mounted
03:30:23[Saint]If either one of those is true, could you make it non-true and re-test.
03:30:50[Saint]Use a port that has a direct connection to the motherboard.
03:31:05[Saint]case-mount ports are pretty much universally shit.
03:31:44ujcroonsame issue
03:32:44ujcrooni think it had something to do with me deleting files on the ipod
03:34:05[Saint]No. Nothing presented on the iPod on user-facing storage is necessary or required.
03:35:39ujcroonso lets say i go to the library and restore the ipod
03:35:55ujcroononce i have emcore installed
03:36:28ujcroonam i done?
03:36:42 Quit fs-bluebot_ (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
03:36:48ujcroonis rockbox part of emcore
03:37:05[Saint]Wait...what? Go to a library, and this library not only allows user-provided USB devices, but it has software on it that can perform block level writes on said user-supplied hardware?
03:37:11[Saint]Fuck me that is horrifying.
03:37:20[Saint]And no. It is not.
03:37:38 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
03:37:51[Saint]But "installing Rockbox" is simply extracting an archive to the root of storage.
03:38:01ujcroonhah well i hope they do
03:38:15[Saint]I suspect you will be greatly disappointed.
03:39:21[Saint]Any library with even half a clue will present environments that have no ability to escalate outside of a standard user, no ability to install any software, and no USB ports available even if the other two were true (which I hope to God they are not).
03:40:10ujcroonthey do allow live usbs hat much i know
03:40:20[Saint]Why not just install a real operating system to a removable storage device on your current machine?
03:40:31[Saint]My God that is absolutely horrifying.
03:40:57[Saint]Anyone with even a slight degree of determination and skill could absolutely own those machines.
03:41:01[Saint]That's terrifying.
03:41:15ujcroonwell its only a library
03:41:17[Saint]I sure as shit wouldn't plug any of my hardware into these machines.
03:41:35ujcroongood point
03:42:07[Saint]And "only a library" really doesn't excuse being gleefully ignorant of basic access control protocols - where is this geographucally? This interests me.
03:42:39 Quit The_Prospector (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:42:48ujcroonwe havent gone all homelandish yet
03:43:25[Saint]Errrr...yeah, you have, in a very big way. In an even more aggressive way than the US, actually.
03:43:44ujcroonwell ok its a prison island
03:44:04ujcroonbut the libraries are still normal
03:44:17[Saint]Even the US isn't so blatant as to publicly announce they are performing mass collections on their own citizens.
03:44:32[Saint]The UK apparently thinks that's fine though.
03:44:35ujcroonwe have cctv everywhere
03:44:47ujcroonfacial recognition everything
03:44:55dongsplease don't tell me the above wall of text is generated beacuse a user has "freedom issues" with running windows on a home PC
03:45:02ujcroonthey can tell your a criminal by your gait
03:45:22[Saint]dongs: I haven't pressed the issue of why - I've been leaving that alone.
03:45:37[Saint]I have however stated several times that I believe it to be largely silly.
03:46:05ujcrooni need a spare usb
03:46:09dongsi don't mind running some lunix VMs with textmode-console but there's no fucking way that stuff would be anywhere NEAR my desktop
03:46:45ujcrooncant find any isos of windows live cds
03:46:56dongsi mean, in like 1996 i thought lunix desktop was great but its 2016 and its just as shitty as it was 20 years ago
03:47:06[Saint]dongs: If only multi-boot environments existed...
03:47:12[Saint]Oh, wait, reality - they do. ;)
03:47:13dongsmeanwhile everything else moved on
03:47:52ujcrooni dont even know how to use windows terminal
03:48:09dongsthats beacuse you dont need to
03:48:54[Saint]I keep a Windows native install around on my desktops (PXE boot) solely for gaming and that's it. Aside from gaming (which is getting less and less limited by the month) there is absolutely no reason why I need Windows in my life.
03:49:35[Saint]The whole "Linux Desktops are unusable in a modern world" thing is frankly bullshit.
03:50:00dongsif your "desktop" usage is fullscreen irc client and vi/emacs editing Makefiles in a terminal, yeah
03:50:32[Saint]I just outlines my usage above.
03:50:41[Saint]Allow me to reiterate that your position is bullshit. ;)
03:51:22ujcroonmost people i know have ditched windows 10 because its so bad
03:51:34[Saint]There's absolutely nothing that I can't do on a Linux desktop that I would even want to do on one besides running the occasional dated PC game.
03:51:39dongsi'm sure if you don't mind running absolutely fucking closed-sores, non-free, commercial, and potentially spyware system called "steam" on your "lunix desktop", by all means, feel free to game on lunix.
03:51:44 Join The_Prospector [0] (~The_Prosp@unaffiliated/cornman)
03:52:16dongsujcroon: i've been using 10 since it came out and just recently upgraded to 1607, its absolutely great
03:52:36dongswhat what?
03:52:37[Saint]Can you knock off your perpetual meme of lunix and closed|open-sores shit?
03:52:41[Saint]It is really annoying.
03:53:28ujcroondongs: i dont know if you are being ironic or serious
03:53:36[Saint]Sadly, he's serious.
03:53:42dongsujcroon: i'm dead serious when i talk about windows on my desktop
03:54:18dongswhy do you feel the need to add adjectives like that to my opinion?
03:54:36dongsis it wrong that me (and billions other people) find windows perfectly usable for daily tasks?
03:54:37[Saint]His use case is the only use case that matters and his (almost certainly PEBCAK) use case scenarious and biased opinion invalidate our own experiences.
03:54:39[Saint]Didn't you know?
03:55:42ujcroonyeah horses for courses i guess
03:55:53dongslets see
03:55:54[Saint]dongs: Because it would be a lot easier to stomach this if it was obvious that you were trolling. The fact that I know you're actually serious is disappointing on multiple levels.
03:55:57dongsi do 3 things on my desktop
03:56:32[Saint]So your admittedly vastly limited use case and observational bias governs the reality of others?
03:56:56dongs1) schematic/pcb layout. no usable equivalent on lunix 2) embedded software development. again, no usable alternative to commercial IDEs 3) occasional desktop software development. no equivalent to visaul studio in lunix. 4) trolling on irc. that one I could do on lunix but then I wouldn't be getting paid.
03:57:02dongs(ok, 4 things)
03:57:25[Saint]1: bullshit, 2: bullshit, 3: bullshit
03:57:41dongs2: makefile/eclipse/GNUCC is not a solution
03:58:00dongs3: ditto for trash like "KDEVELOP" and other jokes that attempt to copy worst parts of VS interface
03:58:02[Saint]It is a solution. It not being one you're capable of accepting is irrelevant.
03:58:21dongs1: kikcad, geda, etc are buggy incompleted pieces of shit lacking the most basic functionality
03:58:24ujcrooncant you just run appvm?
03:58:33ujcroonxen or something
03:58:48dongswhy? there's nothing I need on linux, why would I run linux just to run windows apps on top of it
03:59:02dongsinstead, I can run windows and run linux in VMs as needed
03:59:09ujcrooni dunno just seems cleaner
03:59:22 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
03:59:49[Saint]dongs: and that's great, you can do that, but your shitty observations do not govern the reality of others who can and do make use of full *nix environments on a daily basis.
04:00:26[Saint]The fact that the vast majority of contributors here use a linux system as their primary development systems completely invalidates most of your argument.
04:00:26dongssaint, if it was the rule rather than exception, in the perfect world, everyone would be on a linux desktop
04:00:32dongsbut the reality is infact quite the opposite
04:00:35 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
04:01:15[Saint]You seriously think people here hate themselves enough to run Windows systems for development?
04:01:22[Saint]If you do, you're vastly mistaken.
04:02:02[Saint]The fact that you can't or won't do so is largely irrelevant. Fortunately your experiences and opinions don't govern reality.
04:02:20ujcroonto be fair a lot of people are switching from windows to other systems
04:03:02[Saint]Yes. This has been the case for about a decade now. There is less and less reason to run Windows systems.
04:03:03dongsstatistics disagree
04:03:24dongs[Saint]: there was a post on slashdot recently that KDE is dying as DE, beacuse it hasnt been updated in years
04:03:51[Saint]You think there's only one DE in linux userspace?
04:03:59ujcrooni know 2 people using windows and they use xp
04:04:03dongsI know there's a 1312908273, and thats hte problem
04:04:22dongsinstead of making something that isnt complete shit, they spread already thin development resources on reinventing the wheel
04:04:46dongsso what you end up with is a whoel bunch of mostly incomplete, buggy pieces of shit
04:05:05*[Saint] tires of this
04:05:05[Saint]Not only is your position false, it is irrelevant to this channel, lets knock it off.
04:05:05[Saint]Consider this as a warning with regard to continues discussions going forward.
04:06:32[Saint]I don't mean to crush the discussion but we're obviously not going to agree with each other and this isn't really the right place to have this discussion anyway.
04:07:07[Saint]The best case scenario is it continues until one of use gets angry enough to say or do something we can't take back. So its best to...not.
04:07:12 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
04:12:03ujcrooni gotta go its pretty late
04:12:36ujcroonwill try getting hold of a windows cd
04:13:22 Part ujcroon
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07:11:52 Join vincentblack [0] (~negro@2a01:e34:ef95:4900:6552:cecf:9407:91aa)
07:13:42vincentblackgameboy stable emu?
07:30:01 Quit tragique (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
07:43:58vincentblackwhat i do to quite game on emulator ?
07:50:38vincentblackhow i fold the game?
08:09:19 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
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10:46:37 Join vincentblack [0] (~negro@2a01:e34:ef95:4900:6552:cecf:9407:91aa)
10:53:33vincentblackSorry i havea question about rockbox how i can modif the menu theme 's title "Rockbox" by another like Rockbox team beta for exemple
10:54:32vincentblackmust i download a dev version,?
10:55:02 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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12:13:41pamauryvincentblack: I would need to check but I think changing a menu item name will require to recompile rockbox
12:15:31 Join robertd [0] (be4aecbe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:19:19pamauryyes indeed, the "Rockbox" root menu title is hardcoded
12:25:02vincentblackit will require effectively
12:26:19vincentblackmy friend hate rockbox i need to uninstall
12:27:02vincentblackpfff he is sick offf is mad man...
12:27:53vincentblackhe have just mp3 and dont want to have flac ....
12:28:27vincentblackand the sound is better lol
12:28:46vincentblackon volume.
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20:24:02__builtinwhat part of the sim handles the SIGINT signal?
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20:52:07lebelliumulmutul: g#1384 works on device as expected, thanks
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21:34:59lebelliumpamaury: what information do you need in debug menu for the alarm?
21:35:26pamaurylebellium: set the alarm, for example in 5 min. Then go to system > debug > show hw info > rtc
21:35:35lebelliumyeah I did that
21:35:40pamauryand give me the values of "seconds", "alarm" and "persistent0"
21:37:04lebelliumseconds: 59293950
21:37:20pamauryseconds is the time (relative to something that depends on the device), alarm is the alarm time (relative to the same thing as seconds). The device should wake up when seconds == alarm. And seconds is incremented every second even during power off. Finally for the device to wake up, you need the bits 1 and 2 of persistent0 to be 1 afaik
21:37:20lebelliumalarm 59294124
21:37:38lebelliumpersist0 = 0x80127
21:39:38pamauryI can't see anything suspicious, it seems to me that the device should wake up with this
21:40:13pamauryin 59293950 - 59294124 ~= 3 minutes
21:40:47pamaurylebellium: can you set the alarm in the future, for example in 1 or 2 minutes. Then power down.
21:41:16pamauryWait for the alarm to be passed. And power on. Then give me the value of persistent0 WITHOUT setting a new alarm
21:42:22pamauryso this is after the device should have woken up but didn't ?
21:42:44lebelliumyes, it's after what I wrote above. I idn't set the alarm again
21:43:03pamauryis the value of seconds greater than alarm ?
21:43:53lebelliumyep, alarm is still 59294124 and seconds are 59294357
21:44:56pamauryhum, I think I will need to send you a custom build and maybe a custom bootloader to debug this
21:45:34pamauryI am flying in 10 minutes so I won't be online in the next two days or so, but next time I am on the channel, I'll try to debug this with you
21:46:01lebelliumok no problem
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23:20:32Jimmy_I want to know what is the development on the Clip Sport
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