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#rockbox log for 2016-08-25

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02:02:37saratogalebellium: according to the FS task for that patch, the problem is that rbutil (at the time) couldn't install a dual boot bootloader
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10:08:58pixelmalebellium (logs): not sure if it's an important problem or not but for some reason the Cowon firmware can't deal with the SSD in my M5 and just freezes in a way that I need to use the paperclip method, so dual boot doesn't help me at all. Fun fact - the Cowon loader that's active before the firmware gets loaded and stays in any case can deal with it and I'm able to use it for USB
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19:10:15__builtinhmm, I *may* have tracked down a bug
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19:12:14__builtinyep, it looks like I'm doing SHA-1 wrong
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19:21:30__builtinok, it appears that the '8702's SHA1 accelerator outputs the hash in big-endian format
19:22:17__builtinbut the software implementation uses little-endian
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19:28:56lebelliumpixelma: I don't know why cereal_killer wants so much dualboot on his X5. Personally it's just that as a DAP collector, I need to be able to see at any time how it looked originally, even if Rockbox is better.
19:30:31lebelliumsaratoga: I'm not sure someone would be interested doing the job, especially since there shouldn't be many X5 users left in 2016. But including the dualboot bootloader in Rockbox utility would be really nice
19:30:42pixelmajust wanted to give you a possible reason why it's not default. I could also imagine that there simple was no-one with time and the desire for a release of a new bootloader (with enought testing etc.)
19:31:28lebelliumyeah I think so
19:32:06lebelliumlack of motivation
19:34:19lebelliumback to when the optional dualboot was released, it was quite poorly documented for non expert users. So if no-one took the time to document it properly at the time when some people were still interested in X5, I don't see why someone in 2016 would take time to release a new bootloader properly
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20:32:25cereal_killerlebelium: thank you for your effort and your help
20:33:42lebelliumcereal_killer: worked for you? :)
20:34:02cereal_killerI consider myself as a DAP collector too. I really love Rockbox and like to use to OF as well because it also has its benefits for me.
20:35:27cereal_killerThese days i am not at my Linux machine. Will try next week. But all seems straight forward.
20:35:51lebelliumif you prefer, I can send you my dualboot firmware file
20:37:47cereal_killerThat would be nice, thank you. Though I will try the procedere too, because I just started to use Linux and play with compiling and stuff.
20:38:53cereal_killerBut when was the buttons to boot changed? It used to be the Power slider and now it really is the Play button?
20:40:28cereal_killerpixelma: I plan to put my Super Talent ZT3 SSD into my X5. I hope that the OF will work then.
20:43:17cereal_killerspeaking of releasing the dual bootloader: is the issue with the RTC, that afaik prevented the bootloader to be released solved?
20:44:22saratogaprof_wolfff: do you know anything about this problem on the 6g?
20:45:05cereal_killersorry, it wasn't the RTC it was wake-up alarm support (
20:45:10saratogai think updating a bootloader isn't a big deal so long as people are testing it to make sure nothing breaks and there is minimal risk to people's players
20:45:56lebelliumcereal_killer: I'm wondering if that's not a mistake in the commit comment. Because for Play doesn't work. I use the power slider (short press rockbox, long press oF)
20:46:13cereal_killerif you need guinea pigs, here I am. will hapily test.
20:46:44cereal_killerlebellium: oh that's fine
20:48:18lebelliumbut my battery is dead
20:48:44lebelliumI should buy a new battery
20:49:14cereal_killerdo you have a X5 or a X5L?
20:49:39lebelliumI have a X5 60GB a friend gave me 2 years ago.
20:49:58cereal_killerthere are still some replacement batteries on the market.
20:50:26cereal_killerI found a shop in germany which sells 2 batteries for the X5L for 23€
20:50:52lebelliumI'm considering making a big order on Battery for my X5, M3, H320, H10, H140, YH-J70 etc
20:51:03lebelliumbut that would probably cost more than 100€
20:52:36lebelliumCollecting DAPs is not a good idea. You know that sooner or later you'll get non-working bricks due to the batteries
20:55:40cereal_killerthe good thing is, that players that are supported by Rockbox are quite popular and imho replacement parts are easier to get.
20:57:45cereal_killerbtw. I got my X5L a few weeks ago. I performed a battery bench and got 52 hours of permanent playtime. I was very surprised. (
20:58:02lebelliumwith new battery?
20:58:36lebelliumthat's pretty impressive
21:00:11cereal_killerI don't now. I bought it used. The seller said it was not used much. But the joystick is quite wobbly, so it sure was used a bit.
21:01:31cereal_killerBut I will replace the switch.
21:07:41lebelliumcereal_killer: if you get impatient, just give me your email address in PM and I'll send you the file.
21:09:43cereal_killerno stress, I can wait. what way of file transfer do you prefer?
21:10:22lebelliumemail? It's just 1,5MB
21:10:57lebelliumI wanted to add it in attachment on the forum but too big for attachments
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21:12:58cereal_killerok, I'll pm you.
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21:34:29 Part cereal_killer
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22:26:11prof_wolfffsaratoga: i have not tried the firewire charger for a while, but it was working well last time, the problem could be related with iAP, it seems the car uses it
22:29:12prof_wolfffi can't recall exactly, but there was a problem with iAP thread and USB connection after using an iAP accessory, it was a simple patch, will try to locate and push it tonight, maybe it could solve this issue
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23:30:50ej0rgeHey, I've been working on getting a build environment set up on a fresh ubuntu 16.04 system. I am having trouble building the arm-app crossdev environment. Bombs out when building PPL. Looks like this:
23:31:36ej0rgeJust offering up some cycles to the build cloud. I don't develop, so it's not an emergency.
23:46:24gevaertsarm-app is almost impossible to build these days
23:46:58gevaertsThere are rumours about some people having managed it, but personally I'm not sure if I believe them
23:47:23gevaertsSo if you want to set up a build client it's probably easiest just not to do that one
23:54:06gevaertsok, so now gcc shows a warning in panicf() if you build a sim on arm. Great!
23:55:05ej0rgeI've googled around a bit and it looks like the sort of issue i have is not uncommon when trying to build it with newer gcc, with various fixes
23:55:18ej0rgeI guess it's probably not important - I've got my build client running with everything but that now
23:56:45gevaertsAt this point basically the only build clients that have that toolchain were set up before things broke
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23:57:07ej0rgeYeah - I used to have it, and then i got foolish about updating the box
23:57:28ej0rgetrying to go from 12.04 to 14.04 and then 16.04 broke my system badly, so i reinstalled.
23:58:26*gevaerts runs debian unstable to avoid trouble with upgrades :)

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