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#rockbox log for 2016-09-08

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01:20:07[Saint]saratoga: huh - that is neat.
01:20:45[Saint]still no hope for Rockbox in any shape or form that anyone would recognize as Rockbox, but - options are good.
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01:35:22Link8is there a way to quick add a song to a playlist?
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01:38:05[Saint]context menu is your friend.
01:39:55soadroxsHello, I'm thinking of buying a DAP to install Rockbox, but I wanted to know if scrobble logs created by Rockbox are still possible to upload. The apps on the Rockbox wiki are all pretty outdated and there is no recent info about this topic on the Internet
01:40:46[Saint]Well, the format hasn't changed.
01:40:53[Saint]So - yes, I guess.
01:41:26[Saint]The issue would just be in /how/ you did so, but the logging itself hasn't changed on either end.
01:44:31soadroxsWell I found a post on reddit from 2015, a person with a Sansa Clip+ couldn't upload their scrobbles due to the outdated client
01:44:46soadroxsI'm going to try and find an example log and upload it myself for testing
01:44:55soadroxsThanks [Saint] !
01:46:02[Saint]Yeah, the issue here would only be in finding clients capable of doing it.
01:46:14[Saint]The logging format on our end, and theirs, hasn't changed.
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02:45:19__builtinhmm, what is saratoga's guide doing exactly?
02:45:24__builtinit's replacing the
02:45:31__builtin"stock firmware" with "sandisk firmware"
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02:59:03saratoga___builtin: IIRC, it uploads some atj firmware to the player which then enables flashing a normal sandisk firmware on to a player that was sold with a locked down firmware to prisoners
02:59:21saratoga_although i'm not sure what its uploading
03:00:20[Saint]I find it mildly hilarious the lengths that the UK prisons systems will go to to attempt to lock people out of these devices.
03:00:43[Saint]Considering the lengths that they /won't/ go to, which are very highly obvious.
03:01:37[Saint]The very obvious solution is just gutting the data lines and disallowing self-updating altogether.
03:01:52*[Saint] should apparently work for the prisons system
03:01:58saratoga_I think that is US prison system
03:02:07saratoga_although its possible they both use the same
03:02:19__builtinany chance of getting a skeleton rockbox on there?
03:02:21[Saint]Ah. Hmmm. Right. The UK does something /very/ similar, also with SanDisk devices.
03:02:29[Saint]__builtin: nope.
03:02:52__builtinGNU SportBox
03:03:17[Saint]Rockbox would be completely unrecognizable. What you see is basically the full extent of what the hardware is capable of.
03:03:30saratoga_but yes, it does seem very unfair
03:03:45saratoga_i assume the purpose of not cutting the data lines is that they're selling music to prisoners
03:04:14[Saint]It isn't "unfair", IMO. These fucks got themselves in prison...they can deal with it.
03:04:33[Saint]What it /is/ is idiotic, as they take steps in software to prevent what should be done in hardware.
03:04:51saratoga_unfair that once they're out they have to pay more to unlock the firmware
03:05:17[Saint]or, just, ...don't. It's a SanDisk. Get a new one.
03:05:32saratoga_i actually looked briefly at the firmware on the locked down clip+ they had back in the day, but didn't get very far
03:06:29saratoga_unlocking one of those was fun since you had to short the NAND pins
03:06:44[Saint]If *I* did this, I'd gut the data lines on USB, nuke self updating, and allow media transfer through microSD only, that was uploaded by corrections staff on-demand on an order basis.
03:06:58[Saint]But, I guess these guys just plain aren't that smart.
03:07:19[Saint]These things are cheap enough that if they fail, there's no point in recovery.
03:07:40[Saint]just toss 'em, or send them to SanDisk for refurbishment, as they obviously have a contract.
03:07:41saratoga_yeah, although getting the legally purchased music off is probably a bigger concern
03:08:00__builtin"copy to microsd"
03:08:28saratoga_apparently the stock firmware does not allow removing the music from the internal storage without paying the company that makes the firmware
03:08:41saratoga_which is why that guide flashes the atj firmware first
03:09:05saratoga_its actually a little surprising that they were willing to pay a firmware developer to implement that
03:09:30[Saint]I would probably handle this by way of the prison system licensing the media, as you likely want to control what is allowed and what isn't anyway - no gang afilliated rap, no violence, etc.
03:09:39[Saint]same way a streaming service does it.
03:09:49[Saint]so the prisoner never /owns/ the media.
03:10:26*[Saint] should apparently work for the prisons system indeed - I just solved all their issues.
03:11:39__builtinany plans to try to get /something/ running on there?
03:12:32[Saint]No one has expressed any interest in this barring establishing that the hardware absolutely can not Run Rockbox as it exists in any shape or form that anyone would recognize.
03:13:07[Saint]Our theme engine alone would overflow the available resources. And carving out the theme engine is...a LOT of work.
03:13:11[Saint]Like. A lot a lot.
03:13:25__builtinwell, rockbox isn't going to run then
03:13:37[Saint]Welcome to ~18 months ago. :)
03:13:44nlogexI'm getting an error trying to build rockbox on linux, "lang_enum.h
03:14:23nlogexoops, nevermind
03:15:59[Saint]From what I know of the hardware, the two fullscreen bitmaps we want to allocate for the theme engine would flood the available resources in this, without even considering any audio buffer.
03:16:22[Saint]I assume the LCD has its own caching magic to make things easier on them in this regard.
03:17:58[Saint]Anyhoo - must run, supposed to be watching a film, getting dirty looks.
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16:28:37nlogexwhat are the advantages of the new design ware usb driver on sansa players? i can't seem to find a discussion of it and the commit log says nothing
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16:31:55prof_wolfffnlogex: it is more reliable than the old one, it also includes new functionality (usb_hid, usb_serial), see;a=commit;h=5e305d3
16:32:09Saratoga_nlogex: main advantage is that it works
16:33:05Saratoga_Commit log is half a page long, not sure you'll find more detail than that short of the source
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21:22:58fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 1f8ea9f, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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21:33:48fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 649 seconds.
21:33:49fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 1f8ea9f result: All green
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22:04:04nlogexsaratoga, prof_wolfff: thanks, didn't see that that page
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