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#rockbox log for 2016-09-09

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01:45:22[Saint]nlogex: in future
01:46:06[Saint]bookmark that url and you'll always be able to trivially keep track of all additions made to the project since the last release.
01:47:49[Saint]nlogex: gerrit, and even git (to an extent) isn't particularly useful to end users for keeping tack of what has been applied.
01:48:51[Saint]gerrit, in terms of end users, just provides a sea of confusion due to the metric crapload of tasks pending review and commit.
01:50:23[Saint]and with git, you would really need to know what you're actually looking for before you actually found it. The above supplied url shows you everything that has been applied to the codebase.
01:51:15[Saint]It also provides links to the specific commit in the git tree if you want to chase down dependency flows for debugging/regression/bisection.
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02:51:38[Saint]Can someone please review,51468.msg237933.html#msg237933 for me?
02:52:37[Saint]I'm getting a little sick of that guy, and while I have no problem with letting that frustration show, I still don't want to rip him a new asshole in the process of explaining my position.
02:54:09[Saint]saratoga: are you around? If so, could you see above please?
02:56:22saratogaeh, guy doesn't know anything
02:56:32saratogadoesn't seem worth arguing with him
03:05:46[Saint]Yeah, well, that's kinda my point. I don't really wish to argue with the guy, I just want to make it clear why no one can give him a meaningful answer.
03:06:05[Saint]I just don't want to destroy or admonish the poor bastard in the process.
03:06:32[Saint]If you feel I have been needlessly aggressive and see any area I could clean this up, I would appreciate the input.
03:08:41saratogalooks fine to me
03:09:14[Saint]Thank you. As you may well be aware I have problems in this arena. I appreciate your response.
03:10:00nlogex[Saint]: thanks, yeah that page is more useful.
03:10:29[Saint]nlogex: No problem my man. That will always reflect the current state of development.
03:11:17nlogexSo does the new usb driver actually support usb otg for sansa players? I tried plugging a usb stick into my clip zip but nothing happened
03:12:40saratogaI think a normal usb stick won't work with OTG anyway since there is no power source
03:13:00saratogabut the stack here doesn't support that anyway
03:15:55nlogexI see, ok
03:16:01[Saint]Yes. saratoga is quite correct. Even if the USB port did supply 5V out, which it doesn't, we have no OTG Yeah, not happening.
03:16:33saratogai'm not sure what OTG support even entails
03:16:53[Saint]If the USB stack did support USB OTG, you would need to use a USB Y-cable to supply 5V+/-, it wouldn't "just work".
03:17:14[Saint] doesn't, and it doesn't. So, yeah.
03:19:43[Saint]saratoga: nor am I, on a deep level - it basically involves the stack or host controller to be able to do master/slave. But there's a couple of different, and I believe optional, protocols embedded within USB OTG itself.
03:19:57__builtin[Saint]: to me your post comes off as a little harsh
03:20:05[Saint]Like host negotiation and attach/detach negotiation.
03:20:20saratogaso i guess you have USB host support and some logic to detect if you should be host or client ?
03:21:03[Saint]__builtin: yeah, I'm cool with "a little harsh" - I think given the circumstances within the entire thread it is somewhat warranted.
03:21:24[Saint]What I'm not cool with is "making a mockery of the poor wee bugger and absolutely destroying him".
03:21:43[Saint]As long as it doesn't lean too far towards the latter, I can deal with it.
03:21:51__builtinI guess it falls in that range
03:22:57[Saint]Reading that thread made me unnecessarily angry, given the way he just waved off saratoga and wodz like that. I believe I'm correct in my opinion that he's not looking for answers.
03:23:06[Saint]He's looking for answers he agrees with.
03:23:21saratogawell he thinks he knows stuff and is trying to fit information into the framework he has
03:23:31*[Saint] nods
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03:31:48nlogexI remember when I first started looking into "quality audio" the audiophile rabbit hole looked kind of tempting. That is until I came across a tread about someone who had a bought a very expensive power cable (in the hundreds of dollars) that they later discoved was just a length of garden hose with some fancy wrapping to make it feel expensive. Even worse were the people making excuses for it with the usual
03:31:50nlogexsuperstitions about cleaning the power signal and what not.
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03:44:08[Saint]People make the mistake of classing me as an "audiophile" because of the hardware I use. But I am definitely not to be lumped into the same category as those nutbags.
03:46:13[Saint]I use a FiiO E12 Mont Blanc personal amplifier, various solid state conveted high capacity iPods, and a set of full custom molded UE18 Pro in ear monitors.
03:46:23[Saint]But, I just like "nice things".
03:48:49[Saint]I have the latter, the custom molded IEMs, primarily for reproduction and isolation. I haven't found a pair of in ear monitors that even come remotely close to any, even comparably priced, monitors.
03:49:50[Saint]Before that I had delved into a couple of other "high grade" or "professional" monitors, Like the Sennheiser IE8s - which are an absolute joke.
03:50:11[Saint]A veeeeeeeery expensive joke.
03:50:31[Saint]Even with their tuning capacity, they are ridiculously bass heavy.
03:51:25[Saint]I mentioned this to someone else in another channel the other day and my only dislike with the full custom molded monitors is the fact that they don't just pop out of your ears if the cable gets yanked on.
03:52:08[Saint]...they want to try and take your inner ear with them when they go, but before that happens the cable breakaway disconnects (replaceable cables FTW!) will pop off. Still mildly uncomfortable though.
03:52:27[Saint]Because of that I usually end up running the cable down my back, underneath my shirt.
03:53:10[Saint]The FiiO E12 makes me feel slightly uncomfortable carrying it around, as it is essentially a small bomb. But it is a really nice personal amplifier.
03:54:50[Saint]nlogex: enjoy -
03:55:05[Saint](formerly )
03:55:49[Saint]That guy (patrick82 - search that nick, I dare you) is absolutely goddamn certifiable.
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03:56:34nlogexWhat I don't get is why driver (headphone/speaker) manufacturers don't get in on the audiophile cash grab. You can buy $10,000 recievers or amps that are going to be indistinguishable from the $500 denon one at best buy, but there are only so many high end headphones and they top out around $1k, yet there's a lot more room in terms of sound signature to play with in the drivers
03:57:13*[Saint] spent the better part of $2K on his monitors
03:57:37[Saint]They certainly exist, but, they target the professional/studio environment. Not audiophile nutcases.
03:58:36[Saint]If you wanted to delve into the rabbit hole of schizophrenia-meets-autism-meets-audiophile, have fun with
03:58:59[Saint]he's been banned from every audio forum I can think of, several times over.
04:00:04[Saint]It is very easy to think that coconut-audio and are parody sites, and that the guy is a dedicated troll, but I assure you he is 100% serious. And that is actually the scary part.
04:00:42[Saint]Try and browse the cables and 'tweaks' parts of either site with a straight face, I dare you.
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04:04:38nlogex[Saint]: hehe "This results in the lowest noise floor possible where the background is black and clear. But this blackness is not empty, it's full of complex information that was previously not audible."
04:04:44[Saint]The hilarious/scary part, is the reviews he gets from other nutbags, who refuse to believe that they dropped $16K on a piece of shit cable, or a lump of modeling clay with semi-precious gemstones clusterfucked into it.
04:06:26nlogexYeah, I hadn't heard of these 'tweaks', must be a new discovery in audiophile science
04:07:23[Saint]There was a thread in head-fi that was absolutely hilarious, he took his PC apart and hand wrapped each of the components in EMF sheilding paper, and it caught fire, and almost burned his house down.
04:08:15[Saint]He also removed all the wall sockets in his house, and just everything wired directly to bare 240/60 open air wiring.
04:08:44[Saint]He's alluded to the fact several times that he needs to jump, duck, and dodge around his house to avoid being electrocuted.
04:09:00nlogex"The H2U2 Resonance Filtering technology is placed inside the heart of every rock we make and is the reason why the perceived performance increases."
04:09:06nlogexsounds legit
04:10:12nlogexsign me up for 10
04:11:47nlogexhmm, the entry level cable is $995 but shipping is free, quite a deal
04:14:01__builtinUh, a cable without silver plating. Now I will have nightmares...
04:15:09[Saint]Makes Monster cables seem downright reasonable.
04:15:36[Saint]I like to dig this fucker up every time someone mentions audiophiles, to demonstrate just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
04:15:57[Saint]But, this guy is pretty clearly mentally ill, so it kinda feels mean.
04:16:59__builtin"There are people who only care about safety, and there are others who only care about better sound."
04:19:17__builtin"ERS Paper full coverage = 2 000 000+"
04:19:18[Saint]Yep. Says the guy who almost killed himself by wrapping everything in his PC with EMF paper.
04:20:38__builtin" 44.1 kHz to 768 kHz = 5"
04:21:43[Saint]Apparently he has a hearing range that makes bats look like earthworms in comparison.
04:22:29[Saint]I recall seeing that as well. ...768kHz, when 192kHz is considered insanity.
04:23:04__builtin" Yes, I spent all my life savings on Valhalla cables. Now I'm running on fasting "fumes" to afford the next tweak."
04:27:53[Saint]The prequel to him accidentally setting his shit on fire:
04:41:36[Saint]Don't fall too deep into this hole, __builtin.
04:41:47[Saint]You might not come out the other side of it unscathed.
05:08:16dongswtf is going on in that video
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05:38:34[Saint]dongs: schizophrenia
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10:39:43shadows[Saint]: alls I hear is fan noise
10:40:07shadows[Saint]: what a shite waste of time and resources
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12:46:07prof_wolfff[Saint]: about Patrick82, maybe he is not so ill... but making money from other ill people... or both
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