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#rockbox log for 2016-09-15

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16:00:25gaming_hey, i was wondering if i could get some help rockboxing an ipod classic... i began compiling the mk6gboot utility according to this
16:01:06gaming_but ran into a hiccup at "Now, type cd rockbox/tools. Type chmod +x, then type sudo ./"
16:01:54gaming_the hiccup being the error "ROCKBOXDEV: "libtool" is required for this script to work. ROCKBOXDEV: Please install "libtool" and re-run the script."
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16:10:09amayergaming_: what distro of Linux are you on?
16:10:24gaming_ubuntu 15.04
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16:11:40amayerapt-cache search libtool
16:11:56amayerthen apt-get install libtool (or what ever you find)
16:12:09amayerI think you are just missing a package called libtool
16:12:37gaming_i checked before and i had the latest version
16:12:59gaming_libtool is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 22 not upgraded.
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16:13:55amayerhmm... well this one is over my head as I have never used mk6gboot. If you stick around someone else might be able to help.
16:14:40gaming_alright, thanks for your time
16:14:53gaming_ill be patient :P
16:16:14robertdDid you run sudo ln -s /usr/bin/libtoolize /usr/bin/libtool?
16:16:40gaming_no but i will right now
16:17:05gaming_ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/usr/bin/libtool’: File exists\
16:18:01prof_wolfffgaming_: really it is not needed to compile rockbox to compile mk6gboot (now it is called mks5lboot), just apply this gerrit patch: , then enter rbutil/mks5lboot folder and build it using "make"
16:18:53prof_wolfffonly if you want to compile rockbox for some target then you need to run ./
16:20:55gaming_im a little unclear; my goal is to get rockbox working on my ipod classic −− should i then not worry about compiling mk6gboot/mks5lboot?
16:21:45gaming_if by target you mean an ipod classic (in this case) i believe i did try running ./ and that is where i started getting errors
16:21:54robertdyou could use the force command using sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/libtoolize /usr/bin/libtool
16:23:05prof_wolfffyou need the mks5lboot binary (it is not available for Linux, so you must compile it yourself), but not the rockbox or the bootloader binaries, the later are available at user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html">
16:23:47gaming_im just noticing something that could be important... my prompt is not just user@userdesktop, it also includes "~/rockbox/tools$" utility after it
16:23:48prof_wolfffyes, the target is the rockbox binary for iPod Classic
16:23:56gaming_as in e@e-desktop:~/rockbox/tools$
16:24:13gaming_don't know if that matters..
16:25:50gaming_that changes the directory im working in?
16:27:33gaming_ah well anyway i got the same error
16:28:46gaming_robertd: entering "sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/libtoolize /usr/bin/libtool" didn't seem to do anything
16:30:32gaming_well, nothing read out, i dont know if it did anything
16:30:37prof_wolfffgaming_: forget about ./ if it does not work for you, you only need it if you want to modify and compile the RB firmware for iPod Classic
16:31:08gaming_okay, so i should apply the gerrit fix?
16:32:21prof_wolfffapply patch (select "Download" in upper right corner for the page), you need the 'git' package, once patched you should compile only mks5lboot
16:33:37prof_wolfffor you can download the and apply it using 'patch' command (no git package needed)
16:33:48gaming_which do i input? checkout, cherrypick, format patch, etc.?
16:34:15gaming_or do i ignore the different things after && git
16:34:21prof_wolfffi think all of them should work
16:34:29robertdi would try to use ln -sfn
16:37:31gaming_do i input git fetch git:// refs/changes/66/1266/10 into terminal?
16:38:00gaming_terminal doesnt seem to like it
16:39:23gaming_robertd: what is the difference between ln -sfn and ln -sf?
16:39:50prof_wolffftry the full command, i.e. cherry picking: 'git fetch git:// refs/changes/66/1266/10 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD'
16:40:10gaming_i get error git fetch git:// refs/changes/66/1266/10 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD
16:40:21gaming_this is the error fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
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16:42:28prof_wolfffyou current directory should be at the RB repository code
16:43:02gaming_cd rockbox/tools ?
16:43:17 Join Moarc [0] (
16:43:20gaming_is that the proper directory
16:43:23robertdn equals no dereference in the link
16:43:27prof_wolfffcd rockbox should work
16:43:53gaming_okay stuff is happening
16:44:40prof_wolfffonce the patch is successfully applied a new rbutil/mks5lboot should be created
16:44:45gaming_it wants my name + email?
16:45:09gaming_does it work without a name and email?
16:45:36gaming_"Run git config −−global "" git config −−global "Your Name" to set your account's default identity. Omit −−global to set the identity only in this repository. fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'e@e-desktop.(none)')
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16:47:18prof_wolfffi think a real name and email are only needed to make changes (see preparing to make changes in )
16:47:39gaming_so i can just run git config
16:48:00prof_wolfffif you have problem setting up git then you can download the .diff file and apply it using 'patch < file.diff'
16:49:32prof_wolfffyes, you can configure name and email using the 'git config' command described in
16:51:06gaming_what is the next step after applying the patch? do i run the rockbox utility?
16:53:17prof_wolfffno, after applying the patch you must enter rbutil/mks5lboot and build it using 'make', the bootloader should be installed using mks5lboot (see
16:54:00prof_wolfffafter bootloader is installed then you can use RockboxUtility to install the RB firmware, or download the lastest firmware build from and uncompress it into the root folder of your ipod
16:54:55gaming_as in "make mks5lboot"?
16:55:48gaming_or is the mk of mks5lboot make?
16:56:20prof_wolfffjust cd to rbutil/mks5lboot and type "make"
16:57:06prof_wolfffmaybe you need also to install the libusb package if it is not already installed
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