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#rockbox log for 2016-09-21

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01:39:31[Saint]We really need to figure out which method we want to commit in order to work around modern gcc in
01:39:51[Saint]My method, pamaury's method, [7]'s method, etc.
01:40:25[Saint]I opt for mine, personally - but...I would.
01:40:43pamaury[Saint]: [7] method is better but I am holding back because I am lazy and I want to commit the mips toolchain fix at the same time. But that requires switch a toolchain which is a lot of work
01:40:51pamaurywhat is your method?
01:44:06pamaury[Saint]: ^
01:44:30pamauryMy method is a gcc patch. [7] is a MAKE flag and yours is?
01:48:08[Saint]Mine is changing CFLAGS to use -fgnu89-inline
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01:48:32[Saint]I do this directly in, this is likely the simplest approach, IMO.
01:49:18[Saint]just s/CFLAGS=-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE ../$toolname-$version/configure/CFLAGS="-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fgnu89-inline" ../$toolname-$version/configure/g
01:49:40[Saint]somewhere around line 21* in
01:49:57[Saint]No makefile fuckery, no gcc patching.
01:50:22[Saint]pamaury: ^
01:50:41[Saint](sorry, I had to run off and deal with a cat puking on my rug :P)
01:50:50pamaurythat's [7] method
01:50:57pamaurybut it breaks the mips toolchain
01:51:10pamaurybecause it's so old it doesn't know about -fgnu89-inline
01:51:57[Saint]IIRC, [7] was doing this at the makefile level - his approach was functionally similar, but mine was a little
01:53:10pamauryah ok, anyway what you described is what I had in mind
01:53:22pamauryexcept for this problem with mips toolchain
01:53:54[Saint]I haven't played too much with the new mipsel toolchain, though I do recall it being a problem, in so far as fixing mipsel breaks armeabi and vice versa.
01:54:55[Saint]I ended up in a state where, basically, with a bleeding edge Arch or Debian system I could compile one or the other - but not both.
01:55:58[Saint]I think I should finish and commit for review my installation wrapper for prebuilt toolchains.
01:56:44[Saint]Realistically, I don't think end users, even if they intend on modifying Rockbox and compiling their own builds, have any business building and rebuilding toolchains that haven't (and won't) been changed in a decade.
01:57:35[Saint]The thing holding my back is that I couldn't really test for or test on esoteric architectures and operating systems.
01:58:41[Saint]The little wrapper I built was very simple and could only deal with x86/x86_64 and it assumed the distribution was a Debian derivative.
01:59:46[Saint]I understand that being able to compile the toolchains is a very important thing, but I don't see any reason why end users or those wanting to join the build farm should have to do so.
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02:04:09pamauryI don't have any objection to giving prebuilt toolchain. I just want to make sure we can always build them from source if we need (which is not the case currently anyway)
02:04:16pamaurybedtime for me
02:04:37[Saint]I would like to get these problematic toolchains armeabi/mipsel/arm-ypr0 to compile against modern build tools, and then compile them for x86/x86_64/armel/armhf/aarch64/etc. and just provide a wrapper to install them.
02:05:15[Saint]I'm perfectly willing to host them. I doubt it will be high traffic.
02:05:51[Saint]Though I understand there's some other project I forget the name of that is using our armeabi toolchain.
02:06:27[Saint]For me, honestly, the biggest problem in the toolchains is the fucking arm-ypr0 toolchain.
02:06:33pamauryI was thinking about YP-R0. There is a simple fix for it which would be 1) don't build an dynamically linked executable (ie build a static one) so we don't depend on the system 2) change the toolchain version so that it compiles.
02:06:33pamauryWe cannot do 2) without 1) because currently we need to match at least glibc, but I don't see why we really want to do that (except maybe to same RAM).
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02:07:28pamauryI least on the Sony NWZ linux port that I am planning to do, that's what I am doing. This solves all the problem and we don't have to build the crazy sony toolchain
02:07:46pamauryok bedtime for real now, but you can think about it
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03:38:46saratogapamaury: can you promote the imx targets to stable? i think the only thing missing is to tag a bootloader in git
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12:25:17pamaurysaratoga (logs): yes I will do that tonight, and also try to have a manual for those too
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17:17:15saratogapamaury: sounds great, keep in mind we've never required a manual before to promote to unstable/stable
17:17:28saratogaso you don't need to wait for it to be done
17:17:59pamauryI know but most of them are easy targets and I'd like them to be done. At least the NZZ and also the ZEN X-Fi3
17:19:18pamauryAlso I have a question: I recnrly did some work on the STFM1000 tuner (found in NWZ and ZEN X-Fi3). It's working (at least basic playback, not recording or RDS). Do you think I should clean it up for the release or that can wait?
17:19:48saratogawe haven't really decided on a release date
17:19:57saratogafor 3.14
17:20:16pamauryok, I was thinking to clean up and commit. It cannot release hurt the release (since current state is not working and that would be maybe-work ;))
17:20:38saratogaif you're worried about one specific device, at least promote to unstable
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17:20:51saratogaright now we're probably discouraging a lot of users who would be fine with the current port
17:21:07pamauryyeah, I don't think the radio should be an item against stable
17:21:19saratogathe idea of stable/unstable was to let users know if a port could be used to play music reasonably well
17:21:29saratogawe probably have like 10 devices that fit that label but aren't listed
17:21:33pamauryI mean this radio tuner is incredibly hard to make it work, we'll never make it to stable if want full support
17:21:48pamauryalso I updated the wiki with some bug/enhancements items
17:21:59saratogawe never intended stable to mean that everything worked perfectly, just that you could install rockbox on the device and reasonably play music
17:22:29saratogaunstable meant that and also you would have to be reasonably familiar with the command line or other tricks to install
17:22:30pamaurybasically I did git log −−author=me and translated that into human form
17:22:45saratogayeah i saw, thanks
17:23:17gevaertsWe do have some ports where we support the FM tuner even if the OF doesn't (in some regions, anyway). This would merely balance things out :)
17:23:54pamauryhum by the way, who knows DSP and FM/RDS in particular? saratoga maybe?
17:24:05saratoganot very much
17:24:14gevaertsI know bertrik has worked on rds
17:24:22pamauryI know but it's low-level RDS
17:24:32saratogai looked at an RDS driver that was opens ource a while back just because i was curious about how they do the demoluation
17:24:33pamauryI have to do the demodulation in software
17:24:48saratogacan you use the linux one (or wherever it was from)?
17:24:53pamauryI have the OF code but it's incredibly complex
17:24:56saratogawriting those filters is probably painful
17:25:24pamauryI would prefer to understand how it works ^^
17:27:43pamauryI never realised before that even stereo radio is a pain, you cannot simply use unfiltered audio, otherwise it sounds horrible
17:28:34saratogaha yeah
17:28:37saratogaFigure 2
17:30:33pamauryyeah I looked at that, I'm just not familar enough with DSP so that it really makes sense except at the theoretical level
17:31:54saratogaits a little different than the kinds of things i've done as well
17:32:21saratogabut the basic idea is that you have some carrier above the music, and from that you can recover a clock, then you look to see if there is a high-low transistion on clock edges or not
17:32:41saratogathat gives you the data stream, and then you have a whole mess of the data stream format above that
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17:33:05pamauryAlso I am not entirely sure which part of the diagram is implement by the tuner. It basically feeds me with the RDS signal at 38kS/s which is (i guess) the output of an ADC at (1) in the diagram of figure 2
17:34:42saratogai guess it is probably 1, i don't think anything else would make sense
17:35:27saratogai wonder if there is some local FM transmittor that supports RDS to compare to
17:35:31saratogalike for an ipod or whatever
17:36:33saratogathis would have been a great class project in college
17:37:02pamaurybut for example, when I looked at the sample (that was a while back), it was a little weird: the amplitude was going up and down (to 0) very slowly, suggesting a small drift between the tuner recovered subcarrier and actual subcarrier
17:39:18pamauryI read somewhere that the spec says that the 57Khz RDs subcarrier must be phase-locked on the pilot at 19Khz (makes sense form the diagram) but some (many?) emitters do not follow the spec
17:40:13pamaurythus if the tuner recover the pilot at 19Khz and uses that as the source of the 57Khz subcarrier, instead of recovering the 57Khz carrier directly, I expect that you run into some issues
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20:26:55cereal_killerpamaury: finished successfully and the Makefile was created
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20:27:33cereal_killerBut after typing "make" I get "error: lang.h: No such file or directory"
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20:28:20cereal_killerrule for target ../apps/action.o failed
20:28:33pamaurycereal_killer: try "make clean" and then make
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21:00:18cereal_killerpamaury: thanks a lot. with your help, I successfully compiled my first Rockbox build
21:00:26cereal_killernow lets see, what it does on my D2
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21:11:43cereal_killergevaerts: I compiled a build with the changes you mentioned
21:14:10cereal_killerplayback works fine on the D2, also saving sound or theme settings, but trying to create a bookmark for the currently playing track results in "*PANIC* Updating size on empty dir entry 26"
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21:22:25cereal_killershould I try the builds before and after the filesystem rework? would this gather more information?
21:22:59pamaurysaratoga: I will promote some targets to stable. I will update the main website, is that ok? (ie not waiting for the release)
21:23:23pamaurycereal_killer: I did not follow closely but I think the consensus was that before the filesystem rework, it worked by pure luck and after it didn't work
21:24:26cereal_killeroh, I see.
21:26:14pamaurybut I might be wrong
21:26:36pamauryanyway, the reworked changed so many things that information before it will probably irrelevant
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21:39:07cereal_killerok, thanks for your help.
21:40:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c534be0, 255 builds, 16 clients.
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21:51:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 696 seconds.
21:51:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c534be0 result: All green
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22:17:52saratogapamaury: can you also add a note under "Project news" saying you promoted some devices?
22:25:49pamaurysaratoga: should it be a feature ?
22:30:13 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
22:32:24saratogapamaury: I mean on the front page
22:32:29saratogaabove "3.13 released"
22:33:35lebelliumisn't user manual required to get stable?
22:33:39pamauryah, how does that work? it is hardcoded in the index.t?
22:34:01 Quit Kruppt (Quit: Leaving)
22:36:19saratogalebellium: no, we never required it before, just a wiki page with instructions
22:39:39pamauryI need to update this page too
22:44:26lebelliumsaratoga: oh ok
22:44:42 Quit denniskombucha (Remote host closed the connection)
22:57:21pamauryis it really possible to use A-B repeat on most players?
22:57:31 Quit girafe (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:57:36pamauryas far as I can see, it requires dedicated keys which I guess most players cannot spare
22:58:34pamauryor is there another way to set A and B points?
23:03:35 Quit atsampson (Quit: new irssi time)
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23:10:48lebelliumpamaury: it may be a key combination
23:11:01lebelliumlike power + left and power + right on Clip Zip
23:11:17lebelliumso the lack of keys shouldn't be a huge issue
23:14:28pamaurynot all targets can do combos
23:14:39pamauryand some combos are just crazy impossible (physically)
23:15:39lebelliumwhy can't all targets do combos?
23:16:03pamaurydamn, why does ACTION_STD_MENU means "go to main menu" in all screens except possibly where it means "context menu", which already has an ACTION_STD_CONTEXT...
23:16:16pamaurybecause some target cannot have two button pressed at the same time
23:19:06lebelliumare you referring to some Creative and Sony targets?
23:19:18 Quit ArneB (Read error: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number)
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23:19:44pamaurylebellium: yes, but I am sure many other targets have this problem
23:20:06pamauryor only some combos, that are definable but I defy anyone to actually use them, are define
23:20:18lebelliumI thought most targets used a combo to boot the OF for example
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23:22:19pamauryusually the power button can be combo'ed with everything (but again there are counter example). But the power button make a terrible combo button on most targets because of its location
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