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#rockbox log for 2016-09-25

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13:30:26pamauryI think the forums are dead
13:35:20robertd1Yes the page isn’t working
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14:28:07pamaurylebellium: I should have a prototype ready today to make the OF perform a firmware upgrade even when you dump the firmware in rockbox usb mode
14:28:41pamauryif you are willing to test it ;)
14:34:30gevaertsscorche|sh: forums again...
14:38:07pamaurywhat is the problem with the forums?
14:41:04gevaertsIt stops working every now and then, and then scorche|sh restarts apache and it works again
14:41:22gevaertsNot much someone other than scorche|sh can look into...
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14:59:47pamaurygevaerts: I am working on support in Rockbox to boot to the updater when the use puts a firmware upgrade on the root drive (on the fuze+, NWZs, ZEN X-Fi3). I would like to two things:
14:59:47pamaury- add a "Reboot to OF" menu entry somewhere (like in the System menu): this is useful if you forget the key combination for example
14:59:47pamaury- do either of those:
14:59:47DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
14:59:47pamaury 1) add a "Reboot to Updater" menu entry that you click if you want to do a firmware upgrade (this merely sets magic bits and reboot to the OF)
14:59:47pamaury 2) add some code that at power off time check if "" exists on the drive and if so, sets magic bits so that next boot will trigger an update
14:59:49pamaury 3) do both
14:59:52pamauryWhat do you think?
15:00:19gevaertsMight ve useful
15:01:29pamaurycurrently I am thinking 2) or 3) is best.
15:02:01pamauryProblem of 3) is that users will inevitably use it just to see what it does, and although it's harmless, I think it's better to avoid any confusion
15:02:15pamauryWhereas "Reboot to OF" is pretty clear
15:10:04pamauryDo you think the System menu is a good place?*
15:12:26pamauryThe only thing that I need to think about is that it will only be supported by newest bootloaders. It might be a good idea to display an error message if the bootloader is too old. That means having a way to find the bootloader version
15:14:46gevaertsI can't really think of another good place
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16:48:47pamauryhum, one my zen xfi2 appears to be dead, not even entering recovery mode because the battery is low
16:48:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:48:53*pamaury hates poorly designed hardware
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17:15:02RBNBHi guys! Is anybody around who knows a little something about the Rockbox build for the iPods? Maybe you, saratoga :-D?
17:15:24pamauryRBNB: I don't know much, but you'll have to be much more precise about which ipod
17:16:08RBNBOkay, I'll try to put it as short as possible ^^ I have been using RB for a couple of years on my iPod 160GB 6G, and it has been a revelation
17:16:47RBNBnow that storage has gotten very small on that device, I decided to mod an iPod 5G 30GB with an iFlash adapter which allows me to increase storage to more than 300GB
17:18:25RBNBOf course, I had to get Rockbox for that one too. Unfortunately, it's not working properly with the database...On the 160GB iPod, there used to be a "database load to RAM" feature, which was removed in the latest builds. [Saint] however, was able to supply me with a build that included the feature, and it stabilised performance a lot
17:18:48RBNBNow I was hoping to find a build for the 5G 30GB iPod with the LOAD TO RAM feature, too
17:19:45pamauryMy memory is a bit rusty on this, but I think we dropped support for this feature so no recent build has support for it. You would need a pretty ancient build.
17:20:58RBNBFrom what I understood, [Saint] was able to build a fresh build with that feature, but from what I see he's not around right there any way to access one of the more "ancient" builds? From the RB website, even the oldest one is from only a couple of months back
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17:21:55pamauryno, you would need to build it yourself. I think it's better to wait for [Saint] since he knows better what he did I guess
17:23:35pamauryor maybe the functionality still exists but is not present on the 5G by default because this starget is not supposed to be built on flash based storage
17:23:44pamaurylet me see
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17:24:07RBNBYou're definitely right that this feature was dropped last year or so, [Saint] mentioned that as well
17:24:18RBNBI mean dropped "in general", not only for the 5G
17:25:53pamauryhum, so the feature apparently still exists (at least we have code for it) but not target enables it
17:26:03RBNB[Saint] mentioned some kind of a "file system rework" because that seems to be the point when the feature was dropped, so if anybody knows when this rework took place and maybe has access to a build just before that, this would be awesome
17:26:31RBNBAt least it would be worth a try, if the iPod 5G really never supported it, there's no chance of course
17:32:58pamauryWell I would wait for [Saint]. I would advise against such an old build since it would be very very old (2 or 3 years). I have to leave but if you see [Saint] before I do, you can tell him to try to uncomment #define HAVE_TC_RAMCACHE in config.h and see if it builds. That would be the logical thing to try
17:35:39pamauryOtherwise if you really want, I guess he can provide you with an ancient buid
17:38:00RBNBpamaury, alright I'll try to get hold of him at some point, I'll also add a post to the RB forum, maybe he'll read it there. I also have to leave soon, so if you see him in the meantime, please let him know about this, that would be awesome!
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17:53:42RBNBHey [Saint], are you there at the moment?
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18:51:11gbl08maI just noticed USB storage mode is fixed on the 2nd gen nano
18:51:53gbl08matoday I decided to take mine off the shelf to see if it still worked, and it does :)
18:52:26gbl08maand I realized rockbox supports opus decoding, so my music library now fits
18:52:54gbl08maUSB HID also works, contrary to what says in the wiki
18:54:22gbl08maI have little idea of how USB drivers work both on the computer side and on the rockbox side, but would it be possible to make Rockbox act as a USB DAC?
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19:33:20__builtingbl08ma: possible? yes.
19:33:24__builtineasy? no.
19:34:57__builtingbl08ma: the USB changes are because of the new designware driver, please update the wiki if you wish
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20:48:11YvesChenuWould anyone here care to add me to the authorized list for wiki edits ?
20:48:43YvesChenuI have a few things I would like to be able to contribute about the Xduoo X3
20:49:47gevaertsI'll do it
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20:52:19gevaertsYvesChenu: you should have edit permissions now
20:54:10YvesChenuworks indeed, thanks for this
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23:22:01b0hoonulmutul: Please, check the current version, it should help. I hope...
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23:44:45ulmutulGreat work, I can't produce any errors/panics so far :)
23:47:13b0hoonCool :)
23:49:14ulmutulBTW I'm experimenting with a YH820-Bad-RTC-Autodetect-Patch. What do you think is better: a global variable "rtc_is_invalid" that is checked and set on startup, or a check each time the rtc is used (in a relevant matter, i.e. setting time/date or recording)?
23:53:24ulmutulCurrently I use a global variable that I define in rtc_e8564.c and declare as extern in rtc.h, but I feel that it's not the best place :)
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23:58:14b0hoonulmutul: I don't know i think i would choose option 2.
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