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#rockbox log for 2016-10-02

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01:15:45robertd11pamaury this is a list of the modules
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01:35:53cyphunkhave ipod4g initialized via mac. Would like to switch to rockbox but requires fat32. Do not have windows with itunes to init to fat32 setup. Would use the MBR method (load known fat32 mbr for ipod version) but this would wind up making it 20gb, when infact I have replaced the old hard disk for an SSD that is 64GB
01:36:47cyphunkso my question is, is there a way to resize the partition after using the known MBR? So that I can take advantage of the SSD mod
01:36:59cyphunk(ipod 4G greyscale)
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02:01:17saratogacyphunk: i don't know if there is any easy way to do it other than to get a windows machine (or even just VM)
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02:59:17cyphunksaratoga: thanks. yeah guess thats the route
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11:59:11cereal_killerlebellium: I think the author of the theme you mentioned is "Frankenpod" on the forums...
12:00:10lebelliumhow do you know it?
12:01:50cereal_killerhmm, can not tell you. I had some personal messages with him and somehow I figured out that the name on the themesite was his real name.
12:02:28cereal_killerHe is also quite active on a ipod ssd conversion thread at head-fi which I follow.
12:03:04lebelliumok thanks
12:06:05cereal_killerto be sure now check the description of this theme:
12:06:45cereal_killerthis guy is a theme converting machine :-)
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12:16:16lebelliumcereal_killer: Poorten&searchtype=author
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12:31:03cereal_killerthis must have been a lot of work
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13:12:57[Saint]Holy shit.
13:13:57[Saint]It isnt /hard/ work, it's just mind numbingly repetitive.
13:15:35[Saint]I wonder if he found a way to batch automate the bitmap conversion or if he's just the fucking Rain Man of Rockbox theme conversion.
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14:22:21lebelliumso much hate [Saint] :D
14:25:57[Saint]No no, absolutely not. That's about as close as you'll get to adoration from me. ;)
14:27:08[Saint]I admire it, I just happen to k ow how robotic and tedious it is, so it makes me wonder if he silently cracked the issue of batch transit between resolutions.
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15:46:05pamaurycan anyone login into gerrit ? I get a "server error" message
15:47:02pamauryat least with google oauth
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15:50:16robertd11Just logged in but using yahoo auth
15:50:50b0hoonpamaury: same here.
15:51:08b0hoonpamaury: (i can't)
15:54:15pamaurymaybe it's a problem with google servers?
15:56:55b0hoonno idea
15:57:38pamauryanyway, let's wait a bit and see
16:01:20b0hoonpamaury: i've found only this:!topic/repo-discuss/otAhkJRvYWg
16:04:45b0hoonso new version of gerrit with the fix?
16:06:18pamauryno, new version of gerrit oauth plugin
16:06:27pamauryI've sent an email to bjorn, to tell him to update
16:08:02b0hoonyeah anyway it needs updating, cool
16:17:21b0hoonpamaury: btw, do you intend to do some work on ata driver for sansa view?
16:18:22b0hoonpamaury: my problem is i've tried but i'm to lazy to reverse indirect calls of c++ :P
16:19:06pamauryhuh, I don't really plan to work on the Sansa View anymore, it's kind of old and no one else has it :-p
16:19:44b0hoonpamaury: ok, do you have something reversed maybe?
16:20:15pamauryhuh, give me 5 minutes to have a look
16:20:22pamauryBy ata you mean sd/mmc ?
16:20:33pamauryI think I had something
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16:33:19pamauryb0hoon: if you have IDA 6.8 I can send you my ida file. If you have IDA 5.5 or 6.1 I can send you a slightly older file. I basically identified all the major sd/mmc/media related classes, but I didn't manage/finish to understand what every function of the classes are doing
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16:39:10b0hoonpamaury: that's great, please try to send me to, the 6.6 version
16:39:21b0hoonah 6.8
16:41:15pamaurydo you want 6.8 ?
16:41:21b0hoonyes please
16:43:01pamauryb0hoon: it's too big for an email
16:43:09pamauryI will upload it to my dropbox and send you the link
16:43:28b0hoonshit, even packed?
16:45:32b0hoonAre the older version same in the matter of content?
16:46:03b0hooni'm asking just in case i won't be able to open 6.8
16:50:45pamauryyes packed
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16:53:36b0hoonok, i'll wait for the link from you.
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16:59:46pamauryb0hoon: see PM
17:02:32b0hoonpamaury: thanks a lot, i really appreciate it.
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17:55:38pamauryrobertd11: I should soon have a rockbox build for the nwz
17:55:46pamauryfor now everything will be stubbed except for the lcd
17:55:52pamauryhopefully this is produce something ;)
18:09:33robertd11pamaury thats excellent
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19:42:28pamauryrobertd11: there is a slight difficulty that I didn't think about. For the port, we will need to use alsa, pthread and dl. Although it is theoretically possible to build some statically and some dynamically, it will be an absolute nightmare. I think that it would be better if we manage to build a toolchain that can use the dynamically loaded glibc. That means it has to be compatible with GLIBC 2.7 I think
19:42:32pamauryI'll look into that
19:54:39robertd11pamaury part of the problem trying to compile the sony cross compiler was with the glibc from the global source code 2.7-050 it required more than 20 patches
19:55:27pamauryI know, but the point is that we don't *really* care, we want mostly two things: 1) the headers 2) the .so
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19:55:53pamauryAll we need to link are the headers obviously and then we can throw the .so extracted from a target and gcc will be happy
19:56:19pamauryat least in theory, I have never done it for the libc
19:56:59pamaurythat what we do for alsa on the samsung ypr running linux for example, but it should be possible to extend this to everything I think
19:57:26pamauryI am just unsure about whether ct-ng will like it or not ;)
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19:58:55pamauryespecially since glibc 2.8 is the oldest supported version
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20:02:54*pamaury feels it's not going to be fun
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20:03:31pamaurythere is always the possibility of not using ct-ng if we need to
20:06:31robertd11The sony cross compiler has been giving me headaches since day zero. I need to read more about the method used with the ypr
20:07:43pamaurythe idea is simple (at least for a library that is not glibc): you don't actually build it, you simply extract the headers from source and the .so from device
20:14:17pamauryotherwise there is another possibility
20:14:29pamaurybut it might be kind of dangerous and I have never tried it:
20:15:04pamaurythe glibc symbols are versioned, so we could build the ct-ng toolchain with the minimum supported version (2.8) but hope/check that all imported symbols are version <=2.7
20:16:37*pamaury tries it
20:19:56pamauryit works for a simple binary writing on the screen
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20:25:16pamauryok I have a dummy rockbox build that only has a screen driver, let's see if the symbols have small enough versions
20:26:12pamauryit *seems* to be the case, although I am no expert
20:26:19pamauryI guess the best way to know if to try
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20:28:19robertd11I dont remember where did I saw the headers for glib 2.7. Not sure if this is the link
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20:37:34pamauryah damn you sony
20:37:46pamaurywhy did you put in the rootfs but not into the initrd ?!
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22:18:41pamauryrobertd11: I can successfully execute some rockbox built by rockbox
22:18:58pamaurylcd is now working yet but I'm on it
22:19:11pamauryat least I can printf-debug
22:20:17pamauryOMG it works \o/
22:20:22*pamaury has the rockbox logo ;)
22:20:38robertd11Wow that is amazing :)
22:26:12pamaurygood, so now everything compiles and it boots, but complains about missing stuff, I still have to figure out how to configure the paths correctly
22:36:06pamaurydamn, there is a lot of #ifdef magic for rockbox as an application but not android
22:36:18pamaurythis should clearly be simplified
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22:59:46pamaurygevaerts: ping
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23:08:11pamauryhonestly the code in filesystem-app.c and rbpath.h is super confusing
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23:43:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 68d192e, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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23:53:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 593 seconds.
23:53:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 68d192e result: All green

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