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#rockbox log for 2016-10-10

00:00:40gevaertsTorC: why fdisk? There probably is no partition table
00:14:19TorCgevaerts: Usually fdisk will give me where in /dev to find the disk, which then mounts with /dev/sdX rather than /dev/sdXN.
00:14:47TorCfdisk tends to claim four partitions on the drive, but they are fake.
00:15:25TorCI've got two clip zips and several clip+s that I manage.
00:16:03TorCThis one was giving errors while playing every now and then requiring a hard reset with the power button to unfreeze. Regrettably I didn't save the errors.
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00:17:08TorCBTW, to be clear, I don't use fdisk to /mount/, just to find the letter to mount using mount.
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00:19:24[Saint]something something, dmesg
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00:20:58[Saint]that'll not only give you a clear indication as to the path to the storage, but it'll also likely inform you as to why it isn't mounting internal storage.
00:23:48TorCAha. Still no clear reason why fdisk isn't giving me the label, but I found it and it mounts. Thanks for the hint [Saint]. The only warning I get is that "utf8 is not a recommende IO charset for FAT filesystems, filesystem will be case sensitive!" from dmesg.
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01:03:39TorCWell, that didn't work. I tried to rsync a clip+ backup from RButil (after upgrading to current version of RB on player) to a fresh install of RB to copy all themes and settings. Ended up with a checksum error, and it asking for a USB cable to be plugged in. Clip+ now in bootloader USB mode.
01:05:20TorCThis was going from Clip+ to a different Clip+. I wouldn't have tried anything more drastic than that.
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01:14:58NonaHello, I have a Sansa Clip+ and its not working anymore, it wont turn on and when I connect it to my PC it acts like an empty 4GB flash drive. Can anyone help me?
01:18:22TorCNona: Did you install RB on it? If so, you might see if it is a bad screen (probably unfixable) by putting a playable file somewhere you can find it blind.
01:19:55NonaYes I did, some time ago. I don't think its the screen, I was trying to uninstall RB when it happened.
01:20:12TorCOn the backup failure: it appears to have been rsync update leaving things in an inconsistent state. I mounted it, and using cp instead of rsync fixed it.
01:21:05TorCWell Nona, I think you're beyond me, but you might try turning it on while holding the home button down. If you still have the RB patched FW that will boot to the OF.
01:21:45TorCIf that works, I think you can fix it by using RButil to uninstall the bootloader.
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01:27:10NonaIt didn't work. When I connect it to my computer it does not get recognized as a Sansa Clip+, and Rockbox Utility crashes when I try to do something to the Sansa with it.
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01:38:45NonaBut when I connect it while pressing down the select button, it doesnt get recognized at all.
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01:45:07SaratogaCan you boot the Sandisk firmware?
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01:53:11NonaNo, not the original nor RB.
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01:54:16saratoga_Nona: what happens?
01:54:57NonaNothing at all, the screen remains totally black. No sound is made, nothing.
01:55:31NonaThe battery was at 100% 2 hours ago and I tried charging it but nothing happens.
01:55:38saratoga_you don't see the sandisk logo?
01:56:13saratoga_when booting rockbox, do you see the rockbox logo?
01:57:40NonaNo logos, screen is always black.
01:59:30saratoga_ok then I think i misunderstood
01:59:43saratoga_it sounds like you're saying the device isn't even booting at all
01:59:57saratoga_just to be clear, how are you booting into the Sandisk firmware?
02:01:04NonaI press the power button once while pressing the left button.
02:01:16NonaI also tried with the home button.
02:01:27saratoga_ok that should work then
02:01:36saratoga_what happened to put it in this state?
02:02:51NonaI'm not sure, I was trying to remove RB from it, but the utility said that I had to remove the bootloader manually by installing a OF or something, so I think I did it and then this happened.
02:03:55saratoga_so you flashed a new sandisk firmware image and it died?
02:05:11saratoga_i don't know what a 4GB drive means, usually 1GB means the device can be recovered, and 32MB means the flash is dead
02:07:29saratoga_if the OF flash really did fail, then you may just have a corrupted firmware, in which case this guide might work:
02:07:46saratoga_although i've never heard of a 4GB drive showing up so I don't know what that means
02:09:09NonaThanks, I'll try that.
02:09:18[Saint]I wouldn't jump straight to AMSunbrick.
02:09:35[Saint]Let it discharge first.
02:10:20[Saint]You can do this forcibly by removing the battery if you desire, but this is very aggressive and requires soldering skills.
02:11:43NonaThat sounds a little less scary so I'll wait. How much does it take to discharge?
02:11:51saratoga_if its lighting up when he pushes power, i'm assuming that means it was off to begin with, but its probably worth double checking that it isn't frozen with the screen off or something
02:13:23NonaIt doesn't light up at all. It looks like the screen doesnt work but I'm pretty sure it works.
02:15:21saratoga_have you tried holding the power button for 30 seconds?
02:16:03saratoga_if you have gotten absolutely no response at all, its possible you haven't even managed to power it on
02:16:15saratoga_and you're sure it powered off?
02:16:38NonaWell, how can I be sure?
02:16:48[Saint]my guess is it is 'just' frozen in a state that still reacts to keypresses for the backlight.
02:16:52saratoga_usually you hear a click when it powers off
02:17:00saratoga_on the headphones
02:17:11[Saint]that's very far from definitive, though.
02:17:29saratoga_if you're getting it to show up on the PC, then it must be on at some point
02:17:51[Saint]without a display the only way you can guarantee it powered down is to do it the aggressive or patient way.
02:18:02saratoga_the other possibility i guess would be a totally dead battery where it can power up when plugged in but doesn't have enough to power up off of battery
02:18:30[Saint]aggressive being physically removing the battery, patient being waiting the days/weeks for it to discharge.
02:19:48NonaIt instantly shows on my PC when I connect it even after holding the power button for 30+ seconds.
02:20:12NonaThe battery has been working well since I have it.
02:20:26NonaI guess I'll wait because I don't have a soldering iron.
02:21:19NonaWhat should I do after it discharges?
02:21:49[Saint]plug it in and hopefully it'll "Just Work".
02:22:07[Saint]the assumption at this point is that it has frozen.
02:23:18NonaOk, I'll do that. I'll write again in 3 weeks if it doesn't work.
02:32:06NonaThanks a lot everyone :)
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17:20:01ParkerRsaratoga_, You here?
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19:00:08pamaury_robertd1: hi, I think I made some progress on understand how the sony userspace works
19:00:11 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:01:44pamauryI need to confirm a lot of details but under normal cirumstances, busybox init system will run /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit that will run /etc/rc.d/gemini that will run
19:01:44pamaury/usr/local/bin/watchman -s 20 -X /usr/local/bin/ /usr/local/bin/
19:02:02 Join xorly [0] (
19:02:28pamaurybasically watchman watches /usr/local/bin/ and if it crashes or gets killed by a signal, it runs /usr/local/bin/ that reboots (so essentially it's a watchdog of some sort)
19:02:55pamaury/usr/local/bin/ runs
19:02:55pamaury/usr/local/bin/sysmgrd -r /usr/local/bin/ /etc/AppList.conf C2
19:04:02pamaurysysmgrd is the "System Manager Daemon" which as far as I can tell, is responsible for two things:
19:04:02pamaury1) select which "app" to run depend on usb state
19:04:02pamaury2) handle accessory discovery
19:04:02DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
19:04:02pamauryIt uses /etc/AppList.conf which gives the list of "app"
19:04:08pamauryhere is the relevant part:
19:04:33pamaury# | 0x00000001 means Default Application
19:04:33pamaury# | 0x00000002 means Application to connect PC.
19:04:33pamaury0x00000001 * SpiderApp
19:04:33pamaury0x00000002 * Responder
19:05:01pamaurySo basically when usb is plugged, I guess it runs Responder which is responsible for implementing MTP
19:05:17pamauryand when usb is not plugged, I guess it runs SpiderApp which is the main firmware
19:07:29pamaurywhat is not clear to me is how each app gets terminated to hand-over on usb plugged: does it receive a signal? does it monitor usb status itself? does it communicate with sysmgrd (apparently there is some kind of IPC using unix sockets)?
19:07:45pamauryalso there is another program involved in the mix: appproxy
19:07:51pamaurywhich I don't know what it does yet
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19:11:21pamauryI need to go, hopefully I'll be able to clarify this mess soon
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19:13:48saratoga_ParkerR: i'm back
19:16:48saratoga_ParkerR: you just need the code from gerrit
19:17:44ParkerROk... how do I pull it?
19:17:50saratoga_download on the top right of the gerrit task, then either download a zipped patch (if you have the whole rockbox source code), download the whole tree (which is easiest but larger), or download the files individually
19:18:19ParkerROh my
19:18:29ParkerRThe downlaod btton is almost the same color as background for me
19:18:58saratoga_do you know how to use patches?
19:19:14ParkerRI think Ive got it now
19:19:24ParkerRI just didnt see the button which is where the confusion was
19:19:28 Join lebellium [0] (
19:19:54saratoga_thats strange, it looks correct in chrome
19:23:27 Join xorly [0] (
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19:27:14ParkerRsaratoga_, Thanks got it working. I was making a precompiled version for that guy on reddit to try out
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19:38:46ParkerRpamaury, Well poop the toolchain compile failed
19:40:41ParkerRWait I may have been because my /tmp ran out of space. Checking now
19:46:25ParkerRNope still erors even building on main partition
19:47:27ParkerRI think I was multicore compling so I dont even thin those are related to the error
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21:30:49ParkerRThat's using the regular on Arch
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21:59:14robertd1hi pamaury, thats excellent. it seems that they used jenkins workspace to compile the spiderapp. Starts with AppMediaMgr.c
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22:55:21robertd1pamaury so the load order is nvp, power, mg, ,usb and then apl_conn -a -s
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